What Are TIME Magazine's Picks for the Best & Worst Films of 2014?

December 5, 2014
Source: TIME

Top 10 Films of 2014

Now that Edgar Wright has chimed in with his Top 10 Films of 2014, that's opened the flood gates for others to start delivering their lists of what they believe are the best films of the year. The latest contribution comes from TIME Magazine, who always delivers a rather eclectic and strange list. Last year they included Fast & Furious 6 on their Top 10 list, naming it better than some heavy awards contenders that year. This year, their list has a couple surprising inclusions, making for a very weird collection of movies being dubbed the best of 2014. And for those interested, they also delivered a spot-on list of the worst films of the year.

Here's TIME Magazine's lists of the Top 10 Films of 2014, straight from their website:

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
2. Boyhood
3. The LEGO Movie
4. Lucy
5. Goodbye To Language
6. Jodorowsky’s Dune
7. Nightcrawler
8. Citizenfour
9. Wild Tales
10. Birdman

And then here's the list of the 10 Worst Movies of 2014, which is mostly agreeable:

1. Blended
2. A Million Ways To Die In The West
3. Men, Women & Children
4. Walk Of Shame
5. Let’s Be Cops
6. The Legend Of Hercules
7. Winter’s Tale
8. Nut Job
9. Transcendence
10. Hateship Loveship

Perhaps the most surprising inclusion is Lucy, which also made David Ehrlich's Top 25 Films of 2014 yesterday. The film is bold and wild, but I'd hardly deem it one of the best in the year when there are dozens of phenomenal films to choose from. However, I'm happy to see The LEGO Movie and Jodorowsky's Dune get some love, even if their inclusion on the same list as Goodbye to Language seems weird as hell. My only true disagreement is that A Million Ways to Die in the West is not the second worst movie of the year, not by a longshot. But I'm not worked up enough to write an editorial like when they put Cloud Atlas on that list back in 2012. What do you think of TIME's end of the year picks?

