Watch & Discuss: Are These the Best Films of the Decade So Far?

January 9, 2015
Source: Fandor

The Best Films of the Decade So Far

We're just digging into 2015, and that means we're right in the middle of this current decade. And that's enough of a reason for the folks at Fandor to put together a list of The Best Films of the Decade So Far. However, this wasn't something that they determined on their own. Instead, a casual question about what people thought the best movie of the decade was on social media resulted in hundreds of replies on Twitter and Facebook. And so they decided to tally up the votes and see how a list turned out. But instead of just delivering a list, they also put together a countdown video showing off the 26 films that made the cut. Look!

Here's The Best Films of the Decade So Far (2010-2014) from Fandor (via The Playlist):

But if you don't want to watch that whole video, here's just the list (with the vote count):

The Best Films of the Decade So Far (2010-2014)
1. The Tree of Life (103 votes)
2. Certified Copy (91 votes)
3. The Master (76 votes)
4. Margaret (68 votes)
5. Holy Motors (66 votes)
6. A Separation (64 votes)
7. Under the Skin (61 votes)
8. Inside Llewyn Davis (59 votes)
9. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (45 votes)
10. Boyhood (44 votes)
11. Goodbye to Language (41 votes)
12. The Social Network (40 votes)
13. Moonrise Kingdom (36 votes)
14-15. Tie between Her & Leviathan (2012) (33 votes)
16. Mysteries of Lisbon (32 votes)
17-18. Tie between The Act of Killing & The Turin Horse (28 votes)
19-21. Tie between Before Midnight, Melancholia & Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (27 votes)
22-23. Tie between Frances Ha & The Wolf of Wall Street (25 votes)
24-26. Tie between The Immigrant, Tabu & Spring Breakers (24 votes)

That's just the Top 26 (a tie didn't allow a cut-off at #25), but the full list is massive over at Fandor, complete with full vote counts. This list (which is seems to be a little heavy on more abstract titles, but most of them are definitely high quality films, so it's tough to complain. Personally, if I were figuring out my favorite films of the decade so far, the shortlist would certainly include The Wolf of Wall Street, Frances Ha, Before Midnight, Boyhood and The Social Network, though I don't know if they were all make the cut, especially with five more years of movies on the way. But it's nice to see a large span of auteurs and Oscar-winning director's work. How about you? What are your favorite movies of the decade so far?

