First Look: Jared Leto as The Joker in David Ayer's 'Suicide Squad'

April 24, 2015
Source: Twitter

David Ayer's Suicide Squad

Hahahahaha… Finally, after teasing photos of cutting the hair, David Ayer has revealed The Joker in full. Academy Award winning actor Jared Leto plays the DC villain in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, that David Ayer is preparing to direct with one hell of a cast. Besides Leto, it has Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Scott Eastwood, Joel Kinnaman and Cara Delevingne. This first look is primarily just a promo shot, not an actual still from the film which just started shooting this month up in Toronto. He's got plenty of nice tattoos, that signature green hair, and a purple glove. You may also remember that other reference to The Killing Joke before this Joker reveal. This is a freaky way to introduce him, but damn does he look cool.

David Ayer writes: "The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J! #Joker75 #SuicideSquad"


See the other cast photo that Ayer tweeted recently here, and follow him @DavidAyerMovies for updates.

Suicide Squad is a DC Comics movie from Warner Bros, directed by David Ayer (End of Watch, Sabotage, Fury) from a script by David Ayer based on the comic books. Will Smith is Deadshot, Joel Kinnaman is Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, Jared Leto is Joker, Jai Courtney (Terminator: Genisys) plays Boomerang, Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller, Cara Delevingne (Anna Karenina) is Enchantress, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is supposedly playing Killer Croc. All of these characters are part of a super villain team recruited by the government for secret missions. Our friend El Mayimbe is also claiming that Ike Barinholtz is playing Dr. Hugo Strange, Adam Beach is possibly Ravan and Jim Parrack is playing Deathstroke. Lots of good DC characters featured in this one. Production starts this month up in Toronto.

