Must Watch: First Trailer for Denzel Washington's 'Fences' Adaptation

September 27, 2016
Source: YouTube

Denzel Washington's Fences Trailer

"Now don't you go through life worrying about whether somebody like you or not!" Paramount has finally debuted a trailer for the film Fences, directed by and starring Denzel Washington, adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name. Washington starred in the hit Broadway version of the play, along with Viola Davis, and the two return for this cinematic version of this powerful story of a family in the 50s dealing with racial prejudice and poverty. Also starring Mykelti Williamson, Russell Hornsby, Saniyya Sidney, Stephen Henderson and Jovan Adepo. Many Oscar pundits have been expecting this to be a strong last-minute contender, and from the looks of it, this will definitely get a noticed. Take a look.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Denzel Washington's Fences, direct from YouTube:

Fences Movie

An African American father struggles with race relations in the United States while trying to raise his family in the 1950s and coming to terms with the events of his life. Fences is directed by American actor-filmmaker Denzel Washington, director of the films The Great Debaters and Antwone Fisher previously. The screenplay is written by August Wilson, adapted from his own play of the same name "Fences" - which won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1987. It went on to play on Broadway at the Cort Theatre in 2010 in a limited engagement. The film has not premiered at any film festivals yet. Washington's big screen version of Fences arrives in theaters starting December 25th, Christmas Day, later this year. Looking forward to it?

