Brad Pitt Goes to War in Full Trailer for David Michôd's 'War Machine'

March 30, 2017
Source: YouTube

War Machine Brad Pitt Trailer

"We can't help them and kill them at the same time." Netflix has launched a new full-length trailer for the film War Machine, the latest from talented Australian filmmaker David Michod (Animal Kingdom, The Rover). We featured a teaser trailer for this right around the Oscars, but this full trailer dives fully into this drama (which has nothing to do with Marvel or Iron Man). Brad Pitt plays a four star general who must deal with the repercussions of a challenging war in the Middle East. Described as a "pitch-black war story for our times", this seems like a brutally honest look at America's modern wars. The full cast includes Tilda Swinton, Sir Ben Kingsley, Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Keith Stanfield, Emory Cohen, John Magaro, RJ Cyler, Scoot McNairy and Meg Tilly. This looks pretty damn good.

Here's the full-length trailer for David Michod's War Machine, direct from Netflix's YouTube:

War Machine Movie

An absurdist war story for our times, writer-director David Michôd recreates a U.S. General's (Brad Pitt) roller-coaster rise and fall as part reality, part savage parody – raising the specter of just where the line between them lies today. His is an exploration of a born leader’s ultra-confident march right into the dark heart of folly. At the story’s core is Brad Pitt’s sly take on a successful, charismatic four-star general who leapt in like a rock star to command NATO forces in Afghanistan, only to be taken down by a journalist’s no-holds-barred exposé. War Machine is both written and directed by Australian filmmaker David Michôd, of Animal Kingdom and The Rover previously. The film is based on the book The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan by the late journalist Michael Hastings. Netflix will release Michôd's War Machine streaming starting May 26th this summer. Interested in this?

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  • grimjob
    Looks interesting, good cast.
  • shiboleth
    Someone once said that only time when Brad Pitt deserved an Oscar was when he played an idiot and that was back in Twelve Monkeys (1995). Judging by that, this should be good. Although, I am not sure of it ...
    • Bo
      I don't know, shiboleth. I've always liked Pitt, but he seems to be missing the mark in this trailer. Back studying at the Actors Studio we always talked about avoiding acting which just being...and do not indicate what one is feeling, thinking, etc. That came back to me watching Pitt's performance in this trailer. He was constantly indicating what his intentions and feelings were while attempting to reveal the satiric nature of the film and it's themes. In fact, this whole trailer seemed like the hammer was missing the nail...with the nail being way too obvious. In other words, if my metaphor or analogy doesn't work for you, they're too obvious in what their intentions are and obviously missing satisfying their intentions. Black comedy, satire, is really hard to do well, a la Dr. Stranglove, and when it misses it's pretty bad. This looked pretty bad to me. Pity, as I've said, I've always liked Pitt...but his performance in Inglorious Bastards for me was too obvious and over the top and I don't know what to think of him now. Plus, Allied, and him in it, was mediocre at best.
      • Agreed. Acting is a bit forced. Pitt is a talented actor who is capable of more than that caricature he is displaying. It's like watching a comedy without jokes.
        • Bo
          Well said. It's just so obvious he's 'trying' to convey something or be funny or satirical and it just isn't working. He's a good actor and I'm surprised, actually. This choice he made as an just bad...bless his
          • J.K Simmons is a better fit for this role.
          • Bo
            Hmmmm...well...I'm not necessarily a fan of J.K. Simmons. However, now that you mention it...and this might be on to something. Funny...over acting...over the top obvious acting....going over one's head? That's you reply though and the fast reflexes... which flew over the other's head....ironic, isn't it? People like shallow, obvious junk and get offended when others don't and point out why and accuse of the junk flying over your head. Junk is heavy in it's obviousness and cannot fly, period...let alone over one's was amused by that banter between you two...later gator.
          • ;D i was just using a famous quote from the hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy. And yeah...The dude missed totally the point. He confuses Satire with unfunny comedy
          • Bo
            Yea, and that flew over the head of the guy who accuses other of stuff flying over their's hard to reckon with that kind of it is funny...very, very funny. Yea, you also got me going on J.K. Simmons as he would have probably just played straight and it would have been really funny coming from his personality and rendering of character...too late, though..they went with the big star and lost it. I'm sure this movie will flop big time....hate to see that, but that's the game. Cheers.
          • BigJohnson
            It's like watching two people with Down Syndrome on a date...get a room you two
        • BigJohnson
          It's a comedy...his acting is deliberate...clearly it went over your head
          • Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it
          • BigJohnson
            reflexes have nothing to do with your height or your ability to reach things...the fastest man in the world still is only able to jump so high. I guess the irony is that even my response went over your head
          • Drax ? Is that you?
          • shiboleth
            Hahahahaha, he didn't get you...
          • ;D
          • Bo
            I'll chime in here with that's why it's so awful...which you seemed to not mind...that it's deliberate...which is obvious...which makes it awful...Jeez, man...only a moron wouldn't know this is a comedy and perhaps that's the problem...Pitt is treating his audience like morons by making it deliberate and obvious that it's a comedy. Just saying...maybe that flew over your head as that seems to be your assumptions concerning people who disagree with you...and happen to be right. How's that for irony? I mean you no ill will her, Mr. mean, really?Is the Big part really necessary? What does 'big' compensate for?'m just teasing you here, bud, don't get too twisted up...but you kind of asked for it using that handle and with falling for the obvious and deliberate and not being offended by that like the rest of us care...I'm just having fun with you. I hope you like the movie if you go and you like Pitt's performance. Cheers! Big bad
          • BigJohnson
            His acting job went over your head
          • Bo
            Yea, you keep saying that and for some odd reason hope so as it somehow makes you feel...what?...big? Anyway...I'm done with you and your silly and lame accusations of something that is so obvious and deliberate that that is the problem for tarek and other intelligent and perceptive people here...which seems to fly over your head. Who cares, bub? Like I said, I'm done with you.
          • BigJohnson
            LOL The little baby is crying now!
      • shiboleth
        Thank for this elaboration, it is better than Pitt's acting in this trailer. However, I like him and I think he's still learning and I am happy he didn't become something like Bruce Willis. I didn't watch all of his recent films, mostly because I wasn't very much attracted by the subject in them (mostly related to some wartime). But when I do watch films with him he's mostly a good standard, nothing special. I obviously don't know much about acting as you do, but I think that his acting can't overcome some basic or some standard skills, enough to keep enough audience with him. I think he's struggling with taking good roles and is just not sure what is there good enough for him. Or, at least, that's my perception. Anyway, thank you for another of your thoughtful comment. Cheers Bo ...
    • BigJohnson
      " this should be good. Although, I am not sure of it" huh?
      • shiboleth
        Yeah, it's called uncertainty about the outcome. Nothing special about it, though. Happens all the time ... Cheers ...
    Looks pretty good. I think Pitt is certainly a capable actor when he tries. This will probably be a great boon for Netflix.
  • Like Brad Pitt as an actor, but this looks a bit off beat...
  • CyraNOSE
    I had enough of Brad Pitt in the '90s.




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