Ethan Hawke in the Debut Trailer for Ti West's 'In a Valley of Violence'

July 19, 2016

In a Valley of Violence Trailer

"Don't worry everyone, you are gunna see a fight!" Focus World has unveiled a trailer for the new film from acclaimed horror filmmaker Ti West, titled In a Valley of Violence, his first foray into westerns. Ethan Hawke plays a "mysterious drifter" named Paul who makes his way through the desert with his dog, Abbie. During a trip through a big valley, they come upon a town called Denton and end up in trouble with the town's Marshal, played by John Travolta. The cast includes Karen Gillan, Taissa Farmiga, Burn Gorman, and James Ransone. This looks like a solid, violent western with some great dialogue, but it seems like your standard revenge story and not much more. I still really want to see it, especially because his dog looks so adorable. "Those men left me with nothing, I'm going to leave them with less." Have at it.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Ti West's In a Valley of Violence, originally from

In a Valley of Violence

A mysterious drifter named Paul (Ethan Hawke) and his dog Abbie (Jumpy) make their way towards Mexico through the barren desert of the old west. In an attempt to shorten their journey they cut through the center of a large valley – landing themselves in the forgotten town of Denton – a place now dubbed by locals as a “valley of violence.” The once popular mining town is nearly abandoned, and controlled by a brash group of misfits and nitwits – chief among them, the seemingly untouchable, Gilly (James Ransone) who is the troublemaking son of the town’s unforgiving Marshal (John Travolta). In a Valley of Violence is both written & directed by American filmmaker Ti West, of the films The House of the Devil, Cabin Fever 2, The Innkeepers and The Sacrament previously. This first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, and also played at BAMcinemaFest and Fantasia. The film opens in select theaters + on VOD starting October 21st.

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  • shiboleth
    You gotta love clash between John Travolta and Ethan Hawk where E. Hawk looks more bad ass than Travolta. Twenty years ago that was quite the opposite. I mean, on the other side, the plot is pointless, like, 'this is god awful day and we have to do some shit and hey there's a stranger, let's fuck something up ...' But watching those two might be cool. If nothing else ...
      In his heyday, Travolta was too pretty to be a threatening. Hawke, on the other hand, has always had that uncanny effect of looking like he is about to explode.
      • shiboleth
        Oh, I can agree with that, too, But ... Let's add more to it. Let's not forget Face/Off, that was almost twenty years ago, right (1997.)? And Travolta was really wicked and bad ass in there. And Broken Arrow. And, huh, Pulp fiction. Right. Well, as for Ethan Hawk, I will never be able to erase his confusion and some timidness in Gattaca. And Before Sunset and so on. Many layers, more that we saw it at first, wouldn't you agree?
        • Ethan Hawk has never played a villain. He doesn't have a villain face. He looks more like an anti-hero or a fish out of water.
          • shiboleth
            Hahahahaha, I like that fishy thing about him. But yes, he played a serial killer in that movie with Angelina Jolie (Taking Lives) and he was the vicious villain there ... I guess he had to catch up ...
        • DAVIDPD
          I suppose. I was first exposed to Travolta in GREASE, which we can agree is far from intimidating. I first saw Hawke in TRAINING DAY, a badass role if there was ever one. Travolta has the ability to be intimidating but always plays the role one dimensional-ly. Hawke's approach is more subtle and creepy, which I like.
          • shiboleth
            Nicely described. I am inclined to agree with you on this one David. I could even say that your description of their acting technique is also visible in this trailer. Cheers David...
  • Brandon
    Damn, Ethan Hawke's already in another western tho?
  • evilED
    Looks like it was made for $1000. How low has Travolta sunk?
    • Not very low, actually. Saw it at SXSW and he's really, really good in this. Hawke and the dog are terrific also. Fun little western.
    • For Johnny Boy, this actually looks like a half decent movie.
  • Sharkman1963
    There really should be a Gatling gun in there somewhere.
    • shiboleth
      Well, Magnificent Seven has it which means it's already taken. Sorry, wait for the next one ...
  • Mr_Grumpypants
    so a Western John Wick? ...I'm down for that.
    • You mean someone will kill his dog?
      • Mr_Grumpypants
        don't they kill the dog in the trailer? I thought that's why he wanted revenge.
        • I can't check the video right now. But if that's the case, then that's a stupid ripoff.
    Interesting tone they set here. All the goofy stuff with the dog. Then the serious acting by the unhinged baddie...I don't think this was particularly good, but I will see this due to my love of Western films and West's directing.
  • I noticed that many nowadays posters are borrowing a lot from the 70s style. Which is great.
    • RAW_D
      Now if they'd only shoot it in B&W and on film....
      • In B&W? I didn't say the 50s. ;D
        • RAW_D
          I envisioned "Dead Man" with Johnny Depp when I made that comment...
          • Well, movies starring Johnny Depp should all be in B&W anyway, to avoid overcolor bleeding.
          • RAW_D
            Speaking of Johnny Depp, just watched Black Mass the other night. I'm betting that watching it in B&W would add a WHOLE other element of intensity to his portrayal of Whitey Bulger....
  • RAW_D
    I'm always down for a solid western. Not enough of them these days. And this movie definitely looks interesting...Travolta looks better than he has in previous films of late, and Ethan Hawke needs more work.
  • lewinston
    Hold on... it's the whole, "small town sheriff and his back woods boys tries to stir up trouble with the homecoming action-hero" shtick! But as a western!




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