Watch: Third Trailer for Russian Alien Arrival Action Movie 'Attraction'

November 21, 2016
Source: YouTube

Attraction Trailer

How does this looks so awesome?! Another trailer has debuted for Russian alien arrival movie Attraction, or Prityazhenie, about a giant craft that crash lands in Russia. We featured two original trailers for this a few months ago, and this new trailer has even more footage of the alien creatures and their spacecraft. The film stars Oleg Menshikov, Alexander Petrov, Rinal Mukhametov and Irina Starshenbaum. It's made by the same guy who made Stalingrad and will be presented in IMAX 3D (at least in Russia) when it opens. The action really ramps up near the end, and it actually looks impressive. The VFX are better than most Hollywood movies, and the whole thing has an epic feeling to it. I'm excited to see this! Might be good.

Here's the third official trailer (+ poster) for Fedor Bondarchuk's Attraction, found directly on YouTube:

Attraction Russian Movie

Attraction Poster

You can still watch the first two trailers for Attraction here, to see even more footage from this movie.

After an alien ship crash lands onto a Russian city, many who have saw the inside and the occupants start to question their own existence while there are those who demand the aliens to leave Earth. "With this film, we want to give audiences a chance to erase all borders of perception and to immerse completely into the story as only seen through the IMAX Experience" (via IMAX press release). Attraction, or Prityazhenie (Притяжение) in Russian, is directed by Russian actor-turned-filmmaker Fedor Bondarchuk, of the films The Inhabited Island 1 & 2 and the international hit Stalingrad previously. Attraction is scheduled for release in Russia in IMAX 3D starting January 26th, 2017 but doesn't have any official US release date or info yet. We expect it to arrive sometime late 2017. Stay tuned for updates. Who's looking forward to this?

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  • shiboleth
    Ok, I must be honest. I'm intrigued. This looks as good as any American SF film. And all I was expecting is some nonsense and CGI silliness ...
    • Kenobi
      Any American movie from 15 years ago. Looks dated and like a blatant Michael Bay ripoff.
      • shiboleth
        Now, that is a pointless argument since every Michael Bay's film is a blatant ripoff from every part of film industry and history...
        • Kenobi
          So this ripoff gets a pass then? lol....oh ok. It looks horrible...outdated special effects and a plot that would make Michael Bay cringe. Bad film makers don't get a pass just because they come from somewhere else. Are you Russian? Why so defensive?
          • shiboleth
            Ripoff of what? Be specific ... No, thanks, I don't feel like Russian, I leave that feeling for you. But I know that they, the Russians, have a very long and rich tradition of sf. Unknown to many used only to American sf. So, they are quite capable of making their own sf film narrative ... And special effects in a good sf film are always mostly irrelevant thing. That was not really I was watching in this. In fact, sf story that is not being so badly focused on special visual effects but more on a good script is always a big plus for me. Many sf films are bad because they mostly have only special effects. And I see a chance for a good script here and sustainable special effects to follow a good story. Which, of course, still can't be sure about it. But then again, there's a possibility to see something interesting in this. Besides, based on many good trailers, I saw many bad American sf films. And not only American ones. Comparing to that, this is also an interestingly good trailer. And maybe, not bad film. So, I'll take my chances with this one like I did with American ones or any other. All of them get the chance, No matter where they come from. Anyway, you get the point... Of course, you obviously don't like it. So what, it's your choice, let's not sweat about it ... And yeah, defense? No, I don't play defense. I'm not at all interested in football...
          • john
            THis movie has a very good script / But then you have to watch it . There is jelousy and enviness against the alien who is a human for another stellar planet .
  • Nash
    The whole thing about it being Russian makes it refreshing. The final images of the trailer, so the running alien was a bit over the top but other than that, it fascinates me. Could it be some Attack the block meets Arrival?
    Barbarossa's Revenge.
  • Oh, dude, this looks crazy fun at the very least. That alien concept is cool as heck!
  • Kenobi
    Garbage. It's like they asked some guy to create a Michael Bay movie on a shoestring budget. I'm not going to give this movie a free pass just because it's foreign.
  • Hopefully the alien is a tiny little person controlling the suit from inside.
  • VAharleywitch
    Looks pretty good, considering it isn't from one of the major (Hollywood) studios. I'll be looking forward to it on DTV or Digital release later in 2017.
  • john
    Hi You Guys should see this film . As a matter of fact the alien resemble us humans . He is not agressive . Yet there is jelousy and enviness . Donr miss it . I saw this film in Moscow .




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