'Independence Day 2' Writers Board Emmerich's 'Stargate' Reboot

February 4, 2015
Source: THR


While Independence Day 2 is gearing up for production, with Liam Hemsworth being the latest potential addition to the cast of the sequel from director Roland Emmerich, one of the filmmaker's other properties getting the reboot treatment is making progress as well. As we learned last summer, Emmerich will be at the helm of a Stargate reboot, which is intended to be a trilogy, and now THR reports it will be Independence Day 2 writers Nicolas Wright & James A. Woods scripting the first film. The duo is relatively new to Hollywood, but it was their draft that got ID4-2 off the ground, so they must be doing something right.

As of now, there are no details as to how this reboot will change things up, but the original film followed the discovery of a device that creates a wormhole to another world. Once activated, the government sends a military team and scientist into the wormhole to explore, and they discover a civilization not unlike ancient Egyptians, but with some more advanced technology. Kurt Russell and James Spader were in the lead roles, but it's not likely that they'll be back for the reboot. Since the script is just now being put together, it's probably going to be awhile before we hear about anymore solid development.

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  • Tester
    The original stargate movie was supposed to be a trilogy that went nowhere.. so why reboot it, why not just start from where the original ended ? Actor(s) availability ? What I would personally like to see is further SG1 movies, I am sure they can think of a new nemesis to play with
    • Tuomas Lassila
      Maybe because they want a fresh start?
      • Dominic
        but that's the mistake - THERE is NO fresh start as we have 10 years of SG itself , and a few years of its spinoffs , to compare to anything THEY do ... same reason why the New Spidey wasn't so profitable - no new story , when there's 40 years' worth of comics to mine a new story , with flashbacks to explain to the non-initiated , is going to be the better way to go , in these situation , IF Hollywood ever figures that out .. maybe the two Stargate Movies , should have been released in theaters . The "Continuum" story was good ...
        • Tuomas Lassila
          New Spidey was awesome!
          • Dominic
            ahh but only IF you hadn't been reading Spidey since he was created ., 40 years ago almost ...... tho i heard the web-slinging was PERFECT , finally and almost worth watching for that I think I'll wait until it comes to HBO or Show , since I"M already paying the $20 I would spend on a IMAX movie Every Month to BOTH of them .. .
  • Tuomas Lassila
    There's one film I'd really want to get a remake version but will likely never happen: Three Amigos 😀
    • ari smulders
      yes a forgotten classic comedy! I would like to see that!
    • TheOct8pus
      The original 3 Amigos is so good....I don't think a remake would be nearly as funny. Who could replace Chase, Martin and Short? Those 3 make the movie!
      • Tuomas Lassila
        Well I think Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis for example could ultimately be couple candidates for the remake. And yes, the original one is awesome, but it could honestly use a remake in my opinion. It might not be as funny, but it could still be hilarious as a modern take if done right 😉
        • TheOct8pus
          Charlie and Sudeikis are great...but some things are better left untouched. Perhaps we need more franchise starters, original movies and indies....or films inspired by classics, but not remakes, like Tropic Thunder, which was inspired by the 3 amigos.
          • Tuomas Lassila
            Well, I'll still stick with my opinion but I'll not disrespect your despite that.
  • ari smulders
    o liked the idea of stargate and the '' true '' history of the Egyptians. But we seen maybe 10 seasons of stargate on TV, so it's necessary to find a new enemy who will impress the audience. Not easy at all because the '' old'' Egyptians where very well created .
    • Brian Sleider
      But you cant change too much IMO, else you piss off the fans. And honestly Stargate is not a very popular IP outside of SciFi fans. Destroying such rich and complex story to stay fresh, I would just stay home and call SG:Atlantis the bit of Stargate. The real point here, is why even do it? SG was fleshed out entirely on TV.
  • TheOct8pus
    What is this, reboot Wednesday?
  • Surely they could get Giorgio A. Tsoukalos to pen a script, he has ancient alien theories for days.
    • Reznik
      He'd be perfect.
      • Imagine George going 'off-world', he'd be legendary.
  • Bill
    I loved Stargate... but can't anybody think of something new?
  • Jason Scarpelli
    Nothing can top the original. Remakes like this ruin Hollywood.
    • davidshaw
      You're a moron.
      • Jason Scarpelli
        This response is moronic
    • grimjob
  • davidshaw
    Fuck this shit. We have 17 years worth of Stargate TV and he wants to disregard ALL of that?! Emmerich sure knows how to piss off the fans.
    • Andrea Collier
      I'm guessing the Stargate reboot will be based off the books, like the first movie, rather than the series SG1.
  • avconsumer2
    I'm gonna go against the grain here and look forward to, and have high hopes for this. Huge SG-1 fan. A stargate really is kind of a sci-fi writer's dream (/ plot vehicle), they could literally take this anywhere (from a relatively clean slate). If they screw it up though... career ending. Will follow out of curiosity.




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