First Trailer for All-Women Fighting Tournament Film 'Lady Bloodfight'

April 4, 2017
Source: YouTube

Lady Bloodfight Trailer

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" Vertical Entertainment has released the first trailer for an indie called Lady Bloodfight, about a woman who trains to fight in an underground martial arts tournament in Asia. This kinda, sorta seems like an all-women version of JCVD's Bloodsport, but with its own modern cinematic quirks. Amy Johnston plays a woman named Jane who is recruited by Shu, a Wudang champion played by Muriel Hofmann, to participate in the tournament. The full cast includes Jenny Wu, Kathy Wu, Mayling Ng, Jet Tranter, Sunny Coelst, Rosemary Vandebrouck, Lisa Cheng, Chalinene Bassinah, and Lauren Rhoden. This looks both extremely cheesy and extremely badass, I'm definitely intrigued, but also worried it's going to be straight-to-DVD quality. We'll have to see ourselves. Take a look.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Chris Nahon's Lady Bloodfight, direct from YouTube:

Lady Bloodfight Poster

A blonde woman named Jane (Amy Johnston) arrives in Asia, and is first, jumped, then beaten up, by thugs. She asks a fighter girl to train her - but really, she wants to take part in a tournament. Shu recruits Jane and trains her to fight in the vicious, all-female, underground martial arts tournament known as "The Kumite." Plenty of girls, of all races, fighting action. After months of rigorous preparation, Jane is ready to face off against the deadliest female fighters in the world, including Ling, the apprentice of Shu's nemesis, Wai, a Shaolin master. Lady Bloodfight is directed by French filmmaker Chris Nahon, of Kiss of the Dragon, Empire of the Wolves, Gri Gri, and Blood: The Last Vampire previously; as well as episodes of "Plus belle la vie". The screenplay is written by Bey Logan & Judd Bloch. Vertical Entertainment will open Lady Bloodfight in select theaters starting May 5th coming up. Check your local listings. Who's interested?

