First Teaser Trailer for Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther' Movie for Marvel

June 9, 2017
Source: YouTube

Black Panther Trailer

"What do you know about Wakanda?" Disney has premiered the first teaser trailer for Marvel's Black Panther movie, directed by the talented Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed). The story picks up with King T'Challa, once again played by Chadwick Boseman, returning back to his African nation of Wakanda after the events of Captain America: Civil War. There he encounters new enemies that want to challenge his seat on the throne, and destroy Wakanda. The outstanding ensemble cast Coogler has assembled includes Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis, Florence Kasumba, John Kani, Winston Duke, and Sterling K. Brown. This is just a short teaser, but it looks fantastic so far. I'm so excited for this! Dive in.

Here's the first teaser trailer (+ teaser poster) for Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, direct from YouTube:

Black Panther Poster

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new leader. However, T'Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda, the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakanadan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war. Black Panther is directed by acclaimed American filmmaker Ryan Coogler, of Fruitvale Station and Creed previously. The screenplay is by Joe Robert Cole and Ryan Coogler. Disney will release Marvel's Black Panther in theaters everywhere on February 16th, 2018 early next year. First impression?

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  • Badass.
  • I don't know much backstory about Black Panther, but what I do know about it appears to be in this trailer. Will it deliver? Too early to say....I know there's hardcore fans out there and I'd love to hear their thoughts.
    • Brandon Cole
      This will deliver!
      • You a fan of the character then?
    • Nethanel DeCarmo
      Wonder Woman's director was the same reason. You think very simply. Why would you get the same perspective on a character who is a woman from a man? There is more originality and a different approach and perspective in having someone other than a guy direct or act or even film as a DP. Same for Black Panther, why have the director come from a different perspective from all the other Marvel movies from before. Jame Gunn doesn't come from a traditional superhero blockbuster background and GOTG shows that. Christopher Nolan didn't come from a Marvel Superhero Mentality and was allowed to not follow that path and look what came of Batman, easily argued as the best comic book franchise still. You want more of the same, which leads to stagnation and then a dislike for comic book movies altogether.
    • You a fan of Black Panther? And not a fan of "Creed" then?
      • Creed was boringly mediocre.
  • JohnDoeB
    Well damn...
  • I'll give this a go. I liked his character in the other movie, sort of wish the environment designs weren't as generic looking, but heh.
      Probably much cheaper and nicer for the actors not to be working in the jungle.
  • Brandon Cole
    This will be the furthest thing from a flop lol! Comeback to this thread on the release day!
    • Brandon Cole
      Black Panther's about to be the highest grossing movie ever for the month of February x I'll say top 5 highest grossing movie of 2018.
      • Brandon Cole
        You see how Wonder Woman did, expect Black Panther to do the same.
        • Jon Odishaw
          Iron man was a 3rd tier marvel character
          • Ricardo_PT
            As much as I'm against everything that guy is saying, Iron Man was never a 3rd tier marvel character...At least not here in Portugal.
          • Iron Man 1 was the best Mervel movie to date. Iron man 2 was a mess and Iron Man 3 a cgi extravaganza and a forgettable story.
          • Payne by name
            I disagree with the 1st point and agree with the 2nd point. To me IM3 was everything I had hoped IM1 would be.
          • Watching 12 iron man suits fighting villains and then exploding like a big fireworks isn't the iron man I expect to see. The first one had the best narration and redemption arc of the trilogy.
          • Payne by name
            The opening 60 mins of Iron Man was good but it didn't have the budget or action to push it over the line. IM3 had some great snappy dialogue, Stark was rendered a lot more human and shown to be far more industrious, it had some cracking action scenes whether it was Iron Man or Stark fighting them, a fabulous little twist meaning you had the chance to actually be surprised during a huge tent pole film and surely the coolest 70's style credits sequences replete with a ridiculously funked up score. I've always been a Cap fan but IM3 really made me look at his character with a different and more affectionate eye. It's in my top 5 of Marvel films.
