First Trailer for Powerful Climate Change Doc 'This Changes Everything'

August 28, 2015
Source: YouTube

This Changes Everything Trailer

"Change. Or be changed." This is powerful. And maybe it can change everything. Working in tandem with author/journalist Naomi Klein, director Avi Lewis is ready to premiere their documentary This Changes Everything, based on Klein's bestselling book of the same name. It's a searing and alarming look at the environmental disaster we are on the brink of, and it reaches further by connecting with the very people affected by and linked to these realities. Filmed in nine countries on five continents over four years, the doc is executive produced by Alfonso Cuaron, Seth MacFarlane, Danny Glover and Shepard Fairey, and narrated by Klein. This looks like the kind of harrowing, brutally honesty doc that everyone should see. Take a look.

Here's the first trailer for Avi Lewis' documentary This Changes Everything, direct from YouTube:

From Directed by Avi Lewis and produced in conjunction with Lewis' partner Naomi Klein's bestselling book of the same name, This Changes Everything is an urgent dispatch on climate change that eschews the abstract and rhetorical in favour of the personal and immediate. With Klein serving as narrator and guide, the film explores how our violent disregard for our planet has endangered both it and ourselves — and how resisting this abuse and opposing the forces that propagate it can have a profound — even revolutionary — impact upon the makeup of our society. This doc is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival and other fests this fall, so stay tuned. No US release date is set yet. Read Naomi Klein's book here.

