First Look: Paul Feig's New 'Ghostbusters' Team Official Cast Photo

July 10, 2015
Source: Twitter


Who you gonna call?! These women! To 'bust some ghosts, and clean up the supernatural haunting your neighborhood. Yesterday, a paparazzi shot of all four Ghostbusters stars in their jumpsuits leaked to the internet. So to follow-up, director Paul Feig has tweeted out the first full image of the four new 'busters in front of the Ecto-1 (also revealed this week). Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones star as the new Ghostbusters, and we get to see all four of them in this shot. I love the look of all of them, each one is unique, and it looks like this is going to be so much fun. This is our first official look.

Here's the new cast photo from Paul Feig's Ghostbusters, showing Bergman, Gabler, Holtzmann & Tolan:

Ghostbusters Paul Feig

And here's the paparazzi shot that also hit the web clearly showing all four in their new Ghostbusters suits:

For more from Paul Feig, follow him on Twitter @paulfeig - he seems to interact quite often with fans.

The upcoming Ghostbusters movie, directed by Paul Feig, will star Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the new Ghostbusters. Reportedly, the villain will be a "creepy mechanical genius". Chris Hemsworth also stars as the receptionist. There's also the role of Martin Heiss, a professional debunker of the supernatural who tries to disprove the antics of the Ghostbusters after some videos of theirs go viral. The project is currently filming, with Paul Feig posting updates on Twitter - follow him @paulfeig. Sony Pictures will release this brand new Ghostbusters movie, directed by Paul Feig from a screenplay by Katie Dippold and Paul Feig, in theaters everywhere starting July 22nd, 2016 next summer.

