Ridley Scott Reveals Next 'Prometheus' Sequel Title - 'Paradise Lost'

September 24, 2015
Source: HeyUGuys

Prometheus Sequel

"Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven." So it seems Ridley Scott really did catch the sci-fi bug again, and after all the good buzz about his new film The Martian, he seems happy as ever to continue with the Prometheus sequel. In an interview with HeyUGuys discussing The Martian, Ridely reveals that it's not really Prometheus 2 it's actually - Alien: Paradise Lost. Now we've known for a little while that Scott is working on this sequel next, letting Denis Villeneuve take over Blade Runner, and Neill Blomkamp work on what's currently being referred to as "Alien 5". But what's with the new title? Not much else is explained.

This scoop comes from HeyUGuys, where they include the actual video clip of Ridley revealing this to them.

That's all there is, unfortunately. He does confirm a connection to Milton's epic poem. "So - the poem is a book. It sounds intellectual, but there's a similarity to it, that's where it stops." John Milton's Paradise Lost is a classic piece of English literature that examines "the Biblical story of the Fall of Man." Our friends at SlashFilm point out a different quote from Ridley Scott about where this Prometheus sequel might be headed: "You’ve got to go back and find those engineers and see what they are thinking. If engineers are the forerunners of us, and therefore were creators of life forms in places that were possible for biology to function, who created that? Where's the big boy?" So they're still searching for the question of who or what made us/everything, and it seems that's where the Paradise Lost connection may be from. Very interesting.

Earlier this year, Blomkamp confirmed that his Alien movie won't "tread on the toes" of the Prometheus sequel, but he did have to make one change at Ridley's request. There's also word that Ridley is demanding that this movie come first before Blomkamp's, and perhaps we'll find out why once it hits theaters and we learn about the film's place within the timeline of the bigger Alien universe. At the moment, Fox has Prometheus 2, or Alien: Paradise Lost, scheduled for release in May of 2017. That's two more years to wait, and two more years of developments and interesting reveals as we find out how this storyline will continue.

Update! In a separate interview, ComingSoon got Ridley Scott to reveal a few more details about the new title. It's not anything more, but he does clarify. Why is it called Alien: Paradise Lost? "Well, because we're heading back to why and how and when the beast was invented," Scott said at The Martian premiere. "We'll go back into the back door of the very first Alien that I did thirty years ago." So it sounds like he's still teasing that direct connection to the first Alien movie he made in 1979, which didn't really connect in the way anyone thought during the first Prometheus. Maybe it will make more sense this time around. The "why", "how", "when" aspect does make me wonder if they're headed to another planet. Only time will tell.

