First Trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio's Documentary 'Before the Flood'

September 27, 2016
Source: YouTube

Before the Flood Trailer

"We've known about this for decades… Paradise that has been degraded and destroyed. We're knowingly doing this. I just want to know how far we've gone, and if there's anything we can do to stop it." National Geographic has unveiled the first official trailer for the environmental documentary Before the Flood, produced by and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Fisher Stevens. A staunch environmentalist and activist, DiCaprio travels the world conducting interviews, meeting with heads of state, and exploring the various lands of the world to address the global crisis of climate change. The doc presents a look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. We've seen many, many climate docs recently, but I hope one of these really grabs people and wakes them up, because we all need to change - and change now.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Fisher Stevens' doc Before the Flood, direct from YouTube:

Before the Flood Poster

From Academy Award-winning actor, environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet. The film follows DiCaprio as he travels to five continents as well as the Arctic speaking to scientists, world leaders, activists and local residents to gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue and investigate concrete solutions to the most pressing environmental challenge of our time. Before the Flood is directed by award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens, of this year's doc Bright Lights, plus the films Another World, Mission Blue, Stand Up Guys, Crazy Love and Just a Kiss previously. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. National Geographic will debut Before the Flood in limited theaters starting on October 21st before premiering on TV the next week. Interested?

