Aubrey Plaza in First Red Band Teaser Trailer for 'Ingrid Goes West'

April 3, 2017
Source: YouTube

Ingrid Goes West Trailer

"Are you insane?!" Neon has unveiled the first teaser trailer, a wild red band teaser, for the indie dramedy Ingrid Goes West. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to quite a bit of buzz, mostly for the concept, but also for the performances from the two leading ladies - Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. The film is about an Instagram-addicted nobody (played by Plaza) who decides to move to Los Angeles to stalk another Instagram celebrity in hopes she can have her life, too. The cast includes O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Wyatt Russell. This is a nice tease, it doesn't give away too much but does introduce you to all the craziness in this. I enjoyed it quite a bit, saying in my review it's a "surprisingly entertaining indie comedy."

Here's the first red band teaser trailer for Matt Spicer's Ingrid Goes West, direct from YouTube:

Ingrid Goes West Movie

Following the death of her mother and a series of self-inflicted setbacks, young Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) escapes a humdrum existence by moving out West to befriend her Instagram obsession and LA socialite Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen). After a quick bond is forged between these unlikeliest of friends, the façade begins to crack in both women's lives — with comically malicious results. Ingrid Goes West is directed by American filmmaker Matt Spicer, who's making his feature directorial debut after a few shorts previously. The screenplay is co-written by Matt Spicer and David Branson Smith. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this January (read our review) in the Dramatic Competition category. Neon will release Ingrid Goes West in select theaters starting August 11th later this summer. Who's interested in this?