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  • thisguyhere
    so we're going back to the more comic look...
    • Al
      Am I the only one seeing too Marylin Manson into this, especially the face?? ? I don't know, let's wait for real footage but I am a bit cold about it.
      • Angry Lester
        wow, I didn't see it at first but you are right.
    Good. This is good. They needed to go in a completely different direction as to avoid (heavy) comparisons with Ledger's Joker and it look like they are going balls to the wall. I really hope Leto inflects some of the Hamill Joker into his portrayal.
  • III
    Eager to see what Jared will do with the Joker. Guess the real question is how much screen time he will have yea?
  • This is better then I expected. I still think it's gonna be Leto's acting that will really bring it to life. Heath's joker was visibly scary, visibly intimidating. This is definitely a different look which I like but more like a new age thug.
  • Brian Sleider
    Not feeling it. Just looks like a bit of a punk, not The Clown Prince of Crime.
  • rickvanr
    This looks awfullllll
    • sod-sailer
  • Chris Groves
    I like it. They are obviously in a difficult spot because you don't want too wild of a departure just for the sake of being a 'new reinvention', but if you go too close to the way Ledger did it...then that is the only thing many people will be talking about. Leto's performance will be what truly brings this iteration home.
    • I don't love it but I agree his performance is what I expect. He's a great actor
  • Chiroptera Exsanguination
    This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. He looks like like a shitty cosplay. Why would the joker have tattoos that are joker references? He looks like a fucking hot topic cashier joker fanboy. I have no plans to see the movie after this. None.
    • sod-sailer
    • Angry Lester
      well at least we all got to listen to you bitch.
    • Jon Odishaw
      You're going to see the movie. Stop lying to yourself and all of us.
  • David Diaz
    Yeah I think it's great. Definitely has more of a comicy vibe. He looks insane which is totally appropriate. Remember that most everyone hated that Ledger was going to play the joker and look what happened. Hopefully we get the same kind of magic with Leto.
  • Simple Sam
    Looks good so far, I'll make my final judgment when I see footage of Leto in character. I can tell they're trying to avoid comparison to Ledger's joker and it works. Hopefully my expectations are satisfied. Suicide Squad.... You have my attention.
  • grimjob
    Don't care for it, but I know his performance will be something unexpected. He knows the weight this role carries, and I have enough respect for him as an actor to believe he'll bring something interesting to the table.
  • Trey Wilson
    Leto is gonna crush this. Fuck the Marvel fanboiz!
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    Why the metal teeth?
    • IamSlave
      You have to remember that in this world Batman and the Joker have fought many time already. I like the idea that the metal teeth is because of those fights.
      • HarryFiddleSticks
        I hope they explain it like that and not glaze over it
        • sod-sailer
          Yeah...being denied an origin story for his teeth would be a deal breaker. Dumb much?
          • HarryFiddleSticks
            Well it could help making the DC movie universe a bit bigger if they explain a few things that have happened to characters before this movie started. The teeth could be a good way of doing that.
    • Neuromancer
      You wanna know how I got these teeth?
  • ari smulders
    there is onley one problem and that's the legacy of ledger! But i have complete faith in Ayer! All of his movies are aboves avarage or great except sabotage,that was a lett down.
  • Jason Scarpelli
    Not impressed.
    • Angry Lester
      well, I guess they better stop the movie, Jason Scarpelli is not impressed guys!! and that was the whole goal, you know! impress Jason Scarpelli!!
      • Brian Sleider
        Go back to your bridge, troll. I left some tires there for you.
      • Jason Scarpelli
        I have every right to my opinion. Besides, just because I don't like a photo that is no need to act like a pathetic moron. I'm sure Leto will be great as the Joker and the movie will kick ass.
  • Chris Round
    Looks more Joker henchmen / follower / fan boy. Than actual Joker if you know what I mean, kind of like male equivalent to Harley Quinn
  • Huck PS
    Not sure I like the final look. I was at least expecting some scarring on the face. Like many others are saying here, it's all in Leto's hands. If he plays his cards well, he might be a kick ass joker.
    • Angry Lester
      Some scarring on the face just like Heath Ledger Joker? yeah, that's original.
      • Huck PS
        You want a hug, man? Lets try to change your name to "Happy Lester".
  • Oblique
    This is like Heath Ledger Deja vu all over again. The internet exploding over something that's not even the final production. Then after the movie drops they'll praise Leto on how he was better than Ledger's version.
    • Brian Sleider
      If you remember, people were happy to hear Leto would be joker. People are unhappy with how this Joker LOOKs, This is actually the EXACT opposite of what happened with Ledger.
      • sod-sailer
        Hating something before seeing the final product is the EXACT SAME THING
        • txJM
          We didn't see Ledger's Joker until the first trailer.
      • Oblique
        Either way...Once these fanboys see the final product I bet most of them will be singing a different tune. And then acting like they never hated on the this picture. I'm sorry people these days are just that predictable.
  • cuckoozey
    That's what they came up with, huh. He looks like a Juggalo.
    • Angry Lester
      Funny I just read that exact comment on a yahoo site. Maybe come up with something original instead of just re writing what you just read and acting like it's yours.
      • cuckoozey
