Watch & Listen: Opening of 'Star Wars' Will Never Be the Same Again

April 10, 2015
Source: The Verge

Star Wars

In case you didn't hear, the entire Star Wars saga is available on digital home video right now. And while there were rumors swirling yesterday that the digital edition of Star Wars switched back one of the most contested changes in the Special Edition cut of the first film, the fact that Greedo shoots first in the cantina instead of Han Solo, it turned out not to be true. However, there is one particular change in these new versions of the Star Wars films that will have fans, a little bummed. But it's a change we have to get used to, because this is how Star Wars films will be opening from now on since moving over to Disney. Watch!

Here's the opening of the new digital editions of Star Wars now (via The Verge):

20th Century Fox

Notice anything missing? The iconic 20th Century Fox fanfare is no longer part of the Star Wars opening due to Lucasfilm now being situated at Disney. The musical cue had become such an iconic part of the Star Wars saga that it was included on all the soundtrack releases of the motion picture score, and it even used to play over the Lucasfilm logo before cutting to "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." But now, in place of the 20th Century Fox opening, Lucasfilm has repurposed some of John Williams score from Star Wars as their own fanfare, much like Marvel Studios now has their own opening musical cue.

Honestly, this is a nice touch, but it's just not nearly as powerful as that Fox fanfare we've gotten used to. But we'll all be very familiar with this new fanfare soon, because The Verge says this will be how every Star Wars film from now on will open, with one exception. 20th Century Fox still holds the distribution rights to the original Star Wars (Episode IV), so the 20th Century Fox fanfare will still accompany that particular installment of the Star Wars saga. But all the new films, beginning with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will have this Lucasfilm fanfare preceding it. Again, we'll get used to it, but I'll personally miss the Fox presence.