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  • ragethorn
    Bulls(*& list.
  • emceegreg
    I think they meant to put Under the Skin instead of Lucy. Classic mix up.
  • after i saw BIRDMAN, i totally thought, "man, if only this was as good as LUCY." yeah that didn't happen.
  • OfficialJab
    Didn't see Transcendence, how bad was it?
    • Not great by any means, but not nearly as bad as the hate train would lead some to believe.
      • Yes it was THAT bad. Its worse than terrible. Go watch it but dont say i didnt warn ya.
      • Chiroptera Exsanguination
        I enjoyed it actually.
    • shane willett
      It made the 1980's Lawn Mower man feel as good as the first Matrix or 2001 Space Odyssey... literally
  • shane willett
    Lucy was good until the end - WTF ending - not in a good way - its a " Hollywood thinks your stupid ending " Transcendence was just as good, i mean bad
  • Not even close! For starters.... Best: - Replace Lucy with Under The Skin - Replace Citizenfour with any one of a number of better docs (The Overnighters, Virunga, Life Itself...) Worst: - Replace Legend of Hercules with I, Frankenstein - Replace Transcendence with The Giver
  • shane willett
    is Winters Tale bad and good ?
  • Guest
    With a few exceptions, these lists are a joke.
  • Simple Sam
    I'm assuming the article was published before the Magazine's journalist and whoever else participated in the article's development saw Interstellar.
  • Blue Ruin. Best.
    • denverchris
  • Chiroptera Exsanguination
    lol no interstellar in the top ten hey?
    • Butchy Butch
      get used to it :)
  • KLD
    I agree that Lucy was overrated. I saw the movie for Scarlett and the premise was cool. Movie, not so much. It was stupid and the ideas were very poorly presented. No idea why some thought it was one of the best of the year. Heck, Godzilla was a lot more fun. Where is Interstellar??? Why do these folks keep making such ridiculous choices?
  • thejon93rd
    What a mediocre list. I'm all for this being a list by a single individual, but this is TIME Magazine we're talking about. Birdman below BOYHOOD and LUCY, are you serious?! What were they thinking?! Where are films like Interstellar, Inherent Vice, A Most Violent Year, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, Foxcatcher, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Chef, Captain America: The Winter Solider, The Rover, 22 Jump Street, Top Five, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, Gone Girl, Fury, Big Hero 6, Selma, Beyond the Lights, Life Itself and many others (my favourite being The Raid 2, which I can only hope gets a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination)? Apparently all these great films weren't "up to par" with Lucy and that pretentious, overrated dreck known as Boyhood. The only thing I can agree with them on is their Bottom 10 list, I've only seen two of those films, Transcendence and Let's Be Cops, and they were both garbage. A couple that I would have added would include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dracula Untold, Tammy, Deliver Us From Evil, Transformers: Age of Extinction, A Haunted House 2, 300: Rise of an Empire, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Pompeii, 3 Days to Kill, Freezer, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and Robocop.
    • Avi
      you see it in a right way...
    • CptGrimsdale
      This is a list of the best and worst films not a list of the most 'popular' films that made money at the box office.
    • michaeldal65
      It doesn't say anywhere that its in order of preference. And really, Fury and Captain America?
  • dan
    grand Budapest hotel was SO good - it was my favorite. although, "interstellar" and "automata" were great watches too. and, I'm really looking forward to "hobbit: battle of the five armies"on the 17th (which I guess is this year too)
    • Grand Budapest Hotel became a top 10 favorite of mine, which I haven't had a new top 10 film in years. Not that it means much, but it had that level of impact on me.
      • dan
        cool - I thought ralph fiennes was hilarious in GBH. hey, have you seen automata? it never seemed to get a lot of buzz, but I thought the story of what was happening with the robots was very powerful. ...and with the way it ended I'd love to see more.
        • denverchris
          Loved the first 2/3rds of the film and the fact the robots came across as intelligent but low-tech. I thought the reveal near the end was disappointing - didn't live up to the potential of its premise. Still, a damn good sci-fi movie.
          • dan
            agree that the movie didn't live up to the potential of the premise. however, I was fascinated at the notion of the robots becoming sentient. I really enjoyed it. my only big gripe about the film was having to listen to Melanie Griffith read her lines - she can't act at all!
          • denverchris
            Yeah no kidding on the Melanie Griffith thing.
        • I have not. I'll look into it. I saw a trailer and read some reviews, and I saw it wasn't received well, but I personally think sic-fi needs a chance. I'll give it a chance. :)
    • Avi
      automata? realy it wasn't that good,realy it's not! Didn't you see fury,under the skin or the babadook? automata?????? wtf!!
      • dan
        fury???.........I guess we'll just have to disagree.
        • Avi
          euh fury you don't get? under the skin you dont get??? Yes we should disagree..;.
          • dan
            avi, fury was ok but UtS was horrible.
  • Whacky list.
  • Avi
    no edge of tommorow,fury,under the skin??? Seeing scarlet buttnaked in a movie is always awesome and the movie keeps you watching even though nothing not much is happening...
  • Listen, hooker
    Love seeing Wild Tales on the list!!! Would add: Whiplash and Mommy. Those were my top three this year.
  • John Doe
    Lucy #4?! Ok, that list is null and void.
    • Duane
      oh dear lord. i SWEAR i was going to type the same exact thing.
    That is a pretty great list. I would personally put BIRDMAN higher (granted I have not even seen it yet, being in South Korea), but it seems solid.
  • IamSlave
    all good until I saw "Lucy" on the best films list. That movie had an interesting idea but was executed all wrong. Filled with horrible science, cliches, bad dialogue, etc.
  • Guest
    Transcendence was a lot better than Lucy. Where's Winter Soldier, Planet of the apes, Foxcatcher, and Guardians of the Galaxy. All of those deserve to be on their way more than Lucy..
    • rundmc1981
      Just my opinion, but Foxcatcher is terrible and doesn't deserve anything but 1-2 acting nominations, definitely nothing for end-of-the-year best of lists. What a disappointing film.
  • steve
    Transcendence was a lot better than Lucy.. Where's Winter Soldier, Foxcatcher, Guardians of The Galaxy, and Planet of the Apes? All of those deserve to be on that list way more than Lucy.
    • Jeff Prioleau
      Guardians imho is easily one of the best films of the year....EASILY.
  • TomNewYorker
    on the worst of the year, the only ones i agree with are Legend Of Hercules, Winter's Tale & Transcendence. i enjoyed the rest.
  • rundmc1981
    I don't take any of these lists seriously that does not include Whiplash.
  • Kenneth Peeters
    While I love both Besson and Johansson (for slightly various reasons) Lucy was a huge disappointment. Pretentious, underwhelming and at a running time of under 90 minutes it still felt too long ... Let's Be Cops and Walk of Shame were enjoyable comedies on the other hand. My top 5 (noting at time of writing I have yet to see big hitters like Interstellar, Gone Girl and Fury): Wolf of Wall Street (released in 2014 in Belgium), The Drop, Guardians of the Galaxy, Snowpiercer, John Wick. Worst movie: Transformers 4 (enough already!)
  • Ege Sönmez
    Lucy? LUCY? LUCY!??
  • Ege Sönmez
    A million ways to die in the west was a stupid and fun movie, as it was advertised. I got almost exactly what I expected from it. It was not a serious movie or anything, I don't see why it is on that list.
  • Jeff Prioleau
    ...where the f*ck is Guardians?
  • into_the_blue
    INTERSTELLAR.... Come on guys.... Ivé never seen a whole cinema full of people cried so HARD!
  • into_the_blue
    or is Interstellar on Top 10 Films of EVER!
  • disqusme
    They should have released this list on the April 1st. What a garbage!
  • Miguel
    They forgot Edge of Tomorrow, a brilliant film by Doug Liman marred by unjustified hatred for Tom Cruise and bad marketing. It's an intelligent, funny, edge-of-your-seat, charismatic film that makes you realize why cinema was invented for a reason.




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