        Yeah, that's what I do Angry - plagiarize Yahoo comments to make comments here. Couldn't be the fact that Leto looks like a Juggalo, could it? smfh.
      • Brian Sleider
        As if only one person would see a Juggalo in that pic. I personally see a goon who works for joker. Not the Clown Prince of Crime.
      • Rauncor
        cmon dude the man clearly has experience with juggalos
  • sod-sailer
    The same idiots that knocked ledger are out in full force
    • Angry Lester
      Yeah, you're right. I actually appreciate Billington not writing an article which just complains like others I've read. This is definitely a Joker like no other, which is great. I haven't liked the casting choices but am now anxious to see where this goes!
    • Brian Sleider
      People were unhappy when they announced Ledger was going to be joker, happy when they heard Leto would be joker. People were happy when we SAW Ledgers Joker, unhappy when we see this Joker Goon. Its actually the opposite of what happened with Ledgers joker. Im willing to reserve judgement, but this is a bad first impression.
      • sod-sailer
        It's actually the same thing. People knocking something before ever seeing it in action. $100 says all the haters will be raving about the final product...just like with Ledger. Hence the same thing.
        • Brian Sleider
          Im not judging the finial performance at all. I am judging this picture. I dislike it. I like the idea of Leto as Joker, but I do not see that in this pic. This was a bad first impression. I have seen a set pic with a painted grin and smirk, was better than this.
          • Brian Sleider
          • Guest
        • Snev De la Fontaine
          I'm sure this is not enough to go on to judge a final product, but I can empathize with the concern that maybe this is the first sign of more uninspired creative decisions for this project. Will be happy to be proven wrong.
    • Bl00dwerK
      Not the same at all. I loved the Ledger casting and told people he would be great. I'd seen a few of his movies and thought he was pretty good. I don't know about this dude's acting chops, but he looks like an idiot. I'm sorry, but nobody with any sense in impressed with tattoos anymore. Every idiot with a few bucks to spend has them...
    • Gandalf
      Jared Leto has the acting chops to play the JokerI am just not a fan of the look,but I am still gonna watch because I think he is a great choice for MR J
  • It's less about the look, and more about the performance. This is only 1% of what Leto will bring to the screen. Relax. People overreact to the tiniest of things. I'm sure Leto's performance will help most forget about the way he looks in this photo.
  • Torrence Anderson
    You purists are so petty. This isnt even a promo picture or a film still. Yet u judge a whole character in a movie that hasn't even been made yet off one photo. Just chill
    • OfficialJab
      Or most people are just judging an aspect of the concept art. Who said Leto is going to be a complete failure as a result of this? I don't see them. Just chill.
      • Jeff Prioleau
  • bumboclot
    Not bad. The worst thing they could have done was make him look just like the previous Joker. Ledger owns that character forever. Clearly, this Joker isn't supposed to be the same person.
  • ProjectionistHP
    It's exactly what I thought it would be. Modern take on a character. Ayer and Leto are going to nail this bigtime. No matter what haters say...
  • Butchy Butch
    Quite interesting. My only concern is the choice of these tatoos. They look crappy and uninspired.
  • txJM
  • Nielsen700
    I really dislike the tattoos.
    • Jeff Prioleau
      ..same...nothing to do with Letos acting chops as all i'm sure he'll kill this role but the tattoos are a horrible... and pretty embarrassing.
      • Nielsen700
  • Richie G
    "I'm a funny, quirky guy. Honestly I am!" Seems a lil desperate to be honest. The HA HA HA's are so uninspired it hurts. Did someone pick out all those tattoos in 2 minutes? I do like the concept. If it's an early draft I'd say you're headed in the right direction
  • Jeff Prioleau
    This has nothing to do with the character as a whole, this is about the shitty choice of those tattoos...people keep yelling about the Heath Ledger type hate but this is completely different. Everyone telling us to calm about u tf calm down. We realize this is a promo, we realize the performance is everything no shit. Having the Joker look like he got tatted in the Hot Topic break room is stupid that's all we're saying. CHOICE OF TATTOOS..we're not impressed. That is all.
    • ErrorSapiens
      you're an idiot
      • Brian Sleider
        And you are rude.
        • ErrorSapiens
          Don`t mind the profile copy :) SallySpider is bitter still for me pwning his poor wits. :) check his profile..
    • Bl00dwerK
      Agreed. He looks like a dumb-ass...
    • TheOct8pus
      Yeah....but they're intentionally shitty (probably self-inflicted) tattoos, which I think adds to the character. If he had sweet, shaded and colored designer tattoos, it would be far cheesier.
      • Jeff Prioleau
        I can almost get on board with u, and I do like where your head is at...however, self, they wouldn't look nearly as clean as they do. Honestly, It would be damn cool if he did do them himself, I think the extreme imperfection would be preferable over this look. They look like temp tats.
        • TheOct8pus
          Yeah. I guess they are temp-tattoos.... hopefully he'll keep his shirt on during the movie, or at least they can make them more gnarly.
  • mooreworthy
    I love it. Listen, heroes and villains are rebooted and rewritten almost every year, especially with new writers, artists and relaunches, so I am down not seeing another Nicholson or Ledger. Different Joker for a different story.
  • Snowmanfloza
    Can't wait for this movie. So many elements and so different than the Avengers. Ayer is good with big casts.
    • TheOct8pus
      For a second I though you wrote "Ayer is good with big cats" .....haha....
  • Maxx
