Watch: Matt Damon in First Trailer for Zhang Yimou's 'The Great Wall'

July 28, 2016
Source: YouTube

The Great Wall Trailer

"What were they trying to keep out?" Universal has debuted the first official trailer for Zhang Yimou's new movie The Great Wall, produced by Legendary Pictures in China as one of the most expensive movies ever made in China. It's about the various mysteries of the construction of the Great Wall of China, and features an international cast lead by Matt Damon. Also featuring Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau, Tian Jing, Eddie Peng, Numan Acar, Han Lu, Kenny Lin and Zhang Hanyu. As also expected with Zhang Yimou, this is visually astounding with some epic shots of the construction of the wall and immensely detailed costumes and big battles and everything else you could imagine… including some giant creatures.

Here's the first official trailer for Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall, direct from Legendary's YouTube:

The Great Wall Poster

Set in the Northern Song Dynasty, the story is about mysteries centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is directed by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, of the films The Road Home, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Flowers of War, and Coming Home most recently. The screenplay is by Tony Gilroy, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro; from an original story by Thomas Tull and Max Brooks. This is one of Legendary Pictures co-productions with China. It is the most expensive film ever shot entirely in China with a budget of $135 million. Universal will release Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall in theaters everywhere starting February 17th, 2017 next year. Thoughts?

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  • Let's hope none of the actors will fly in this movie.
    • son_et_lumiere
      it's Zhang Yimou and involves ancient battles. therefore, people *will* fly. sure as John Woo will have two handguns fired at the same time while some lost white doves fly across the screen.
      • So basically, this is a movie we must watch with 3 grams of alcohol in our blood.
    • bumboclot
      Based on the genre of this movie, it's like saying, "Let's hope in the next Marvel movie none of the actors will fly."
      • ;D Dardevil doesn't fly. Spiderman doesn't fly.
  • Bob
    no...just no
    I am a little upset of the amount of involvement the Chinese have in Hollywood. It seems they are producing about 3/4 of the films nowadays.
    • Gohikeone
      It truly is amazing how much Hollywood has "sold" itself to China...the product placement alone has gotten out of hand (T4 comes to mind). But it has gone beyond that...China saved the day in The Martian. And ID4:2 took it to a whole new level...dedicated an entire sequence of the movie to China. Strange days.
      • Strange days wasn't produced by china.
        • DAVIDPD
          Sorry to ask this, tarek, but are you from an English speaking country? I enjoy most of your posts here on FS, but Gohi was using an idiom there that most Americans or Britons would recognize.
          • Hey David. I was just teasing him. Not everything should be taken seriously. ;D
      • Bo
        Well, China accounts for huge box office in the international market and Hollywood certainly loves that. Plus, Hollywood could never get this movie going. Ed Zwick was going to direct it, but it never got off the ground. He and his writing partner have a story credit on this, but not writing credit. Perhaps it ended where it China...where the Great Wall just happens to be...righto cheerio? Plus this director is much, much more talented than Zwick so alls well that end well like this one did.
    • Bo
      China is a huge market today, David. Read my reply to Gohikeone below which includes a bit of history on this film which failed to happen in America so somehow ended where it China.
      • DAVIDPD
        I get that it has to do with their market involvement. It just saddens me that no one has the integrity to keep their fingers out of our movies. Seeing these China driven subplots or characters shoe horned into films is just sad.
        • Bo
          Okay...I suppose one could say it's sad. It's the big, bad world, man! Integrity has nothing to do with it as it's business...big business. Big money. I don't know about this 'out of 'our' movies' thing, David. To me, if anyone lacks integrity it's Hollywood and their willingness to do anything with anybody to make more money. Cheers!
  • LV 426
    This film would be ok if it wasn't for the fact that there are too many arrows being used in this film!
  • Trey
    Looking at the pre-credits I see China is producing most of the movies these days
  • toonfed
    yeaaah... no thank you
  • Steven
    What is Damon doing in this?? Just bad, like the new King Arthur bad...
  • son_et_lumiere
    absolutely love me some Zhang Yimou, always a feast for the eyes. looks like all that cash is on screen for sure. Matt "Matt Damon" Damon's appearance is, well, *different* for one of Zhang's films, as is the sudden arrival of big beasties. now don't know what to think. colour me confused.
  • shiboleth
    Mongolians will be pissed about this. Yeah, we all know they were a bit wild back in those days, but picture them like this? And Matt Damon, he's clearly lost there ...
    • Mongols were a very sophisticated Dothraki people. If Abraham Lincoln can be a vampire killer, everything is possible.
      • shiboleth
        So, those were Khaleesi's dragons in the trailer..? Don't say... Man, that really got me ...
        • Valar morghulis my friend. ;D
  • Bruh, that looks epic. I was sold at the first appearance of Pedro Pascal, and it just kept getting better.
  • RAW_D
    Looks like a visual epic...but Matt Damon seems displaced....kind of like Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai....
    • David Diaz
      While I agree about Matt Damon feeling out of place, the whole point of Last Samurai is that Tom Cruise's character was displaced. I'm sure there is a reason Damon's character is there.
      • RAW_D
        I was referring to the casting, not the actually story point. Just disappointing that Hollywood can't be confident in a story itself, and has to throw in a recognizable face that takes up 90% of the poster in order to sell tickets. And I hope his characters reason to be there is seasonable and well constructed.
        • And to add insult to injury, Matt Damon will be the savior of the universe. Because you need to be a white guy to save the day in Hollywood.
          • RAW_D
            Right! And I while I completely understand this movie isn't 100% historically accurate, throwing a westerner in as the titular hero... KIND of a bold move.
          • dan
            we don't know how the story unfolds or how the characters are involved in it - give the race war a rest.
          • It's not about race, it's about Hollywood mentality.
          • kevjohn
            "Well, I've written a film, maybe they'll produce my film. The Last Nigga on Earth, starring Tom Hanks. How about that?" - Paul Mooney, Chappelle Show
          • ;D
  • Sharkman1963
  • Henry Willis
    looks awful. Maybe worse than the crapfest jacki chan movie dragon blade.




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