Extended 'Terminator: Genisys' UK TV Spot Tries to Save the World

March 27, 2015
Source: Paramount UK

Terminator: Genisys

"We're here to stop the end of the world." If you've been waiting to see some more footage from Terminator: Genisys, our friends across the pond have you covered. A new extended TV spot from the United Kingdom has just surfaced with a whole bunch of new footage from the film, including our first look at J.K. Simmons in the film (sadly the scene in question doesn't look very good), and a glimpse at what appears to be a new Terminator model (perhaps that's who Matt Smith will be playing in the film). The Terminator films have never been deadly serious, but this one just feels far too campy and silly for my taste.

Here's the new extended UK TV spot for Terminator: Genisys from Paramount UK:

Terminator: Genisys

You can still watch the first full trailer for Terminator: Genisys right here.

Terminator: Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones," Thor: The Dark World) and written by Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee and Matt Smith all star in the film that takes a completely different approach to the Terminator timeline, finding Sarah Connor orphaned and being raised and trained by an aging T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as Kyle Reese (Courtney) is sent back in time from the future again on a new mission. Paramount Pictures & Skydance release the film this summer July 1st.


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  • Jon Odishaw
    I dont know if it was because the first trailer sucked so hard but everything since has looked decent enough.
    • Decent aint good enough in my book. Why even try when its impossible to top the epicness that was T2.
      • Rock n Rollllll
        I agree. I dont care how many of these they make, it'll never top James Camerons T2. The only thing that will continue to get better is the CGI, due to Cameron's limited tech at the time of his '91 sequel. However, i still might go see this just to see it, maybe not at theaters but im sure i will eventually watch it just to see what kinda twists and differnt things they bring to the table.
        • DAVIDPD
          Agreed, RnR. TERMINATOR 2 was a phenomenon of its time.
          • Dominic
            if you can ignore the cheesy music , and bad period costumes , even T1 is a classic of its own , without much CGI .. doesn't top T2 , but has its place .... when are they GOING To Learn ; we don't want reboots , we want NEW Episodes . .. but I guess here , T4: Salvation disabuses them from that .
          • DAVIDPD
            One of the sadder things in regards to the TERMINATOR franchise is the fact they dropped THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. That IP was just getting good. World developing, character building, everything was on track to be a sci-fi powerhouse, but...Fox.
          • Dominic
            Fox does tend to dump series too early - Dark Angel and Jessica Alba were victims of that .. however that goes back to the 1st point ; wouldn't bad (for network purposes ) ratings dispel the thought that we WANT more Terminator ? i think the risk of "will movie goers drop $20 IMAX money for this " outweighs the risk of " We'll make another year's worth , and see if there's an uptick " ..... thus don't make the movie .... Don't tell me a 22-episode schedule of a sci-fi TV show , costs more than 9 figures ?? .... this movie is prob over 100 mill ...plus a TV show makes back money on ad revenue ...
          • Rock n Rollllll
            For sure. I rather liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
      • ari smulders
        T2 is a masterpiece indeed!
  • TheOct8pus
    The only positive thing about this film seems to be Emilia Clarke, who actually looks a lot like a young Linda Hamilton
    • ff
      totally agree. She looks good and every single other thing bad.
    • Lagoya
      I would do unspeakable things to Emilia Clarke...
    • AwesomeWave
      Except she can't really act.
      • TheOct8pus
        I've actually never seen one of her films (or TV shows) so I can't speak on her acting abilities. She's got the right look though for these Terminator reboots.
  • I seriously don't get all this hate. "Far too campy and silly?" These films are all about robots stopping at nothing to kill people. That means going to absurd measures to complete your objective. Reusing catchphrases? They've done that under Cameron's watch. School bus double flip? I'll buy it. Helicopter pencil dive? We need more of those. I wish people would stop hating on where this franchise has gone, and instead be thankful that it still exists at all. Enjoy the friggen ride, you guys!
    • Gohikeone
      Hear hear!
    • SallySpider
      Clearly the first two were lost on you...you probably liked the prequels too
    • grimjob
      I'm not hateful towards it, just weary. I'm getting a "What have they done to Die Hard?" vibe. Although the Helicopter pencil dive will probably be one the coolest fucking things I will have seen. I picure it, and its glorious.
  • Oriyan J. Ovadia
    Looks like an AXN production. So much potential, wished a talented, visionary director would direct it, like Neill Blomkamp or even the Wachowski brothers.
  • Trey Wilson
    Screw the haters, I can't wait!!!
    This looks like a huge yawn fest.
  • Dotpols
    This looks so ill-conceived that it might actually be enjoyable... if that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is if I watch this, I'll be expecting so little I may be pleasantly surprised. I sure hope so.
  • It's went so full circle that it's ended up in it's own anus. Quite like Emilia though.
  • leemoder
    Y'know, I went into Rise of the Planet of the Apes with zero expectations and came out thoroughly satisfied...so, who knows with this one. Let's just say I'll nurture that little flame of hope.




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