Watch: Full Super Bowl Spot for Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World'

February 1, 2015
Source: Universal

Jurassic World Super Bowl Spot

"We have a new attraction. Think it’ll scare the kids?" After debuting during the Super Bowl, Universal has posted the full TV spot for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World online and it's a must watch. After seeing the first Jurassic World trailer late last year, most of us are considerably excited for this, as it actually looks like it might be pretty damn good. While the VFX look far from finished, we do get more looks at the new dinosaur the Indominus Rex, and most of the characters: Chris Pratt as Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, plus Irrfan Khan. I'm actually much more excited for this now than I was after the first teaser, so that's a good thing. I just hope it's all coming together well and turns out awesome. Fire this up & watch out!

Here's the full Super Bowl TV spot for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World straight from Universal:

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), who rewrote the script with Derek Connolly from an earlier draft by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). No plot details are available yet, but the film has been said to feature a new operational dinosaur theme park, just as John Hammond imagined over 20 years ago. The cast includes Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson, Jake Johnson, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D'Onofrio, Irrfan Khan and B.D. Wong, reprising his role from Jurassic Park. Universal Pictures releases the film on June 12th. Excited?

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  • Nathan Williams
    Awesome! Can't wait!
  • ion677
    Yessssss! It looks so perfect!
  • redskulllives
    Oh yeahya Can't wait for this
  • Ryan
    I haven't felt this much child like happiness in years
  • Armitall
    This is a shot for shot remake of the original it has the original characters in it and the same plot devices. Looks good, but all the same.
    • JBroti
      Completely, utterly wrong. No original characters are in except Dr. Wong. Shot for shot: Jurassic Park didn't have I Rex, pteranodons, stegosaurus, apatosaurus, mosasaurus, 1000+ guests in the park, an operational park, marine exhibits, machine gun helicopters, gyrospheres, trainable raptors, etc.... Same plot device: Jurassic Park was about getting the public opinion of experts to certify the park's safety and thrill prior to release and the dinosaurs got loose due to a backstabbing employee. Jurassic World is about a fully, successful operational park that is trying to do the next big thing by using genetic manipulation to create hybrids. Thus the dinosaur escapes and the park becomes a ruin by means we still don't know how. And somewhere's in the movie, we revisit the old ruins of the first park in Jurassic Park. The only thing that's the same is that it takes place on the same island, Isla Nublar and the main attraction are dinosaurs.
      • Jon Odishaw
        More importantly the main plot device is a new, man-made hybrid that makes T rex look like a bitch running rampant as Chris Pratt and a team of Raptors hunt him down. That is way too cool.
      • steve
        I love you
    • Brian Sleider
      Just to be sure I re-watched JP, where was the trained raptor team?
    • rick
      I mean, the storylines are completely different. Maybe the beats will be the same, but the beats are the same for pretty much every movie.
  • grimjob
    Just not into it.
  • shiboleth
    while this looks like some kind of rerun, it's always good to see how stupidity of people for the sake of profit expands ... And laugh at it ...
  • JBroti
    Cannot wait for this movie! This may top Avengers for my most anticipated movie. I love everything about it. It seems to be bringing back the suspense and little horror of the first, it introduces new dinosaurs and revisits classics from Jurassic Park, the story takes place in an operational park, and the key element, is the further exploration of genetic manipulation (which is what makes everything about Jurassic Park possible). And for everyone complaining about the hybrid and why not introducing a new carno (we saw that negative effect when they introduced Spino)...the point of this movie is about the science, not introducing new dinosaurs. Lastly, people get over the fact that Pratt is training raptors. It's a brilliant idea in taking this franchise in a new direction. We've seen the raptors as deadly hunters, but now we may get to truly see their intelligence expanded. Plus for a park that operates in today's world...if zoos can train lions and bears and orcas, the raptors can be trained as well. Dinosaurs don't have feathers because this movie is fictional and would upset more people than make fewer happy.
