Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Movie

April 13, 2016
Source: YouTube

Doctor Strange

"Forget everything that you think you know." Disney has unveiled a teaser trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange, which just finished shooting in New York City last week. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the Sorcerer Supreme, a comic book superhero that gains his special powers after meeting The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. The full cast features Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, Scott Adkins, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Stuhlbarg and Benedict Wong. This is just a teaser so they don't reveal too much (including his full cape costume) but what we do see looks pretty damn cool. A bit of The Matrix, a bit of Inception, and lots of Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm looking forward to this more than the next Avengers.

Here's the first official trailer for Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, from Disney's YouTube:

Marvel's Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange and Tilda Swinton plays The Ancient One. The script was originally written by Thomas Dean Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer, with work by Jon Spaihts. Doctor Strange follows a once brilliant neurosurgeon forced into retirement after a car accident destroys his once skilled hands. He then meets the Ancient One on a trip to Tibet and learns to become the Sorcerer Supreme. After filming in London for the last four months, the film is being prepared for release this fall. Doctor Strange is directed by American filmmaker Scott Derrickson, of the films The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Sinister and Deliver Us from Evil previously. Disney will release Marvel's Doctor Strange in theaters everywhere starting November 4th, 2016 later this year. First impression?

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  • Payne by name
    Very intriguing. I know very little about Dr Strange and hence really welcome the chance for Marvel to introduce me to a brand new character. Kudos to them for pushing out both the big boys - Avengers, Capt A and also the smaller ones like this and Ant Man.
    • son_et_lumiere
      a less well known character, but with some serious acting heft - Cumberbatch, The Swinton, Mikkelsen, Ejiofor... sign me up on that alone! not sure about Derrickson as director, but his films so far suggest he might be well-suited to the world of Strange. as ever, all depends on the story.
  • Eggyweggs
    So it's The Matrix meets Inception.
    • Mazen K.
      that's exactly what it is.
      • Eggyweggs
        I'm not one to judge a film by the trailer (unless it's Girly Ghostbusters) but this looks all gloss and no substance. My jury is still out on this.
    • Scopedog
      ..Except that it's based on a comic that came out years before Inception and The Matrix... ...Just sayin'.
      • Eggyweggs
        And the Matrix and Inception came out years before this yet the film and sfx have been literally copied from those films... just saying.
  • ProjectionistHP
    Wait, where are the jokes? Now we await, while the bashing and other Marvel vs DC bullshit starts. Looks interesting. Tho I know nothing about Doctor Strange. But Benedict is always solid and I'll make do with any superhero...
      Bruh, teaser.
    OH HELL YES! This looks like it is going in a whole new direction of the MCU!! MAGICK!!! MAGICK MY BOYS!
    • TheOct8pus
      Illusions, Michael....they're illusions...
  • capitandelespacio
    Inception meets Batman Begins. Including the "BRAAAAM" in the trailer.
  • kitano0
    Having Tilda Swinton in it is a very good sign. She usually doesn't lend her name or time to anything mediocre. (Please watch "Orlando"...)
    • Tester
      Explain the shitfest that was Snowpiercer
      • kitano0
        Haven't seen it...though, it did score 95% on RT, if that means anything to you.
        • Tester
          Yes, clearly I am the minority.. Horrible stupid movie. Having said that, Tilda was awesome as usual.
          • rickvanr
            I thought Snowpiercer was hot garbage too. Maybe my expectations were high but it was painful
        • Jon Odishaw
          Amazing movie, don't listen to him.
      • TheOct8pus
        I enjoyed it.....
      • Mark
        Are you out of your mind? Snowpiercer was outstanding. Every person I've spoken to loved it
      • shiboleth
        Snowpiercer is very good and in some respects it's even very brave piece of cinema. It deserves all the praise ...
    • MLTC
      No, it's a sign of political correctness/feminism taking over Hollywood because they changed the male Asian character to Tilda's female Caucasian character! :-(
      • kitano0
        I sympathize with your opinion... but,on the other hand, the old Asian male sensei ("if you can take the pebble from my hand...") has almost become cliche'.
        • MLTC
          I agree that it has almost become a cliché, but I don't like when they change the source material for no good reason. I don't want Hulk to become pink and get long hair for example.
  • Looks a visual mind melter. I'm up for some of that shantizzlers.
  • David Diaz
    Dr. Strange is awesome. The kaleidescope look of that building Mads is walking though is incredible. I can't wait to see how they handle the vfx for more of his magic. I hope they take it from the comics like it is in those first images we saw of Benedict as Strange.
    • son_et_lumiere
      loving the bending and twisting worldview. Inception has spoiled us for cities that fold in on themselves, but there's enough unusual visual flourishes in this teaser to hook you in. here's hoping the script matches the eye candy!
  • Guys guys this looks spectacular! I am in!
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
  • SteadyEddieTX
    I always found the origin story of Dr. Strange in the comics to be a good one but after that the stories got weirder and weirder. I'll see this movie and hope for the best.
  • jay
    I have literally had no interest in this movie until I saw this trailer, hot damn. This is like some Inception meets the Matrix shit. I'm in.
    • Was about to say that city bending shot is totally a rip. Meh.
  • Lagoya
    Looks much, much better than I anticipated!
  • shiboleth
    Well, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen are some good bait worth considering. Among other things watchable only for fun ...
  • grimjob
    Don't know anything about this character. Looks pretty cool though.
  • Matthew
    I can't help but wonder how this would have turned out with Joaquin Phoenix in the role as Doctor Strange.
  • toonfed
    Marvel presents: Magic Iron-Man




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