New Trailer for Thriller 'The Ones Below' Featuring Clémence Poésy

April 6, 2016
Source: YouTube

The Ones Below Trailer

"You never know your own neighbors…" Fears about your neighbors being psychos turned into a movie, oh how fun. Magnolia Pictures has debuted a new trailer for the thriller The Ones Below, about a new couple expecting their first child that learns something a bit weird is going on with the couple living below them. Clémence Poésy stars, along with a cast including David Morrissey, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laura Birn and Deborah Findlay. This film has been playing at film festivals like TIFF, London and Berlin so it can't be all that bad, but it doesn't look like that much to it from this trailer. Take a look below.

Here's the latest official trailer for David Farr's The Ones Below, found direct on YouTube:

The Ones Below Poster

A couple expecting their first child discover an an unnerving difference between themselves and the couple living in the flat below them who are also having a baby. The Ones Below is both written and directed by English filmmaker David Farr, making his feature directing debut after some writing work previously. This film first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and also played at the London and Berlinale Film Festivals, plus the Montclair Film Festival coming up. Magnolia Films will release David Farr's The Ones Below in select US theaters + on all VOD platforms starting May 27th, 2016 this spring. Anyone curious?

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Reader Feedback - 11 Comments


Loved Clemence Poesy in one of my favorite films, In Burges. I look forward to seeing this film as it is European and from viewing the trailer it looks intelligent a la Polanski (as they wisely included in their promo) rather than the silly stuff of this same genre one might find here in America.

Bo on Apr 6, 2016


Hey Bo, how are you doing? Please, correct me for correcting you, but is the title of the film you mentioned In Burges or In Bruges? Since, that last title (B. Gleeson, C. Farrel and R. Fiennes, and others) was a great film, I can certainly agree with you about that.

shiboleth on Apr 7, 2016


Hey back at you, shiboleth...and I'm doing fine. How are you?Thanks for the correction...the r is before the u, eh? Right you However, you're too nice (if there is such a thing as being too nice). You knew darn good and well that I meant In Bruges because could there have possibly been another movie with such a title as In Burges with this actress in it? Eh? I think not...and so do you...but I appreciate the correction and the delicacy in which you did it. Well done! Yea, I love that movie. I especially love the scene with the wounded Gleeson crawling up the stairs and across the floor and the director making the genius decision to play the Chieftains song On Raglan Road during the sequence. A brilliant creative decision that really worked. I also liked it when Gleeson dropped all the coins to the ground so people would move away and he wouldn't fall on them when he jumped. Excellent! Okay. I just ran a spell check and things seem in order. How'd I do?...Take care, man. Cheers...and Peace!

Bo on Apr 7, 2016


Hey Bo. Thanks for answer. Well, if I am too nice, I guess you are not far from that either. Are we overdoing it? Probably a bit, but it's good to be polite, right? And you are right again. I wanted to 'hear' from you a bit. I was pretty sure that this was totally unintentional misspelling from you. The fact is that you reminded me about that film (it was a long time since I watched it, but will probably never forget it - very nice cinematic experience) and it's good thing. I remember those details you're describing a bit dimly (however, I know they've been close to the end of the film) and they were quite full of dark humor but without cynicism and very human which is hard to achieve. And the conversation between Gleeson and Fiennes just before that was also a small wonder. But I also remember another detail, a character in fact, called Yuri (I think) - some kind liaison guy - who ask the questions about the finesses of English language every time he meets some Englishman and the annoyance of Gleeson and Fiennes when they later talk about it. It was very nice touch, very nicely done.It might not be for everyone, but I like that little thing ... Anyway, since I wrote another too long post, can I propose on the end, something similar but also worth your attention and similar to this one (maybe you had the pleasure to see it, but if not then...). It's a movie with Brendan Gleeson and it's called 'The Guard' (2011) ... It might a bit different, but, according to my humble opinion, still quite good and in some respect humane in many respects. Cheers Bo, and take care of yourself too.

shiboleth on Apr 8, 2016


Hey back, shiboleth. Yes, I agree. Always best to be polite and as nice as possible. Something many guys on this site and on the internet in general seem to seriously lack. I love discussing and having heated arguments about film along with having respect for the person with the opposing opinion. It's very, very difficult to find people with the grace and intelligence to be able to have those kind of passionate discussions. It's just the way it is. I ignore their immature name calling and rudeness and now no longer engage with them. You are right on the button about In Bruges. It has many little bits that are great and its sense of humor is one of the many things I loved about it. And oh yes, Brendan Gleeson is one of my favorite actors so of course I have seen The Guard...and liked it a lot. Another of his, a much darker piece, The Calvary, I also liked. The ending just blew me away. A very dark film, but as always, Gleeson is great in it. He also has a very talented son working a lot now. He was in Ex Machina and The Revanant. A very talented family indeed. Please ignore any mis-spellings or typos. I type so fast so as to keep up with my thoughts that just flow out of me when I'm passionately engaged with someone such as yourself when exchanging views and perceptions on different films and actors, directors, etc. Peace.

Bo on Apr 8, 2016


Old concept. But a good one. I love REAR WINDOW. And enjoyed that bad DJ Caruso remake.

DAVIDPD on Apr 6, 2016


I loved the Shia labeouf movie!

Nethanel DeCarmo on Apr 8, 2016


To be did I...haha!!~~ But yeah don't tell anyone.

DAVIDPD on Apr 13, 2016


Hm, ok, let's say it's interesting. I mean, suspense is here, acting seems ok but what's new? But then again, it will probably be better than most of movies this year.

shiboleth on Apr 7, 2016


Definitely looks interesting but I wonder what the twist will be? It seems like it'll be a metaphor for postpartum depression, but we'll see. Looking forward to it!

Mussel on Apr 9, 2016


The Governor got his eye back!

MaqueeStalker on Apr 15, 2016

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