  • Jon Odishaw
    i give the first trailer a 3/10. this one was a 9/10. well done.
    • Nash
      Yeah, my thoughts. The first trailer didn't have the suspense at all that this second trailer does have. Brings back the thrill of the original. This is looking good...
  • TheOct8pus
    That last shot was the same exact shot from the original - where t-rex busts through the sun roof of the jeep.
    • Jon Odishaw
      I dunno about the exact same but it certainly is a homage
      • TheOct8pus
        Homage or no, that's Spielberg's shot
        • Panzerknecker
          No, that shot is the shot of the new dp and director and it is almost certainly meant as a homage.
  • such bad dialogue
    • Mark Brackney
      What, were you Expecting Jeff Goldblum to Pop-Up?
  • Brian Sleider
    The trailers are not even that similar, there is some imagery that is reminiscent but thats about it.
    • TheOct8pus
      Shot by shot in some instances
      • Brian Sleider
        I will give you 15 instances, even granting that, so what? Is it against the rules to evoke the vastly popular prequel. As far as the movie being a "shot for shot remake" the comment that started this suggests....pretty clear that is isn't. Or we watched very different movies some 20 years ago(and 100 times or more since :P).
        • TheOct8pus
          Brian - I think your beef is with Mr. Armitall up there. I definitely don't agree that this is a shot-for-shot remake. It is clever though, in my opinion, that the trailers have many parallels. Either way, I'm psyched about this new JP, as bad as it may turn out to be....
          • Brian Sleider
            Indeed sir. I think the parallels are purposeful. I think they want parents who saw JP 20 years ago to see the trailer, be reminded of their childhood and get hyped to take their kids. I know that it worked for me, I cant wait to share this movie with my daughter, who is practically the same age I was when JP came out. 😀
  • Lagoya
    Looks exactly like JP1!!
    • steve
      Oh yeah, I remember how the park was actually open in the first one, how they made a new dinosaur, and how they had trained raptors. Gosh talking about this is bringing back all the memories of how exactly the same it is.
      • Mat
        thats why he said "looks" and not "plot" dipshit, the LOOK of the film is like JP1 not the PLOT.. dumbass
        • steve
          Really? Dipshit and dumbass? And by saying a movie looks like another, means that everything that's going on looks the same... And this doesn't look the same as the first.. When it comes to movies, look and plot are pretty much the same thing.
          • Mark Brackney
            *Sigh* No, they are Not.
          • steve
            How aren't they then?
          • Mark Brackney
            Well, Let's See..... a LOOK of a Film is, Well, Exactly how it SOUNDS Like: a LOOK. Take HTTYD1 AND 2, for Instance: Technically, even though Mr. Deblois (Co-Director on the First film, Main-One on the Second) said that the Whole Trilogy (Yes, it's gonna be a Trilogy) is Basically just One big-Ass Narrative, you can Definitely tell they do-NOT necessarily look Like the Same Movie. In the First One, we first Meet Hiccup as a 15-year Old boy. He and his Viking (Nordic?) Tribe are in a Conflict with the native Dragons there, as they have Had been over the Past 300 (Ha. Get-It?) years. This is, Pretty-Much, the first Time we get to Meet Hiccup, Stoick, Astrid, and the other human Characters, plus all the Dragons you'll See, later on. Notice that, because of This, most of the Entire Film takes Place on Berk (And, the Dragon's Nest, of Course), because, Technically, this is Where the main Conflict SHOULD take Place. Now, jump, Literally, 5-years Later. Hiccup and the Gang are now 19-20, Stoick is 50, and the Isle of Berk has now Fully been Dragon-Integrated. Things are going Great, Right? NOPE. Stoick is Planning on Retiring, and Wants his Son, Hiccup, to Become the next Chieftan. Hiccup, Naturally, does not Want This, and Try's to Avoid his Eventual Responsibility, as Much as Possible. Because of This Story-Arc, 20-year-old Hiccup is Now forced into a more Mature situation. Thus, the Sequel, itself, is more Darker, and more Mature, in the Process (I.g., a more Dramatic score, plus we Get to Travel more to the Arctic region, Etc.) You See where I'm getting At, Here?
          • Mark Brackney
  • ff
    rehash of all the old stuff...meh
  • Rob
    I thought Chris was gonna do a dance-off after he said "eyes on me" to the raptors lol
    • Mark Brackney
  • Mark Brackney
    "Jurassic World", really just "How to Train your (Genetically-Recreated) Dinosaur."
  • Mark Brackney
    Seriously, though, when all of those damn Pterosaurs started Flying about, literally all I could Hear was "Two New Alphas", by John Powell, playing in the Background.




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