Don't Watch: Charlize Theron in Trailer for Sean Penn's 'The Last Face'

June 28, 2017
Source: USA Today

The Last Face Trailer

"It's too dangerous to stay here…" I'm going to be very upfront about the truth - The Last Face is one of the worst films I have ever seen. No really, it's that bad, just awful. Avoid at all costs. The Last Face is a film directed by Sean Penn about the humanitarian crisis in Africa, that is all about white people and their ridiculously not-so-perfect lives. It premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival last year to raucous booing and some of the worst reviews you'll ever read. Charlize Theron stars along with Javier Bardem, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Jared Harris, Jean Reno, and Denise Newman. Even the performances are terrible. No matter what you may think of this trailer, trust the critics on this one and just stay away. Far, far away.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Sean Penn's The Last Face, originally from USA Today:

The Last Face Movie

A director (Charlize Theron) of an international aid agency in Africa meets a relief aid doctor (Javier Bardem) amidst a political/social revolution, and together face tough choices regarding humanitarianism and life through civil unrest. The Last Face is directed by acclaimed actor-filmmaker Sean Penn, director of the films The Indian Runner, The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, and Into the Wild previously. The script is written by Erin Dignam. This premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Saban Films will release Sean Penn's The Last Face in select theaters + on VOD starting on July 28th this summer. Is anyone interested?

