First Trailer for Global Disaster Movie 'Geostorm' with Gerard Butler

March 8, 2017
Source: YouTube

Geostorm Movie Trailer

"In the future, the technology that controls the weather, controls the world." Warner Bros has debuted the first official teaser trailer for the disaster movie titled Geostorm, which follows in the footsteps of movies like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow by presenting a scenario where the entire world is being destroyed by a massive destabilization of our climate. Gerard Butler stars as the hero who has to save the day entire world by going into space to try and fix the problem. The full cast includes Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, with Oscar nominees Ed Harris and Andy Garcia. Thankfully this first teaser trailer doesn't hold back on shots of the destruction, but as always, I'm hoping there's an interesting story to follow here or this is going to be forgotten. The weather control concept seems so cheesy.

Here's the first official trailer for Dean Devlin's Geostorm, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube:

Geostorm Movie

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong—the system built to protect the Earth is attacking it, and it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything…and everyone along with it. Geostorm is both written and directed by Dean Devlin, a veteran producer and writer making his feature directorial debut with this movie, after directing a few episodes of "Leverage" and "The Librarians" previously. The screenplay is co-written by Dean Devlin and Paul Guyot. Warner Bros will release Devlin's Geostorm in theaters everywhere starting on October 20th, 2017 later this fall. Interested in seeing this?

