Sound Off: Ridley Scott's 'The Martian' with Matt Damon - Thoughts?

October 2, 2015

The Martian Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Bring him home! It's time! Time to take a journey to Mars. Ridley Scott's new adventure The Martian, adapted from Andy Weir's bestselling novel of the same name, is now in theaters. Matt Damon plays Astronaut Mark Watney, who gets stranded on Mars alone after a storm during a manned mission to the red planet. He must figure out a way to survive until a crew can return and rescue him. The cast includes Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Sean Bean, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mackenzie Davis and Donald Glover. So how is it? As good as the book? Once you've seen it, post a comment below with your thoughts on The Martian.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel this rocket and hitch a ride home, I really loved The Martian and I'm excited to go see it again on the big screen. It's not only a visually astounding experience, continuing the modern space travel movie legacy after Gravity and Interstellar, but it's so optimistic and hopeful. Matt Damon does a fantastic job in the lead role and really helps carry the film, never making it too boring or too nerdy to watch. Most of the other supporting roles were fine, with a few standouts including Jeff Daniels and Jessica Chastain, though I eventually started to feel like every last role had to be filled with a big movie star. The best parts are when Watney is using his ingenuity to figure out how survive successfully on Mars. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

In my full review of The Martian from a few weeks ago, I wrote: "It's possible to nitpick and complain about the structure of The Martian, but at the end of it all, I can't help but say I was inspired by it and that's what matters the most. Like Interstellar before it, deep down The Martian is all about telling the kids growing up now that, yes, you can dream about going to Mars. And if you get stuck there, you can figure out a way to survive, because that's the ingenuity of humans. When we work together, or even when we're alone and determined – 'where there's a will there's a way' – and we can accomplish anything, even the impossible."