    • I'm sure 20th Century Fox thought the same thing when they released Deadpool in February. I bet the execs sat around the boardroom table and said "Man, this piece of shit will maybe break even. Let's release it in February!" $783 million later worldwide I bet those same execs were so excited they were right about that flop shitbag called Deadpool. Or, could it be that film studios are starting to learn that February is a prime month to release a film without much competition? Hmmmm...I wonder...Nah, it can't be that more "hero" movies are crowding the calendar, vying for space in theaters, and now February is slowly becoming a prime resource for release. No, that can't be what I read from several credible news sources I Googled sighting the thoughts of movie execs from around Hollywood. No way that's what I did to understand if past ideology around February releases is dying off. Captain America: First Avenger did $317 million worldwide. Care to place any bets if this film does less?
      • Again, want to bet on Captain America: First Avenger? You a big boy or a little guy? C'mon big your big boy pants on?
        • Andrew Geczy
          Lol! This guy is just a troll. Or a 12 year old kid.
          • Andrew Geczy
            First of all you didn't want to make a bet. You immediately went to a comically large amount of money, a billion dollars, which implies you don't actually have any clue how money works. On top of that you think gambling is what makes maturity or someone an adult, which is also insane. And yes, making fun of other people's opinions, and stating your contrary opinions as fact just to rile other people up does indeed in fact make you a troll, yes.
        • I'm sure you have $1 billion, but regardless, I'm talking more of an adultly gentlemen's bet. If I'm right, you will admit on this site my superiority to your intellect. If you're right, I'll admit your superior intellect on this website. Why not? Otherwise all this is talk, and there's nothing really at stake. This could be fun. Really. Now, you said "I guarantee you this will make the least of any MCU movie...guarantee". The least performing MCU film according to Box Office Mojo was "The Incredible Hulk." It did $263 million. I'm willing to measure this film against Captain America: First Avenger, which did $371 million (I originally put $317, my mistake). I think it will do more than that film, regardless of it's February release date. By the way, top 5 February movies are as follows: 1. Deadpool $783 million 2. The Passion of the Christ $611 million 3. Fifty Shades of Grey $571 million 4. The Lego Movie $469 million 5. Hannibal $351 million So, Captain America: First Avenger did barely more than Hannibal, which was released in February, and Captain America was released in July. Gentlemen's bet. What say you?
          • Man, I was hoping you weren't a coward. I guess I underestimated basement dwelling 40 year olds. Next time I respond to a pencil peckered poltroon I'll be sure to have dark web links to animal porn to entice with. Send me your address. I've got a tampon I want you to wear for a hat. I figure if you're going to act like a pussy you might as well look like one too.
  • Brandon Cole
    Chad Bosewick, Michel B Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Guriri (Michonne off TWD), Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Phylicia Rashad! Directed by Ryan Coogler of Fruitvale Station x Creed! Ah yes Alex this trailer was everything!
    • Brandon Cole
      Tell me how the trailers shows he's in "over his head"? It's cut like every other Marvel trailer lol.
      • Andrew Geczy
        Not true. You sir are singular in that opinion.
    • Ricardo_PT
      Say what now?? Where the hell does this come from?
    • Germ├ín Padilla
      Isn't it Chadwick Boseman? Who's Chad Bosewick???
    • Nethanel DeCarmo
  • Josh W
    And the crowd goes RTJ
    ERrrmmmaaaherddd...looks diabolically fun!
  • Lewis
    Enjoyed Panther in Civil War, so this looks interesting and its only a teaser trailer. Only issue is that for a teaser they've crammed a lot of stuff in already, but its Marvel and I have faith.
  • Ricardo_PT
    I said God Damn!! Looks sick! Between this and Wonder Woman, it sure feels good to see diversity in these films
  • shiboleth
    I like, as already mentioned, that diversity thing in this. If anything is going to work for this film, that's one big thing about it. And, those superhero filma are trying to tell the story through interesting allegories. Super hero fighting scenes aside, that is interesting for me ...