    I like it. The tattoos are a bit cheesy but I like that they are moving in a different direction. I would be more into the HAHAHA's being scars instead of ink. Would fit the psychosis of The Joker more, in my opinion. No one wants a carbon copy of Ledger's Joker just like we didn't want one of Nicholson's Joker. I am interested in what Leto does with the role.
    • Jeff Prioleau
      bruh....the "HAHAHA's being scars" is fucking brilliant.
  • Charlie Haber
    How many people are going to get the Ha ha ha tattoos now. I do like this image of The Joker. At least he's trying to do something different and go even more insane than Heath.
  • Н.И. +
    Another lame movie from a lame B movie director,David Ayer.he is overrated and his past movies are crap in best.
    • IamSlave
      Says the guy with a pic from a Zack Snyder movie. LOL
      • Н.И. +
        Do you like to use from ayer's movies? sabotage is good?!!!
        • IamSlave
          Fury, End of Watch, Harsh Times, Training Day. All good films. Snyder - 300, ? ? ? ?
          • Н.И. +
            Fury? star wars green laser beams and stupid nazzis?!!! Training days is directed by Antoine Fuqua!.sabotage!!!!
          • Jeff Prioleau
            Training Day was the shit. End of Watch was soooo much better than I expected it to be.
  • OfficialJab
    Wait this comic stuff confuses me sometimes, but isn't Dr. Strange from marvel? Didn't they namedrop him in Cap2?
    • Blake
      Hugo Strange is a Batman/DC villain, and Steven Strange is part of Marvel. Similar names, but very different "doctors"
      • TheOct8pus
        Weird.... I mean, strange...
  • tree
    It's like the joker is the cousin of the "spring breakers" guy, yeah? This is his reaction upon hearing "spring break" happens every year.
  • Gandalf
    I am not a fan of the look,but Jared Leto is a great actor and could be an awesome Joker,so I will watch
  • Jesse
    My favorite thing on this website is how certain members comment on posts. You clearly have an account b/c you love the film universe and would like to stay up to date, BUT some users comment, "Dumb, No Thanks, STUPID, NO, (etc,...)". Treat this as an informative board and if you dislike something write a statement why you don't like it so people will understand. If you don't make it clear, people will just think you're being a prick. You're welcome.
    • TheOct8pus
      I'm afraid your words are falling on deaf ears, Jesse. Most of those trolls are too dumb to understand your comment
      • Jesse
        Thank you for at least agreeing with me? hahaha "Lets go hunt some trolls!" - New tagline I say before I make posts!
  • Blake
    My first impression wasn't complete hatred for the new take on the Joker, but it's definitely VERY different, and a little weird. The more I looked at it though, the more I started to like it... While it does have a very "vato" meets punk kinda look, I can see it growing on me. Plus, everyone hated on Ledger, and basically anyone that was ever cast as Batman or any villain of his... Now they get praise. I say... Jared Leto is a fantastic actor and David Ayer is a damn good director, let's reserve our judgements.
  • TheOct8pus
    This role will come down to the performance in the end, and not the character's look.
    • GandolfsLeg
      silence...the idea is to troll the image...right?
      • TheOct8pus
        I'm not sure what the point of trolling for trolling sake is....but you are the wise wizard, so I'll heed to your request....
  • ElP
    I've seen this photo without the tattoos using Photoshop. It looks a lot creepier.
    • Jeff Prioleau
      can you post that? I like the idea of no tattoos at all...just a Powder-looking psycho...with green hair shotty dental work.
    • OfficialJab
      For those interested. I'm good with calculations, and this is about 1,000,000 times better than the one they released.
      • Jeff Prioleau
        yup, prefer this
  • capitandelespacio
    Is it too late to call Edgar Wright and save these movies?
  • avconsumer2
    Interesting. I'm wondering if the makeup was somewhat based on Leto's take on the character. If so, it looks like we'll get a super high energy / meth-head like take on him.
  • theslayer5150
    Is he playing a young Joker, or a young Ozzy Osbourne?
  • Jason
    Love the look and I'm a kid of the 60's who grew up reading Batman comics and watching the TV series. Beats the crap out of the Jack Nicholson version and he looks like the family member that Heath Ledger's Joker was embarrased about.
  • ColtNoir
    a bit of a let-down, honestly. DC is trying too hard to be different from the previous Joker's and it doesn't look good. hopefully Leto puts in a performance that can remove some of the doubt.
  • Bounty 4 Zuckuss
    Funny Leto looks to be playing a rock star. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  • Bounty 4 Zuckuss
    Wait ....does joker have a grill???
  • Jeff Prioleau
    I wanna see what's on his stomach
  • kevjohn
    Kinda looks like the hipster who served me coffee today at Starbucks. Except The Joker has fewer face tattoos, and he's missing that guy's handlebar stache.
  • Jonathan
    I can't see the Joker being so image conscious that he'd get tattoos. It does look cool but just because you CAN do a thing doesn't mean you SHOULD do a thing. Hollywood, stay true to the nature of the character and stop throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. I don't even know why DC's making a Suicide Squad movie. Was this in demand? I'd rather see David Ayer do a Doom Patrol or Creature Commandos movie.
    • ColtNoir
      I can't say either of those would be in demand. at least the suicide squad, in some capacity, has been mentioned recently on TV in Arrow. either way, I'm not sure any reason other than them wanting an ensemble cast type movie under their belt. losing Hardy hurts a bit.
  • Maxx
    Ahah An article showed up with someone stating that he will not have any tattoos/metal teeth in the film. This photo was to celebrate 75 years of the Joker. But at least people got their hate out.




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