Cameron's Next Set of 'Avatar' Sequels Rescheduled Again Until 2020

April 24, 2017
Source: Deadline


The wait continues! Over the weekend, 20th Century Fox updated a few release dates for upcoming projects, and also announced a new set of release dates for the Avatar sequels. We've been waiting years, and years, for these sequels and we're not sure when exactly they will show up… But maybe this time it's official? Only Cameron knows. Fox has announced the first Avatar sequel (Avatar 2) will open December 18th, 2020, followed by Avatar 3 on December 17th, 2021, continuing three years later with 4 on December 20th, 2024, and finally concluding with 5 on December 19th, 2025. It starts three years from now, and goes for 5 years to see it all play out. Oh boy. This is worse than waiting a few years for Lord of the Rings! But this is expected from James Cameron, and at least they've announced something - we'll see if it holds up this time.

Back in 2013 we also posted an announcement from Fox that the next Avatar sequels would hit theaters in 2016 - three years from that announcement. Once again, this is the same thing with this news - it's 2017, and three years from now (2020) is when they're now scheduled to open. So every few years, they change the release and delay them another three years. But hopefully this is the last time. Maybe it'll be a nice sci-fi nod to release them when we hit 2020. The final Star Wars: Episode IX movie currently scheduled (with no doubt more on the way) is set for May of 2019. Maybe this is Fox also trying to stake out a few key December release dates before Disney tries to put in more Star Wars or something. We already know that Cameron has been delaying these sequels more to give it time for technology to evolve, but we just want to see them.

The first Avatar opened in theaters originally December 2009. Some critics on Twitter have already been wondering who will even remember or think about Avatar in 2020. These have been delayed so long, and we've been waiting so long for sequels that we were already promised years ago by Cameron. It's a fair point, except we all know the marketing and buzz will make them be huge hits, as is always the case with Cameron. Plus, they're about to open Avatarland (Pandora: World of Avatar) at Disney World in Orlando, FL. We will all still be talking about Avatar, yet again, whenever James Cameron damn well pleases, because he'll make a big ruckus, and the footage will look amazing, and we'll all have to go see these movies. That's just the way it goes with James Cameron. And I'm still looking forward to seeing them one day, however long that takes.

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  • The wait will worth it with Jim. But three extra years? Ouuuch! that's a long wait.
    • I won't care at that point. I'll be gorged on Star Wars by then...
      • Let's hope they will stray away from the "death star -dark vader" McGuffin and give us fresh ideas. To be honest, I'm more interested in non-canon starwars. I want to visit new worlds and characters.
        • Wholeheartedly agree. I think an "Order 66" movie would be cool. Like the "ronin" Jedi hiding out and getting into adventures.
  • wjrandon
    Avatar 4 on December 20th, 2014? I suppose you mean 2024.
  • Barret
    "with 4 on December 20th, 2014" Wow, I guess Avatar 4 has been out for 2+ years and no one knew. Avatar has become the new Half-Life 3.
    • Ah! Typo. Fixing now... Sorry. :) I wish it was out already!
  • desispeed
    one hopes the delays are due to some tech challenges Cameron trying to overcome so he can deliver something special in the VFX area. When Titanic came out it was delayed a while to get everything just right. Everyone might hate on Avatar, Titanic, etc as having generic story lines but as a cinematic experience his movies always deliver
    • Payne by name
      The last one didn't.
  • I want this franchise to see the same fate of XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, but I know enough people lauded it for it's amazing "3D technology" and will flock to it in droves. To me, Avatar will always be "Dances with Wolves in Space in 3D". "Aliens" will always be Cameron's crown achievement in my mind.
    • Get away from her you B*tch! It was also James Horner's achievement in film scoring.
    • Bo
      I agree on the Aliens assessment, but Terminator 2 was an awfully good film too. I find myself amused by all the ranting and raving about Cameron and these Avatar sequels. It'll also amuse me when they come out and turn the crowd's heads around and become massive box office hits around the world and all these ranters and ravers will be mesmerized by the marketing campaigns that'll generate massive audience interests which will drive them all to the theaters where once again Cameron will display his genius at making movies that are visionary and unique and move massive amounts of movie goers. It's what he does and to think he's spending all this time only to release bad movies is a bit naive. Also, you can probably guess I simply don't agree with the whole Dances With Wolves stuff as a way to diminish Avatar. I would have never given it a thought if I hadn't read people such as yourself who continue to make the comparison. It didn't and still doesn't bother me and I hardly think they are the same. It's grabbin' at the short straws to me. Similar maybe? I don't know, because to me they are entirely two different movies...but whatever Avatar worked. Even better than Dances With Wolves did to the masses. I liked most of Avatar, but would never watch it again like I have Aliens and Terminator 2. But hey...that's just me the enigma you mentioned me being...which I liked, by the
      • "Cameron will display his genius at making movies that are visionary and unique and move massive amounts of movie goers. It's what he does and to think he's spending all this time only to release bad movies is a bit naive" I'll put you on my will. ;D
        • Bo
          Poop...I gotta ask for an explanation again, tarek, as I don't know what you mean 'I'll put you on my will' my will maybe but even then wouldn't understand...but on my will? Please...I beg you...please
          • I mean your comment was so spot on that I am willing to put you on my will, pun intended. ;D
          • Bo
            I'm chuckling...thanks for the rapid explanation as now won't toss and turn all night wondering what the hell I couldn't understand...whew!!