    • shiboleth
      Well, of course, let's not carried away too far. I see no special quality in any of those Marvel or DC films. None of them is anything special, just another good investment and good business circle for film industry for a few last and future years, nothing more. I just take for fun what is there in front of me. Producers of all these films are not doing anything special, but amidst all of them, this one is not worse or better than any of those. I see no real difference between Captain America or this one since they are equally bad and good to me. This one is just trying to introduce some diversity. That is a bit of improvement and is quality in itself. I think that is also a failure of good made films (whatever that might mean for someone), not to notice things that there are improvements in themselves. So, no, I don't agree with you wholeheartedly...
  • I will shock some of you, but I wasn't impressed at all. There is no character depth showcased or interesting dialogues. Just a collection of stunts. Oh and the color palette didn't work for me. Too Rio de Janeiro.
    • Efterklang
      Feel the same way, nothing special. Andy Serkis is cool though.
      • He looked great indeed. We need to see him more on the screen playing a real character.
    • Bo
      Well, good. I thought it was just me because I continue to find it tough to believe anyone would want to see these kind of silly, super hero comic book movies. This one looked just like all the rest to me. I thought it might be great that it's mostly a black cast and story, but have never understood why a black person would want to be like a white person and make the kind of stupid movies white people make. I hope it does well just like I'm glad Wonder Woman did well for females to feel better about themselves so perhaps this will do the same for the black community. It's all junk to me so it's interesting to read when someone like you, tarek, is unimpressed. I can't trust my judgments as it's all the same junk to me.
      • Hey Bo. Alas our voices became inaudible among all this visual and intellectual noise. People became less and less demanding, as long as you give them few explosions, car chases and some dudes kicking few asses, they don't care if it makes sense, if it's telling a good story or if there is an artistic vision behind it. Stunts and CGI became the core of the story. All the rest is just weak cement.
        • Bo
          Very well said, always. It's fascinating to witness the dumbing down and infantilization of the modern audiences in order to simply make a lot of money. These audience members also get violently angry when someone points out the truth of these hollow movies which is disturbing also. As some very smart guy once said, 'the uncritical acceptance typical of the herd mentality is the soil from which evil grows'. Peace.
    • Well said, boring..
    • oliveitor
      I also agree. I hope the CGI gets more polished and adds more character depth. It has a good tribal vibe though.
    • shiboleth
      Hey tarek. I just want to agree with you so much here since I think that you are mostly right. First of all, as said down on this thread, I think there's nothing special about all those DC or Marvel films. But no, none of those are close to something like Rio de Janeiro (and what's wrong with that, anyway?). We both know very well that DC and Marvel Universe are having a good business circle with all these films, but some of the directors making these films are hitting more than that. So, something can be found in them. Some allegory of the times we live in. Yes, reading off the meanings from them might be something tedious, I absolutely agree, but reject them fully is as big mistake as considering them as a piece of art. They are what ideology of our time is; incredible powerful people doing things without control. You gotta respect that premise and try to read from it whatever worth is in it. Don't get me wrong, I don't find some big value in all this, but I do think that without some considerations, films like this are what goes unnoticed from people who really have something to say ...
      • Give them bread and games ceasar said a few thousand years ago, and that's what it is. The masses demand a good time in the cinema, not a marvel like nocturnal Animals or the road or copcar. Not everyone, at least 80% are not sensitive, and when it's going bad they become animals...
