First Trailer for Indie 'Una' Starring Rooney Mara & Ben Mendelsohn

January 2, 2017
Source: YouTube

Una Movie Trailer

"This is my life! I had to fight for this…" A trailer has debtued for an indie drama adapted from a stage play called "Blackbird". The film is titled Una and premiered at the Telluride & Toronto Film Festivals last year to mixed reviews. Rooney Mara stars as a troubled young woman who comes to a man's work to confront him about their past, and things get a little crazy. Ben Mendelsohn also stars, and the cast includes Riz Ahmed in a small role, as well as Tobias Menzies and Tara Fitzgerald. While some critics flipped for this film, I found it utterly boring, and it feels way too much like a stage play and not at all like a film (taking place mostly in one drab location). It doesn't work well as a film, but that's just my own take. Have a look.

Here's the first official trailer for Benedict Andrews' Una, direct from YouTube (via TFS):

Una Movie Poster

When a young woman (Rooney Mara) unexpectedly shows up at an older man's (Ben Mendelsohn) workplace, looking for answers, the dark secrets of the past threaten to unravel his new life. Their confrontation will uncover buried memories and unspeakable desires. It will shake them both to the core. Una is directed by filmmaker Benedict Andrews, an Australian theater director making his feature directorial debut in cinema. The screenplay is written by David Harrower, based on his own play titled "Blackbird". The film first premiered at the Telluride, Toronto and London Film Festivals in late 2016. Una is still searching for a US distributor to release the film, and has no official release date yet. Your thoughts?

