Adam Sandler in First Trailer for Netflix's Comedy 'The Ridiculous Six'

October 27, 2015
Source: YouTube

The Ridiculous Six

"Who are you people?!" "We are the Stockburn Brothers!" Netflix has debuted the first trailer for the new comedy from Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler titled The Ridiculous Six. It's a western starring Adam Sandler as Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn who goes on a wild west adventure with his five brothers. The impressive comedic cast includes Steve Buscemi, Taylor Lautner, Terry Crews, Norm MacDonald, Danny Trejo, Will Forte, Nick Nolte, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn and David Spade. If the cheesy lines don't sell you, maybe that cast will. This really does not look good at all, but maybe that's just my sense of humor, or… it's way too overdone. Not a moment of this made me laugh. It just looks ridiculous. Have fun!

Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Frank Coraci's The Ridiculous Six, direct from Netflix's YouTube:

The Ridiculous Six

Synopsis: When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn (Sandler goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers. The movie is a comedic, western ensemble starring Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson plus Nick Nolte. The Ridiculous Six is produced by Adam Sandler and Allen Covert. The film was directed by filmmaker Frank Coraci (of The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Around the World in 80 Days, Click and Blender previously) from a screenplay written by Tim Herlihy (Pixels) and Adam Sandler. The Ridiculous Six (or The Ridiculous 6) premieres on Netflix only starting December 11th this fall. Anyone interested?