      • @disqus_yyq0lnHEEt:disqus Yeah, Terminator 2 was solid, but didn't grab me like Aliens did. I think Cameron is gifted regarding technology, effects and furthering the industry in that regard, but I seriously feel like Avatar is receiving accolades far and above what it's worth. It didn't "WOW" me like it has others. Upon first viewing I was "dazzled" by the visuals and 3D, but upon reflection, I felt like the script was too heavy handed regarding political and environmental themes with one dimensional characters that were paper thin stereotypes of soldiers/researchers/alien natives thrown in the mix. The similarities to Dances with Wolves in regard to plot was also too strong for me to ignore. A soldier befriends natives and adopts their lifestyle and in turn becomes one of them. How is Avatar not that? Sure, the Lakota couldn't mind meld (or whatever) with their horses, but they still felt connected to nature spiritually. But I'm sure you'll stick to your guns, as I will politely stick to mine (no pun intended). Cameron's gifted and has some great movies under his belt, I just wish he'd focus on a world other than Avatar, as I was fine with the single feature, and feel like this is just a blatant cash cow that's gonna get milked. Again, love the sparring of opinions, and I'm pleasantly surprised that we both hold "Aliens" in high regard. Cheers to you Bo the Enigma!
        • Bo
          Hey Raw...oh yea, I really liked Aliens...for sure. Look, Cameron is what he is and I acknowledge his gifts, his visionary acumen and talents as a filmmaker. He doesn't make the type of authentic, serious, intelligent films that I'm drawn to, but I can enjoy his high octane action movies that always use the craft of cinema to the highest degree. I get your point regarding the whole Dances With Wolves thing, but so what? The story of a fish out of water or in unfamiliar environments that eventually joins the tribe or whatever and becomes a hero is an old one I've seen countless times in Westerns from the fifties, etc. I hardly think Cameron can be accused of copying or ripping off Wolves, but hey Raw...whatever blows up you skirt, as they films are a bit silly, actually, but I prefer Dances With Wolves because I really like Westerns and cowboys and indians. Both films manipulate the audience and jerk chains and push the buttons of the common cultural narratives with sentimentality and maudlin emotional scenes...and audiences love that sort of thing. Cameron does it almost better than anyone...a la Titanic, the little girl in Aliens, Avatar to be sure. He seems to be able to do it in a manner I don't find least not unbearably I doubt I'll even see any of these future Avatar sequels, but am interested in what Cameron comes up with that'll no doubt be something no one else has done before. And you can take this to the bank...audiences around the world will flock to these movies and the marketing campaign will insure that every tom, dick and harry in the farthest reaches of the planet will be aware of the movies and will be mesmerized and stoked to the fullest that they won't be able to contain themselves rushing to the theaters in every corner of the shall not be one of Cheers, Raw, from your favorite Enigma...I too enjoy our sparring of opinions and particularly relish our
          • You're right about the rehash of a familiar premise, I just get annoyed when someone claims it's an "original" idea. Everything is influenced by something. Give credit where credit is due is all I'm saying. Don't pass it off as "original". And Cameron is definitely adept at manipulating audiences, whether with story/characters and/or visuals. I just felt out of all his films, Avatar was a bit lazy in that scope. And it will be no surprise when these movies pull in the masses to view the spectacle Cameron's created. Each to their own right? Take care, Bo!
          • Bo
            Thank you, Raw...I shall take too. Until our next discussion, cheers!
  • Бабак
    3 years is too long!!!
  • grimjob
    I don't really understand why anyone even cares at this point. The first one, while technically impressive, was so mediocre and derivative, story-wise. I love James Cameron, but I wish he would have just moved on to something else. I hope these sequels have something to offer regarding narrative, because the world he created was certainly interesting and beautiful to look at. But I fear it'll be another style-over-substance tech demo touting more useless 3D gimmicks. And it will make shit tons of money.
    • Speak for yourself grim. Each time I revisit Avatar, I find myself moved as if it was the first time. Each time I watch "the destruction of the hometree" or "Eywa has heard you" scene, I hold back my tears. I din't experience that when watching any movie produced this last decade. How old am I? 12. Why?
