John Travolta in Trailer for 'Life on the Line' Power Line Workers Film

February 23, 2016
Source: YouTube

Life on the Line

"I do have a job, momma, I told you I'm a line man now." Voltage Pictures has released a new trailer for the film called Life on the Line, about the dangerous and challenging lives of power line workers. Yeah, seriously. The film stars John Travolta and Devon Sawa as two line workers who end up working during a massive storm that nearly destroys their lives. The cast includes Kate Bosworth, Sharon Stone, Gil Bellows, Julie Benz and Ryan Robbins. This almost looks like one of those action movies from the 90s that we don't see anymore, all about hard working people who just want to keep everyone safe and do their jobs. Not sure if this will find any audience at all, but give it a watch anyway. "We gotta get the power on!"

Here's the first official trailer for David Hackl's Life on the Line, direct from Voltage's YouTube:

Life on the Line follows the lives of a crew of eccentric and courageous power line workers who do the extremely dangerous work of fixing the crumbling electrical grid. John Travolta stars as Beau, a salt of the earth man who blames himself for his brother's death and raises Bailey, his orphaned niece (Kate Bosworth). His worlds collide when Bailey's handsome lover (Devon Sawa) joins his linemen crew on the eve of a massive and deadly storm that threatens to rip their lives apart. Life on the Line is directed by former production designer David Hackl, of the films Saw V and Into the Grizzly Maze previously. Voltage Pictures seems to be releasing this film sometime in 2016, even though IMDb still lists a 2015 release date.

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    What the hell happened to Travolta...?
    • He joined a cult. Got a lot of plastic surgery. Probably a few other things.
      • Nash
        But the wig seems to be from a Nic Cage movie.
    • TheOct8pus
      Watt happened to Travolta
      • drnknjbbrsh
        Yess!!!! So much yes!!!
      • drnknjbbrsh
        OH. MY. GOD. TraVOLTa!!!!
        • TheOct8pus
          AAAAHAHAAAHAA!!! Amazing!! Great find.
  • 'We are linemen Bill, it's what we do...' is what he said before walking into the see never to be seen again.
  • cuckoozey
    Maybe this looks good to people that work for power companies? For the rest of us, yikes...
    • theslayer5150
      I'm a lineman and really want nothing to do with this LOL. I go to the movies to get away from my job :)
      • I hope your job isn't as insane as that everyday.
        • theslayer5150
          Not even close. Would make for a boring movie, I'm sure.
    • Mike Riley
      Most of the men making comments on here must wear panties.
  • Couldn't they at least spell Bosworth's name right? Talk about minimum effort.
  • Justin R
    So many cliche scenes, people that desperate to make movies now-a-days?
  • TheOct8pus
    I heard it's a high voltage drama...filled with shocking moments and electrifying dialogue.... Watt?
    • Higgens
      Well played sir.
      • TheOct8pus
        Thanks....I'm amped for this one
  • Oblique
    Bump this... I'm waiting for the garbage man movie.
    • 'There's 85 bins to empty and lava flowing through the town... We can DO THIS!!!'
    • Jake Saladino
      Lol wow you consider a lineman who gloves 23,000 voLts the equivalent of a garbage man. I know Firemen that call lineman brave and crazy for doing that work.
      • Mike Riley
        Appreciate all the linemen out there.
    • Mike Riley
      Stupid is what you are. All you do is sit at a desk.
      • Oblique
        Says the stupid man who comments on someone else's comment from over a year ago. You have an awesome life. I am sitting at a desk, so that part was cool!
        • Mike Riley
          Ha ha I thought you was Computer nerd. Hope your lights stay on they have already went in the blink in your head. Guess you are a gay liberial !
          • Oblique
            Why dont you hang yourself from a line-man. No body cares about your love for a stupid movie about linemen. I hope your computer dies too. lol what an idiot. the internet these days....
          • Mike Riley
            Ha ha a stupid liberial . Crawl in a hole rat.
          • Mike Riley
            Ha ha you are wrong .
    • Oblique
      Wow I'm getting harassed by a lineman fanboy on a comment I made a year ago. Get a life dude...And you are now blocked so take that to the line man along with this whack movie!
  • desispeed
    prob will end up being dumped onto VOD without any fanfare......
    I found the new Dr. Terminus
  • it's good for a Sunday afternoon on a rainy day when everything else totally sucks...
  • J. Todd
    This is a joke. Right? This is just sad. I guess the race to the Razzies have gotten off to an early start.
  • shiboleth
    A lot of actors I remember from 1990s here. Movie looks that way too, I must admit. As for John Travolta, well, he has to make a living, right?
  • grimjob
    Fucking love this one.
  • grimjob
    Wow. How incredibly uninteresting.
  • Oblique
    lol needs more drama!!!
    • Higgens
      Well there is a corpse and an evil toxic waste company.
  • Joshua Gallow
  • Gator McKlusky
    So I'm guessing that Nic Cage turned this one down?
  • This movie has a diversity problem. I must boycott it.
  • KA
    For all of you haters out there about this movie - Why don't you try ONE day in the life of a lineman!! You bash this all you want, until you actually need electricity and are pissed because the Lineman doesn't show up soon enough. My husband lives and breathes this life every day!! Working storms, being away from his family weeks at a time. He works his butt off to keep YOUR lights turned on! Some people have zero respect for what others work so hard for! This movie depicts the true dangers that lineman may face each and every day they are out there. They work 16 hour days or more sometimes with little sleep - VERY DANGEROUS needless to say and yet they do it because they are keeping you in the light! Disrespectful most people have become!




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