James Cameron Delays 'Avatar 2' to Late 2017 for More Script Work

January 14, 2015

James Cameron

Last week, when 20th Century Fox revealed plans to release both Michael Fassbender's Assassin's Creed and Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Show on Earth in December of  2016, we wondered if that meant that James Cameron's long-gestating Avatar 2 would be pushed back. Now official word has come from The Associated Press (via Yahoo) from James Cameron himself that the first of three sequels will be pushed back an entire year to arrive late in 2017 (likely in December as the previous one was scheduled). The reason for the delay seems to be that additional work is needed on the script before production begins. More below!

If anything, we're happy that Cameron decided to delay the film as opposed to rushing into production without a complete script, something studios aren't beyond doing today for some reason. Cameron says:

"There's a layer of complexity in getting the story to work as a saga across three films that you don't get when you're making a stand-alone film. We're writing three simultaneously. And we've done that so that everything tracks throughout the three films. We're not just going to do one and then make up another one and another one after that. And parallel with that, we're doing all the design. So we've designed all the creatures and the environments."

Cameron also mentioned that he wanted each film to be linked to the next one in a satisfying way, but also wanted there to be a satisfying resolution at the end of each as well. So now we won't get Avatar 2 until late in 2017, and more than likely Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 will arrive in the same window in 2018 and 2019, but it might be a small price to pay for movies that Cameron said would make you "shit yourself with your mouth wide open." Honestly, as someone who really isn't all that excited about the Avatar sequels, bringing back stars Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington, along with Sigourney Weaver as a different character, I'm at least happy that Cameron is taking his time to get the stories right. Stay tuned.

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  • ragethorn
    Anybody else and this would be a huge mistake. Avatar was an epic fail. It was a mediocre movie when we were promised the next Terminator. Waiting nearly 10 years for a sequel? I hope people don't care.
    • TheOct8pus
      I don't think Avatar was en epic fail at all. Maybe you didn't like it, but it's the biggest grossing movie EVER because so many people loved it. You can't deny that it was visually spectacular....sure, the plot may have been a tired old rehash of Fern Gully with the characters from Aliens, but it was an entertaining film nonetheless...
      • HG2012
        avatar is just like avengers a big action spectacle with a simple story that the whole family can love hell my mom loves avatar lol
    • Ricardo_PT
      You should look up "fail" in the dictionary... It's not the best movie ever, but it was great for what it was. An amazingly beautiful action film, with the best CGI until then. It amazed audiences worldwide. Yeah, the story wasn't anything special, but it was a great movie going experience.
      • ragethorn
        I apologize but in the next 50 years, when people talk about beautiful action movies, they won't be talking about Avatar either. I'll put 2 billion on that bet.
    • Trey Wilson
      LOL, nice troll. But YOU fail. When did Avatar ever promise to be the next Terminator????? Oh, and it made over $2 billion dollars at the box office alone. Yep. Epic fail.
      • ragethorn
        So basically, it robbed the public of 2 bill. Good job!
  • TheOct8pus
    At least Cameron is somewhat of a perfectionist....hopefully A2 will be good.
  • ari smulders
    is realy someone still interested in the sequels? What if he dies in the next few years? I get they want perfection and they want to build a big universe but i gues when you are a director you want to make movies and not spending a decade to create storylines. I think it's very sad to see such great director spend his time on pre production and not welcoming us with great movies. Very very sad...
    • Al Apone
      I guess most of don't really care just now, chilling in sleep mode until the teaser trailers start rolling.
      • ari smulders
        i have no doubt that it will be perfect and beautiful movies,but still a shame there are no more James Cameron movies. From now on onley blue creatures and new age storylines fom the movie messiah!
        • Al Apone
          True. Avatar is alright, but the sequels better be a big step up or he's in danger of wasting a large chunk of his life on it and that would be a shame for Sci Fi lovers.
          • TheOct8pus
            James Cameron has so much money that I don't think he cares how well Avatar 2 does. Yes, he's a perfectionist, so he wants everything to be done right, but he cares more about exploring the ocean in his fleet of submarines than about making sci-fi movies these days. Oceanographers actually go to HIM when they need advice on exploration and submarine technology.
  • Бабак
    I hope he be alive when all of his avatarz going to screen.but who cares about Nonsense animated blue creatures?
  • MattPeloquin
    This is great and it will allow time for VR to take off, Cameron has already expressed interest in releasing a virtual relaity experience on Pandora for Oculus and by giving it a few more years we'll definitely get something unique and revolutionary.
  • eurogibbon
    He's going to be about 90 by the time he finishes these
  • R3last
    "There's a layer of complexity in getting the story to work..." so everything they didn't do with the paint by numbers first film. Avatar in my opinion was basically a pop star, nice to look at but no real substance underneath. I know this can be said for a lot of movies, but this one gets more accolades than it really deserves.
  • Chris Groves
    Cameron always works best with co-writers, and having the writers of the two recent Planet of the Apes movies involved as part of Cameron's team, and hearing that they spent months in 'writer's room' type sessions akin to what you see on TV...I have a lot of faith that in terms of narrative, these films are going to go far above and beyond the complexity of the first. Think of the novels of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit is a rather traditional, episode adventure story. Trolls, then spiders, then elves, on the way to a dragon, then a battle of five armies. Not the most insanely complex piece of narrative work. Then Lord of the Rings blows the doors off of everything and takes the set-up of The Hobbit and just adds layers and layers to everything and births this amazing trilogy of films out of it. I'm hoping we get something like THAT here. Heck, I say go all out and give this trilogy its own title. Don't just make it 'Avatar: Insert Subtitle', give this trilogy its own name, and let it stand as the sequel trilogy to the original Avatar. Why not the 'Pandora' trilogy? Also...we know that visually, these are probably the only hope of getting something that tops the original Avatar within the next few years. With the first Avatar, in terms of visual storytelling and execution, Cameron was operating on a level that other films STILL haven't reached, but that this trilogy is likely to surpass.
  • LightningB
    I would like to not be dead before this comes out because it's a lot easier to enjoy these films being not dead. Just sayin.
    Something is afoot! I say!!!~ I guess it does not really matter. This will take time and be a spectacle no matter what people cry out! Every one will see it. Haha!!~
  • leemoder
    What? A story that hangs on something called "unobtonium" needs more work?! Say it ain't so!
  • Mike Zarquon
    It seems like it's better to make a stand alone film rather than waste time stretching the script to a tie in loose ends with the next two parts. I think James Cameron just wants to do a Peter Jackson with his movie. One Avatar was good enough. I hope each movie is no more than 90 minutes long.




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