Don't Watch: Another Trailer for the Pointless 'Point Break' Remake

September 18, 2015
Source: YouTube

Point Break Remake

"What are you doing here, Utah?" Warner Bros has debuted another new trailer for Ericson Core's remake of Point Break, the extreme action heist movie from years ago starring Keanu Reeves. Don't worry, this doesn't look any better than it did in the first trailer did, and we highly recommend ignoring this and just renting/rewatching the original Point Break multiple times instead. In the new one, Luke Bracey stars as Johnny Utah, recruited by the FBI to infiltrate and expose a team of criminal extreme sports junkies. The cast includes Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Édgar Ramírez & Clemens Schick. Watch out for this.

Here's the new trailer (+ poster) for Ericson Core's Point Break, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube:

Point Break Remake Poster

In this fast-paced, high-adrenaline action thriller Point Break, a young FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey), infiltrates a cunning team of thrill-seeking elite athletes – led by the charismatic Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez). The athletes are suspected of carrying out a spate of crimes in extremely unusual ways. Point Break (2015), a remake of the Kathryn Bigelow action heist film from 1991, is directed by Ericson Core (of Invincible) from a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, The Recruit, Ultraviolet, Street Kings, Salt, Total Recall Remake). Warner Bros will release the new Point Break in theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day, later this year. For more info, visit the film's Facebook page or official website here.

