James Cameron Announces FOUR 'Avatar' Sequels Now in the Works

April 14, 2016


Whoa! Get ready to spend a lot of time on Pandora over the next decade. At CinemaCon 2016 in Las Vegas, James Cameron made a surprise appearance at the convention during the 20th Century Fox presentation. He was there to talk about the theatrical experience and how important it is to preserve that, but also took a moment to provide an update on Avatar. While we know they have been planning three sequels, Cameron admitted that they just kept writing more and more and now they are planning four Avatar sequels. The first one will be out in Christmas 2018, the next one in Christmas 2020, and the final two in Christmas 2022 and 2023. This is going to be one crazy epic sci-fi saga going head-to-head against Star Wars. Excited yet?

In addition to announcing the sequels, Fox revealed a new logo (above) and quickly showed some concept art on screen during the presentation. We saw a couple of underwater shots, and I've heard the first sequel is almost entirely underwater. We also saw some shots that looked like they were up in the air, around the floating mountains, with Na'vi jumping off giant rocks. No other plot details or info was revealed during the presentation, but Cameron did say they decided to make four sequels because they have so much material. After working with screenwriters and designers for the last few years, they came up with so much they had to keep adding more movies to fit it all. They talked it through with Fox, and now four more are confirmed.

There's certainly going to be a lot of discussion around this. Too much Avatar? It's hard to tell, these movies are still years away and we really haven't seen anything from them yet. You have to remember - it was until the last few months before Avatar 1 was released that people actually were intrigued enough to actually go see it in theaters. The rest is history. James Cameron is certainly a powerhouse and certainly knows what he's doing - so if he's excited to be working on this many more movies on Pandora, then I'm excited to see what he's been working on. I have that feeling we don't know much, and might be blown away all over again.