The Martian - Sound Off

What did you think of Ridley Scott's The Martian? Best sci-fi movie in years, or one big mess?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • Zack Snyder
    Its overlong, plus what do you think of the shameless pandering towards the Chinese government to gain access to their market?
    • I guess the typical businessman defense is - well, you've gotta make money! And they're going to make a rocketship load of money with this in China.
      • Zack Snyder
        Yeah... If not film is not opened against another blockbuster.... 😉
        • Seamus O'Shea
          I take it by 'pander' you mean the USA not getting all the credit and saving the day themselves, like every other f**king space movie ever made? Yeah? You should have kids and then start writing scripts for Holywood, cos I'd sure like to shake the hand of the daughter of the cheesiest man on earth.
    • tommyturner
      The Chinese help out in the novel. It wasn't just added to the film.
    • davidshaw
      well you don't have to be a jaded douche
    • Hold on. You're Zack Snyder. You should know the answer bro!
      • Zack Snyder
        I never pander to them..
    It is live next week here. I really can't wait. I am going to see it on the ginormous screen.
  • Eric Williamson
    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, use of comedy was great, retro disco music was priceless, my only wish would have been better sound of the booster rockets louder theater shaking sound, but otherwise great movie, would definitely watch again!
  • Tomi Lahdesmaki
    I absolutely loved it!! In every possible way. It had the perfect mix of humor, action, science, drama etc. Almost felt a bit like an 80s movie because it had so many feel good moments, especially the music montage during credits. Also felt like it was a different Sci-fi movie, big on the Science part. I honestly cant diss any part of it. Also, this was my favorite 3D movie, pretty much forgot I had the glasses on which has not happened before. Sorry for the love fest but I really loved it.
    • Gohikeone
      Interesting. I am usually the first to poo poo the 3d glasses. This is the first movie ever that, like you, I didn't think about the 3d or the glasses. Not sure if that's a testament to the technical (shot in 3d), or the immersiveness of the story and performances. All around love this movie.
  • Stergios
    I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Kickass entertainment, Ridney Scott is back in the game, Matt Damon at his absolute best, a fantastic supporting cast with Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels indeed being the standouts and a script full of humour, action and wit. You don't come across such a fun and thrilling space adventure very often this day. I especially loved the use of humour in this, hadn't read the book before so even if I'd heard about it, I didn't expect the movie to be that fun.
  • watcher
    the were some funny and engaging scientific things missing from the movie. I realize you have to cut some elements to make any book work in a two hour film but overall it was a great ride
  • superultraboy
    Really great film. Excellent cast. Loved the science and humor, it was as if Castaway and Gravity had a love child in a laboratory.
  • Disagree with most here. I found that this movie suffers from the same issues as all of his last 3-4 movies. There is no evidence of the genius that made Alien or Blade Runner and a few good others. I never read the book. Im assuming the humor was supposed to be like that. ok. But overall, it had zero character development, underused superb cast and I never really felt at any point he was really in danger of anything. Ending had its moments with some interesting visuals but I felt this movie was forgettable. However, the Bond trailer that played before looked really on point. So that was good. :)
    • superultraboy
      Someone here doesn't like a feel good movie when he sees one.
      • Someone doesn't like the concept of free speech and opinion. Im aware that its a feel good movie, it just didn't make me feel anything.
        • ryderup
          agree completely
    • Jon Odishaw
      The fact that I know you're not a troll makes this worse. He has made 20 movies since alien and blade Runner. Move on! This movie shows that Ridley can still do it despite mediocre movies in the past decade.
      • Jon, what concept of not liking something don't you understand? Why is someone who dislikes something a troll? It makes no sense. Im fully aware of his works. I own almost every movie he made. I just didn't care for this one. The topic here is thoughts and not "only post if its positive".
        • TheOct8pus
          Don't waste your energy, bro. You're entitled to your opinions. If it gets other's panties in a bunch, that's their problem....
        • Jon Odishaw
          I'm well aware that the topic here is thoughts and not only positive. If the topic on this site was only positive you wouldn't have anything to contribute.
    • ænəræk
      bahahahah...I had a feeling I knew the trolls who weren't going to like this movie and good old Dick Chin didn't disappoint me. So predictable. What a worthless troll you are.
      • TheOct8pus
        I'm not getting a trolling vibe from Sasha's comment....he wasn't thrilled. That's all. Everybody can't like everything you like.
  • ari smulders
    i will certainly watch it and give my honest and best opinion....
  • Xerxexx
    Absolutely loved it. One of Ridley Scott's bests.
  • nevadasurfer
    No Sound Off for Sicario? Excellent film that came out this weekend
  • Armitall
    I did like it. I can't say I was dissapointed, however it wasn't as strong as all the reviews had led me to believe. It fell apart at the end, slightly devolving into Armageddon type of improvisation. The Donald Glover character was cartoony and could've been cut completly, looking for a map in the cafeteria was silly and some other technical aspects took me out at points. But maybe I am being too harsh (holding high standards for Scott) and forgetting along the way it is just a movie and as such it did deliver. Sorry for focusing on the negative aspects as all the positives have already been raved about in othere comments.
    • ali3000
      Nah, I felt the same way. Donald Glover's character was unbelievably useless. The movie was alright. Nothing spectacular. But I did love the cinematography, that was probably the best thing about the movie. Other aspects, meh, not so much. But I enjoyed Sicario way more.
      • Armitall
        Yeah, visualy was great and all the performances were just how you'd expect them to be from an ensamble like that. Havent seen Sicario yet, but The Martian doesn't quite pass Ex Machina or Fury Road for me.
  • jonnyb61
    Unfortunately, I don't think Ridley has made a good one since his brother died. This film was too long and under developed character-wise. The editing was just sloppy to me. The more I thought about it after I saw it the more I hated it.
    • ænəræk
      Dumb troll is dumb
      • Aenearek For President
        You're being too hard on yourself, aeneraek
  • liyanc
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was thrilling and funny (Project Elrond!), plus it carries a great message about hope and the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Snev De la Fontaine
    This confirms it for me. Ridley Scott has never really lost his skill as a director, but he can't seem to distinguish a good from a bad screenplay. I'm glad it was a good one this time. I say nominate Drew Goddard for an oscar.
  • nevadasurfer
    I thought it was a lame watered down version of the book. Probably a decent movie if you have not read the book.
  • Zack Smith
    I liked it. Read the book about a month ago too.
  • John
    was so bored out of my mind that I started rooting for Damon to get hit by a meteor ..




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