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  • Nash
    That actually brought a smile to my face... This certainly will not be Sandlers worst movie.
    • Drived
      Really?? That's saying something!...
      • Nash
        Well, be honest, it can't possibly be more atrocious than Jack and Jill...The poster of that movie alone already made me puke. It took me two months to recover from seeing the trailer.
    • ari smulders
      I thought the same thing, it wasn't that bad and some jokes seem well timed... Pixels wasn't that bad either if you are from my time. Allot of good memories packed in one movie...
      • Nash
        My idea exactly, the timing of some of the jokes seemed OK. We all agree that Sandler made loads of bad movies. But that doesn't mean that everything he makes is automatically crap. This particular movie has one of the greatest casts that has been assembled for the past few years. And Sandler doesn't seem to be in his usual state of overdrive, so that's good too. By his standards, this looks rather subtile. So, let's wait for the second trailer...
        • ari smulders
  • RAW_D
    I feel like this should be on Tosh.0's show for the "Is it racist?" segment....
    • steve
      What's racist about it
      • RAW_D
        IDK....IS IT??
      • bumboclot
        Spoiler alert!
  • Bob Base
    More Jewish crap.
    • TheOct8pus
      hahaaaa!!! What?
  • he's a clever man Adam Sandler, he makes really stupid movies and makes a lot of money doing it. Living the dream.
  • TheOct8pus
    Rob Schneider fixes everything.
  • movieguyryan .
    Yeah, it doesn't look very good, but I don't think this will be his worst though. I'll watch it for free on Netflix for Will Forte and a Norm MacDonald alone. Also, I have never seen Taylor Lautner this remotely silly. I'm kinda curious how that will pan out.
    • TyMarie
      Try BBC's Cuckoo s2 - Taylor is wonderful.
  • Bo
    He's ripped off using Tarantino's Hateful 8 title and now is ridiculing it, in a sense, while coming out a few weeks before it does? about no shame.
    • TyMarie
      Actually Ridiculous 6 started first in 2012, Hateful 8 came afterwards. Besides Sandler and Tarantino apparently like each other so maybe its some cross promotion.
      • Bo
        Did it first start then? You sure? I'll take your word for it though. I'm not sure about the 'cross promotion' thing. Tarantino doesn't need it and there's apt to be confusion from members of the mass audience between the 8 and 6. As I stated above to my reply to ColtNoir I've already read of some concern regarding people getting confused. It can in no way help Tarantino's picture, especially with the online reactions to Sandler's movie and the critics blasting it. 8? 6? The lowest common demoninator guy just might blow them both off. That would be my worry if I was a marketing guy at Miramax. Just sayin'.... As I stated also to ColtNoir, Tarantino has a huge fan base and audience and I doubt they will be confused between the 8 and 6. Still, when marketing a film you want to reach beyond the base and try to get them all...or as many as you can. This junk 6 Western thing can in no way help Tarantino and only hurt him...possibly...that would in my opinion, so who cares? Right? I sure don'!
    • ColtNoir
      not that this movie applies in anyway to what you mentioned. but have you seriously not seen all of those B-movie that are rushed and released before the "real" movies come out, in hopes of capitalizing off of them? it's very common, but again, this movie isn't one of those.
      • Bo
        Really? Name 'em if it's so common. My experience is they come out after whatever they are trying to capitalize on. Especially on TV. I also disagree with your assessment that 'this movie isn't one of those'. This is pure schlock and the common herd member of the mass audience is going to get confused between the 8 and 6. I've already read there is some concern as to the possible confusion, especially since this Sandler movie is getting slaughtered by the critics. It can't help Tarantino and the Miramax marketing hanchos, that's for sure. Although Tarantino's fan base will not be concerned or confused, that's for sure.
        • ColtNoir
          It's called "mockbusters" I believe they attempt to release them before, if possible, I'm sure many release after. I really don't think it'll hurt them. I think worrying about it confusing people is selling people a little short. I think in today's age, where every person sticks their nose in a cell phone, even while driving, would be likely enough to know the difference, or at the least see plenty of ads for either or. but Sandler's was in dev first so I don't think Tarantino would have an argument worth anything. either way, most likely Tarantino's will be the far superior film.
          • Bo
            Well, maybe you're right. You seem to give the average mass audience member much more credit than myself, but you make sense. As far as most likely Tarantino's film will be the far superior one...I would hope so and I'm not even a Tarantino fan. His film is a horse of a different color than Sandler's though. Pardon (I jest) the pun.
          • ColtNoir
            lol, well done
        • Snev De la Fontaine
          It's not quite the same thing as ColtNoir mentioned, but I've noticed over the years that they sometimes repackage DVDs of low-budget films that are similar in subject or title to something big coming out by using a similar (if not the same) design or font. That seems to usually happen before the big film is released (in theatres or on DVD). Or sometimes it's just a matter of rebranding something you've already got in store. I too think people deserve the credit to be smart enough to know the difference, but that does depend on their level of interest (and thus knowledge) of the film in question. People (including parents buying something for their chlid) with a marginal or passing interest will be duped.
  • Dotadestroyer
    This is why people hate the jews
  • Wes Draven
    God, I wish Adam Sandler tried.
  • ari smulders
    Seems fun to watch in my opinion..
  • Higgens
    Looks better than Million ways to Die. Did I see Film legend Kurt Russel in there?
  • Lar Rackell
    I mean, I know he was Sharkboy, but I love that Taylor Lautner can do ridiculous crap.
    ...It begins. // Sandler is now consigned to shit. I wanted to give the benefit of doubt, but no more.
    • MikeB
      He's been consigned to shit for around a decade already.
      • ColtNoir
        Yeah... he's had a couple laughs still sprinkled throughout but he's been off for a long, long time. lol, nothing that people didn't already know before this movie.
  • Trip
    I don't think the trailer helped. Netflix produces some good stuff (Bloodline), they should spend a few bucks to make a decent trailer.
  • Henry Willis
    awful trailer for probably an awful movie. Win some lose some but more losing coming from Sandler these days. It's a shame because the more Hit movies/shows Netflix can create the more they will be willing to spend money on and make more in the future. Just a mis-step here greenlighting this pile of donkey poo
  • LightningB
    "This really does not look good at all" "It just looks ridiculous." is Sandler. Not much else to say.
  • grimjob
    At least you know Turturro and Buscemi will be solid. I'll definitely watch it for some of the smaller performances, a lot of good people in there.
  • bumboclot
    Wow what a paradox that Sandler gets so much hate and yet still makes so much box office. Kinda like Shyamalan. I really like some of the cast, but with the 500 different actors listed here, I'm guessing everyone gets about one line? I'd check it out as a Netflick, but never would have bought a $12 ticket if it came out on the big screen.
  • shiboleth
    I just saw it. Nothing special ...
  • Zack Snyder
    Sandler is done. Not going to bother.




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