Must Watch: First 'Steve Jobs' Trailer Starring Michael Fassbender

May 17, 2015
Source: Collider

Steve Jobs Trailer

"No one sees the world the same way you do." Wow! Universal has debuted the first trailer for the Steve Jobs movie, directed by Danny Boyle, starring Michael Fassbender as Jobs, and it's quite something to behold. In fact, if you're been anxiously awaiting this, you might as well hold your breath - it's only about 60 seconds long. Remember, this is the film with the Aaron Sorkin screenplay, supposedly taking place in 3 distinct scenes, one of them being the iPod unveiling which I believe this cheering moment might be from. Fassbender plays Steve Jobs and we get a good look at him. The cast includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Katherine Waterston and Jeff Daniels. I'm really, really looking forward to this - great first look so far.

Here's the first official trailer for Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs, first found via Collider:

Steve Jobs is directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) and written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, "The West Wing"). Set backstage at three iconic product launches, beginning with the Mac in 1984, moving through the NeXT in 1997 and ending in 1997 with the unveiling of the iPod, the film aims to take audiences behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter, Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender). The film also stars Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg, Katherine Waterston and more. Universal will release Steve Jobs starting October 9th this fall.

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  • Boyle and Sorkin. Nuff' said.
    • IamSlave
      Not enough, you forgot Fassbender.
    This is going to be one of the best films of the YEAR. That's for damn sure. // Fassbender looks awesome in those glasses.
    • ShadowStorm
      What trailer did you watch?
    • ion677
      Agree. Sorkin can do no wrong.
      • I'm a huge Sorkin fan, but "can do no wrong" might be a bit hyperbolic. The Newsroom really crashed and burned after season 1.
        • Bo
          I disagree and thought it was terrific from start to finish!
  • Sexy computer time. I like my Mac, but Jobs is almost treated as a god.
  • NathanDewey
    Awesome! This has the makings of being really great. I'm interested in the casting of Fassbender and want to see how he handles the accent though, because slipping in and out of the American accent has been a weakness of his for awhile, and I'd imagine it would be difficult to do with Sorkin's quick, snappy dialogue. I'll definitely be seeing it mainly because I love Boyle's directing. As far as the trailer goes, the loud noise building and building followed immediately by a smash cut to silence is a bit annoying. I know it's supposed to give me goosebumps but it feels a bit overplayed and gratuitous. Since I saw Gravity I'm noticing that more and more in movies and trailers. Just saw Ex Machina and It Follows recently and both did it several times where it wasn't needed and took out of the scenes. Very very small nitpick.
  • Trey Wilson
    Mad Max of GTFO!
  • Brian Sleider
    Another Jobs Biopic, will pass.
  • Ryan
    this is an incredible piece. I'm a huge fan of teasers like this and batman v superman with V/O running the story and showing only key visuals. Sadly if this becomes the trend though, I will be bored with it very soon.
  • Notice how neither Winslet, Rogen, nor Daniels look happy.
    • desispeed
      if you read his biography you would know why
      • You don't need to read his biography to know why. I just like it. All the fanboys will hopefully get a nice dose of reality.
        • desispeed
          totally agree..can't wait....never understood anyone asking why we have 2 Steve Jobs movies in such a short span?? The Ashton Kutcher one was crap!
          • I could barely make it through the whole film. It's too bad. He looks so much like young Steve.
  • Nielsen700
    Now this is a Steve Jobs movie I can get behind!
  • Eggyweggs
    iNteresting... see what I did there... genius!
    • TheOct8pus
  • shiboleth
    I never liked steve jobs, but I like Fassbinder. So, this might be on my list to watch ... And yeah, Danny Boyle also helps with the decision ...
  • TheOct8pus
    They should do a fictionalized twist, where jobs comes back as a robot with access to everyone's iCloud data. He takes over the world by blackmailing people with naked pics and downloading U2 songs to everyone's phones....
    • shiboleth
      Now, that's an idea worth mentioning ...
  • Oriyan J. Ovadia
    Cons: Steve Jobs Pros: Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogan
    • Bo
      Cons: Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle, Seth Rogan. Pros: Aaron Sorkin and Jeff Daniels and Winslet.
      • Jon Odishaw
        What could you [possibly have against Danny Boyle?
        • Bo
          I have nothing against Danny Boyle. He seems like a nice man. I just do not react favorably to his work starting with The Beach. Never have and probably never will. I don't like his sensibilities, the way he shoots, his casting, etc. I thought Slumdog Millionaire was simplistic trash. Another film for the herd which doesn't tell the truth. He always presents life that just isn't the way it is. His work is false and inauthentic. Like a pipe dream for the masses. I could go on and on, but I see no point. I feel no need to defend my perspective on his work; it's just a matter of taste and opinion. Of course, I am totally right about him and his movies. Relax, I'm just funnin' with you here. I'm right for me. Everybody has there own take and opinions and many seem to like his stuff. Okay by me. Did that answer your question?'m sure you totally disagree with me. That's cool.
  • Sky
    Should the last on be 2001? They didn't unveil to ipod in 1997. It was released in 2001, so did they announce it 4 years before then.
  • IT-- II --IT
    JOBs was not that interesting in REAL life. A committed systems designer, ----------------psychopath level technocrat, -----------------------RED CHINA handover agent, -----------------------------------and confirmed EUGENIST. And now done 3 times over? BLLLUH




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