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  • ari smulders
    a few days back I saw spy and it was a very fun movie to watch! So I am looking forward to this...
    • Tester
      Seriously dude.. suggesting a The Iron Giant remake and now looking forward to seeing this crap ? wtf
      • Dont bother with the twat. I think he is just trolling everyone here. :)
        • ari smulders
          noop I am not! I realy don't understand people who are prejudice and burn down a movie because they don't like somebody. I liked the heat, spy and get hard for instance, but I hated birdman. Its called a opinion and don't care what other people think of me...
  • Brian Sleider
    Ummm......ok? I dont know, that photo, their facial expressions...
  • Tester
    goddamn travesty !!
  • rickvanr
    I like how everything they're releasing looks awful... terrible awful
  • Jordan Odinson
    Why even call this Ghostbusters in the first place if they are not even the original....oh yeah right I forgot Hollywood needs to cash in on a certain number of existing franchises every year, beaten horse or dead horse doesn't matter. Then the movie is going to turn out to be a surprise hit everyone loves it which gives Sony more opportunities to milk the franchise because the sad thing is of course this movie is going to be good it's Paul Feig directing.
  • Chris Groves
    Yeah...doesn't look so good
  • Lagoya
    Errr... NO
  • theslayer5150
    Are they going for a "let's-look-so-bad-and-lousy,-it-HAS-to-be-funny vibe? I get that it's still early in filming, and I admit I was in no need of a remake anyway, but this is beginning to look more like a self-aware, cosplay, spoof of the original, because the fans at COMICON can create better looking wardrobes and props. Plus, weather it is a re-imaging, re-make or re-boot, if they are going to make this movie to be somewhat new and contemporary, at least create new roles. Because it just looks like, to me, female versions of Venkman, Spengler, Stanzt and Zeddmore.
    • crystaltowers
      Clearly it will be self-aware. Because even the originals were. The souped up bomb that served as the Ecto 1, the cheesy TV ads, the impractical uniforms...those elements were all in the original in 1984. One look at these photos tells us they are preserving the same lame-o aesthetic, but I suspect juxtaposed against 2016 - where their business will look even more like a washed-up, cheesy scam, in an age of technology, Rational Thought, Youtube etc. The director and cast on this are outstanding - Paul Feig is one of few Directors able to consistently deliver sharp comedy (with pathos). Kristen is phenomenal. It may never live up to the original, but I suspect this film will be, at worst, pretty solid, and maybe better than Ghostbusters II.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Just garbage.
  • Nick M.
    I can NOT support the orange reflective stripes!! So dumb... Everything else is fine I suppose, but that reflective tape has to go!
  • Kiddo
    This looks amazing! I cannot wait!!! Also stoked to see Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist! Let this movie come out NOW!
    • Dan Drake
      How much did the studio pay you for this comment?
      • Kiddo
        Nothing. I want to see an all female cast of Ghostbusters so this is a major treat. You can't judge a movie based on a couple of released photos, all of this hate is unfounded. This movie is not a remake, it's not ruining your childhoods, it is something new and exciting. Also, I am not a woman hating asshole so that helps in having an open mind.
        • Dan Drake
          No. Just no. One, You are not a woman hating a-hole, but you do seem to be an a-hole. Two, I do not hate women... You do not have to hate women to recognize this abomination as ugly and terrible. I don't think it's ruining my childhood... I do, however, think it's going to damage the Ghostbusters franchise. You absolutely can judge a movie based on material from the movie. This is a very fair way to judge something. You are a hater. Haters gonna hate.
          • Kiddo
            So I'm the hater for being excited for this movie? And then commenting about how I'm excited to see it on a blog post about the movie? Logic?? You sir are very silly and wrong.
          • Dan Drake
            You are, "The Hater," for (reading between the lines here) suggesting that you think I have to dislike women in leads or be some monster anti-reboot person to think something that looks terrible is terrible. I actually enjoy reboots, when done well... They reinvigorate franchises I often enjoyed. There are also many movies where I have enjoyed women in leads. I do not, however, think these women make good ghostbusters... I strongly dislike a few of the actors in everything they do... Although I don't know their names... And dare not describe them physically, lest I be called politically incorrect, heaven forbid. It looks cheap. The new uniforms are ugly, the new car is ugly, and the actresses portraying these new ghostbusters look miserable.
          • Kiddo
            Change is hard. The struggle is real.
  • Miguel Garay Boszeta
    They look like extras in Orange is the New Black, not the Ghostbusters
  • cuckoozey
    Could this actually flop?
  • Miguel Hernandez
    Wow actually looks worse than I thought it would!!!
  • This looks terrible and I will direct all blame towards Bill Murray.
  • txJM
    Told y'all.
  • SV7
    So Hemsworth is playing the villain right? He's Vigo from Ghostbusters 2's son...
  • toonfed
    I love how they look. I can't wait to see the movie
    LOL. I am still unclear if this is a remake/reimagining/sequel... // The pictures make it look like could be either. They all look fucking miserable. Feig has had a pretty average hit and miss record so far, this looks like this could really be his make or break film.
    • OGKhyamB
      apparently the characters are taken from the REAL GHOSTBUSTERS animated series.
  • Ed
    This looks worse than I expected, the blond nerdy girl looks ok though.
  • mrvicchio
    Gag me please, this looks like garbage. Has nothing to with "female leads" has to do with lame look, lame casting, bad look... this is gonna be a disastrous flop.
  • capitandelespacio
    Yeah. This looks bad. Really bad.
  • Blue42 just no. I hope this flops at the box office next Summer.
  • Why Orange ? The Ghostbuster logo is still red why the change in the uniform?
  • Dan Drake
    I thought this was going to be terrible, but not even in my wildest nightmares did I think it would look this bad.
  • Dodo
    They should have called this... The Monster squad!
  • fleiter
  • F. Ewe
    This is going to be a disaster.
  • Adam Contreras
    Terrible terrible terrible & terrible! Why??? Hollywood has gone too extreme liberal! What's next? Spider-Man is going to be black now & Robin who is gay & Asian???
  • Travis Moore
    How can Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd allow this movie to be made. This is a total disrespect to the originals. I have nothing against all four of the ladies there great actresses in their own right. But not for this movie..
  • Karl Kuhlmann
    Are they getting a female to play the Will Atherton part? Of course not. They wouldn't want to demean a woman to play a a**hole coward. But why must every successful male character be replaced by a woman in some kind of remake? Let's hear it for Thorette. Of course, they haven't thought about what this does to all of the relationships of the Norse gods. And has anyone heard about an adversary Locette? Women must have access to all facilities previously all-male. Have any of you males ever try to join Curves? I'm afraid to try. Remember, the Native Americans are reported to give their prisoners to their women.
  • William Florian
    Slimer better be in the movie! Also will the part of Jean be played by a man?
  • saturn0205 .
    Is this supposed to be a spoof? That's the only thing I can come up with, considering the casting choices. And, no, I'm not referring to the gender bender thing.
  • Paul Feig is a Semitic crook taking a big shit on your childhood.
  • Jacob Sherwood
    It honestly looks like a cheap Netflix Original series. The budget was $140,000,000 apparently! What did they spend it on? As a nice comparison, the budget for Deadpool was less than $60,000,000 I also didn't laugh once during the trailer. Like, not even a smile.




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