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    Leo visited my friends workplace in Songdo, South Korea for this doco!
  • DerekNola
    So Leo jetsets around the world polluting and wants to lecture the rest of us about climate change?
    • Yeah fuck him. Fuck him into space with that beard. Climate change isn't even real, just made up.
      • DAVIDPD
        Never gonna give you up!
      • Are you being serious when you say that climate change isn't real Carpola? Hopefully not.
        • Sorry Tarek, I've been reading too many Youtube comments lately and it's spilling over here. I was being sarcastic, but I read comments like that every day that are totally serious. Of course the climate is changing, Syria is a good example of a country that didn't adapt after years of droughts due to warming, which led to civil war. It's happening but people seem to deny it, using a combination of many factors, mostly complete stupidity and ignorance.
          • Phew! Now give me a hug. ;D
    • ScotchLuv
      You do realize some amount of energy will need to be spent to solve the problem??? Trump supporter right?
      • backwardsprogress
        Yep, the energy spent by the 1% and politicians justifies making the rest of us lemmings fall into line. Willing to let corrupt lying political selfish people tell you what to do? Clinton supporter right?
        • haha, Clinton or Trump, choice of champions.
          • backwardsprogress
            They should put them on a box of laxatives... Terrible
          • I honestly don't know what is going on in American politics, I find it all really creepy. The comments sections are like a live stream with Hell. He he.
          • Trump is a good guy. It's just he should have been born in the 18th century.
        • ScotchLuv
          What a moron. Describe to me a scenario that solves the problem without using any energy (you do realize you even talking about it over the internet uses
          • Reading you is very energy-consuming Bob. ;D Do you know that energy isn't synonym of Oil ? Solar photovoltaics and electromagnetic energy are the future.
          • ScotchLuv
            No shit, Frank. But last time I checked planes run on fossil fuels. You do know what a plane is, right? You do realize a sizable amount of electricity still comes form coal burning, right? You do realize the world still burns a ton of coal and burns a ton of petroleum products? But I'm sure the people who are working on solving this problem are using planes from the future. LOL Tarek the homophobic moron
          • Yeah I know. We need to burn a whole forest to lit Las Vegas signs... Our technology is still very primitive. Just like your way of thinking Bob. Engine efficiency is still around 30%. Which means we "throw" 70% of the energy in the atmosphere. Just like your comments Bob. 70% is just steam. We need to make the jump. But with BP, Exxon, total and other majors, it is unlikely to happen any time soon, as long as Oil will be available. and as long as Bobs will keep supporting them.
          • ScotchLuv
            If my thinking is primitive then yours is like the primordial soup. Last time I checked I had to educate YOU on how planes
          • And last time I checked, I had to educate you on how your brain works. ;D
          • ScotchLuv
            So addition to being a fly swatter and a locksmith he now thinks he's a neurologist. Our little homophobic child has such an active imagination.
          • backwardsprogress
            Whew, not very intelligent are we. I didn't anything about not using energy. Need to work on your reading comprehension.
          • ScotchLuv
            " I didn't anything about not using energy" The irony is strong in this one. Learn to speak before you comment on someone else's intelligence. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    • Remember the last movie awhile back called An Inconvenient Truth. That had a similar message. Would you say we learned from it since then?
      • Nope. Human habit seems to be that we keep doing something right up until the last moment and fix it in the last ten minutes, well, at least in movies anyway. In real life it won't have such a good result. :-(
        • We are hard learners alas...
        • Unfortunately, you're totally right, but it's not when it's right up to the last moment but well after the damage is done. We need action to turn things around but I always welcome any film/documentary/movement to try and wake people up.
  • shiboleth
    Well. Leo is probably a nice guy. Politics and business in this world are not...
  • ScotchLuv
    Wait...why didn't Leo use his magical plane from the future that doesn't burn fossil fuels. ZOMG what a hypocrite. Doesn't he realize educating people about the problem will only work if he uses ZERO fossil fuels. What an time he needs to use technology from the future...otherwise I won't listen.
  • Higgens
    Cool another "Inconvenient Truth" Let me guess 10-20 years from now we are all fucked. Funny, In the 70s it was a new Ice Age, in the 80s it was the Ozone, 90s global warming, 2000s Climate change. ALl of em say 10-20 years from now we are all fucked, yet here we are. I guess every one needs a hobby, telling half truths to push an agenda is one.
    • ScotchLuv
      Trump appreciates your vote
      • Higgens
        Oh the small minded, "You dont follow the herd, you must be a republican" lol. No I am not voting for that hair piece. I am just tired of being told every 10-15s year that in 10-15 years the environment will be totally fucked. I have been alive long enough to hear it go from an ice age in 15-20 which would have landed in the 90s, to global warming melting all the ice caps in 10-15 year, that would be about RIGHT NOW. Now Leo will put this out saying we got another 15-20. I dont buy into "man is 100% to blame" anymore than I buy into "man has nothing at all to do with it". But hey, you will disregard this 100% and just assume I support the hair piece, have fun living in your tiny bubble.
        • In 10-15 years from now, you will post your apology from your shelter, eating soylent green.
          • Higgens
            LoL, I cant do that, Im already under a glacier from the 70s "incoming Ice age" shit and that Glacier is floating on all the melted ice caps Gore warned us about.
          • Wish you are right, but the world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Something is broken, and the more we blindfold our eyes, the worse the situation will become. We are at the edge of a breakdown.
          • Higgens
            SO long as you "feel it" it must be true.
          • Maybe all this is just an illusion. What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. More seriously, May I ask you to check this out? replace (dot) by a dot accuweather(dot)com/en/weather-blogs/climatechange/steady-increase-in-climate-rel/19974069
        • ScotchLuv
 warming is only believed by the "herd". Enlighten us with your theories so that we can change minds of 90%+ of the world's scientists. (crickets)
    • Julio Lopez
      I understand what you are saying, really, but I think you have the wrong idea. Let me try to explain, they always say 10-20 and here we are, you are right, but what they are trying to say is that it's now 10-20 years too late for us to try and change something, the problem now has advanced 10-20 years. Maybe they don't mean that in 10-20 years everything is fucked, they mean that in 10-20 years it's going to be harder for us to fix the problem, and it has. I don't know if I made myself clear, I'm just trying to explain this. But who really knows? Even if we don't believe in this stuff, and maybe it's all made up, we should still help by recycling and not polluting the planet. it's the least we could do, it's not going to harm us.
      • Julio Lopez
        Wow, after reading what I wrote, I thought I was reading some kind of commercial supporting some organization trying to convince you to join. lol
        • Kamil
          You guys don't believe in global climate change? Have a seat over there, doctor will be here soon.
  • Bo
    Is it obvious now that ScotchLuv is Bob/Dobbs, Alex? Read his rude comments below to tarek. His HAHAHAHAHA stuff. He just keeps coming back again and again with different names. Sorry about this, Alex, but I'm on to other comment sections/sites. I like your overall website, but the comment sections here have digressed into childish name calling and rude behavior. Good luck with your further endeavors, Alex. Peace.
    • ScotchLuv
      He'll be back
    • I think maybe there is a strange thing in the air at the moment, it's troll-a-geddon.
      • Bo
        Yea, but it's the same guy, Bob/Dobbs, who once Alex blocks him like he's done again, just comes back in a few days with a new name. It's so obvious it's embarrassing. However, I'm done with it and that recurring nonsense. Thanks for the reply. Peace.
  • 'Leo and Behold: Revenant of A Melting World'
  • ff
    Good stuff




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