        • shiboleth
          Definitely agree with you ari on this (especially with praising films like Nocturnal Animals and Road). I just watched Get Out last night and I really recommend that one too. As for the games for masses, yes, that's what films are these days and have been for decades. Hollywood,or film industry in general, will never recognize that, but what it does is using old good formula from Goebbels where everything you say once will be believed for ages (not the accurate quote, but close to it and true to his intentions). He also said that films are better than schools since you can inform more attitudes with moving pictures than with learning. We see something of it nowadays, right? All I say, we have to deal with what we have. Ceasar was something else in that respect, he was trying to consolidate his power, yes, but he was also trying to change society in the best way he thought possible. Cinema is beyond his reach, Goebbels is more interesting (and unpopular to mention) in that respect ... Cheers ...
          • Watch the TV show Taboo as fast as you can, but be worried :after it you come to the conclusion nothing ever will top it..
          • shiboleth
            Taboo with Tom Hardy, right? I just might do it at some point. And I probably might like what is there to see. But, not now. Too many stuff I've been waiting too long to see. However, I'll see it eventually and report back to you ...
      • Hey shiboleth. By Rio de Janeiro, I was tallking about the color palette. I don't like the candy look.
        • shiboleth
          Hey tarek. Thanks for that clarification. I can go with that since I am also not fan of that either: I thought you were insinuating something against the city and its culture, which sounded a bit weird. Cheers ...
  • Mark
    I love a lot about this. It'll be another day 1 for me, like always.
  • boball
    Looks like crap. Saturation. Marvel is at the brink of saturation. Too many movies, too many heroes. Bad idea. Takes away the special feel of the whole genre. Soon every one of us is going to be like: "Please... enough... I can't take this any more (superhero movies)". Marvel is killing the entire superhero genre.
  • Well said, i agree, very mediocre...
  • Dotpols
    Yeah, I'm inclined to agree... it looks ok, but Marvel have rolled out so many films running on more or less the same formula and this looks pretty well in line with that. So it'll be alright, but in a sort of a thor 2 way..
  • backwardsprogress
    Trailer looks horrible. Maybe it's the CGI that makes it look weak... or what appears to be ALOT of extra characters with abilities that we've never seen/heard of before. Maybe both. A number of people are talking about diversity. Well that didn't help at all because it still looks bad. I"ll give it a chance as I'm a sucker for Action cinema, but cmon...
  • SDC
    Looks like its set 80 years in the future, Whats with all the space ships and whacky CG crap?
    • I think what Andy Serkis is alluding to at the start is that the place where Black Panther stays is a hidden place within earth, like El Dorado.
    • Justin R
      If I'm not mistaken, Wukanda is actually an extremely high-tech civilization with loads of resources, specifically vibranium. You can compare their technological advancements to that of SHIELD within the MCU. Yet they have a disguise to their country to make it seem as though it's third world to avoid people from coming in to steal their resources.
  • Big R
    I can't believe the comments here. It's a freakin teaser trailer. No dialogue or character depth? Are u guys dense? It's released in Feb because of black history month. Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Some of you couldn't wait to bash this trailer of the first thing u see from this movie because of the black cast. Where were these negative comments when all the other 50 trailers came out for previous marvel movies with the same damn formula? This looks good besides the obvious unfinished cgi. Stop hating.
    • twistys
      What are you blabbering about? There is something known as fatigue. If this was the first superhero movie that came out (yes before Iron Man 1), no one would be fatigued and complain. Is it clear? Too bad its coming now after superhero movie fatigue is upon us. Hope its clear now. It's got nothing to do with black cast or race. Stop your reverse racism.
    • I am more dense than Uranium. So beware of my radiation Hulk! The problem is: Studios think that all we care about is some dudes wearing fancy costumes and doing incredible stunts. Story became secondary, (if any) in the trailer and even in movies. You can swap any superhero with another superhero and it will still work...For them! ( and for you?) Not for me. I am more into good storytelling, intrigues and likable characters. Stunts and vfx are here to serve the story and not the other way around. Unfortunately guys like you are sending strong signals ( and money) to studios to keep making transformers-like movies. Wow! See that? He dodged a bullet, shaved his beard, ate two hamburgers and kicked 4 thugs asses in 30 seconds! amazing! give me more!! This is not far from the sinister situation of movie making nowadays.
