First Trailer for Charlie McDowell's New Sundance Film 'The Discovery'

January 18, 2017
Source: YouTube

The Discovery Trailer

"There goes my heart…" Netflix has debuted a teaser trailer for Charlie McDowell's The Discovery, just a few days before this film premieres at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This film is listed as one of my most anticipated of the festival, and that doesn't change after seeing this teaser trailer, I'm still very excited for it. Jason Segel and Rooney Mara star, along with Robert Redford, in this film about a world where the afterlife is scientifically proven. The two reconnect and look back over their life and choices while the rest of the world struggles with the choice to kill themselves to "get there" or remain alive. This is a fantastic trailer - I love the music, and it sets up some seriously powerful moments. Can't wait to see this.

Here's the first official trailer for Charlie McDowell's The Discovery, direct from Netflix's YouTube:

The Discovery Movie

One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to "get there". A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife. The Discovery is directed by American filmmaker Charlie McDowell, of the acclaimed film The One I Love previously. The screenplay is written by Justin Lader and Charlie McDowell. The film is premiering at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival starting this week - it's one of our Most Anticipated films. Netflix will then be releasing McDowell's The Discovery straight to streaming starting March 31st this spring. Stay tuned for a review from Sundance. Who's interested in seeing this?

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  • I like the idea of this. Hopefully the afterlife is an energy based super consciousness, where our minds go afterwards. A biblical heaven would be boring, everyone that I'd like would most probably be in hell. It's weird, the christian church actually made suicide a sin after a cult started to try to get people to kill them so they could go to heaven and skip the 'life' part. It wouldn't have been too good for business if people adopted that attitude. :-)
  • RAW_D
    Wow. That trailer was definitely unnerving....well done! Color me intrigued!
  • Efterklang
    Great trailer, this looks really good. Another great thing about it is that we'll only have to wait 2 and a half months to see it!
    So many Netflix films as of late. Although they are often good, I am a bit afraid they will soon become a USA or TNT situation. Just churning out mediocre, inoffensive content.
  • shiboleth
    A good cast. I don't know about the idea. Don't like those afterlife things, look always a bit shallow comparing to a living period. Still, I'm planning to see this. So, yes, intrigued anyway ...
    • Bo
      It is a good cast, except I have a bit of a hard time with Mr. Segel. I just love Rooney Mara though. I find her fascinating and interesting to watch. I like how she behaves and presents whatever character she's portraying. She's a very interesting person/actress. I part with you regarding the idea, though, shiboleth. It's of interest to me how humans believe in an afterlife. It's all centered around their/our collective fear of death. We are the only animal who is aware that we are going to die and it horrifies us. Well, not me, but I've done a lot of work around that whole fear of death thing. So this film is of much interest to me and I've hopes that the subject is done well with some intelligence and thoughtfulness. We shall see. Cheers. P.S. Great choice of a song playing thru-out the trailer. Love my Roy Orbison!
      • shiboleth
        Hey Bo, sorry for late answers, I sometimes wish to think through what I want to say in return. Yeah, we agreed about Rooney Mara being very interesting actress (I guess, I finally wrote her name right) and partially, I have no problem with Jason Segel either. Although, I probably don't know as much as you do about him. But, regarding that idea, the afterlife and how people imagining it. Well, I think we have our divergences and convergences, I wouldn't believe there's some harsh parting in that respect. First of all, I am not a religious person, but I do think that history of religion has given humanity some idea about using its imagination. However, religious idea of afterlife is just one and not necessarily most interesting idea how to use that imagination. But what bothers me the most is the fact that most ideas related to the afterlife are connected to religious one and that's probably me expressing my doubts regarding the whole thing. And, at the same time, I am convinced, which is, I guess, close to what you say, that idea of afterlife is related to humans anxieties. And yeah, anxieties about the death, mostly. But comparing to you, for me is of mild interest, but still, I definitely agree with you, I hope it will be done 'with some intelligence and thoughtfullnes'. And cheers back, of course ...
        • Bo
          Hey, shiboleth...thanks for the reply...finally!! I was beginning to think, 'Jeez, is it something I said?' But nah, it's all cool shiboleth. I'm glad someone on this site 'thinks' before they post their stuff...and not surprised that it would be you who thinks first...of're right...I've much interest in human beings and their fear of death and how that effects their behavior lending towards serious violence towards one another in order to rid themselves of that fear. I see this fear as the biggest driving force of human beings and why they do what they do. Okay. Later gator. Peace.
          • shiboleth
