Official Trailer for Indie Western Crime Drama 'Outlaws and Angels'

June 17, 2016
Source: Apple

Outlaws and Angels Trailer

"Sounds to me like he done bamboozled you." eOne and Momentum have released this official US trailer for the indie western Outlaws and Angels, which first premiered at Sundance earlier this year. From director JT Mollner, the film is about a group of outlaws who try to seek revenge when a gang of criminals attack a local family. The full cast includes Chad Michael Murray, Francesca Eastwood, Madisen Beaty, Ben Browder, Frances Fisher, Keith Loneker, Luke Wilson and Teri Polo. This actually looks more like something Tarantino would appreciate than a full-on western, with a big twist revealed in the trailer. Enjoy.

Here's the official US trailer for JT Mollner's Outlaws and Angels, in high def from Apple:

Outlaws and Angels

When Outlaws on the lam invade the home of an unsuspecting, seemingly innocent, frontier family to hide out for the night, an unexpected game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to seduction, role reversal, and ultimately, bloody revenge. Outlaws and Angels is both written and directed by filmmaker JT Mollner, making his feature debut after a number of acclaimed short films. He prefers to shoot on film rather than digital. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. eOne and Momentum Pictures will release Outlaws and Angels in select theaters + on VOD starting July 18th this summer. Interested?

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  • shiboleth
    Eastwood dynasty is advancing really fast ...
    • Dan Fineman
      David, give him a chance in this one. The guy really wanted to reinvent himself and he poured his heart and soul into the role. It really pays off. This is a CMM you've never seen before and he never has a false moment.
      • DAVIDPD
        Really?! I will have to eventually check it out then. And yeah, he did a pretty good job in AGENT CARTER. I will try and stay impartial until I can check this out.
  • The revival of the western is a good thing! Last year we had a few awesome ones. Slow west, the forsaken and the gruesome one: the tomahawk bone collector with the best baddies since ages... So i will certainly watch this, looks fine.
  • Steven
    Western + Eastwood = got to be good right?
  • Looks quite cheap in the grading with that flickery line over the top. Will still give it a look I reckon.
    • Sal Cassady
      Those were intentional film scratches and dirt to give it a look as though it was "pulled out of a vault" from the 60s. The film stock was underexposed to wash out the look, make it low contrast, and enhance the grain. May look "cheap" to you but in this day and age where digital video is the cheapest way, this imperfect look is much more expensive.
      • Bo
        But why do it that way? What does that 'look' add to the aesthetics of the over-all film? Why would you want it to look like it was pulled out of a vault from the 60's? What's that got to do with anything pertaining to story, characters, theme and tone? You sound like you worked on the film (which is you got a dog in this fight) from this post and the below defending the lead actor...who I've never heard of or seen before. Checking his resume he does a lot of TV. Same with the director and Eastwood's daughter who's mother Francis Fisher is also in the picture. None of this has anything to do with if it's any good or not. One can guess that perhaps in the film it's got daddy doing things to daughter and outlaw comes in and saves the day etc. etc. etc. Outlaws and Angels? Bad title. I saw some outlaws, but angels? Is she (daughter) the angel? Are there other ones? Hmmmmmm....well good luck with it. Going to be hard to get the troops to come out and see this one. At least they got it made and that's something. I hope they do well with it. I'll check it out when it comes around to OnDemand for sure.
        • Sal Cassady
          I caught this at Sundance along with many other films. It was a major crowd favorite. This was one of 3 that really stuck with me. The trailer does not do it justice - it's a much different film than you'd think. I'm defending the lead actor not because I "worked on the film". I'm defending the guy because he is absolutely incredible in this movie. The actors are incredible across the board. I saw 2 QandAs at Sundance because I was fascinated with how riveting and original this little film truly was. And it was refreshing to see something shot on real film stock for a change. Art is subjective, so you may not like it, but the "look" I thought worked incredibly well. The director spoke about how he thought westerns these days looked too clean and they decided they wanted the film to look almost like an old photograph - making the effort not to do it with modern CGI tricks in post, but with raw capture. Worked very well creatively, felt immersive.
          • Bo
            Okay, Sal! Great reply. Intelligent, respectful, and revealing of your knowledge and appreciation of film. Thank you, Sir! Well done. You have certainly piqued my interest in the film now. I too long for and will support movies that choose to shoot on film rather than digital. At least this film didn't have that horrible washed-out soft look of digital. I wasn't bothered by the photography and look of this film at all. I will try to over-come some of my negative thoughts about this film and the actors and give them a chance. I don't like the scar on the guy's face though. It drew too much attention to itself and looked like what it was, make-up. That's a drag as an actor doesn't need to have audiences distracted by costume or make-up. It's tough enough to get them to suspend their disbelief enough to get into the movie you're presenting. Thanks again for your reply and I'll take you at your word about how much you liked the film and the main actor. I shall see for myself which is what we all should do anyway. Righto? Cheers!
          • redtie
            This exchange is everything I love about firstshowing.
          • Bo
            Thank who, Sir! Me too and I appreciate you mentioning it as sometimes I get some pretty ugly and rude and childish responses to my posts. Good to know others, such as yourself, love these kinds of exchanges between Sal and myself. Thanks again, and thanks to Alex and his Firstshowing site, eh? Peace.
      • The effect looks a little cheap I mean, it's too clean, there's no grain in the footage and it looks very modern. I'm sure the movie will be great, just those lines stood out a bit.
        • Sal Cassady
          Check it out if you have Apple TV on your actual television through your Apple TV device. I watched it the day It came out and you could really see the grain. In the theater it was incredibly grainy - almost too heavy on the grain if you ask me. I get what you're saying about the online trailer. I think the compression is doing it.
          • Cheers Sal, I will do, It's a very nerdy thing from me I think, it probably will have little impact on the story at all. Will definitely be checking it out.




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