Watch: First Trailer for Netlix's Futuristic Time Loop Sci-Fi Movie 'ARQ'

September 2, 2016
Source: YouTube

ARQ Trailer

"You don't have to believe me, but I need you to trust me." Netflix has debuted the first trailer for a sci-fi film called ARQ, produced by Netflix as one of their smaller productions (similar to Christopher Guest's Mascots). The film is about a unique technological device called the "ARQ", which an engineer invents and keeps in his own house. Apparently it can "deliver unlimited energy and end the wars that have consumed the world", but one day he wakes up and finds masked men in his house. They shoot him and leave him to die, but he wakes up alive repeating the same day, like Groundhog Day (the clock is an obvious reference). Robbie Amell stars with Rachael Taylor and a cast including Gray Powell, Jacob Neayem, Shaun Benson and Adam Butcher. This actually looks pretty cool, I'm very curious about checking it out. Enjoy.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Tony Elliott's sci-fi ARQ, direct from Netflix's YouTube:

ARQ Movie

ARQ Poster

In a dystopian future, an engineer trapped in a house and surrounded by a mysterious gang of masked intruders must protect a technology that could deliver unlimited energy and end the wars that have consumed the world. "Earth's future depends on a new technology, but the path to survival has a twist. Time's not up -- just in pieces." ARQ is both written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Tony Elliott, a writer-turned-filmmaker making his feature directorial debut after a few sci-fi short films (Entangled, Blind Spot) previously. The film was produced by XYZ Films and made for Netflix, and it will first debut on the streaming service starting September 16th this month. Get more info on the Netflix page here. Intrigued?

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  • Reminds me of Day Break. A tv series that had a solid premise, but fell apart past the 4th episode. loops were so repetitive it became a torture. Let's hope this one will not fall in the same trap.
  • Looks interesting. Will watch for sure.
  • justafew
    I'm intrigued.
    I can see this premise played out in a thousand different movies and television series and I would still love it.
    • shiboleth
      When it's done good, then: yes ...
      • Dr. Dobb
        Tell us more Captain Obvious
        • shiboleth
          Well, than it would be too obvious, right?
      • DAVIDPD
        When anything is done well, then yes.
        • shiboleth
          I am only saying that we all have different experiences with different film narratives and there have been so many misfires with films that were promising in the start. So, wishing something to be done good is not too much to ask. What do you say, David?
          • Dr. Dobb
            This is your brain on drugs
          • DAVIDPD
            Yeah, sure. I don't think there are many who honestly wish otherwise.
        • Dr. Dobb
          The dude is captain obvious. "good movies are good" LOL
  • shiboleth
    This might be even worth some attention. Nothing substantial, of course, but fun ...
    • Dr. Dobb
      Have you seen it? Nope...didn't think so.
      • shiboleth
        Unfortunately, you didn't even think my post through let alone see the film for your statement. If you did, you would notice me using the verb 'might' ...
        • Dr. Dobb
          This is some next level dumb
          • shiboleth
            ... which is the place where you like to drag people and then beat them in the mentioned level since you're strongest there. Come on, stop being so childish, there are grownups here ...
          • Dr. Dobb
            Where are they? I only see morons like you and Bo
  • The Groundhog's Day.....from HELL.
  • Dr. Dobb
    I loved Edge of Tomorrow because of this plot device...let's see what they can do with it.
  • Charles Knowlton
    Didn't I just watch this with Tom Cruise? It got tedious after about 2 cycles.
    • Dr. Dobb
      That was easily one of the best sci-fi movies of the last decade
      • You're easy to please Todd.
        • Dr. Dobb
          91% at Rotten tomatoes. I see your ignorance isn't just limited to science. Lol
          • Hum... If Rotten matoes say that transformers scores 99% I'm sure you'll call it a masterpiece. Don't live by proxy dude. Your brain has a purpose. And it not what you're using it for now. Now, go home and rethink your life.
          • He is right Tarek. It's the best ACTION science fiction movie of the last few years. Don't be a smart-ass here on this fanboy site. We love movies because they bring us back to when we are young, not for the philosophical side of it. Edge of tomorrow is the best movie of Tom Cruise since ten years...
          • I served him the same soup he used to hand other people. a boy was in need of a lesson. With you, I can discuss this matter more seriously. edge of tomorrow was a good sci-fi movie, but its last act was somewhat disappointing. I need to watch it again to point out what went wrong during this last act. Which I'll do today. Oh,! One last point. I have no problem with fanboys. But I can't suffer 12 year old boys who show disrespect to grown ups. i have to spank them. And Todd the toddler is in need of few kicks in his butt.
          • Indeed the last act wasn't the best part of the movie, but overall a great experience.As a fan of science fiction i was relieved they still can do it in Hollywood. I love to talk about movies but with enthusiasm and not analyzing everything. Sometimes you must feel the magic of movies..
          • I love to talk about movies too. A movie is a visual and an emotional experience. So it is no surprise people will react to them differently, as we don't have the same sensitivity, background or interests in life. What is surprising is to see people overreacting when someone doesn't share with them their love for something. It's a sign of immaturity. I consider myself as a huge Sci-Fi fan. I read more sci-fi books and novels than I can report, and I've seen every Sci-Fi movie that is not a Z-movie. I too don't like to overanalyse movies. Avatar was a very basic story, but I didn't care since it moved me and offered me one memorable experience I didn't have since Aliens. But when a movie has a weak writing or is plagued with nonsense and unbearable plot holes, it ruins for me the movie. This is not overanalysis.
          • I totally agree with you! Sometimes i don't get people with praising certain kind of movies, but i also think it's a matter of taste. Every great movie has 3 great scenes, and one good one, so a few movies will reach that kind of level,and i never see it in remakes.
          • Dr. Dobb
            But Transformers didn't get a 99% moron. You disproved your own argument...hahahahahahah
  • David Diaz
    We've seen many time loop films so seeing how they manage it in a series will be very interesting. I'm looking forward to this
    • I don't think this is a series, it's a movie. IMDb lists it as 88 minutes. It's a Netflix Original Film, but that doesn't mean it's a series.
      • David Diaz
        Ah my bad. Thanks for the correction Alex. Guess when reading Netflix I just assumed it was a series. Maybe I should read the full title of the article next time. LOL Either way, still looks good.
  • angel figueroa
    i did the same thing thought it was a series , for some reason I'm less excited now lol i love the idea of time loop series like day break
  • Panzerknecker
    In before he sends the troops back in time himself to kill himself.




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