            Hey Bo, No, there's nothing wrong you've said (and from what I know, I'm not sure if that's even possible), I just had too many things to do and on my mind these days, so I didn't want to write a hasty and pointless comment. Anyway, fear. huh. I am not sure if that is the main driving force but it definitely is important one. Especially nowadays, in times when people are making decisions (political and every other) hoping to reach to some point of security in their lives. Understandable, but I'm not quite sure if that's good enough. Rationalizing one's choice or fear is something really important too, so that's why I think people like to convince themselves they do things in a good and rational way. And collisions between their rationalizations and, let's say, their fears do lead, really, to violence. I do agree, that's interesting and a real interest for every thinking persons. I am just afraid there's not enough of those in this world. As for Jason Segel. Well, I saw a few films with him and not all of them that I wanted to see. He seemed to be solid in some of them, but I agree, he doesn't seem to be the top league. However, I find him a bit likable, I guess. No harm in that, of course. But through his work he'll have to prove himself better than he is now. He just fills that fun part in some films I like, I guess. Cheers Bo ...
          • Bo
            Thanks, as always, for your intelligent and interesting reply, shiboleth. To me, rationalization(s) come from fear. I suppose I've been heavily, and with conscious acceptance, influenced by Ernest Becker and his The Denial of Death...I also liked two other books of his, Escape From Evil and Angels In Armor...but The Denial of Death was his masterwork. Fear may not be the main driving force, but the denying of death certainly my most humble opinion, of course. Everything human beings do is done in order to deny death thru chasing immortality...and again...I believe all that comes from fear...the fear of death...all activities undertaken...all choices made...all are to deny keep one busy without thinking...of one's fear and creatureness...of denying one's puny existence in an overwhelming and often very violent Universe which to top if off is beyond comprehension and understanding. Whew! How about that? must tell you there are not many people on the planet, certainly none that I know, that are able to discuss the matter in this way that you and I are currently doing. It is again why I'm very interested in this film with Rooney Mara to see how the director and his cast dealt with such a heavy subject and if they were able to pull it off in an intelligence and engaging manner. We shall see. I'm apprehensive as I just don't think Segel has the chops...the gravitis...necessary for this weighty material. The director seemed to think so, but I'm not sure he didn't make a major casting error which will ruin his thoughtful movie for me. Cheers! P.S. I hope you realize I was just joking/teasing with my 'I hope it wasn't something I said'. I'm very comfortable in my discussions with you, shiboleth, and like not having to worry that I might say something to offend you. Later.
          • shiboleth
            Just to add a bit here, Bo. When I think of notion of rationalization, I think, for the purposes I wanted to clarify here, that reason is more useful in that sense. However, on the other hand, I agree,when it comes to the fear and especially, to the fear of death, people don't have enough weapons to neutralize it. And how could they? But then again, living only through that fear is very often a waiting for death. I certainly don't despise death, but I am trying not to fear it (which, at the same time is not embracing it, either, of course). I live toward it and against it. But yes, a lot of people is living through that fear. I often live feeling fear of life (not from it, of course) since I think I have a lot of good things to do that I still haven't done. And I keep on doing it. Writing a book is my last project. To reason and to imaginate (if I may use such a word since I really like it) about those things keep me going all the time. And yes, I have my reading itinerary very full and I just can't say when that book you are mentioning is going to come my way, but I'll put some effort in reading it. After your frequent mentioning it, I guess, I'll have to do something about it sometimes, right? As for the Segel, it's his problem, I just hope for the best and that the whole enterprise won't end up discouraging. I obviously don't know as much about him as you do. Although, secretly, I hope you won't be right this time... But, definitely, cheers, Bo ...
          • Bo
            It's can secretly like But the book or not...up to you...I only suggest it to people I find intelligent enough and interested enough in attempting to understand the human condition. Which ain't most P.S. And by the way...'imaginate'...very, very good. I don't believe I've ever heard usage of that word before...but I like it. Well done,
          • shiboleth
            Every good book, every good read is a treat, Bo. I take those things seriously. I talk to different people about different books and respect their choices very much. Some of them proved to be something very good. Others not, but if I have chosen to read them, I did it with purpose. Anyway, your valuable suggestion is taken also seriously, and you are not any exception. Note about your book taken and not forgotten. As for Segel, no, I'm not overexited about him, I just like a guy a bit. But also, as said, you might be also right. There are some stars that shine in your eyes for some time, but maybe, this will be also only temporarily... Yeah, to imaginate sounds nice. I compare it to one of the words in Croatian language and tried to find the word with the same meaning in English. To imaginate just seemed legit. Nice that you like it. Cheers...
          • Bo
            I've no vested interest in whether you read Becker or not, shiboleth. I simply do not go there when I mention a book during an appropriate related discussion. I think it's one of the most important books on the subject of death and the human condition ever written, but so what? It's dealing with a very difficult subject matter that few have the courage to investigate so I certainly don't suffer or become emotionally involved as to if people embrace the subject matter or not. You certainly appear to have a pretty good dosage of interest in these matters and I enjoy discussing them with you. Look, Segel...he's of absolutely of no import to me and am suffering from giving him so much air time or my precious energy discussing poor sod..I'm sure he's a decent and nice So I shall attempt to imaginate that he doesn't even exist and forget that he ever joking and having a bit of a joke here, shiboleth. Peace.




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