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  • bumboclot
    Can't say I'm really excited about anything involving Avatar, especially all these years later, but Cameron always has something up his sleeve. Knowing him, I'm sure somehow I'll end up buying a ticket.
  • SteadyEddieTX
    Cameron has lost it big time. I could see 1 sequel and maybe even 2 but 4? The movie doesn't have the staying power say like a Star Wars or Star Trek franchises. I'd much rather see him do another Terminator.
    • Bo
      Well, Steady're sure welcome to state your opinions on what you think Cameron should do or not do. However, I doubt he would take those opinions with a grain of salt. I sure don't, but hey, they are yours to share and that's cool. I too very much liked T-2 and think it's one of the best all around action films ever made, but it looks like he's done with those films and his 'mad genius' ways and visionary attributes seem to be fully engaged with this Avatar world he has created. If you don't mind, and even if you do (lol), I'll stick with what he's up to and what he's creating and not pay much attention to your thinking he's 'lost it big time'. It's funny that those without vision often criticize those with vision. Ever think of that? Just sayin'. And sorry you won't be able to see him do another Terminator, but I kind of agree with him in that that story, etc. is played out. You never know, and if he ever does make another one I'll be the first to step in line to see it. Behind you, of!
      • Sagamanus
        Well said.
        • Bo
          Thank you, Sir!
    • bumboclot
      The "Terminator" brand is hardly in a better place than Avatar right now.
  • desispeed
    after Cameron's box office success I have no doubt he'll draw audiences....if nothing else I know he'll push and innovate FX in movies
  • This would only be exciting if one of them was coming out this year, like was supposed to happen. Avatar came out in GD 2009, for crying out loud. This isn't Star Wars or some other well established franchise. Now we have to wait another two and a half years with a logo to tide us over. Like, I know I'll be sitting in the stupid theater, but this has been really annoying. Watch the dates get changed again.
  • There is nobody bigger in this industry than James Cameron. We can doubt him but he always delivers. So let's do this four times in a row...
    • Come on dude. Stop kissing his ass. Bigger and making tons of money doesn't mean = great art. The last great thing he did was T2 in 1991. True lies had it moments.
      • Hey we don't agree! :) Euhm we can disagree of course but i love all his movies. Never seen aliens 2 Sascha? It's still to date seen as the best sequel ever. I liked titanic and certainly avatar because of shear spectacle and colors and depth. It's by far the best 3D experience ever. So we have. alien 2.. titanic... true lies... avatar... T2 and T1... Great List!
        • Tester
          Ari, please do not ever ever ever call the masterpiece that was Aliens.. Alien(s) 2..
      • bumboclot
        Avatar might be weak. Titanic is almost unwatchable. Still, someone liked them, they both made big money. However, even if we toss those out, he still has a full resume of all time action movie classics! Sorry but you don't get to dismiss this guy who has changed the entire industry several times over his career!
      • Sagamanus
        Would you prefer yours kissed instead? Cameron will do what he wants, not what you want. And the world will go see it, whether you do or don't.
      • RAW_D
        Aliens still is his crowning achievement and still holds up. The rest of his movies...don't age well.
  • Avatar - the biggest pile of overrated movie garbage ever. I remember leaving the theater wanting to do 2 things: - make an eye doctor appointment - smash something. It was awful. I will never get the love for this movie. But heh, just my opinion.
    • Szkari
      Not just yours...
    • bumboclot
      I don't know if you could call it overrated since most people rate it exactly like you do. The digital effects were amazing though. Even now, the most recent big budget movies still look cheap by comparison.
    • RAW_D
      I liked it the first time when it was called "Dances with Wolves".
    No...just no.
  • Payne by name
    I'm afraid Cameron has lost his way and is surrounding himself with far too many yes men. Avatar was lame, clichéd nonsense that had some pretty graphics and displayed nothing of the edge that Cameron used to have. It had a fabulous colour palette and a childish gimmick that's been a blight on recent cinema. There wasn't enough quality or interest or novel film making to fill the first Avatar without there being a need to bang out another four of these things. Cameron's sad demise into the world of Pandora and up his own bottom reminds me of the loss of Robert Zemeckis to animated dross. Does the wonderful back to the futures, starts banging out interesting films from Forest Gump through to the fabulous and often overlooked Contact and then just seemingly stops. It's such a shame that Cameron is either wasting, or has exhausted, his creative brilliance on a project that seems to exist only for the never ending 'fluffing' that there will be three films then four films etc etc.
  • theslayer5150
    Sometimes, less is more. I'm afraid it will be four sequels of more crap thrown at the wall to what sticks (or what toys sell) rather than one or two good, quality written. I'm sure these four sequels will all also be pushing 3 hours in length, too. Less is more, James. Less is more.
    • naundob
      "More is more. And too much is never enough." -James Cameron
  • That papyrus font is always the sign of a top notch movie. But nah.
    • RAW_D
      Well played sir. WELL PLAYED. Maybe Comic Sans will be in the next 4?
      • Maybe they'll remix Trajan Pro for the ultimate movie poster meltdown. :-)
  • Jonathan
    It's like his job now is just announcing whatever number of Avatar sequels. And one was MORE than enough!
  • Terry Craig
    I hope it'll flop, because who tf needs this. People generally realized how terrible the script and story were, and by now the 3D novelty's worn off. Maybe, after the first or second sequel, this will be the mega-disaster, with which Cameron will inadvertently be the one to bring tentpole franchises to an end. Well, one can hope...
  • Eggyweggs
    Does anyone actually care for these movies anymore? Like the Titanic, James, this ship has sailed mate.
    • Snev De la Fontaine
      The Titanic wasn't a sailing ship. Kind regards, Snev, chairman of the pedantic association.
    • Huck PS
      You mean "This ship has sunk, mate."
  • Dan Hibiki
    by the laws of sequels, the fourth movie will be set in the wild west.
  • Neuromancer
    I enjoyed Avatar for its compelling world. Sure, the story was cliché, even bland at times and eventhough I have trouble seeing 4 sequels without incurring Avatar-fatigue, I'd like him to make more simply to spite some of the highbrow elitists. Maybe one of the sequels should be a silent black and white film so atleast some of you can get off.
    • bumboclot
      I enjoyed the gimmick and spectacle for one viewing, but I'm not watching 4 more if they are as badly written as that one was. Give me one of the all time great B/W silent movies over 3D CGI cliche-filled nonsense any day!
  • Tester
  • Trey
    Cameron will die of natural causes before actual development begins
  • bumboclot
    The only thing I loved about Avatar was the 3D. I wonder how he's going to sell more Avatar movies now that people are already sick of 3D. Maybe this time Cameron puts some effort into the characters and plot to tell a compelling story?
  • Huck PS
    No. Not excited.
  • LightningB
    Oh thank God they aren't rushing this. I remember walking out of the theater in 2009 after seeing it and thinking "Geez I hope they wait at least 9 years to make another one. Never mind I could get arthritis, glaucoma or maybe just die before another one gets made but at least he waited." Actually isn't he due for a sequel to The Abyss? True Lies?
  • steve
    I'll say it again. He's gonna be dead before the first sequel even comes out
  • tommyturner
    2 words: WHO CARES
  • Sagamanus
    Yes! YES! YESSSS!
  • Ehsan Davodi
    If Avatar 2 fail in Box Office , this next sequels would be Biggest Let Down of Century................ But I Love Cameron , Then What Can I Say ?
  • capitandelespacio
    I liked this movie so much, I even have a Navi in my basement...
  • SV7
    I saw Avatar in the theatre in 3d. It was a huge technical achievement, had well shot "Cameron" action, but the story and characters were just ok. I bought the bluray when it first came out. It's still in its wrapping.
  • RAW_D
    0 = the number of sh*ts I give about the Avatar franchise.




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