  • twistys
    Looks like craap. Saturation. Marvel is at the point of saturation. Too many movies, too many heroes. Bad idea. Takes away the special feel of the whole genre. Soon every one of us is going to be like: "Please.... enough.... I can't take this any more (superhero movies)." Marvel is killing the entire superhero genre. Superhero fatigue is upon us.
    • Big R
      Is there something wrong with you? Did you just find out that Black Panther was coming out? Marvel is building a UNIVERSE. And has been since 08' with IM1. Stop acting like you didn't know all these movies were coming out. You choose to complain when Black Panther comes out?! lol I can't believe the bitching that you're doing. It's been known that this movie was coming out since before Civil War. How can this look like crap if it's a TEASER trailer? I swear some of you get dumber as more of these movies come out.
      • twistys
        Again you're picking on Black Panther but I am not. My point is that this whole idea of a HUGE "universe" is a bad idea. Coz it will make everyone sick and tired of superheroes. It's just too bad that Black Panther is coming so late when superhero fatigue is kicking in. So I hope it's clear now - the point is not that this Black Panther sucks because it is Black Panther. No. It sucks becoz the whole superhero thing has reached saturation. Thanks to Marvel's notion that quantity means quality. Quantity does NOT mean quality. Quantity means fatigue. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many superheroes spoils the universe and does nothing but causes fatigue. Is it clear now?
        • Justin R
          To each their own, because I get excited with how big Marvel is building their universe. Plus the fact that each hero has their own story to tell. I can, in a sense, see your point under stories such as the new Spiderman, with it's third iteration, but with a new hero and his own unique story, abilities, and world within the entire MCU, it's not the same movie with a different front to them. Yes the underlying notion of "good guy vs bad guy to save the world" is there, but there will always be a unique experience with each movie. Captain America has the sense of justice within his movies, while Iron Man has his cockiness and tech to show for. There may be many super hero movies out, but with the way Marvel has built it's universe and how they make each of their movies unique is what will keep this genre has a whole so popular.
          • twistys
            You'll soon be on your knees begging. Stop. Please stop. Please stop expanding the universe and ditching out low-quality high-volume razzmatazz that cause nothing but head pain, please Marvel.
    • Dianoga
      Saturation??? Marvel Studios is a film company, so they are going to make superhero movies. It's like someone complaining that Marvel Comics is printing too many superhero comic books. Let's be realistic, there will always be superhero movies as long as it sells tickets. Just stick to the comic books then and avoid superhero movies. Problem solved :)
      • twistys
        You're gonna be begging for it. Stop. Please stop. You'll be begging Marvel. Just wait and see.
  • Are you being sarcastic Quanah? I hope so.
    • That actually isn't me. Someone has impersonated my account and is posting uncharacteristic comments from what looks like me. I've emailed Alex. This thing needs to be deleted/blocked from this website.
      • Ah nice one, I was thinking, where did this come from? That Beckhamshorts guy seemed an odd dude. But there's a lot of them around these days.
        • Yeah, there's quite a few. I'm certainly not one to claim I don't exchange in an internet tussle over my opinions, but that account fraud was in poor taste.
    • Here's my Disqus account's last few posts to show you. I'm betting anyone can guess who did this if you read this comment thread.
      • Bob. Who else... ;D
        • hitha smith
  • Mxyzptlk
    Wife and I loved the trailer, can't wait to see it.
  • Payne by name
    Trailer looks good though I'm not a fan of Andy Serkis. Years of over exagerrating facial movements for motion capture means that he wildly overacts in live action roles. It's funny when people play the race card or trumpet him as being a new and novel black superhero. Wesley Snipes was playing Blade almost 20 years ago.
  • Eggyweggs
    Same old tired Marvel formula. Yawn.
  • Cyberdine
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  • Jzpr
    Great. Another movie to watch just to see the extra scenes after credits...




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