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  • Higgens
    I dont trust Scott as a director any more. Will wait to see.
    • Tot's Tator
      Pretty sure we all have to wait Einstein
      • Higgens
        OH U SO FUNNY!! I will wait to get excited, I know I didn't type it, but any one with a brain can understand that with in the context, Einstein.
        • cg
          irony given your spelling and punctuation
          • Higgens
            OH we got the grammar police up in here, adding nothing.
          • Tot's Tator
            you are weapons grade stupid
          • Higgens
            I wonder if all the trolls around here share the same bridge.
          • Tot's Tator
            we share your mom
          • Higgens
            Oh my, Im so hurt. Go back to your bridge, I left a tire there for you.
          • Tot's Tator
            That tire will remind me of a similarly sized hole...your mom's vag
  • Great cheap way of pulling in the original Alien franchise name. The Martian maybe be good but Prometheus ( i know i know a dead horse) showed signs of the lucas syndrome. It was a beautiful mess.
    • Tot's Tator
      huh? It's the same universe...same director...people will complain about anything
      • Only complain because P sucked. They always have said it wasn't a real prequel to Alien but it sorta is now. I still hope that it will be good or at least better than P. Is that a good enough explanation?
        • cg
          you went full ruh-tard
          • Oh gosh, another yet anonymous troll comes up with a weak one liner. Brah, go outside breath in some fresh air and then look at your shitty life because I can guarantee you that mine is a lot better. :)
          • Tot's Tator
            you make lousy music, your last name sounds like a gay sex position, and you hang out at this website every day...yeah...your life is amazing
        • Dominic
          yeah u didn't really believe it wasn't a prequel , did you ?? people seem to like a new director on an old story/reboot ... So we have them both within a few months of each other , buy a lot of tickets and , debate it endlessly (See " Nolan's Batman " ) .. It's a Win - Win . Again BUY THE BLURAY ..and you'll change your opinion of the movie .. Watch the deleted scenes 1st , then re-watch the movie , sliding those scenes in where they should have gone . tot;s half-right , at people - maybe not you , IDK - just complaining cause everyone else does...don't want to look out of touch .. any story on it , a FEW somebody's always race to post a hate of it . But Negative Popularity makes money , too ;?)) It's a Ric Flair movie - half-hated , half-loved
  • TheOct8pus
    Great. Thanks for confusing the shit out of us, Ridley.
    • Tester
      No shit !!
      I think he might has lost his mind. I was really hoping that THE MARTIAN would signal Scott's return to form, but...PARADISE LOST??? ...
  • Stupid title WOW
  • Xerxexx
    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • Mr Chatterbox
    Wait what? I thought they were making a separate alien franchise film with him as producer?
    • At this point, I don't know. So confusing.
      • DAVIDPD
        They seem to be on that GHOSTBUSTERS trajectory...Dueling films of the same franchise. I have hopes for the BOURNE ones though.
        • Akirakorn
          Or Star Wars... oh *#)(#&$ the new trend (replacing. "rebooting") in Hollywood now is multiple franchises of the same... uhh cinematic universe... Darn you Marvel! What have you done!
    • cg
      they are!! in some crazy scheme to make a profit hollywood is making more than one movie
  • Cool, hope it's just a wee bit better on the story, Prometheus did look amazing. Wonder if the big blue guys will all be subtitled?
  • dan
    Prometheus was ok; but, the end left me wanting a lot more - I'm excited about the possibilities of the sequel.
    • Henry Willis
      The ending was great except for the death of Charlize Theron's character, all she had to do was run in a different direction..... kinda dumb.
      • Jacob Schenk
        Prometheus school of running away from things.
  • Charles Knowlton
    There better be some aliens in it this time.
    • Higgens
      There were aliens in the last one, a few types even......oh you meant the xenomorphs. Yeh, one would hope eh?
      • Tot's Tator
        There was a xenomorph in the last one
        • Jacob Schenk
          Everybody gets one.
    SHIT. // WHY?
  • Firefly15
    That title is cheap and utterly stupid.
    • cg
      So is your mom but when you've got $25 burning a hole in your pocket....
      • borninatrailer
        That escalated quickly.
      • Firefly15
        Fuck off, asshole! I have a right to give my opinion.
        • Tot's Tator
          and I have a right to perform anal on your mom-
  • ari smulders
    realy a stupid title but i am very curious about this movie. I liked Prometheus, so bring it on....
    • cg
      yeah...Prometheus 2 would have been more inspired. your name is stupid...but we deal with it
      • ari smulders
        says the guy who calls himself cg! hahaha! great!
        • Tot's Tator
          if you only knew
  • OfficialJab
    Would really prefer Prometheus: Paradise Lost or ideally Prometheus 2: Paradise Lost
  • Terry Craig
    'Paradise Lost' is a great title (/sub-title), and it makes perfect sense in the context of 'Prometheus' and its themes. All the people complaining have probably never read about the original poem and will never ever read it. Now, having said that, I don't think the movie will be able to live up to it, unfortunately, considering the rather empty and superficial script of 'Prometheus'. Prometheus was a good title, too, and it didn't live up to it either. The opening looked like it might've, but then it didn't. It was worse than Danny Boyle's Sunshine (the first half of which almost makes up for the second half), imo. Still, I can only hope they're going to get some better writers.
  • toonfed
    I am one of the 3 people in the planet who loved Prometheus. And i'm excited to see the sequels. Paradise Lost sound appropriate in terms of Prometheus intentions and subsequent story.
    • Dominic
      not 3 ...I have to argue for the defense all the time however I will admit Ridley/production crew/studio set it up to be hated , as they saved 25-30 mins of character development that explains the motivations all the haters complain about not knowing . And put it on the Blu-Ray u gotta drop $20 to see the REAL movie .. The scenes also give the movie more of a feel like the original ; the cuts make it look like a inferior version of " Aliens " ....
    • tohu777
      I'm another--an avid fan of Prometheus, saw it opening night & have the BluRay, have watched it often, etc. I saw Scott's Alien on its release, as a kid; and later saw Blade Runner several times in the theater on its release. Much about Prometheus feels to me like the return, so many years later, of this designer/director genuinely interested in and with an aptitude for science-fiction. He approaches this stuff seriously, and seems less captivated than others in the "toys." Now that I think of it, Prometheus and Chappie are good examples of big-budget science-fiction in film which still bears the peculiar mark of the "author"--to the displeasure of many who'd prefer a more generic, predictable product.
      • BLCK CHSM
        Prometheus and Chappie are great examples of visual euphoria and existential themes dragged through the sludge of godawful writing; both have cringeworthy dialogue, a lack of realistic character motivations or any kind of real consequences. The directors' marks are there, the intention to play with deep metaphysics is there, but the execution? Simple cardboard.
    • Н.И. +
      I am another one.
      I am the third one.
    • baruchzed
      I guess there're more than three! :-)
    • lukey331
      Count me in for number four because I really enjoyed that film.
    • kjones
      I loved it!
  • Н.И. +
    Everything about Scott and Prometheus is great, exciting and worth to waiting for.
  • Henry Willis
    Call it Alien:whatever because it will theoretically earn more money from name recognition alone vs Prometheus 2
  • Carl Hossli
    This is only my personal theory. The reason the Engineers were going to eliminate human life on Earth is because after millenia of visiting Earth, guiding its people, one group saw one Engineer as a threat and shoved a crown of thorns on his head, made him drag a big wooden cross through the town and then crucified him, with one guard stabbing him in the side with a spear. After being placed in a closed chamber, other Engineers quietly took him away so that three days after entombment, those who were learning from the Engineer went to the tomb, opened it, and found it empty. Your theory will vary.
    • Doc Voltage
      I thought Jesus was Zombie Zero. Or a groundhog: after he rises and leaves the cave, if he sees his shadow...nah, I like your version.
  • Melvin T Pelvis
    Someone hasn't read Paradise lost. It is not about the fall of man.
  • William
    From what it looked liked from the first movie, they were terraforming planets. Maybe they view Earth as a failed 1st attempt? And they are going to correct that mistake?
  • BoruBrian
    The story of the engineers is what drew people to the Prometheus movie. Of course once folks realized, same story, Alien being, different location, the movie audience stopped being interested Another movie that focuses on another rampage of the omnipotent Alien creature is just lazy story tellling...what, 6 times we have to deal with exploding chest cavities? The Engineers,.why Earth, why man, that is where the interest is.
    Let's lay down some ground rules... Get some better writers for Paradise Lost. Stay the fuck away from Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof. Continue Shaw and David's journey, keep Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Consult Blomkamp on basic storytelling technique for A5, Elysium and especially Chappie ended up being plothole after convienience after stupid decision on endless repeat. The magic from D9 obviously owes a big credit to Peter Jackson, so hopefully Ridley Scott can lend a much-needed guiding hand. After those are set in stone, have some fun! Can't wait!




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