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  • shiboleth
    There will be blood in this, I guess ...
    • Why? DD Lewis is the villain? ;D
      • shiboleth
        Worse, it's Instagram. And you can bit that one ...
        • Bo
          As I replied to tarek above...this Aubrey Plaza really rings my bell. Not enough to see this, but the bell keeps
          • shiboleth
            Exactly my thoughts. What else could be done with it. Cheers...
      • Bo
        Who is DD Lewis? Sorry, I guess there are times when stuff flies over my won't see this bit of silliness, but must once again admit that I find this Aubrey Plaza very, very sexy. She's out of her mind and funny and has a great little bod...and she really does make me laugh. Man, I'm getting old...gettin'
        • The amazing Daniel Day-Lewis. ;D And don't tell me you didn't watch There will be blood...
          • Bo
   mean, really...I missed that completely, even with shibboleth's 'there will be blood' oh well...and yes, of course I watched There Will Be Blood...and...sorry, tarek...well, not really...I didn't much care for it. I liked Day-Lewis, but even he, his character and his performance began to wear a little thin for me as the movie dragged on. I'm not a fan of the director's films. He seemingly has desires to make heavy and deep films, they always seem to miss the mark for he's bitten off more than he can chew...or simply doesn't have the chops to render his themes with any degree of success or intelligence. I've not liked any of movies starting with Hard Eight on. They all seem to have a lot of bluster and no bite. Especially There Will Be Blood. Great title. Mediocre my humble opinion, of course.
          • There will be blood is by no mean a classic or something. But D.D Lewis makes any so so movie worth a watch. Now, when it comes to the movie I like in the same vein, I would say Gangs of New York by the talented and cocky Scorcese. If you have the chance to watch the blu-ray, check the making of. It's a delight.
          • Bo
            Yea, Gangs of New York is an interesting picture. Sort of made me realize that Leo might not be such a bad actor and worth looking at whatever he does. No access to blu-ray of being able to see the making of the film. I like those making of and would like to see it. Scorsese is always worth of look. I've yet to see Silence and am threatening to see it on my pay OnDemand. I don't know though...I tried to plow thru the book and just didn't find the kind of interest in the story and its very religious themes as interesting as Scorsese found it. There's nothing on this planet that I embrace with such intensity that I'd face a brutal death rather than denouncing that belief like is the case in Silence. Still, I'm going to watch it because I like the way Scorsese films and edits and I like the actors in the it was filmed on film and that always is a huge, huge plus for me. Cheers, tarek. P.S. Just saw a bit of J.K. Simmons in the last terminator movie and realized I probably like him and his work a bit more than I led I hated Whiplash...isn't that the drummer thing with him being an asshole, drill sgt. like teacher? Ugh!
          • RAW_D
   HATED Whiplash?!? You're the first person to utter those words in regard to that film. Please explain!
          • Bo
   got me laughing here, Raw...but yes, as I stated I hated Whiplash. I disliked the whole maudlin take on succeeding as if that's the be all and end all of civilization and also hated the whole drill sgt. aspect of the teacher and thought it didn't border on was abuse. I hate that kind of pretense of hard work, intense teacher teaching...making someone reach their goals blah blah blah. Ugh! Also, personally which makes it very subjective, I would and haven't in all my 71 years ever allowed anyone, especially another man, treat me that way. There was a little of that kind of behavior from our high school football coach, but I was like the main star and didn't get much, if any, flak from him like that, but he sure dissed it out elsewhere. In fact, I quit in the middle of our season, our eventual state championship winning season because I hated all the yelling and screaming and the horrible practicing. He found me in our local small town pool hall with my hoodlum/Brandoesque... lol...friends and begged me to come back and not quit like I did. He told me there was no way they could win without me, blah blah blah and that I was letting the rest of the team/guys down...he had a point so I went back and played. I just hate that kind of abusive yelling and screaming men engage in and I'm an old jock and even after being drafted in the Army in '67 became a for real honest to goodness Drill Sgt. myself. They assigned me that position/job due to my 'leadership' capabilities they's all such BS and J.K. Simmons' character was full of sh*t. So, I was reluctant to explain because I knew it would be lengthly...but you did say 'please' like my coach did and I'm a sucker when asked with a please. I take it you like Whiplash? jerking your chain here. That's cool. Glad you liked it, but it wasn't my cup of tea....Thanks though. I'm glad you asked and hope I've explained in such a manner that you now understand why I hated the piece. Peace.
          • RAW_D
            That makes complete sense to me and truly shows how heavily our real-life experiences can influence our taste in film. Truth be told, I went into watching Whiplash thinking it was going to be a boring movie about Jazz drumming. It turned out to be one of the MOST enjoyable movie experiences I've had in awhile. I found myself really rooting for Miles Teller's character to show up that a$$hole J.K. Simmons and prove him wrong, not to mention the anxiety and tenseness this movie stirred up within. For me, it was the performances of the characters that were so believable, not to mention the energetic directing and pace. J.K. Simmons was a FANTASTIC villain. You were always hoping there was some degree of good in him, but he NEVER delivered. But you're absolutely right, if I was Miles Teller, I would've punched that teacher in the face and told him to go eff himself! I also grew up in a small school were many of the football coaches were teachers and often berated kids because they couldn't understand the curriculum because of their lame (often non-existent) teaching techniques. Caused me to suffer severe anxiety in high school, which evaporated in college because I finally decided to stand up for myself. I guess for me it was kind of a weird fascination to watch this character pursue greatness just to prove J.K. Simmons wrong. Those characters were both obsessive and flawed in their own ways ( much like most people) and for me, gave me an white-knuckle ride through a film about Jazz drumming. But I sincerely appreciate you lending your perspective. I find it fascinating! Thanks Bo!
          • Bo
            Well, you're welcome, Raw. I enjoy and appreciate the question and curiosity and love movies and talking about movies discussing this unique difference in all of us with regards to our personal life experiences and how that effects our viewing of movies. It's why I've always loved movies, even though there are so many bad ones being made today just to satisfy the lowest common denominator in the mass audiences in order to make huge amounts of money. Still, there are films out there, like Whiplash, that can provoke the kinds of interesting discussions like you and I are having now. I very much like that. I'm pleased that you changed in college and started standing up for yourself. I'm afraid I was such an angry and dissatisfied guy from the get go that I stood up for myself a little too aggressively in my young years. I got kicked out of high school like 15 times and being a football star always saved my bacon, which I also resented because my best friend got kicked out for good because he wasn't on the team. I think that offense was we trashed a boy's bathroom in the auditorium for god knows got caught which is really stupid. Stupid deed and stupid to get caught. I eventually stopped that kind of behavior as it was leading to heavy no good, but yea, J.K. Simmons would have gotten a punch in the nose from I remember from your stating that the character kept at it just to prove Simmons wrong and I disliked that too. I think because I respond more to the pure need to pursue one's gifts and not just to spite some one else. So a lot of the character motivations and the cultural narratives of the film didn't resonate with me. Thanks too for sharing your high school experiences and I now understand with much more depth as to why you responded positively to the film. That's good stuff, Raw. I've got to remember that when I find myself in disagreement with others as to a film and we've not been able to reach the degree of revealing of ourselves in the manner you and I have. Thanks for making that possible. Cheers.
          • RAW_D
            If only the world could hold civil discussions like this regarding differences of opinion, rather than name calling and finger pointing and blaming. Wouldn't that be a nice world to live in? LOL
          • Bo
            Yes, it would be a very nice world to live in, for sure. So I'll take these kind of conversations I've just had with you to heart and know that it is possible when the parties involved all desire the same kind of decency. Take care and thanks again, Raw. Peace.
    Plaza's 1-80 in character choice has been interesting, if not tragic, to witness.
    • redtie
      I think you're saying "Plaza has type cast herself, and thus we'll never know if she has range as an actor. Also what's the deal with the movies she chooses?"
      • DAVIDPD
        That is certainly one to look at it. I think it she just wanted to make sure she DIDN'T get type as the dour, sour faced "April Ludgate", so she have chosen to act in a bunch of raunchy, bleh films. I do think she will settle down and find her "voice".
  • Cincinasty
  • Moe
    This looks surprisingly good! I really like Plaza. Love her dry version of comedy. It lends itself quite well to dark comedies. She should do more dark comedies and dramedies.
  • John Doe
    Hmm, interesting.
  • RAW_D
    I dug the music for this trailer, and it fits the frenzied and craziness in the trailer. We'll see how it pans out...
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