Must Watch: First Trailer for Martin Scorsese's 'Silence' Set in Japan

November 23, 2016
Source: YouTube

Silence Trailer

"The moment you set foot in that country, you step into high danger." Paramount has finally unveiled the first official trailer for Martin Scorsese's new film, titled Silence, adapted from Shûsaku Endô's novel of the same name. The story follows two Jesuit priests, played by Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield, who travel to Japan in the 17th century only to discover that the Japanese have outlawed Christianity. Liam Neeson and Ciarán Hinds also play two other priests, with a Japanese cast including Tadanobu Asano, Shin'ya Tsukamoto, Yôsuke Kubozuka, Issei Ogata and Yoshi Oida. Word is this is one of Scorsese's longest films, but it looks like it's going to be entrancing and harrowing to watch. As expected, this trailer is full of some fantastic footage from Scorsese, and the intense score only adds to it. Can't wait to see this film.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Martin Scorsese's Silence, direct from YouTube:

Martin Scorsese's Silence

Silence Poster

Two Jesuit priests, Sebastião Rodrigues and Francis Garrpe, travel to 17th century Japan which has, under the Tokugawa shogunate, banned Catholicism and almost all foreign contact. There they witness the persecution of Japanese Christians at the hands of their own government which wishes to purge Japan of all western influence. Eventually the priests separate and Rodrigues travels the countryside, wondering why God remains silent while His children suffer. Silence is directed by veteran Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese, of The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Shutter Island, Shine a Light, The Departed, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, Kundun, Casino, Cape Fear, Goodfellas and more films. The screenplay is by Jay Cocks, adapted from Shûsaku Endô's novel of the same name. Paramount will release Scorsese's Silence in select theaters starting December 23rd, before expanding wider throughout January. First impression?