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  • SteadyEddieTX
    Well we haven't a good World destruction movie in a long time...good time fun.
  • Hollywood is destroying us every year with at least two world destruction. It's becoming boring.
    • SillySock
      Then don't watch them
      • Nice advice. You saved my life captain obvious.
        • SillySock
          You're welcome Admiral Moron
          • Oops. Sorry. I've flayed your name captain Bobvious.
          • grimjob
            Oh shit, is that Bob?!
          • Bob is like the flu. Same virus with different coats
          • SillySock
            Poor Bob...stole his name...created monster legacy...and you idiots play along like puppets
          • SillySock
            Admiral Moron...go read up on boxing.
    • grimjob
      They always seem to come in pairs...
      • the force is with you.
  • Payne by name
    Empty destruction porn assembled only because someone discovered a neat way of creating a tsunami/tornado/mudslide/electrical storm on a computer. Like 2012 it will have situations and characters that are so stereotypical and paper thin that you won't care whether they live or die. And like porn, once you blown your wad on the first glory scene it will all seem suddenly so silly that you'll just switch off. At least they've displayed originality on the trailer song and not gone down the now clichéd modern 'unplugged' cover version of an old classic. Oh wait...
    • So true...Well said.
    • I'm so tired of it...I think it "worked" one time. As soon as I heard the slow sad voice, I hit mute and just watched the visuals.
  • The end oft the world, will probably be slow and quite boring. Wonder if it's some kind of weather terrorism that will be the plot twist?
  • shiboleth
    It doesn't look good. But my wife likes disaster films and Gerard Butler, so...
    • SillySock
      maybe she should post here and you go troll somewhere else
      • shiboleth
        Oh, come on, and what would you do then? Besides, she encourages me when she sees your posts ...
        • SillySock
          She knows a real man when she sees one...everyone knows she's your beard
        • SillySock
          Tell your wife my shlong is ready for some serious safe word this time
    • Bo
      Wow, that's gotta be tough, shiboleth. Especially since I was going to post that anything, anything...with Gerard Butler in it has got to be pretty lame. You must your!
      • shiboleth
        Well, Bo, don't you worry, she's pretty aware of all that. It's not like she goes and watches everything with him. She's, in fact, very rational and interesting. And yes, she likes to indulge herself sometimes (and who doesn't, right) with many things and since I like and love her, I have no problems with following her. But, mostly, as said,it's all very thought through. So, my post is a bit overstretched wishful thinking and nothing more. Of course, this is another cliche, what else could it be. Anyway, Hollywood these days looks like it could throw a atomic bomb on people and than make a film about it just to resolve its creative emptiness and thirst for projects that brings money ...
        • Bo
          Good post, shiboleth. Weird how the real trolls accuse others of being one, isn't it? I had a pretty good hunch you were in a good relationship. Excellent for you and her. And yes, the atomic bomb analogy fits and what upset the real troll old Yale school rich boy friend of mine once said about America that the U.S. would sell you the new rope to hang them out of control capitalism,'ll be the death of us all. Capitalism is's just the greedy human beings who abuse it that's the problem...thus really stupid, low brow movies to pilfer the masses of their money...which they eagerly and willingly part with. How weird is that? Cheers. And peace. And good luck with the troll. We all know who he is and Alex will be blocking him again sometime soon. Peace.
          • shiboleth
            Hey Bo! Someone once said that it's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. It was mostly referred to Hollywood films and all possible dystopian narratives. I do understand all the problematic about capitalism and I think it's loosing its validity. It was always, in the eyes of many, meant to be some guarantee of individual freedom and success, but more and more, I think it wears off what was ever meant good about it. In short, alternative is needed and I hardly believe that capitalism has anymore in itself the strength to present it. Which is a problem, of course, not a solution. However, I was born in a system which believed that can cure all the malaise of capitalism (and for some time, that project looked promising. But, besides it's democratic failures, from today's perspective it is not clear what it was: whether a missed opportunity, a bad idea or just another clandestine idea of (state) capitalism. So, no solutions there either. Who knows, may somewhere in between ... As for the trolls, I think there's a saying which says: haters gonna hate, right? So, derivative and immature as they are, they should only worry about themselves, I stopped thinking about their worries a long time ago ... Cheers Bo ...
          • Bo
            Well said, you're last paragraph. As well as your thoughts on capitalism and as I've always said the problem seems to me to be greedy and self centered human condition issues where the rich want more and could care less about the poor and even take advantage of them to get more. Ugly stuff. I am curious as to what system you grew up in that tried to cure the malaise of capitalism...but ultimately failed, you say? This is in Croatia?
          • shiboleth
            Hey Bo, sorry for being late a bit. Yes, Croatia. Well, the system was socialistic one and that was during the times when Croatia was a part of bigger state, until 1990, called Yugoslavia (which you definitely knew something about). In their understanding (Yugoslav socialists), they were more socialists than communists since communism is a state of human society that has to be reached and achieved. Why is this important? Since getting there also meant an array of modernizing measures in society. So, Yugoslavia had its own merit of industrializing society, introducing welfare state, organizing a lot social services that were nonexistent after WWII, securing some civil rights (not all of them, obviously) like those of women's rights (giving them possibility to be part of of political process and to be included in creating public policies;, and also Yugoslavia had one of the most liberal law on abortion and woman's health not only among socialist states but also in the world. Besides all that, Yugoslavia was build on strong anticapitalist views and ideas which differed from many other socialist states. Namely, it had its own ideas of including workers and employers in the process of business, politico-economical and political decision making. I think that English word for that word was autogestion. But the whole thing started to change from the late 1960s when Yugoslavia started to be more and more also an touristic country and where a lot of strangers form Western countries came to enjoy there holidays (especially on Adriatic Coast). That brought a lot of new problems for an socialist country for which it was not prepared such as: mingling customs and views of Western, capitalist, population and local, socialist, population; a lot of foreign money (coming in other, capitalist, currencies - not only in the hand of state banks but also in the hand of local population); and, as a consequence, a need for services that are not only for socialist people but also for Westerners. So, those elements created a confusing situation for Yugoslavia in its last ten or twenty years of its existence and made some parts of it (Adriatic Coast is mainly part of Croatia) more developed and Westernized than some others (Slovenia had also its own share, maybe even more than Croatia - which brought you Melania in the White House). And that (not only that, but also that) started to produce more and more differences that ended with dissolving Yugoslavia. But those last two decades of Yugoslavia produced also an interesting hybrid of social, economic and political ingredients of the system (a socialist modernization against or with Western one) that were very progressive in many respects and were, in fact, very competitive not only for capitalism but also for crude socialism as well. In a way, it seems, from today's perspective, like a missed opportunity to develop a better system of social, economical or political life than ever before. Some kind of enlightenment in itself that was not strong enough to grow better and stronger. Anyway, sorry for overstretching the argument, but that was that alternative that was happening and was a subject that was a problem for the whole society, not just populations but also socialist politicians had hard time to resolve all that what was happening at that time. As we know today, they were not very good at that ... So, in this lengthy excurse on the subject, you've got, hopefully, some of your answer. Cheers Bo ...
          • SillySock
            hahahahah "blocking him again" I've never once been blocked....hahahahahahah That is LITERALLY the funniest and dumbest thing you've said and that's saying something
    There he is! ...There he goes!
  • Josh
    Literally Skynet?
  • Keithist
    Wow. hopefully they work on that CGI, looks cheap. Also, surprise surprise, another trailer with ambient goth chick singing a cover. Inception horn of the last year.
    • Sean Murphy
      Couldn't agree more the CG stood out as, please do a LOT more work on that. Felt very Sharknado
  • grimjob
    Reason #1 to see this: Ed Harris Reason #2 to see this: ...
    • Astroboy3000
      I hope Ed Harris plays the storm.
      • Nethanel DeCarmo
        Lol I spat my food out reading this
      • grimjob
        Well played mi hermano.
  • backwardsprogress
    Nope.... Not gonna happen.
  • Oriyan J. Ovadia
    Why I get the feeling I've seen this movie already?
  • GeoSharkStorm?
  • Cyberdine
    Another end-of-the-world disaster film?! I guess it pays to make garbage.
  • Astroboy3000
    anyone else tired of the breathy, acoustic cover version of classic song on a movie trailer thing yet?
    • Chris St
      What is that song?
      • Astroboy3000
        What a wonderful world By Louis Armstrong
  • Lagoya
    "Gerard Butler stars as the hero who has to save the entire world by going into space to try and fix the problem." After reading this line I'm sold!
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  • jack19751
    No thank you.




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