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  • Brian Sleider
    I sure am glad I still have my non remastered VHS trilogy.
    • ed
      I know people who would pay good money if you converted those into digital files.
      • robross0606
        The original movies were officially mastered to Laser Disc which was digital. Therefore, the original movies WERE captured digitally and haven't been lost to VHS hell. They aren't even hard to find if you know where to look.
        • anakinbrego
          Laserdisc is analog video and digital audio.
          • robross0606
            True, but analog is actually *better* than digital at least mathematically. What I was really saying is that Laserdisc is not magnetic storage so it doesn't degrade further over time. Moreover, they did later do a transfer of the Laserdisc to DVD. My point is that the content is out there and it is FAR more pristine than "VHS".
    • Xerxexx
      Same here, classic vhs is the only way to watch Star Wars.
      • Brian Sleider
        Crazy to think that those copys of the movies are dead. That VHS is the last form to see the original trilogy.
        • robross0606
          The original movies were officially mastered to Laser Disc which was digital. Therefore, the original movies WERE captured digitally and haven't been lost to VHS hell. They're out there floating on the Net and aren't even hard to find if you know where to look.
          • Brian Sleider
            Thats cool and I did not know that. But those files would not be legal. I guess I was saying that its crazy that those versions will never again be released for sale.
          • robross0606
            Never say never. Unlike Lucas, Disney will behave rationally where money is concerned. I think they will release them eventually.
          • Brian Sleider
            My kingdom for HD original, original trilogy.
          • bumboclot
            The Laserdisc and later DVD releases were only copies of the VHS, not an actual remaster from the source or anything. As you can see by the lousy picture quality.
          • Owning the 9 side laserdisc edition I can attest that it is crappy quality. Still, great to have the original version around. I was never a fan of any of the special editions.
          • robross0606
            Yes, it is not up to par with the subsequent "Special Edition" remasters which were not just transfered but restored. Nevertheless, it is the best digital version we have right now and clearly superior to VHS. And, yes, I have both to compare.
          • robross0606
            Where did you learn that rubbish? They weren't REmastered, but they were mastered. And NOT from the VHS. It was transferred from the original BEFORE it was restored for the "Special Edition". But they were absolutely NOT "copies of the VHS". I don't think you remember how bad VHS looked. The LaserDisc version is 10x better than the VHS.
          • Andreas
            LaserDisc is not digital, at least picture-wise.
          • robross0606
            True, though analog is technically *better* than digital at least mathematically. What I was really saying is that Laserdisc is not magnetic storage so it doesn't degrade further over time. Moreover, they did later do a transfer of the Laserdisc to DVD. My point is that the content is out there and it is FAR more pristine than "VHS".
          • Andreas
            Granted, the LaserDisc is superior to VHS, but does not compare to Blu-Ray or even a decent DVD transfer. As far as degrading goes, quite a few LaserDiscs experience laser rot over time and due to the analog nature, scratches will influence picture quality far greater compared to Blu-Ray/DVD since there is no error correction
          • robross0606
            Okay, okay. We're super totally WAY off topic because everyone has to prove me wrong. FINE. But I have the originals in DIGITAL and it looks pretty darn good. NOT VHS. They're out there and they came from somewhere. Where did they come from? Laserdisc -> DVD -> Digital. End of story.
          • Andreas
            You're confusing things. LaserDisc is not a mastering format. Digital Videotapes (not VHS but professional systems like D1 or Digital Betacam) were at that time the masters from which LaserDiscs or DVDs were produced.
        • Xerxexx
          Truly is. I bust them out every so often and despite vhs cassette issues they are still a blast from the past.
      • Ry
        No. Watch the despecialized edition with mono audio..
  • avconsumer2
    Weird. Seems like it's missing something.
  • Terrible editing job of 2 JW cues. Not sure if that's an indication of things to come. I hope not.
    • Tim Tringle
      Agreed, with the money that Disney has you think they would have had create something that was His yet reminiscent of the Fox Fanfare. Missed opportunity thats for sure, something as big as that they should try harder.
  • Lagoya
    • SubSumeYou
      Says ADD.
    • You cared enough to read and comment on this post. You lose.
      • SallySpider
        or maybe he just cares about the quality of the news around here? Commenting on something isn't an endorsement of relevance or significance. sometimes it's worth pointing out that something is inconsequential to potentially raise the bar. That's looking doubtful given your response.
        • Considering the comments on here and the reaction from Star Wars fans in general, it's something people were happy to be notified about and discuss, if only just to accept it and look forward to the future. Therefore, it's a quality story that's relevant, timely and interesting. Thanks though.
          • SallySpider
            so his opinion is invalid?
          • He didn't give an opinion. He asked "Who cares?" in a way that implied that no one did. And he was wrong.
  • Jay
    This is an outrage!
    • Angry Lester
      haha, good one Gay!!
  • Guest
    Where's the Disney castle?
    • Edward Curtis
      The Marvel Studios movies don't open with the Disney castle. Based on this evidence, it would seem the same will be true of the Star Wars movies (and other Lucasfilm productions) going forward .....
      • Outlaw
        Exactly. Disney doesn't need the castle at the beginning because they get all the money at the end either way.
    • Javier Marcelo Pacheco
      It doesn't really have to be there. It's a complicated thing in business that even though Disney owns star wars and Lucas films, that doesn't mean that they are Disney now. They are still Lucas films, but their checks are signed by Disney now.
  • Azim Abou-Khalil
    Ah, I don't mind it. It certainly isn't anything to go crazy over but it's such a pointless change. Can't they just leave Star Wars the fuck alone.
  • SubSumeYou
    SMDH.. : (
  • Jason Scarpelli
    It's 2015, live with change.
    • Angry Lester
      No, that iconic 20th century music goes with it perfectly. It's not the same.
  • bumboclot
    That's it? I thought the opening scroll was going to be missing or something. Instead of all the writing, it would be narrated by Jar Jar Binks' talking head.
    I reckon they will finally release the original cut/edit of the first trilogy in blu-ray soon.
  • LightningB
    This will show my ignorance, but what is different about these releases in digital HD as opposed to them being released on Blu Ray?
    • SallySpider
      Can you stream your bluray?
      • Brad Hughes
        • SallySpider
          Then you just answered your own question
      • Tim Tringle
        If you know what you are doing yes, Slimsoft AnyDVDHD and other programs can easily make a file that will allow you to create versions for your PC, phone, or tablet, no matter what operating system is on it. I for one can watch The original films as intended without Lucas screwed up special edition crap anytime or anywhere I want to.
        • SallySpider
          hahahahahahahahah...the quality isnt the same einstein
    • People can put them on their mobile devices to watch on the go now. That's pretty much it.
  • PEE Diddy
    That sucks
  • PEE Diddy
    I have the Letter box trilogy in a special box. I bought it in the early 90's and it was crazy like $100. bucks
    • red
      damn nice buy
  • cuckoozey
    Life = over.
  • Trey Wilson
    LOL at all the fanboy morons outraged and demanding they change it back. NEWSFLASH: Fox don't own it anymore, Disney do!
  • Brad Hughes
    Why are people upset???? Fox doesn't own the rights to star wars, so they cant use it....seriously?
  • Micheal Shelton
    It would be cool of disney to have a mickeyfied hutt palace. That would be cool instead of the traditional castle. Tattooine or jakkar style desert background.




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