Must Watch: First Full Trailers for Sci-Fi 'Passengers' with Chris Pratt

September 20, 2016
Source: YouTube

Passengers Trailer

"What do we do now?" Sony has finally released the first full trailer for the sci-fi movie Passengers, from a screenplay by Jon Spaihts, directed by Morten Tyldum (of The Imitation Game previously). The story is set far in the future entirely on a passenger ship carrying thousands of people to a colony on the other side of the galaxy. Chris Pratt stars as a mechanic whose sleep pod malfunctions, leaving him awake and alone and unable to last the 90 years left on the ship's journey. The cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne. This project has been in development for years and years, once with Keanu Reeves attached to star, and I'm glad we finally get to see it. From the footage in these first trailers below, the movie looks like it's going to be wonderful. So glad it looks this good. Really can't wait to see this.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Morten Tyldum's Passengers, direct from Sony's YouTube:

And here's the alternate international version of the trailer for Passengers, also on Sony's YouTube:

Passengers Sci-Fi Movie

"We boarded the Avalon with a destination… 120 years hibernation means we'll wake up in a new century, on a new planet. A year ago, everything changed…" "Something went wrong with the hibernation pods."

A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 60 years early. Passengers is directed by Oscar nominated Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum, of the films Buddy, Fallen Angels, Headhunters and The Imitation Game previously. The screenplay is written by acclaimed sci-fi screenwriter Jon Spaihts, credited for the films The Darkest Hour, Prometheus and the upcoming The Mummy reboot. This project has been in the works for many years, for a longtime with Keanu Reeves attached to star. Sony will release Passengers in theaters everywhere starting December 21st later this year. Are you excited to see this now?