      • grimjob
        Fair enough. Don't get me wrong, It's an enjoyable film. I didn't mean to sound like I was shitting on it, I just felt it was overrated. I can't really say what I expected out of it, but as another fella pointed out, it's essentially the same basic plot as Dances with Wolves and some other films. Which isn't bad, it's a timeless tale, but maybe the familiarity of it turned me off. I should go back and watch again. I've seen it twice, and it's been a few years since my last viewing. I don't think I was sober the second time around, because I can't recall how I felt about it. However, I still would have preferred he moved on to something else instead of taking 11 years for the sequel. Hopefully the next one reflects the time spent.
        • ;D It's ok to not like Avatar (3D). It's all about personal tastes and expectations.
  • DanielShaw
    "we just want to see them"?!?! who even cares anymore? the first movie looked cool, but that's it. I couldn't give a shit about these movies, and I generally love wacky CGI action. I'd be fine if they were never made, and I know I'm not the only one. the only Avatar anyone gives a shit about is the Airbender TV series (and the Korra sequel)
      Too bad those guys are trying to do other things and not give us something incredible in a feature AVATAR film.
      • I'm COMPLETELY content with the animated series. A live-action series is unnecessary.
    • Hum...I find your overconfidence disturbing [chokes] I love Avatar. I give two shits about it. I don't give 1/2 shit bout last airbender. See? The world is bigger than your mind.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they get delayed again.
  • Payne by name
    What a truly sad and disappointing waste of James Cameron's talents. Proof, if needed, that stellar box office does not lead to greater quality but rather a director surrounding himself with sycophantic executives happy to green light every whim that he has in his creatively diminishing mind.
    • Wow man, don't hold back or anything...
    • Bo
      Come on, Payne. Are you not being just a little silly here? In reality, who are you to judge Cameron and what he does? Of course, you can but not with much weight behind the judgments as who are you exactly and what do you bring to the table of credibility? What the hell do you know about 'sycophantic executives' and all that kind of nonsense? I enjoy your distaste for all things Cameron and you've the right to them and expressing them. However, I thought I might call your BS for what it is. Which is stuff manufactured in your own mind about Cameron, what he's doing and why he's doing it and how he conducts his business with the studio executives...or whoever. You have no way of knowing any of this silliness you are writing because you were not and are not there. It's a bit arrogant of you to put yourself forward as the judge of Cameron's talents and how he's using them. Especially since he's a very successful, very gifted and talented filmmaker...and you are not. It's bitching and whining from the peanut gallery, Payne. I'm not trying to put you down or judge you. I like your contributions to these discussion, but I just thought you sounded full of sh*t on this one and thought I'd respectfully and amusingly call you out on it. I certainly mean you no harm. Peace.
      • Payne by name
        Why am I being silly? Of course I can judge Cameron and what he creates. I’m a consumer, a customer of his product and hence I’m able to comment positively or negatively on his work depending on how I felt. Why does credibility need to come into it? What tests have to be passed to express an opinion? Critics aren’t appointed by god or a panel of respected individuals; they’re just people with an opinion. When diatribing about what I do or do not know, how do you know that it isn’t right? How is your interpretation of his interactions any more reliable than mine? I don’t have distaste for “all things Cameron” do I? I thought this was obvious when I wrote about it being a waste of Cameron’s talents (i.e. I believe he has talent but is wasting it). However, it really isn’t that hard to connect the dots and imagine that after the trials and tribulations of the Titanic shoot and how well that then performed and then how much money that Avatar made, that Cameron would no longer have to suffer the fate of studio executives asking him to justify any expenditure. With Aliens and Abyss and Titanic, he was constantly battling the studios and I think that conflict proved to be a useful foundry for his creativity. Having people saying no to his creative outbursts meant that he either had to be clever or really consider whether something was actually necessary. I certainly think that those earlier films, and even Titanic, were better for this monetary leash that sharpened his focus. Literally letting him loose in the candy store with no constraints, no one challenging him leads to the disappointment of Avatar. Something that has lots of pretty colours and a cheap 3D gimmick that should be reserved for theme parks but woeful ineptness in the script and story. I was impressed with the first hour of Avatar. Transported into a world containing a plethora of bright imagery and lush scenery was all very intoxicating but then you just felt the creep of silliness, lame writing and poor story telling coming in. It’s a small example but naming the item unobtainium is something that people would have laughed at in the early meetings or been the classification name in an early draft script ‘oh we’ll have some unobtainium mineral or something similar’. But for it to make it all the way through, with no one saying ‘look, it was momentarily funny but we’re going to change it to something proper right?’ is a good demonstration of no one daring to challenge James. I am well aware of Cameron’s talents and gifts but they aren’t being utilised and he isn’t breaking new ground. It is not bitching and whining, it is expressing an opinion. I have to say that your rant sounds more like some ridiculous overzealous fan that is so blinded by the guy that he has no filter to distinguish good from bad. Look at George Lucas. Made a sweet film in Star Wars, handed the reins to Kerschner in Empire and Marquand in Jedi and made three great films. However, when he had a studio falling over themselves to give him cash and carte blanche to do what he wanted for the prequel trilogy what he produced was complete wank. Likewise Michael Bay, who although nowhere near as creative as Cameron is languishing in never ending Transformers films because studios bloated by the revenue from his billion dollar blockbusters are happy to keep letting him do what he wants to do. Granted, he had the chance to do 13 Hours, which was good, but the Transformers films could be handled by any number of b list directors and we wouldn't know the difference. I’m sorry that you can’t see it, or are too precious with your idolised directors to acknowledge it, but excess doesn’t always deliver creative quality. Hunger, determination and passion in the face of obstacles (which could sum up Cameron’s early endeavours) can lead to real quality and I think unfortunately Cameron has slipped into this bubble of yes men, eager to appease his whims with unlimited funds.