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  • tree
    Didn't care for Tree of Life one bit.
    • Ricardo_PT
      For once in my life I managed to get together a big group of friends to go to the movies based on one of my suggestions (me being the cinema aficionado of the pack). The chosen movie was Tree of Life. Everybody hated it, including me. Never again.
  • Rob
    Glad to see Holy Motors, i'm still pissed off that Denis Lavant didn't get an Oscar nomination.
  • John Doe
    Umm, yeeeeeeaahh *Bill Lumbergh voice* The only film I can really vouch for here is the Social Network.
  • Butchy Butch
    There Will Be Blood would be my no1. The Great Beauty would be somewhere in the top 10 too. Tree of Life? Definitely one of the worst.
    • ari smulders
      there will be blood is from 2007 but certainley the best movie ever!
      • Butchy Butch
        you're right of course. i rushed throught the list with the last decade in mind, and now i see its 2010 till now. Still, The Great Beauty at least 😉
        • ari smulders
          it's indeed the best movie ever made,but i liked heat also very much... But daniel day lewis is simpley awesome....
      • Bruiser
        best movie ever? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
        • ari smulders
          If you criticise my choice at least tell me your choice!
        • jimmy
          It's a good pick, I'd say (for best movie ever). My favorite will always be Once Upon a Time in the West.
    • jimmy
      Is it bad that I'm excited to see Tree of Life? It looks really interesting from trailers and such.
  • ragethorn
    This list makes me sad. Wow!
  • ari smulders
    the raid is for me the best movie of this decade and i liked the tree of life. Inception,fury,the avengers,under the skin,sinister,the pact,housebound,safety not guaranteed,monsters,confession of murder make also the list...
    Fascinating I guess you really don't think about this kind of stuff while it's happening, but seeing that list...maybe it is true.
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    Too many movies on this list I would only watch once. There are also a few I don't care about.
  • Payne by name
    If that's the list that the people at Fandor put together, they sound like one tedious, pretentious, chin rubbing boring bunch of people.
    • Efterklang
      "This wasn't something that they determined on their own. Instead, a casual question about what people thought the best movie of the decade was on social media resulted in hundreds of replies on Twitter and Facebook. And so they decided to tally up the votes and see how a list turned out." Reading is hard.
      • Payne by name
        "And so THEY decided to tally up the votes and see how a list turned out". Thanks for the pedantic correction. If that's the list that the people at Fandor compiled from the input that they received via social media, then their readers/friends/social media interactors sound like a bunch of tedious individuals.
  • Mohammad Ghahraman
    i'm glad to see "a separation"Iranian movie here. Asgar Farhadi is the best Iranian director
    • jimmy
      How do you feel about Kiarostami? I've only seen Certified Copy, but I thought it was great. Never seen a Farhadi movie though.
      • Mohammad Ghahraman
        Iranian directors are really close to each other in style. farhadi's movies are closer to our life .after Kiarostami left Iran many moviemakers and government didn't support him .
        • jimmy
          "after Kiarostami left Iran many moviemakers and government didn't support him ." That's a little bit sad and a little bit silly. Reminds me of what happened to Tarkovsky when he left Russia.
  • Nash
    Wonder what the criteria were. Last year we had Snowpiercer which in many ways was a masterpiece. I would surely expect that one to be in a top 20 list of this millennium. And even a movie like The Avengers, I mean, we all know it's not a intellectual masterpiece. But surely it completely changed the way we look at blockbuster movies forever. The Avengers was the crown on a cinematic universe, a concept that has never been shown before but will be extremely important for the future of moviemaking. So, since it was capable of creating so much change, why wouldn't it derserve a place in a list of 'best movies'?
    • jimmy
      The cinematic universe concept is in no way revolutionary at least in terms of art. In terms of franchise, ...$$$$. The Avengers looks like a dumb action movie to me from what I've seen. Why the hell does it deserve to be on any best of list?
  • cabo
    Drive is my favourite movie of the decade so far ... I get it why people hate it but for me it gets everything right ... ROC
  • Bruiser
    Inception #1 by a mile....joke of a list
    • jimmy
      Inception is great, but there have definitely been better movies this decade. Nolan is a bit overrated simply because people aren't familiar with other directors...
      • Bruiser
        You're an idiot if you think he's overrated. Inception by a mile over anything else.
        • jimmy
          He's definitely overrated. People say he's the best director ever. Definitely not. I'm a big fan of Inception, but it has some issues. Some dream sequences are overly convoluted and Cotillard is miscast. It's a bit dry at times too. Inhuman.
  • Bruiser
    According to IMDB's TOop 250 the highest ranked movie since 2010 is Inception at #13....ALL TIME
    • jimmy
      IMDb's top 250 is mostly a joke because any new movie can easily get on it in a really high spot (that it probably doesn't deserve). Most titles are fairly interesting suggestions though. Some are on there for no good reason (e.g. Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Intouchables, and any Indian movie on the list).
  • Tyrell Antonio
    lack of Raids on that list. Been thinking this over a lot but I still think The Raid 2 is definitely my favorite movie ever.
  • bumboclot
    Tree of Life was good... but #1 out of half a decade? Not that great. Even stuff like Boyhood, Llewyn Davis or Spring Breakers would hardly be afterthoughts in any other decade. I mean they are decent movies, but they barely measure up to the older movies that they are emulating.
  • Ty Webb
    Shitty list
    • Bruiser
      Horrible list
  • Josh Harding
    Cloud Atlas. Hands down.
  • jimmy
    My top 25 (probably haven't seen as many as these people voting though): 1. Before Midnight 2. 12 Years a Slave 3. Birdman 4. The Artist 5. Her 6. Zero Dark Thirty 7. Mr. Nobody 8. Fruitvale Station 9. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia 10. The Master 11. The Wind Rises 12. Whiplash 13. La vie d'Adele (Blue is the Warmest Color) 14. Winter's Bone 15. Gravity 16. The Grand Budapest Hotel 17. We Need to Talk About Kevin 18. The Immigrant 19. Django Unchained 20. Inception 21. Certified Copy 22. Shutter Island 23. Inside Llewyn Davis 24. Philomena 25. The Wolf of Wall Street
  • avconsumer2
    Seems like a pretty terrible way to compile a "Best Films of the Decade" list.
  • TheOct8pus
    This is a list for the sake of making a list....pointless...




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