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  • shiboleth
    It might be as good as acting in it is. Two leads make it intriguing in that respect for me from this trailer ...
    • Happy New Years Shiboleth, all the best for 2017.
      • shiboleth
        Thanks. The same goes for you ...
    • Happy new year. ;D
      • shiboleth
        Happy new year to you, too, tarek. Nice to have you another year around ...
    • Bo
      I agree, shiboleth. I had to disagree with our mutual friend, tarek, above with regard to Rooney Mara. I love her work. I certainly find the subject matter of this film important and intriguing and as you say, both the leads are very good actors. Tough material to pull off and the way they have constructed it story-wise, etc. will have a lot to do as to whether they have done so successfully. Cheers.
      • shiboleth
        Hey Bo! Well, I guess, we both know tarek. And I must say it's a genuine pleasure to agree or disagree with him on so many passionate film topics. Which can be also applied to both of us, I believe. And this time, I agree with you about Rooney Mara (what an interesting name) and I expect some good things from her in this film. But remains to be seen. Although, I don't doubt that she will try to do good ... Enjoy yourself, Bo ...
        • Bo
          I will enjoy myself, thank you shiboleth. I always try to, especially in these trying times of insanity here in the good ole USA. I do indeed like Ms. Mara and appreciate her choices of material. This is a very difficult subject to take on and it remains to be seen if the play they adapted for this film and the film itself serve the subject matter well or not. I applaud them all for the attempt, for sure, as it at least will be an intelligent (hopefully) and mature attempt to take a look at a sexual behavior/experience that's complex and controversial, to say the least. Cheers!
          • shiboleth
            Well, Bo, crazy times are not happening only in US but also in Europe. Let's hope things won't get much more exciting in bad ways. But, from my perspective, inactivity of people in needed areas of life has brought us all to this. Which is just my opinion, anyway. As for Ms. Mara and the subject of the film. Yes, that's one interesting but also demanding subject, Which is why I have said it also requires strong leads. I agree with you, if the whole thing rest on likes like Kate Mara, it should be good. As you say, later gator (that comes from Wally Gator, an old cartoon, right?) ...
          • Bo
            Just to point out, in this film it's Rooney Mara...not her sister Kate...who I also kinda like, but not quite as much as I do Rooney. I just find Rooney Mara fascinating as an actress and seem unable to take my eyes off her when she's in a film. It's not a sexual fascination or attraction along the lines of say Jessica Alba or Diane Kruger, although she is attractive in her own unique way. I just think her presence and emotional life and expression of that life is brilliant. As far as the inactivity of people in needed areas...I don't know about that, shiboleth. There seems to be many doing just that, but I'm not sure anyone knows what the hell they're doing these days. There's no doubt ignorance and unconsciousness is fighting for dominance. To me, the only thing one can do is to disengage from the madness and cultivate consciousness and awareness in order not to add to the madness that's running amok in today's world. I've also no clue as to where 'later gator' comes from or why I even use've not heard of this Wally Gator you speak of, but if you think that's where the saying came from you're probably right. Cheers!
          • @disqus_yyq0lnHEEt:disqus o, @shiboleth:disqus Here is what I found on the "see u later gator" : “See you later, alligator” is a catchphrase, an expression meaning “goodbye.” The words are taken from a popular rock-and-roll song of the fifties. It was written by a Cajun from my area of Louisiana and made famous by the group, Bill Haley & His Comets. The song refers to what the singer’s girlfriend says to him when she leaves him for another man. But, when the girlfriend changes her mind and wants to return to the singer, it is also what he says to her. The expression became very popular with my generation and is more like “see you later” than “goodbye.” It was often shortened to “later gator” and the response was “in a while crocodile.” Among the young GIs who had been stationed in Germany, it became “später gator.” (by a poster named dancingbear)
          • Bo
            Well, well...thank you very much, did some heavy research, did you?, now that you mention it, I've remembered the 'later gator' being answered with 'after while crocodile'...not 'in a while'.. which for some reason doesn't work quite as well as 'after while'....hmmmmmmmm....Bill Haley & is it His Comets or The Comets? hmmmmm....I remember them from my childhood along with Buddy Holly...Ritchie Valens (Oh Donna) and of course Elvis. Then one year out of high school first Dylan came along...thank the gods...and then the Beatles and the Stones, etc. etc. etc. and I grew my hair long and smoked dope and dropped acid and etc. etc. gator...
          • shiboleth
            Oh really, yes, you are right. I wasn't careful about that. It's Rooney, not Mara (although, I still like her name). I still don't understand what made me to replace Mara with Rooney. I guess, I was not paying attention enough what I write. But I like very much what you wrote about her, she (Rooney) is very specific; she seems very intuitive and perceptive in her approach to acting. As an actress and as an person (which, honestly, I don't know much about but I think there's something of personality that reflects on the work of actress or actor) she does emit something a bit hypnotic. Interesting person and actress, I definitely agree with that. As for the other thing, I was thinking of inactivity of, I guess, more sane and decent people than those who occupy public space nowadays. The ones you described so well. I don't know what to reply to that and how to do it in a short manner, but I do take course of your strategy as well and am trying just to bypass the craziness and immaturity and obvious ignorance of the people who occupy a place lot of discussions, of making decisions or just of conversations which determine our lives. That's what worries me. I retreat from that, of course, since I don't need and don't want a conflict which is so often the only option for communication among so many people today, but more and more situations and decisions of others do determine our lives. I guess, we have to be wise, I guess, over and over again and go on with our way of living, thinking and acting. And that might just work, I hope in this world that is slowly loosing its normal course. Cheers from here too ...
          • Bo
            Excellent post, always. I chuckle because her name is Rooney Mara and her sister's name is Kate Mara. I don't know what you were going on about in the beginning of your post replacing Mara with Rooney, both of their last names are it? As for the latter...yea, whatever works. I've found that toxic people and interaction with them can leave a residue of that toxicity, so I simply avoid those situations to the best of my ability. It's of no use anyway as it just 'hitting one's head against the wall'...righto cheerio? Let's see if you or tarek can come up with where the heck 'righto cheerio' came always...Cheers!
          • shiboleth
            I did manage to look funny, didn't I? Well, things just happen sometimes. So, I give up playing smart on this one, Bo. Or, I'll mix up something else ... Cheers, of course ...
          • Bo
            You're cool...all is fine...and cheers!
  • This looks grim. Riz Ahmed is smashing it at the moment, he's always good too.
    • Did you watch "Night of"? A must watch mini tv series
      • I watched the first episode, but heard it was really good. Still need to catch up on that one. My wife watched it and really liked John Turturro's character.
    Maybe a case of trying too hard.
  • Rooney Mara is as expressive as Kristen Stewart.
    • Bo
      Gotta part company with you on this one too, tarek. Didn't we do that over Isabelle Huppert vs. Jodie Foster for crissakes? I happen to think Rooney Mara is one of our best young actresses working today. She's intelligent and picks interesting projects and I find her fascinating to watch. Not so much Kristen Stewart, but I still find Ms. Stewart talented and interesting to watch. Both are much better, in my book, of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. Cheers.
      • Hey Bo! I know, I know... ;D I didn't change my mind on Isabelle Hupert. I still find her style too predictable and monochrome. I watched Elle and found it exasperating at time. Because of her play. She looked more deranged than disturbed. Jennifer Lawrence? Pretty face...
        • Bo
          At least you went to see Elle and that's a good thing. Exasperated at times, eh? Well, it's a different kind of movie and although I wasn't exasperated I can understand that reaction...just at times, though. We could discuss the deranged vs. disturbed look until the cows come home. I say that because I'm not too sure she was disturbed as that was one point the whole film was making. As to Ms. Lawrence and pretty face, that's debatable, but I get your point/reaction re: her. Later gator...I'm shutting down now to watch the Rose Bowl and USC vs. Penn State. Take care, man.
  • RAW_D
    Way way WAY too heavy a movie for me. Being a father, I can't handle this subject matter anymore.




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