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  • ScotchLuv
    She can act but man is she hard on the eyes
    • Just like you Bob. You can act, but man! your writing is hard on the eyes. ;D
      • ScotchLuv
        Why do you hate homosexuals? What did they ever do to you, Frank?
        • I don't hate you Bob. Do we hate a fly when it annoys us? No! We just get rid of it with one swift stroke.
          • ScotchLuv
            So cute...he thinks he can swat me. He's like a little child with his imagination...he thinks he's a fly swatting locksmith. Someday he will grow up and realize being a homophobe isn't cool.
  • deerosa
    Denzel is on another level. Hoping the film is as good as the trailer.
    • Denzel is one of my top 3 favorite actors. He is ridiculously talented.
    • ScotchLuv
      I feel like he plays Denzel though in every movie. Is he simply a charming guy or does he have serious acting range? I like the guy but I I feel like he plays himself in every movie.
      • just like you ScotchBob...Just like you. ;D
        • deerosa
          Figures right? Tarek Uncharted fan? Yay or Nay?
          • ScotchLuv
            You're talking to known homophobe. I wouldn't associate with that bigot if I were you. He's a Trump supporter.
          • Big Yay. ;D
        • grimjob
          Alright, I gotta ask about your use of "Bob". It's making me laugh and I don't know why.
          • Probably because you can't help yourself from imagining spongeBob squaring up with us with one hand while the other is holding his pants. ;D The truth is, Scotchluv is an schizophrenic animorph. He posts (trolls) here under many alias. and sometimes, when he forgets to take his medication, he starts a fight with himself under two aliases. Bob was one of his alias.
          • grimjob
            Fuckin' Bob.
      • deerosa
        Philadelphia, Glory, etc. Serious acting range, please!!!!
        • ScotchLuv
          To me he was Denzel in both.
          • deerosa
            Sounds good. Figured that would be your response.
          • ScotchLuv
            Because it's consistent with my original opinion. sort of how your response was consistent with your original opinion. Neither of us at 11
        • Malcolm X. He's the Sidney Poitier of this generation.
          • shiboleth
            I even think he addressed Sidney Poitier when receiving an Oscar for Training Day and said, approximately, that he's chasing Poitier in getting another Oscar ... Correct me if I am wrong ...
          • I don't remember quite well, but I believe this is more or less what he's said.
      • Load of actors do this. From Di Niro to Chris Pratt. Doesn't mean that I won't watch and enjoy them. But it is especially thrilling when they ('always the same' actors) show us something out of their comfort zone (ala Di Niro again, in Awakenings)
    • My exact thoughts. He looks incredible. Hope it's as good as it looks.
    Ah man. This is like an African American Yates tale.
  • CriticsAreAmistake
    Another boring movie about muh black sufferage. Also can we talk about overacting?
    • ScotchLuv
      We have a racist to go along with our resident homophobe Tarek. When did this place get taken over by bigots.
      • I am a Bob hunter. ;D
        • ScotchLuv
          Keep being a bigot, Frank. 2016 and you think it's OK to hate on people because of their sexual orientation.
          • What is your sexual orientation Bob? Keyholes? ;D
          • ScotchLuv
            Keep being a bigot, Frank.
      • CriticsAreAmistake
        I have 2 best friends who are black, but ok. I'm just tired of seeing the same boring boo hoo black history story shit every year. It's fucking pointless dribble.
        • Who are black but ok? What does that really mean?
          • ScotchLuv
            It's referring to the color of their skin. Not surprising you don't understand that. Bigotry and a low IQ go hand in hand.
          • You sure about that? I think your lockpicking activity is messing with your cognitive skills.
          • ScotchLuv
            Now I feel bad. I picked an argument with someone who has mental health problems. Your bigotry can at the least be explained. Go back to being an imaginary locksmith or whatever it is that you are rambling about.
          • Do you face dilemma when you put your hand on a door Bob?
        • Jorrell Mcdaniel
          So it's acceptable for sci-fi, superhero films, remakes, war films etc to be pumped out each year but films about racial injustices is "pointless dribble" & the same? How?
          • Don't feed the "Bob" Jorell.
          • ScotchLuv
            He was responding to the other post. I can find you a link to some documentation if you are still trying to figure out Disqus.
          • Lot of Bobs these days on Disqus... ;D
          • CriticsAreAmistake
            You're comparing things that are different, which is common among retards so I'll forgive you. Sci-fi, superhero films war films are all different. However every "black casted" film is entirely the same. Ebonics plus muh courage to grow arc. Every sci-fi film is different, every hero movie is different. The fact that you even put "reboot" in your argument shows how inept you are in this topic. There are thousands of muh black sob story films and they are all oscar bait shit shilled out by the media. There is a race war in America and these type of films fuel it.
          • ScotchLuv
            Go back to worshipping Trump...Tarek will join you since he is also a bigot.
          • Jorrell Mcdaniel
            "every "black casted" film is entirely the same." That`s an opinion, not a fact lol which your posts are largely devoid of. Also it might benefit you to not come off as a narcissistic bigoted asshole who just uses ignorant generalizations. Just a tip. Might ease your terrible social skills a bit.
          • CriticsAreAmistake
            Yeah because I havent watched over 10,000 movies you're right. Oh of course you're black I should of known. Sorry I forgot your brain can't handle higher functioning.
        • Trey
          "I have 2 best friends who are black" No you dont...and if you do are they like Sheriff Clark?..That would explain the connection between your statement and you being"best friends" with them....
          • ScotchLuv
            You've met all of his friends? Didn't think so.
          • ;D this sheriff was one of a kind. Noticed how he looks up in the sky when he delivers his speech? His non-verbal communication is strikingly obscene.
    • This looks like a movie about a poor person struggling to get by. Something a great deal of Americans are still going through now, not just black people. This could easily be about the pension age person still having to work in McDonalds because they never managed to save for their retirement.
  • Sean Murphy
    We produced this play in college and it was simply my favorite memory. I can still remember the silence in the audience at some of the more powerful moments. I have waited a log time for a film adaptation but could never have imagined this cast. This story needs big actors and it has all the ingredients. I am going home tonight to get the script out of the garage and read it again. So excited!
  • John Doe
    Damn, that was one powerful ass trailer. Definitely at the top of my must see list this year.
  • Lagoya
    I hate trailers like this that tell you nothing about what the film is about. One long speech from Alonzo Harris gives me no indication about what I will be watching. It could be alien invasion movie for all I know.
  • grimjob
    Dig it, looks like someone's going to get a little misty upon viewing.
  • shiboleth
    I like when Denzel Washington ends up in some drama. That must make him act and not just beat and shoot people. In films like that, force is strong with him ...
  • Bo
    Alex, you might pay attention to ScothLuv and his comments here regarding tarek. It's Bob/Dobb back again. He waits a few days and comes back with a new name. It's pretty obvious. He really seems to have it out for tarek. They had a back and forth on the doc film thread about black crime, etc. It's pretty obvious it's the same guy. He can't help revealing himself with his same attitudes and aggressive and adversarial dialogue. Good luck.
  • Charles Oosterhouse
    What in the hell is going on in this comments section?
    • I am wondering the same thing...
      • shiboleth
        Life is going on. There are much worst places to post a comment, this one is still pretty decent and that's why most of us like it. Besides; films, art, literature, politics and what not are not just fun, that also means commenting life. So, sometimes, those things leads us to go awry. Sorry about that ...
        • Spot on shiboleth. Human kind is conflictive by its very nature.
        • Bo
          Well, shiboleth, I again have to disagree with you here. Certain people keep coming back and name calling and behaving childish and rudely. I'm on to other pastures as I simply cannot abide that kind of behavior. Good knowing you and good luck with staying here and putting up with this guy tarek is wrestling with. No need to reply to this final post of mine, shiboleth as I do not wish to discuss it further or perhaps invite this guy into our relationship. Peace.
          • shiboleth
            Forgive me Bo for answering, but no, I haven't said or, at least, meant what you are saying. Commenting generally things does not at all means that I agree with inappropriate kind of behavior. So, it's not discussing, it is simply correcting. Forgive me one more time. Yes, definitely, peace ...
          • Bo
            No need to forgive you for anything ever, shiboleth. You're one of the good ones. Alex blocked the offensive one anyway, but he'll be back in a few days with a new name like he always does. I done with him and that behavior. I'm onward to other places. I just didn't want to leave our communications with the thought of you needing forgiving. Peace.
          • shiboleth
            Sad ...
      • TK
        I leave for a week and shit hit the fan haha. Well at least the site is still running but dang things escalated quickly.
  • RAW_D
    Looks like a solid directorial effort from Denzel. Man is one of the finest actors of our generation. Powerful cinema indeed!
    • R3last
      There's even a podcast that would submit that "Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time period."




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