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  • ion677
    Politics + science = junk science.
  • People will keep killing each other to make bread crumbs forever. Til we nearly disappear and in 10,000 years we'll be back again doing the same shit.
      Tis but a circle. A circle of life.
  • John Ropes
    One sided information is not a documentary ... it is a long Op Ed piece
    • You DO realize this is based on a book, which was written by an award-winning journalist, who spent years of her life researching and discovering the truth, directly from the people involved and from the places where the truth does not come out. So... in fact, this IS both sides being shown in a way both sides have never been shown, and yet many are still surprisingly unwilling to swallow the truth.
      • John Ropes
        Alex ... you know I respect on a lot of things, first and foremost dealing with movies, but when it comes to the climate change I go by my sources and what they have uncovered. I find the climate change science more of an alarmist reaction. As men, we can each have our opinion and can agree to disagree. However, having a communications degree and seen how "facts" are presented, even science can be leaned in one direction, simply by choosing a path. I will ask this without having seen any of this movie and I am guessing you have, does she interview over the same length of time you stated, the scientists and explorers who have opposing information about climate change and as George Carlin use to discuss "The Earth is fine and shakes us off every once in a while to show us she really is in charge" Again .. love your work and everything you do .. just see things a little different on this
        • I'm really sorry, but you are INSANE. No on believes this any more. No one. I will be happy if you no longer read my site, as this is just absurd that you still think this. You need to wake up. This documentary needs to be seen and shown, because people like you are still stubbornly ignorant of the realities that surround us.
          • John Ropes
            Again .. I respect your side of the opinion .. but I also disagree with it. As a 45 year old father of 2, I dont have time to go find the opposing data I have read and should you choose to do so go look up Joe Bastardi and he has heaps of data on this. Again ... I might be insane for other reasons, but not this. I still completely respect you and love your site and would never stop reading it. I am one of those who believes the cycle of data is incomplete and living in NJ I still see beautiful countrysides that show no ill effects of climate change and also that being 45 I remember the snow filled winters that are starting to return now ... I might be wrong but I believe the data will prove otherwise
          • Casey weinstein
            John LOL. Don't have time to study up cause you're a dad? Then DON'T share your opinion.
          • LOL is right. John, I'm sorry to inform you, but looking out your window is NOT science. Many many many scientists, leading climate experts, anthropologists, biologists, astrophysicists, and intellectuals the world over HAVE computed the data, and they HAVE with certainty confirmed it is happening. You need to wake up and realize there is a MUCH bigger world outside of your windows, your countryside, and it is falling apart because of what you cannot see outside of your windows. That's why this is a problem.
          • ff
            If you're a dad and care about the future if your children, as I do, you need to wake the ef up. Regardless of whether it's ALL caused by humans or not it is happening. We are going to run out of these sources of energy anyway, so why wait until it's too late and the problem unfixable? That's completely idiotic, irresponsible, and a death sentence to your own children.
          • John Ropes
            I have no problem with being called idiotic ... but when you step over the line and call me "irresponsible and a death sentence to my children" you are WAY out of line and should shut it moron ... your ignorance is only outweighed by your stupidity for making such a ridiculous statement
          • ff
            I know that sounds harsh and painful to hear. I'm not trying to be mean for fun. I myself am a father also, but using your children as an excuse is ridiculous. If there was something you could do to help your children's future and you stood by in the face of undeniable evidence and didn't do anything what would you that? Regardless of whether you believe it or not and regardless of any name calling, science is real and doesn't care.
        • And also - there are no opposing scientists anymore. Or haven't you heard? All the opposers have been proven as frauds, everyone has started to agree that this is our problem. I'm surprised you're having such a hard time finding the actual truth.
          • Phill Lytle
            Science is about study, investigation, research, and questions. Yelling at the top of our lungs that "THERE IS NO DISSENT ANYMORE!" is not only false but it is incredibly unscientific.
          • In many cases, sure. There are always dissenters. But the dissenters in this case have been proven to be frauds - lobbyists, others with ulterior motives, those paid by corporations to support opposing results, manufactured results, things like that. That's the problem with this particular issue, though many other issues do have many dissenters with reasonable feedback.
    If only they could just a doco that didn't make such a sensational approach to the subject. It just makes neutral people get turned off so fast. It is pretty something is happening to our planet. Whether that be natural or man-made, I can't say for sure, but SOME change is happening.
    • There have been MANY documentaries in the last 5-10 years about climate change, and the effects it has on this planet, including the many species of animals. This one just happens to have that "wake up!!!" shake-you-till-you-stop-being-so-dumb feeling because there are still idiots (like a few in these comments) who stubbornly refuse to accept the truth. And no, stop denying the truth, it has been proven definitively. The problem now is the fact that so many people just don't get this. Which is why they keep making documentaries like this...
      • DAVIDPD
        Yes. I agree with your sentiment. The problem is they have made so many of these kinds of docos that they have lost their affect (for many people). A sort "boy who cried wolf" effect. I am not arguing whether the climate is changing (which it is) or if man has caused the climate change to excelerate (which we have), but the way this doc is being marketed. // Sorry you had to deal with some trolls.
  • shiboleth
    I like when people engage for the sake of some really important cause. However, I don't see environmental problem as the most important. It's social inequality that produces all the other scary stuff that people can't solve ... As I said, I like when people engage to do the right things, so I might watch this only for the passion of activists, but I'm not convinced in their cause ...
    • ff
      They kind of go hand in hand. Hope you're voting for Bernie Sanders. I am!
      • shiboleth
        I don't live in US, so, no, I cant vote for him. But I support him and, definitely, your choice too. Cheers ...
  • Casey weinstein
    A powerful and (unfortunately) necessary film. Noticed some seriously hitters (like Seth MacFarlane) behind it. Hope it makes an impact. We need it. Alex, thanks for sharing.
  • Ry
    Fucking disappointing it has to come to this.. this is how badly our society is set up.. why can't people see how fucking bad things really are? Might as ell just set up a Human Greed, Fuck Everything Else stand world wide.. The planet could use a mass extinction event targeted at humans, what a fucking travesty.
  • James Inhofe's snowball speech proved that climate change isn't real.
  • Payne by name
    The Tim Hunt debacle in the UK proved very well that scientists are just as susceptible to hysteria and following the crowd rather than carrying out unbiased data analysis. I remember at school being warned about the coming ice age, then it was acid rain and then global warming. When the stats kept disproving the diagnosis, they kept changing the problem until it was as generic as climate change. The climate changes all the time so they decided to blame man for something that has always changed. The planet has not warmed like they warned us it would and the ice caps have not melted like they said they would. Yes we need to be sensibly marshalling our resources but crippling ourselves economically for an event whose 'certainty' changes from year to year is foolish and irresponsible. It's funny that the one thing we are certain of is that our population explosion is out of control. Yet it's the one thing that environmentalalists rarely have the courage to confront or suggest that we do something about.
  • Stefan Kuhlmann
    And yet we DO know that NOTHING will change. People will keep " up" everything. The human race is full of ignorant characters, selfish greedy beings that couldn't care less about what happens around them. And the stupidity doesn't help either... (Sorry, not in the most uplifting mood today. Dream on dreamers.)




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