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  • Xious
    I wouldn't say "sorta seems like" Bloodsport. I'd say it's exactly a female version of Bloodsport.
    • Yeah okay, but for legal reasons, I'm sure they'd deny that and say it's "inspired by" or something. 😉
  • I kinda liked Kiss of the Dragon. I would dare to say it's the best Li movie. Because of Luc Besson writing, and because of Tchéky Karyo. But this is definitely not for me.
    • shiboleth
      I also liked Unleashed or Danny Boy (I'm not sure which title is the right one). That was an interesting film also written by Luc Besson. As for Kiss of the Dragon, that was one of the last films with Bridget Fonda. I still miss her since ...
      • I didn't watch Unleashed. In fact, the only Jet Li movies I've watched so far are Kiss of the Dragon and the One. Not fan of the actor, nor of the genre.
        • shiboleth
          Of course, I understand. It's not really my kind of actor either. But it was a film with Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins in it. So, I gave it a try. And it was interesting. A bit frantic, but still quite watchable ...
          • Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins...Two wonderful actors. I will try to watch it for sure.
  • Bill
    So in a few months she becomes best of the best... no.
      LOL...brave White lady fights harder than any Asian person ever...right...
  • shiboleth
    Why does it have to be white one to become best among them? It will be probably cool fighting, but eventually, the whole thing looks pointless. And of course, it must be a hot thing to watch women killing off each other ... For me, not really ...
    • Bo
      Yea, pretty pointless stuff, I agree. It seems to me we're being swamped with females kicking butts movies these days. Charlize Theron has one, Atomic Blonde coming soon. A female John Wick it looks like. It's funny, shiboleth. Just a bit over 30 yrs. ago I wrote a script about a female bounty hunter. My agent got it to the studios. It was well liked. I had many a meeting over's standard operational procedure in Hollywood... they all said they loved the story, the script, but wanted me to change the lead character from a female to a male!! I just laughed at them and told them the whole point of the script was that she's was a couldn't handle they didn't buy it and walked away...looks like things have changed and I was a bit ahead of the times back then...I have no start making those kinds of major changes to your work and you sell you soul to the, they probably still wouldn't have bought the damn script...they just like having meetings...god, I'm glad I walked away from all about that script was good and it would have been a good movie and it would have been the first one of its kind with a female lead bounty hunter. It wasn't meant to be and the likes of me was not meant to be playing the Hollywood game, that's for sure. And now we have this kind of, mate!
      • It's trendy... Just like the iPhone. I like movies featuring strong women, not some super powered girls who can knock out a 300 pounds guy with one swift punch. I can't buy it. Sorry. It just makes me laugh out loud for the ridiculousness of the situation, I would like to read your script one day Bo... ;D
        • Bo
          Trendy...yea...and just like the they are ridiculous as this really seems to be. Yet, Charlize Theron's upcoming Atomic Blonde might be okay...if you like that kind of John Wick stuff only with a good looking woman and a pretty good actress too. Well, it's not likely you'll get the chance to read my script, tarek, and not that one. It was okay for the day and my attempt to write something commercial. I've several others that are much, much better. One titled Drill Sgt. that was based on my experiences for two years in the Army as one. Sean Penn liked it a lot and back in like 1987 we met several times, but he was a weird dude and got pretty lame and pulled a no show on me for our what would be our last meeting. Hollywood, they are all the same even when you think and hope they won't be. I didn't like the guy, quite I got a lot of meetings and interest on my Drill Sgt. script, but Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket and the first third of that movie with the Marine D.I. killed my script dead...that's, I'm glad I got out of that horror show intact and survived to live another thanks for at least expressing interest in wanting to read my script, tarek. I appreciate that.
          • shiboleth
            To be honest, I was afraid to ask about the same thing. But I thought something like this would be your answer. All cool Bo. But, on the other side, it gets even more interesting to read your little life stories in this world of film business. A script and epopee in its own right. Keep cool, Bo ...
          • Bo
            Please, shiboleth, I would like you to not be afraid to ask me anything and hope I've presented myself in such a manner that you'd feel free to do so. And just what is an 'epopee'? Is that a misspelling or what? Please explain as I hate misunderstanding you point or
          • shiboleth
            Oh no, I am not really afraid, I just didn't want to be intrusive regarding question about your script. As for the epopee, I looked in dictionary and it says: something 'epic', and 'epic poem'. That's what your stories about the people and their behavior are in your descriptions; interesting stories with epic insights. Later ...
          • Bo
            I am like you in that I concern myself with making sure I'm not intrusive too...or crossing boundaries as we say shrink talk...I have to be careful as I'm so open and willing to discuss anything that sometimes people can be a bit shy and nervous around As far as my scripts, that would be cool if both you and tarek were to read them, but it's impossible. They are collecting dust in my closet and I'm not sure I even have anymore copies as I've no need anymore for anyone to read them. It'd be nice to share them with both you guys, but logistics, etc. ain't gonna let that happen. I guess I could have looked up epopee, and it's my bad, as I didn't even think it was a word and was a problem because English is not your first language. Guess it is a word, eh? And thank you so much for your wonderful complement, shiboleth. Peace.
      • shiboleth
        As said by tarek, it's trendy. And obnoxious at that, I guess. It makes me wonder about one of the statements that one of my friends made some time ago (which I never really accepted, but it makes me think from time to time). He said that feminism and all that movement for women's right is just another product of capitalism. As long as women produce themselves as a need and as a product, they are welcome and their rights will be protected, I guess that's the morale of that thinking. Of course, I am not referring here to your script that didn't have luck. I believe you had some real and genuine idea of a good story. I am talking about thinking which is trying to utilize everything that looks progressive, good or humane without really thinking about it. Using women in bloody fights is just ugly. I don't know what else to say. Cheers...
        • Bo
          Well said, shiboleth. Well, I raised a daughter who is now 48 yrs. old and I raised her to stand up and be equal and all that and not take crap from any man. No cheerleading on the sidelines while men play the game. It's a tough gig being a female human being. Especially in the USA culture. She turned out pretty good, I must say. She has had a tough time on dates as her perceptions on movies and the aesthetic awareness to enjoy all films even subtitled ones far surpasses the regular see, I took her to all the movies I wanted to see starting when she was very six or seven...even sub-titled ones which she could read. Then she and I discussed the films and I explained my take on them. She still, to this day, remembers all that. Man was she lucky. I would have liked to have had that experience as a kid gator.
          • shiboleth
            As for me, I have a daughter, too. She's only 14 but is also influenced by many films and books that, let's say, widen her sensibility beyond usual taste of her friends of the same age. Luckily, I don't have to encourage a lot of those since she does all that already by herself. Yeah, she has a lot of things in front of herself. But I believe she'll be brave and fine. And yeah, she likes to talk about many films and books we share. Which ensures me that she will look for more of such experiences in her future life too... Cheers ...
          • Bo
            Excellent, shiboleth. I must say, one of the great pleasures of my life has been and continues to be my relationship with my daughter. Sounds like you're on a similar journey. Enjoy it as it seems you're already doing so. Peace.
        • [... feminism and all that movement for women's right is just another product of capitalism] I don't agree with your friend. Feminism at its core is a noble cause. Alas some perverted this fight against the sexploitation and oversexualisation of women by "shallow" men. It became a fight against femininity. Extreme calls for extreme.
    • Chinese people always wait for the white dude to save them ( sic: The [dull] great wall. ). Go figure why...they should look for someone to save them from the white dude instead. ;D
      • shiboleth
        Man, that happens for too long...
      • Benjamin Berger
        I think you mean e.g. not sic.
        • Hey Benjamin. Thanks for your contribution. Actually, the use of [sic] instead of [i.e] or [e.g] was intentional, as [sic] is used to to draw attention to a quoted mistake. Or so is my understanding. Cheers.
  • TAH
    Looks awful but sexy. Awxy.
  • TheOct8pus
    Great title though....
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