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  • naundob
    A contemplative Starlord Movie - Sold.
  • Jon Odishaw
    Looks like pandorum but actually good.
  • Efterklang
    Looks like it could be pretty good, although the trailer could have been better and just showed less. That's a cool looking spacecraft.
  • CyraNOSE
    I don't get it.
  • Jimmy Rabbitte
    Jennifer Lawrence is one fine mamma-jamma.
    • She is sexually attractive, and she knows how to weep on screen, but that's all about her.
      • kitano0
        Oh, so that's why she's won an Oscar and been nominated for 4. At 26.
        • Ya know...I know a dozen of actors/actresses who have more experience/talent than her, and hadn't yet received any awards... Academy Awards? Garbage.
          • Bo
            Well big, bad 'hater' silly is that? Eh? Especially since you come across so much more intelligent than those that name call you a hater. My god, what are they, five year olds?
          • It baffles me to see pretty faces like this Jennifer Lawrence winning an Oscar, when awesome actors like Brad Pitt, Edward Norton or Ian McKellen are still on the bench. Leonardo DiCaprio who "dwarves" this pretty face on any level struggled hard to be recognized by this fancy Academy.
          • Bo
            Well said, tarek. I was really excited about Lawrence after I say her in the small part she had in The Burning Plain and really knocked out by her performance in Winter's Bone. It was really disappointing to see the choices she has made since then and to discover what a silly bimbo she seems to be with all her nonsense on the red carpet and on talk shows. Very repelling and to the point of I have to interest in seeing her in anything anymore. Pity, she was so amazing and on the button in Winter's Bone. The vapid culture ate her her into a rich, crowd pleasing court jester 'entertainer'...later gator..
          • Dominic
            She's a business woman , and her image is her business .... regardless of the pay level controversey , she's stil fairly Ffing rich , from being this image ...Who's having the last laugh ? this hate for her started after her TRUE rant in Variety . Not from her choice of movies
        • InNolanWeTrust
          You must be new here. Tarek is one of the resident haters.
    • MzUnGu
      True, but Sigourney Weaver still have the sexiest outfit going in-n-out of a space-freezer... πŸ˜€
    AB, why were the comment locked on this article earlier?
  • InNolanWeTrust
    There's definitely the slightest hint of cheese in the trailer. But with that being said I'm always down for some Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and especially when it's sci-fi. This is either going to be really bad or really good.
    While the late marketing had me a little worried, this looks like it will be pretty great. Maybe as good as LOOPER, which I enjoyed.
    • What does this have anything to do with looper?
      • InNolanWeTrust
        Both are movies....duh
      • it will be full of bloopers.
      • DAVIDPD
        I made a comparative statement in "Maybe as good as LOOPER". AS GOOD AS being the key words there. To clarify, both films are sci-fi in genre, both are somewhat grounded (for sci-fi, I guess debatable, but they are not like STAR TREK levels of fantasy; i.e. aliens, and world building elements), and both have a similar amount of pedigree and hype. I think that is enough to draw some comparisons at least. Sorry if it seemed obtuse.
        • Dominic
          they are really two different sub-genres in sci-fi books .. Looper is an innovation in time-travel stories ; this movie is the trendy genre lately - colony ship breaks down during flight ..and people must start building their colony while still on board .... Aurora , by Kim Stanley Robinson and SevenEyes , by Neal Stephenson , are outstanding with this . Even Alastair Reynolds's Akinyas of Africa series uses this a bit . Plus quite a few others you can find . They prob do a better job than this movie will , since it is "Hollywood-ized " to focus on one romance between two people ; re-telling Adam and Eve ...
          • DAVIDPD
            That's fine.
  • The poster has the mention "The flick that will make girls like space movies" written all over it. Pass.
  • Adventures of Star-Lord But seriously this looks great and I will definitely see this
  • Higgens
    I did not get a good vibe from this. Im sure it will do well, but I am not sure it will be good.
    • Bo
      Me either and even though it won't be very good it will do well, which is indicative of how crazy the whole movies scene is today.
  • Lagoya
    If I was the director, I would make Michael Sheen re-shoot the scene where he slams his head into the table and drags it accross, again and again and again. Each time finding an excuse as to why he needs to do another take.
      I smell stunt double in that particular scene.
    • Bo
      That's very funny...and I
  • kitano0
    These two have chemistry with a capital Karaazzzy!
  • MzUnGu
    Let me guess, SPOILER.... (at least)one of them is a robot... πŸ˜›
  • Pablo Schreiber's Mustache
    It's weirdly glossy, but I'm liking the sense of adventure in it.
  • shiboleth
    When I just thought this could be a good, sexy romance of a life time in a space some big ass fire comes across in that vast space tranquility. Hollywood has some twisted idea of failed fantasy. Not even space can go against it ...
  • Payne by name
    Looks interesting and I do love Chris P but I'm not a fan of Jennifer L. I also think the whole 'sorry, I'm the one that woke you up' lie that Chris carries through the film might get a little taxing.
    • Bo
      Well, at least you like Pratt...whom I do not...but I am heavy in agreement with your opinion/take regarding Lawrence.
  • RAW_D
    It could go either way, but that trailer gave WAY too much away. I also would've preferred the title "Sexy in Space" or "Space Bangin' "....
    • MzUnGu
      How about ... "Pandorum. For girls" πŸ˜€
  • I like how shiny it is. And that ship has a really interesting design there...
  • 97point6
    I was hoping for something a little less glitzy? With this glance it feels Wall-E meets Titanic.
  • this looks not so bad,thought it would be more romantic.And for all haters,i think jennifer lawrence is a beautifull girl and great actres...
  • Nash
    Probably a very enjoyable movie. Too bad I don't have to go to the theatre anymore since they put the whole darn movie in the trailer.
    • Another reason I am passing on many movies is the 3D. Many theaters release the 3D versions exclusively to force people pay the extra bucks. this is pure extortion.
  • Toothlover
    Jennifer Lawrence and Space?! I pass
  • ragethorn
    This reminds me, I should re-watch MOON again. Loved it first time around.
    • Great movie. Sam Rockwell rocks.
  • tree
    This looks like two actors who are decent, albeit flavors of the month, thrown at an acclaimed screenplay, with glossy, yet dull results.
    • Jordan MΓΈir
      Crazy you were able to discern all that out of a 2 minute trailer. Good on you!
      • tree
        Two minute trailer + hours and hours of all involved's collective work, yes?
      • tree
        I feel like I have to write this. I have a near perfect track record for guessing from a trailer if a movie will be good or not according to my personal taste. Not everyone's taste, but my own. Very few times has a movie come out that I didn't like the trailer for, or the actors/crew involved and I've been swayed after seeing the entire film. More often than not, according to my personal taste, I'm correct in discerning what I will later consider good and bad from a 2 minute, "entire plot has been laid out" trailer. The trailer serves the purpose to sway audiences to come see the film. This trailer doesn't even move my needle. If you can't determine whether you'll enjoy a film or not based on the trailers/crew involved, then I'm sorry for the amount of time you must have wasted watching movies you didn't enjoy.
      • tree
        How many shit movies have you sat through after the trailer didn't appeal to your personal taste?
        • Quietus
          The trailer appealed to my sense of nostalgia due to imagery evoking a memorable film (Sunshine). As a good consumer, I now must watch this.
          • tree
            Sunshine was good, but the third act was a lame slasher flick. Danny Boyle generally has third act problems in my opinion. Seeing as how the lackluster reviews for this film are now rolling in, I'm going to go ahead and say this about my original comment "nailed it".
      • ScotchLuv
        Isnt that the point of a trailer though? Why else show us footage if they dont want us to form an opinion about whether we want to see it or not?
    • redskulllives
      double scoop with sprinkles
  • ff
    Read the script and this isn't at all what I pictured. Looks like hollowed meh. COUld have actually been decent.




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