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  • Visually looks great, the story not so much.
    • Enola
      Same here, and the accents did not sound good...
    • What are you worried about with the story?
      • Too Jesusy. I imagine it will be good, just not sure I really care about religion salesmen that much.
        • Neither am I, not a fan of religion but... It's Scorsese! And I think more importantly, this story seems to be about how the Japanese threw out and literally killed "religion salesmen" and supporters of Christianity. That's the aspect of the story that makes it interesting to me.
          • Fair do's mister, fair do's.
        • Kenobi
          oh brother...I'm a militant atheist but it's OK for people to historically accurate stories. Did you find Schindler's List too Jewish?
          • i watched Schindler's List as a child with a wonder of how human beings could even do that to other human beings, but now as an adult, nothing surprises me.
        • Terry Craig
          It's history, for God's sake (pun not intended). You don't have to be a fan of religion to watch a historical drama involving religion. Atheists need to get over themselves.
          • It will be interesting to see if their faith gets them through the trouble they no doubt will endure. I'll give it a watch, I've definitely watched way more Jesusy stuff and enjoyed it. Maybe we're in a new dawn of evangelism and I need to get on board before the end times.
          • Right. History? you mean that old story book? huh.
    • David Diaz
      I think the story looks great. I agree with Enola about the accents though. A little rough. I'm wondering if they are supposed to be from Italy or Spain?
      • DAVIDPD
        Probably Portugal. As the Portuguese were the only ones they did commerce with regularly for awhile. Willing to bet big on that one.
        • Enola
          Portuguese is right, not from looking at the trailer, but in the book they are from Portugal. Just sounds to faked in the trailer, like when they want americans to act russian in movies 😛
      • Terry Craig
        The accents are the only thing that slightly bothered me about the trailer. Other than that, bring it on! Scorsese wanted to make this for thirty damn years!
        • redtie
          I want films to either have the correct language spoken or no accents for the main language. One can curate the language to match the times, which may be less distracting.
          • Katiger
            No such thing as having no accent at all...
    He's got the touch.
    Another thought, when Driver looks into the water and sees his distorted visage, I thought, maybe that's where they came up with anime forms...maybe.
  • shiboleth
    Japan. One of those places where Christianity on the end didn't manage to grow. Which I don't feel sorry for. This will be probably done good, but that doesn't make it at least interesting...
    • Mark Brackney
      That's because both of it's main religions, Shinto (it's endemic religion, as old as the country's culture, itself) and Buddhism (introduced from mainland Asia in the 6th century) have such deep-rooted strongholds, there. In fact, many Japanese today still mainly identify as either Shintoist or Buddhist, and even both, for, unlike other religions in the same proximity, such as the Abrahamic ones, the two never actually clashed with one another, and, in fact, even complemented one another, which eventually developed into a sort of "yin-yang"-relationship over there in Japan. That's the main reason why Christianity never became as popular in Japan as it is here, it's two religions actually lived in harmony with each other, instead of violence and persecution, such as the Crusades and what's going on in the Middle East, right now.
      • shiboleth
        Of course, I understand that and I have some knowledge of all those relations myself but my real problem is just that: dealing with religion. Although I do believe Scorsese is going to make a good film I really dislike the fact that bottom of it is a religion. In fact, it's like we are in some kind of parallel middle age when all that matters is tolerance among religions. I think that contemporary Japanese culture is what need to be addressed. In fact, something contemporary in general.should be more often seriously addressed. I might not be the biggest fun of his late film L. Di Caprio (Wolf of Wall Street,or something like that), but that was at least more mundane than this subject. At least, to me, films should be dealing more with the things closer to our time ...
        • Mark Brackney
          Yeah, you're right. "The Wolf of Wall Street" was the latest one from Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, I wouldn't, in the least, say that this is a "religious" film, entirely. Sure, religion, I guess, is the backbone here, but, I personally take it as two dudes on a quest to find their lost "brother" in a country that's hostile to all things foreign at the time, which not only includes Christianity, but literally ANYTHING that's not from Japan, even if their Buddhism is, in fact, originally from India. In other words, if this is truly a "religious", "Christian" film, than it would be about either these two monks converting all of Japan to Christianity, or even them being introduced to either Buddhism, and Shintoism, and even having THEM convert to those faiths. But, it's not. Again, I feel this film is going to be more human and, again, mundane more than anything else. Besides, it's an interesting bit of history that hasn't really been done in film, before. In other words, call me intrigued.
          • shiboleth
            To be honest, you are right too. I see a lot of things and possibilities, especially those humane ones, as you say, in this film. A possibility that all of those Christian 'dudes' accept Japanese way of life. Whether that be Buddhism or something close to Shintoism is less material here. I agree with that, too. But I don't see why some historical period needs to have its film since film always somehow distort history, no matter how one tries not to. And of course, Scorsese is going to be good in this. But I prefer to be done in more modern times which means (for me, in that respect), I could also use another word from you, in a more mundane way. The historical one does not seems to be the right one. Or intriguing, as you also say. Matter of choice, maybe ...
          • Mark Brackney
            And I completely understand, too. However, again, this specific moment in history has never actually been part of a cinematic experience, before, either that there was one previous, but was made a long time ago (like, the 40's, for example. But, with WW2, and all, that, in itself, would be highly unlikely). Yes, historical events are of often made into movies. Good Lord, I think I'm about done with Holocaust films, as a whole. But, at the same time, hardly anyone knew this particular event, or events, actually happened. Sure, it's inspired by history, but, it's history few even know about, 'til now. Of course, I'm not saying you should totally watch it, if you don't want too. After all, sorry to get to television, but, I can't stand "Game of Thrones", and "The Walking Dead", even though they're literally the top two shows on TV, right now (ironically enough, I'm a HUGE Keisha Castle-Hughes fan, and only watched that one episode of "Dead" for her, and... I don't know, I actually really, really love Dorne, and I think a lot of people just don't get where the show-runners are actually going with it. I see it as three daughter's quest to avenge their father, but, they first have to learn how to truly *honor* him, and his memory, first. I don't care if that's so different from the books, that's still damn great television, right there, man. But, anyways...). No, just do what you like, man, mine was only a different point of view, that's all.
          • shiboleth
            It's all cool, I don't want to repeat already said. No problem having a point of view unless we don't know how to use it with others, right? As for the movie, I don't know, it's Scorsese, I might go to see it sometimes. Since I watch some movies with some friends of mine and than I agree on doing a lot of things just for the sake of friendship. You know, when we come together, we watch the movie, then grab some beer or something to eat, and talk about a movie we just watched, etc., so, on the end, things get social and, generally, good. If I during that process get to see some movie I didn't planned, that's ok, I guess. Mostly, they all turn to be ok. As for the choices, I have a lot of ideas for watching, mostly the films (less so series, although some of those too. For example. True Detective was ok) that are always on repertoire for me to see. Besides American ones, I watch a lot of European or Asian films, so there's always something to do. Hey, cheers, enjoy yourself ...
          • Mark Brackney
            Thanks, you too.
          • Jeff Sleigh
            "Silence" by Shusaku Endo(a devout Japanese Catholic) is, like most of Endo's novels, indeed a religious story but it's not your typical religious story. It's story that is based on the Christian faith and the silence of God, and that dives into extremely deep and complex issues that believers face. It's not a preachy story by any means, but it is still a religiously faithful one in it's core. Endo wrote about how he saw the traditional paternal style of Christianity as difficult for the Japanese, and sought to show God in a more maternal way. Orthodox still, but not traditional. Still, if someone hates Chrisianity with a militant passion and can't stand the thought of Christians being victims(despite it being historically accurate), this movie will make them unhappy.
  • Sharkman1963
    Going to have to pick up and read Shogun by James Clavell again. One of my all-time favorites.
    • Shogun was a great tv series.
  • Kenobi
    FirstShowing...where I go to see people rip on everything
    • C'mon Kenobi, FS is pretty mellow. I read comments from folk that honestly don't like some movies, but other movies they go mad for. It's a mixed bag on here, but no one go's full trollageddon. :-)
    • Tester
      So what is it exactly that you are doing with your comment ?
      • Kenobi
        One thing != Everything You clearly need to take an Intro to Logic course
  • RAW_D
    Looks pretty powerful. Beautiful cinematography and great performances. Going to definitely check this out.
  • Paul3077
    what sort of made this trailer interesting was how it ended,(i pray but i am lost,am i just praying to silence?) - this kinda tries to tell that maybe the story is deeper,maybe the Jesuit Priests also loose their faith during the story...and i know religious movies are so easy to hate...because religion itself is a very complex subject...but it is a Scorsese movie,and i really have a good feeling about this one...
  • grimjob
    That damn Scorsese just never falters.
  • redtie
    I heard on the street that Tom Hardy was originally cast for Adam Driver's part.
  • Maxim Karagogov
    So,Neeson was taken from Jesus and they are gonna take him back?After "Hacksaw Ridge" Garfield is starting to grow on me.
    • RAW_D
      Hacksaw Ridge was SO good. Very powerful on so many levels.
  • Come on. Its freaking Scorsese. The man cannot do wrong. (Well almost). :)
  • CShane
    Looks spectacular in my opinion, cant wait!




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