Olivia Cooke Lands the Lead in Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Movie

September 11, 2015
Source: THR

Olivia Cooke / Ready Player One

From Dying Girl to OASIS. Spielberg has cast the first major role in his upcoming adaptation of the beloved geek novel Ready Player One. Actress Olivia Cooke, last seen in this year's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (read my Sundance review), will star in Ready Player One as "Art3mis", one of the players that the lead character Wade Watts (or "Parzival") befriends and eventually falls for. While it's likely that Spielberg is also seeing actors for the other lead roles, no other names have been confirmed yet, and Cooke is the first one officially cast. THR seems to hint she has been offered the role, but is the only one with an offer so far.

Ready Player One is Spielberg's next movie following Bridge of Spies. It's currently in the early casting and pre-production stages, with an already-announced December 2017 release date. The script for Ready Player One comes from Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand, The Avengers), who rewrote a previous draft by Eric Eason and Cline himself. The main character, Wade Watts, is still being cast along with his other good friend "Aech", another female role, as well as Daito & Shoto and OASIS creators James Halliday & Ogden Morrow (who is basically Steve Wozniak, so they should just cast Wozniak himself). We'll be keeping a close eye on this as casting continues, since I'm a huge fan of the book and cannot wait to see Spielberg's movie.

Olivia Cooke is 21 years old. In addition to Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, she has recently appeared in Ouija, The Quiet Ones, and The Signal. She's a talented actress and a perfect choice for the role of Art3mis.

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  • Ryan
    she is definitely more strikingly beautiful than the Art3mis I always imagined while reading the book. I can only hope they cast someone overweight and slightly unattractive to play Parzival.
    • Venom
      I'm sure they can make her look a little nerdy and awkward with makeup and only has to look at Rooney Mara in Dragon Tattoo to see the wonders of the craft
    • Perhaps. But don't forget the difference between a book and the movie is that your own brain, your own thoughts/situation, make the story more personal while you're reading the book. So the attractiveness (or unattractiveness) ascribed to them is your own impression. In all honesty, I'd love to hear Spielberg's take on this - why he chose her, and what he's planning for these characters. Is it meant to be glamorous for a wide audience, or truly for the geeks like the ones the story is about? (Then again, we won't hear his answer for two more years or so.)
      • redtie
        My copy is at work right now. Art3mis' description is not that of a skinny minnie pixie. I think Art3mis as a little bigger than Jewel Staite in Firefly. Jewel wasn't gigantic, but she had more on her than other characters I've seen. I'll see if I can find the passage. You've got me wondering if I'm having shared vision with Ryan or just projecting.
        • Okay okay, I see your point about the description in the book... But still, it's up to Spielberg to create whatever cinematic version he wants, and find the right people to fill that world. IMHO I think Cooke is a good choice based on her acting ability and nerdy feel more than being skinny/attractive.
  • lewinston
    Oh no... I feel like some immense body-shaming is about to happen. :S
    • Ricardo_PT
      What?! Why?!
      • lewinston
        I'm sure she's going to do a good job but I know for a fact there are people out there who are going to talk about how's she's "too skinny" to be Art3mis. Sure... they'll talk about for a little bit that the casting director made the wrong choice but they'll forget about it after awhile and go back to attacking her body shape.
        • Ricardo_PT
          Oh, I get it. I think she's cool and I never pictured Art3mis as being overweight. If anything, it's Percival I'm most worried about
    I know nothing about this woman, but I hope this movie can turn out as good as everyone hopes it will.
  • Christian Plourde
    Awesome in Quiet Ones and Ouija, looking forward to see her under Spielberg. Should be very cool. :) µ/—>X) ☠☠☠
  • redtie
    Ready Player One is if the Metaverse and Charley and the Chocolate factory had a child. Unfortunately, the author let the pop culture references fill out most of the details. In terms of story telling, the book was an "and-then" adventure. One thing leading to another without any worry. Good concept, so-so execution. I am excited to see what Spielberg does with the story.
    • Venom
      Couldn't disagree more. The execution was excellent.
    • Ricardo_PT
      Spot on! Very cool concept, oversaturated with pop cult references, very little substance in the actual story and narrative. I still read it at full speed though and kept me hook. I'm looking forward to the book
    • It was an enjoyable book, but missed it's own target audience. Stuffed full of references for 35+ year olds, yet written in the style of a 'young adult' novel.
  • 'his other good friend "Aech", another female role' FFS, massive Spoiler!
    • EmagSamurai
      ^^^ I don't remember all the character names, but I think you're right. This is a pretty big spoiler!
    • Why?
      Yeah Alex, I'm not quite sure why you decided to post that bro.




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