        • "Granted, he had the chance to do 13 Hours, which was good, " I have just one word to say: Hummm... "Cameron has slipped into this bubble of yes men, eager to appease his whims with unlimited funds." When? Where?
          • Payne by name
            Jesus, seriously? You read that and still have to ask when I think it is that he has slipped into this bubble of yes men?
          • What did I read? Your comment? Well, I read also dozens of other comments. So what? It's just your opinion not a fact. You didn't assist to his process of movie making to judge him. Plus, even if it was the case, why would they say "no" to decisions that weren't bad? It's not like he was some Lucas throwing jar jars left and right without any purpose or use to the story. You didn't like Avatar, fine. Just don't accuse him of being some arrogant and talentless guy who likes to be surrounded by yes men. Because only arrogant and talentless guys do that. Will you say that on Sir Ridley Scott, if you found Prometheus bad? Sir Ridley said that Jim Cameron is an inspiration for him. So go figure...
          • Payne by name
            Wow, it's like trying to communicate with a plastic bag. Of course we're talking about my comment because that's the one you replied to. So what, what? What has you reading other comments got to do with anything? Of course it's my opinion, I haven't said it isn't anything else than that. I'm entitled to judge Cameron just as much as you and Bo are judging me. As I spelled out earlier, how is me saying that he's wasting his talents an indication that he's talentless? Yes, I know that Ridley Scott was knighted but that doesn't mean every film he makes is automatically great. Prometheus being a good example because it was woeful. I am incredulous that you could read my earlier post and still be confused as to WHEN it was that I thought he had started being surrounded by Yes men. Maybe that's why you love Avatar so much. Pretty colours, dumb script, not much thinking required, plot points made with huge flashing arrows and everything delivered with the finesse of a sledgehammer.
          • "I am incredulous that you could read my earlier post and still be confused as to WHEN it was that I thought he had started being surrounded by Yes men." I can't say WHEN you started thinking that he was surrounded by yes men, and I don't care. It's not one of my priorities to guess it. Yesterday? A year ago? Who cares? Once you'll grow up, you'll find out that your opinion isn't the Truth. It's just Your truth. Now take a deep breath and say Namaste.
          • Payne by name
            If you don’t care, why did you quote my statement and follow it with When? Where? – You seem to be struggling to even remember what it is that are writing. “Once you'll grow up, you'll find out that your opinion isn't the Truth. It's just Your truth.” Wow, thanks for stating the patently obvious. But when did I say that it was the truth? Was it this sentence – “Of course it's my opinion, I haven't said it isn't anything else than that.” Or maybe this one – “I’m able to comment positively or negatively on his work depending on how I felt.” Still, it’s great that you resorted to the juvenile default response when faced with an opinion counter to your own. I look forward to reminding you of this every time you express an opinion on a movie site that invites people to express their opinions.
          • You know I love you bub. Give me a hug. Piss and Luv. ;D
          • Payne by name
          • ;D
  • There is no doubt avatar was a masterpiece of modern cinema. It was stunningly beautiful and story wise Oké... I think it's sad that the talent of Cameron is being wasted on the same movie, but again i think they will be beautiful too watch...
  • Jonathan
    Can we stop already? Do we really need to revisit that world? Avatar was badly written, but it had cutting edge special effects (like Titanic and True Lies). Though Cameron used to make great movies (like Terminator and Aliens), those days are long behind him. And now he's turned into the director who cried wolf. Can we just stop talking about it until he actually starts filming?
  • Charles Knowlton
    Avatar was a lot of fun, but it doesn't age so well. I for one could wait another 10 years for them to return. Or never would be ok too.
    • I am writing you off of the list of my guests for my 111th birthday.
  • Desmond
    Who friggin' cares about these movies? Seriously. The original hasn't aged well and it's been far too long for anyone to care about sequels that weren't even necessary to begin with. James Cameron has been totally consumed by his ego.




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