First Trailer for 'The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One' Movie

April 10, 2017
Source: YouTube

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Trailer

An intriguing trailer has launched for a new sci-fi movie series titled The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One (or, vice versa, as Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child) from Australian filmmaker Shane Abbess. Described as an "adrenaline-fueled sci fi adventure", the story takes place in the future in a time of interplanetary colonization, about a father who has to rescue a young woman amidst a global crisis. The full cast includes Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Isabel Lucas, Luke Ford, Rachel Griffiths, Temuera Morrison, Bren Foster, Dwaine Stevenson, and Teagan Croft. As much as I was expecting this to look cheesy or too low budget, it actually looks pretty damn good, with some impressive visual effects and an interesting story. I don't know if the movie is any good, but I'm very curious about checking this out.

Here's the first trailer for Shane Abbess' Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child, on YouTube:

Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child

Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child

Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonisation, Sy (Kellan Lutz), a mysterious drifter, meets Kane (Daniel MacPherson), a lieutenant working for an off-world military contractor, EXOR. The unlikely pair must work together to rescue Kane’s young daughter (Teagan Croft) and reach safety amid an impending global crisis which was brought on by EXOR itself. Teaming up with a pair of renegades (Luke Ford and Isabel Lucas), Kane and Sy clash with EXOR in an attempt to escape while battling the savage creatures that roam the barren planet. Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child is directed by Australian filmmaker Shane Abbess, of the films Infini and Gabriel previously. The screenplay is written by Shane Abbess and Brian Cachia. Surprisingly this is not based on a book or anything else. This film first premiered at Fantastic Fest last fall. Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child will open in theaters in Australia in April, but still has no US release date set yet. Stay tuned. Who's curious about this? Thoughts?

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  • Actors look bland. Dialogues sound forgettable. I have no clue on what was going on. Still, I will be watching this.
    • Bo
      Will you really? After saying the actors look bland?...they are...and the dialogue is forgettable? I told shiboleth above, my only interest was in 'who's the blonde gal'?...not the kid...the woman...who is she? I'm curious as she stood out for me...not so curious that I'll be watching this,
      • My tolerance threshold is higher than yours when it comes to sci-fi. Mine is lower when it comes to romcom, even if the sexiest gal on earth is starring in it. ;D
        • Bo
 enough...fair enough...
    • RAW_D
      On cable right? You meant to say on cable? Tell me you wouldn't spend money in the theater to watch this....
      • Of course not. on Youtube. ;D I go to the movies 3 or 4 times a year. So I must be sure I won't regret it. Well...Sometimes I get fooled ( The Hobbit ).
    Looks pretty decent. Probably as good as those YA dystopian movies...something RUNNER...
  • shiboleth
    It does like it has some standards. For decent watching of forgetful action packed sf. Which much count for something, I guess ...
    • Bo
      Well, I only thing of interest to me was who's the blonde? Not the little girl...the woman...who's that blonde gal? Other than that it all seemed rather derivative to me. Cheers, shiboleth.
      • shiboleth
        And that is what I was referring to. Standard and derivative entertainment at some point, that's all. Blond, huh? Hm, she must be something, right? Will check it out ...
      • Efterklang
        That's Isabel Lucas.
        • Bo
          You're right. Thanks for revealing that. I know who she is and didn't recognize her for some odd reason. Thanks again.
    • BigJohnson
      "Which much count for something, I guess ..." contradiction man...always saying opposite things in the same sentence.
      • shiboleth
        Thanks, I changed it. Just slipped by somehow. Thanks again ...
  • RAW_D
    The plot doesn't make sense, but WHOOO WEEEE doesn't it look pretty! Also, is the title Russian? Cause it doesn't translate.... I may put it on someday, when there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH. D@mn I wish there was something with a decent sci-fi universe other than Star Wars. And even that franchise is starting to show it's a bit worse for wear...
    • Firefly was a good start for a decent space opera franchise. Serenity was damn good.
      • RAW_D
        Yeah, I was referring more to stand-alone movies. Television has recently upped the ante thanks to The Expanse and Dark Matter, so we're taken care of there. But Firefly is definitely a classic for me. Serenity held much more meaning the second time I watched it AFTER seeing the series.
        • The Expanse was a really good surprise for me. I didn't expect that level of quality. I'm waiting for the season 2 eagerly.
  • BigJohnson
    Weapons grade bad
  • It looks like a 7 and after watching it i think it will become a 5... Its still annoying to me that the best science fiction writer Dan Simmons doesn't have one single story on the big screen...
    • The best Sci-F writer? Ahem... Philip K.Dick? Clifford D.Simak? Theodore Sturgeon? Robert A.Heinlein? Frederic brown? Robert Silverberg? Cordwainer Smith? ... ;D
      • hmmm didn't all read one of them, but did you read Dan Simmons?
        • I tried once to read Hyperion, but didn't have the chance to get through its first chapter. I am no longer the reader I used to be when I was younger.
          • Lagoya
            Hyperion is the best thing I have ever read... Ever.
          • Well, I will give it a try once I'll finish GOT series. When ypu say it's the best thing you've ever read, does that mean that you've read lot of sci-fi books and that hyperion was the best, or that you've read dozen books and found that hyperion was the best?
          • Lagoya
            I have read many Sci-sci fi books - Philip K Dick, Alfred Bester, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke etc but I still have many more to go. Nothing has come close to the epic-ness of Hyperion. The characters, the story telling and the universe that Dan Simmons has created is nothing short of breathtaking. Also Ready Player One comes a close second, I literally couldn't put that book down.
          • I'm sold. I'm ready to go for the ride. i love epic space opera in the like of Dune. I tried Asimov's Foundation and fell asleep. What's wrong with me?
          • True said... Soooo good and made by a genius...




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