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  • ari smulders
    The problem is nobody is so charismatic as Keanu Reeves or it must be Idris Elba....
  • TheOct8pus
    Swayze is rolling around in his grave....
    • Ryan
      no, he just messed up his pottery though
  • cg
    It seems as though the writer of the article has a certain way of feeling about the original. Instead of trying to force your critique of a trailer on your readears, let us decide if we should check it out or not. Just a thought. Anyways, This update seems like a welcome form of entertainment for this new generation of thrill seekers. Does Edgar Ramirez capture Patrick Swayzee's charisma? Mehh probably not, but then again this seems to be a bit different than the original.
    • TheOct8pus
      I don't see why this has to be a remake, or even a movie inspired by the original with the same title? Couldn't they just give it an original title and started a new (potential) franchise? It seems that the studio that produced this is too scared to take a risk on this movie (ironic) but would rather play it safe by using a well known title to draw people
      • cg
        I agree, It definitely could have been an original film, without any relation to the original point break movie. Now a days studios need a connection for audiences to tune in. Orignial films are a high risk gamble, but then again so are proven properties... Looking at you Fantastic 4
    • Tester
      1. It is his site and he can run it as he likes and we should appreciate the fact that he allows our comments. 2. Although I do not always agree with his opinion, I consider him a reader like the rest of us and appreciate his input just as much as others. The real issue with this site is those that bash others simply because they do not agree with their comments.
      • MrAstros
        TheoLeo & Tester - Do you LIKE kissing a$$???
        • cg
          Lol seriously
      • MrAstros
        By the way, K. Reeves CANNOT act and the 1st movie S-U-C-K-E-D........I'll watch this one though as, besides the name, it doesn't look a lot like the 1st one (A good thing).
    • TheoLeo
      It's his site Einstein. He's entitled to expression an opinion too. New to the world?
      • cg
        I'm Cg not Enistein, at any rate I suppose all I am suggesting is why post an article stating "Don't watch" but then post the video for us to watch. That's my opinion, that I am entitled to. Are you new to the world?
        • TheoLeo
          You're not very bright are you. There's no equality between what you said and what the author said.
          • cg
            Have a great day TheoLeo :)
          • MrAstros
            cg made a good point. If it is this guys site, why post a trailer for the movie?? No one made him. Yet he did it anyway and told people NOT to watch it. ZERO COMMON SENSE. He just kinda comes off a little like a jerk here.
          • TheOct8pus
            On FirstShowing, video posts usually have "Must Watch", "Watch" or "Don't Watch" in the title. It's more of a rating of the watchability of a film rather than the trailer... So, "Don't Watch" really means: watch the trailer, even though it looks terrible, whereas "Must Watch" means: watch this; it's worth it.
          • DAVIDPD
            LOL, Octo!!~ I admire your spirit. Keep fighting the good fight. // Trolls will be trolls.
          • TheoLeo
            It's called raising's like when CNN posts a video but warns you about it's graphic nature. some people might actually be curious enough to see why the movie is a horrible idea. this isn't rocket science....unless you're an idiot like cg
          • cg
            LOL. This guy with the name calling. This is comedy
          • cg
            I love the taste of semen
        • TheOct8pus
          If you were familiar with FirstShowing, you would know that video posts have "Must Watch", "Watch" or "Don't Watch" in the title. It's more of a rating of the watchability of a film rather than the trailer... So, "Don't Watch" really means: watch the trailer, even though it looks terrible, whereas "Must Watch" means: watch this; it's worth it.
          • cg
            Thanks for clearing that up, without being a complete A hole like TheoLeo has been below.
    • Venom
      This guy is pretty dense
  • Ry Wakefield
    "Don't watch", but blogs about it anyway.
    • TheOct8pus
      It's a trainwreck. We love to watch, but won't admit to it....
    • Venom
      So if someone blogs about not trying meth would you criticize them to? You're an idiot
      • Ry Wakefield
        This article would easily compare to sharing a recipe for a homemade bomb, yet also saying not to try it yourself. If the author is so determined for you not to watch the trailer, why link to it? I forgot, I must be an idiot because you said so.
        • Venom
          You're an idiot because you say and post idiotic things. There are countless articles on the internet about building atomic bombs, etc. Get a clue moron.
          • Ry Wakefield
            Perhaps you should download a recipe and kill yourself.
          • Venom
            Then there would be no one alive to feed and water that cum receptacle I have tied up in my basement...aka your mom
  • rickvanr
    looks pretty cool. If it was titled anything else you wouldn't hate it.
    • Venom
      It looks bad...the fact that it's a remake of a really good movie makes it look doubly bad
      • rickvanr
        I've never seen the first one, so like I said before, if it was titled as anything else 99% wouldn't have a problem with it
        • Venom
 would go to be a 99% at Rottentomatoes and one of the all time most popular movies. No...the trailer looks like a 46%
          • rickvanr
            Look, I never said its going to be amazing. I just meant it looks like a fun Tuesday in the middle of winter movie. I think it's unfair of the negative it gets just for being a quasi remake.
  • Jordan Odinson
    Am I going color blind or is there a really ugly green tint glaze going on in this. It's really distracting.
    • Brandon
      Not at all color blind, I see it too. It's a sickly hospital lighting green.
      Maybe it takes place in THE MATRIX???!
  • Brandon
    Hollywood Exec: "Okay, I got it. Let's do another remake of a cult movie. We can take the bare-bones-basic premise of the plot and... I don't know... strip away everything that made it a cult movie in the first place." Hollywood Yes Men: "Yes! That's a great idea, I don't know why we never thought of that!"
    • Gnubbles
      But this time with more extreme!
      • LA Julian
        "The KidsTheseDays are into Xtreme Sports, right, Smithers?"
    This trailer is WAY better than the first one. I am actually kind of excited to see this now! It is just a title. // Chill bras.
  • Wannabe
    Point Break aka Pointless. Meh. Redbox $1 rental maybe...
  • jay
    Im just so confused on how this is supposed to make any money. Clearly very few people are going to go see this, and it doesnt even have any star power in it?? All the actors here are like B+ to A- talent, and im sure theyre all fine but like why didnt they get someone like Ryan Renolds or Channing Tatum to try and carry some of the lead in this? Whatever. I feel sorry for this film already.
    • LA Julian
      Probably they need a tax write-off. That's the only logical explanation for why they make all these movies that everyone can see are flops coming from outer space. Not the only plausible explanation, of course -- "Somebody lost a bet" is always a possibility, and "They got into the Happy Cocaine again at the head offices" works most of the time. But those aren't logical explanations, only realistic ones given the documented stupidity of humans in positions of authority.
  • happycozy
    I have to ask what's it to Billington that a remake was made--it makes him sound like a big baby.
    • HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh man. Hilarious. It's a pointless remake of what is a great campy action classic. It's a cash grab. Yea, I'm being a baby for analyzing a movie like I have EVERY DAY for the last 9 YEARS. No no - you're the big baby who has to call someone else names when they don't like that they called out a movie for the bullshit it is.
  • Poor Ray Winstone, must need the money.
  • bumboclot
    Take a fun 80s action movie, rewrite all irony and humor into dull plot exposition, change the color timing to modern cold bluish green, change practical effects to CGI, hire cheap cast. I guess Total Recall and Robocop made money because they keep doing the same formula every year. Hope they never touch Stone Cold!
    • Eric B
      Hardly any CGI in the movie. The stunts were pretty much all real.
  • MaqueeStalker
  • Firefly15
    Pointless remake. This movie looks like a dog turd. I hope it flops.
  • Dolbyaudio8
    The almighty dollar reigns supreme...




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