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    Another laughable example of the unstoppable hubris of Hollywood.
    • White saviour movie.
      • Well I watch Theron's movies because I find her very attractive, for me she's eye candy. I couldn't care less if she can't act her way out of a paper bag.
        • Jessy Scholl
          Hope you realize that Charlize Theron's next stop is South Park, and I don't mean that in a good way.
          • I have no idea what you mean.
          • You know something, I would appreciate you not responding to my comments if you are going to write cryptically.
    • grimjob
      But...but Clooney said actors have changed the world.
      • Some have done very good things for the less fortunate in other lands and that includes, Theron, Penn, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey AND George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney to name but a few. So he was correct when he made that statement.
  • Trailer sucks. I'll stick with the constant gardener.
    • Bo
      You thought so, tarek? I don't know. I thought it looked pretty good and was thinking I didn't trust Alex's perceptions here. Then again, I like these kinds of movies and I like both these actors a great deal. I didn't see an inking of bad performances during the trailer. I also have to admit that I know about one or two other people who liked Tears of the Sun as much as I did and was mind boggled by the hatred and criticism of that film. saving grace might be that I really like The Constant Gardener too. As well as Hotel Rwanda and wondered if you like that picture? Cheers.
      • Hotel Rwanda is a great movie too. What bothered me in this trailer is the way it is edited. It's like someone wants to sell it as an an action movie, which it isn't obviously. It's like they no longer trust the audience.
        • Bo
          Fair enough and again thanks for the great explanation. One would think that people hired to market a film would be better equipped at marketing films, but alas, they are not. The subject matter here, the atrocious human right violations in these countries, scared them away from marketing that way and they went with the action movie route, misleading the audience like most sales people seem to do. Good observation, tarek. I have not been a fan of Penn's directorial efforts, but I liked what this movie seems to be taking on. I don't trust Alex's take of this being 'about white people and their ridiculously not-so-perfect lives'. Back more than several decades ago I had thoughts of doing this kind of work and met some of the people. One beautiful woman, of course, who worked for the U.N. I actually met her around AA meetings and we went out a few times. She told me I wouldn't like the people working in these countries doing this kind of work. They all had pretty dysfunctional lives, many were alcoholics and miserable. She knew I didn't suffer fools and would not like working around these humanitarian workers. Interesting take but kind of understandable that this type of work would attract people with difficult lives. Reminds me of Michael Herr's great book, Dispatches, about people, journalists, attracted to war zones. I liked this beautiful U.N. worker, but she had her issues and I wisely went on my way and stopped any desires to go do this type of work. Still, a movie about these workers, if it is honest and truthful, would address these issues that Alex is troubled by. At least to me, and Penn at least does take on these kinds of human frailties. Okay...sorry...went on a bit. Cheers.
          • Always a pleasure to read you and to learn a bit more about your life experience. You should write a memoir. ;D
          • Bo
            Why thank you, tarek. I appreciate that. Well, I did write one...of sorts...of my experience working on a very big movie. Any kind of memoir, which I've also written, is impossible to sell if you are not famous. I thought the movie experience one might, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. It went all over New York agents and publishers. Although most of them liked the read, they didn't think it would sell and the movie was old news...even though even today it remains one of the most famous, or infamous of them well...all things are what they are meant to be...or as Bob Marley once said, "What must be, will be." I guess all any of us can do is fashion something, ourselves or an object or piece of work, and offer it to the life force. What happens then is beyond one's control and least I won't lay on, or in, my death bed and wonder why I didn't write that piece I was obsessed with and what would have happened it I gator! Oh, on that note and Hollywood in general. My thoughts on Friedkin's tweet is that even him, at this age, needs attention and people to still think of him... and who knows?..he might be trying to put together a deal again...which even for him will be tough as his time, in the biz that is, has passed. He was one of the good ones, though...once upon a time....
      • grimjob
        I really enjoyed Tears of the Sun, and I don't recall it getting a lot of hate. Can't imagine why it would, I thought it was a solid flick.
        • Bo
          I agree, it was a solid flick. Yes, it did get a lot of hate and was bashed by the critics as a slick, Hollywood and empty movie. I don't know how one would back check this, but I'm quite positive regarding this as I did then and still do question what was behind that kind of reaction. I think many Americans simply do not want to think of the atrocities happening in certain parts of the world and react adversely to being reminded of it. Look at Alex's reaction to 'white people and their problems'. That kind of reaction reiterates my feelings of why people react to movies like this current Penn release.
          • "white people and their problems" That's Hollywood, for Hollywood it's been about White People since time immemorial. It's not that peolle are reacting poorly because they can't bear to watch these atrocities, so they lash out with misdirected anger at the filmmaker? Are you serious? I don't want to even speculate about your racial makeup because your comment is illustrative of an individual mired deeply within the dominant culture, completely oblivious to other paradigms.
          • Bo
            Thanks for your reply, but it's ridiculous. You seemed to have completely misunderstood my point and I've no interest in trying to explain it to you. You don't seem to be very bright with assuming I'm deeply mired within the dominant culture. That was my point about people within it and their reactions. Jeez! Relax...from your other posts you reveal yourself to have a beef and seem very misguided which leads to your massive misunderstanding of other posts here as well as mine.
          • Maybe you have no interest in trying top explan anything to me because you lack the ability to so in a coherent, substantive and articulate manner. When I was earning a Master's of Science Degree, one of my courses was Trade and investment Policity in sub-Saharan Africa. So at least academically I am familiar with the areas depicted in the movie. However my comment was not in the context of the movie per se as opposed to Hollywood's constant and long standing depictions of whites as savior. So save your insults for someone who gives a shit whether you think they understand or grossly misunderstand yours or anyone else's comment.
          • Bo
   angry, I thought your reply revealing you're a lesbian and in angst was kind of funny and more pleasing then your previous angry posts and this rude reply. You started it, honey, with your confrontation and aggressive reply to my post revealing my thoughts about those in 'the dominant culture' fearing the horrors in far away lands. I'm going to block you now because your lesbian outsider anger seems to prevent you from discussions conducted with respect and intelligence. I'm sorry your sexual preferences have you in such a tissy, but I refuse to be the target of your misplaced anger. You really are very unpleasant and do your compadres a disservice by behaving like the angry butch lesbo aggressive dunderhead. Leave me alone. You are toxic!! Go ahead and respond even though you're now blocked and I won't receive it. Such a pity as I'm a pretty good guy and you've totally alienated me with your anger and misguided and distorted perceptions. It's you loss, believe me. Bye bye...
          • What is so angry about citing the fact that when someone tells you they won't explain something to you, then it may be because they are unable to do so? I suggest that you keep in mind that reading words on a screen is hardly indicative of a person's emotional status. You waste more time assuming that you know what a person is feeling when you do not. That is very annoying at minimum and truly inhibits substantive discourse.
        • Bo
          Just to add to my reply below, grim job. I just checked. Meteoritic gave Tears of the Sun a 48...the guy on imdb gave it a 6 and called it full of Hollywood cliches. I find that nonsensical and quite frankly very disturbing. Tears was rough going in revealing the brutality and horrible human rights violations. I still just think many simply cannot handle that and feel powerless, which we are, and close down in order to not deal with their fear of the darkness of the human condition. Just my observations. Thanks for you reply and comment. Glad I found another who liked Tears of the Sun as much as I did. Peace.
  • backwardsprogress
    " the humanitarian crisis in Africa, that is all about white people and their ridiculously not-so-perfect lives." This sentence makes no sense. Are you saying that the humanitarian crisis in Africa consists of white people and their ridiculously not-so-perfect lives... or are you saying the film which should be about the humanitarian crisis is actually about white people and their ridiculously not-so-perfect lives. With that said... why not tone down the racism a bit, stop generalizing white people, and be more specific... ie. This film is about two people who fall in love but their love must withstand the humanitarian crisis in Africa... etc and then give us your criticism about how stupid the whole premise of the film is. Or are you trying to argue that the lives of two people in 1st world conditions looks ridiculous in 3rd world humanitarian issues.
    • Have you seen this movie? It's not out yet and have you visited Afriica lately, because there are many modern cities and some of the world's finest airports. Hollywood would love for White audiences to think that Africa is nothing but a hotbed of social upheaval.
  • AnonymityIsOverrated
    Now I kinda have to watch this if only to hate-watch it. Sometimes there's a cruel pleasure in watching a trainwreck.
    • LoL I was thinking the same ok well now I HAVE to watch it.
  • TheOct8pus
    Sean Penn's ego could power a nuclear reactor....
    • Bo've met the guy...he's small, quiet and rather passive with a hand shake like a wet noodle. Not what one might expect, but then again the public persona is always carefully groomed behind a curtain of pretense.
      • I just am beside myself with the fact that he was able to sleep with Charlize Theron. I am a lesbian so I think that men can understand my angst.
  • loreg
    great trailers it,s a funny movie cannes should have given a Price to this movie.the dialogues are funny in this movie. león the profesional a classic movie jean reno is great in this movie check out brothers of the wind the crimson rivers and the squad Hollywood should give better roles to this great actors ronin an amazing movie
  • CyraNOSE
    Charlize Theron is so much hotter with short hair
  • shiboleth
    All I saw or heard about this film is bad. And it's true, Sean Penn sometimes is a mess. So, I will probably see it for myself to decide on my own...
  • Efterklang
    Two of my favs, Bardem and Exarchopoulos. + I loved Into the Wild, but I'm thinking I'll skip this one, cause it just doesn't look very interesting from that trailer. It's really hard for me to believe that the performances of some of these actors are "terrible" though.
  • Fox
    Oh wow. Charline can't even do a proper South African accent any more.
  • twistys
    Looks good. Thumbs up to this.
  • Stergios
    Having seen the film, I have to say you're not exaggerating to the slightest. This is movie garbage, it's the kind of film you wish you could erase from your memory the moment the ending credits roll. Embarrassingly bad and a total disgrace for the undeniable talent of pretty much everyone involved.




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