Full Theatrical Trailer for Hand-Painted Van Gogh Film 'Loving Vincent'

August 4, 2017
Source: Apple

Loving Vincent Trailer

"You're not going to stir things up again, are you?" Good Deed Entertainment has launched a theatrical trailer for the upcoming release of the film Loving Vincent, the very special hand-painted film telling the story of famed Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. We've already featured a few trailers for this last year, but with a release date set for September they're finally giving this a stronger marketing push. The voice cast includes Aidan Turner, Saoirse Ronan, Eleanor Tomlinson, Helen McCrory, Chris O'Dowd and Douglas Booth. To top it off, the film features a score by the one-and-only Clint Mansell. I really love this animation, it's so unique and I'm still totally impressed they actually hand painted every single frame individually (behind-the-scenes here). I hope the film is as beautiful as the paintings. Can't wait to see this.

Here's the full-length trailer (+ poster) for Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman's Loving Vincent, on Apple:

Loving Vincent Poster

You can still see the original trailers for Loving Vincent from last year here, for even more footage from this.

Loving Vincent is a hand-painted animation feature film, looking into the mystery of Vincent Van Gogh's death, told through the medium of his paintings. "Well, the truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings," wrote Vincent Van Gogh in his last letter. Loving Vincent is hand-painted biopic film co-directed by painter Dorota Kobiela & filmmaker Hugh Welchman, from a screenplay also written by Kobiela & Welchman. The film features art hand-painted by artists in the style of Vincent Van Gogh to tell his story. The score is being composed by Clint Mansell. For more info on the film, head to their official website here. The film first premiered at the Annecy Animation Film Festival this summer. Good Deed will release Loving Vincent in select theaters starting September 22nd this fall. Still looking forward to this?

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  • shiboleth
    I am not sure about this painterly transposition, but I just might want to see it. Looks better than first trailer ...
  • Bo
    I much prefer live action films so this is nothing more to me than a gimmick and I've no interests in gimmicks. I suppose if you're not seen the great film Lust For Life with Kirk Douglas playing Van Gogh and Anthony Quinn as Gauguin or Vincent and Theo directed by Robert Altman with a great performance by Tim Roth as Van Gogh you might have interest in this movie, but I'd highly suggest viewing those two great films if you've interest in Van Gogh's life.
    • ambskater997
      Then say goodbye to watching any movie ever. Everything has a gimmick, kid.
      • Bo
        Nonsense, and you know it! What's with this 'kid'? I'm probably old enough to be your grandpa!
      • Bo
        Nonsense, and you know it! What's with this 'kid'? I'm probably old enough to be your grandpa! p.s. And I get what you mean by every movie has a gimmick, but you know and I know that you know what I mean. Come on, kid! Stop trying to be cute and respect your'm not some dumb fanboy.
        • Charles Knowlton
          Then don't talk like one.
          • Bo
            Why are you jumping in here, Charles? Who the hell do you think you are to treat me in such a manner just because I hold a different opinion and perspective on a film under discussion here. You really are coming across as a petulant, immature and insecure child, Charles. I've no further interest in any dialogue with you and your grade school playground idiotic insults. Grow up, man. I'm done with you and have blocked you. Your behavior over silly movies is pathetic, dude!
          • Charles Knowlton
            You probably won't read this, because I'm blocked and I deserve it, but if you do, I went too far, was an grade-A A-hole and I apologize. Some things just get under my skin and calling a movie, that MAY be different then all the other terrible movies out there a "gimmick" before it even gets out just seems really unfair. These days it isn't the movie that determines box office success, it is internet "buzz". I should never, EVER drink before posting. Again, sorry.
        • ambskater997
          That's sweet, kid. You're adorable.
          • Bo
            Does this make you feel better? If it does you're in deep poop, bud. I am amazed at the level of immaturity you so willingly reveal. I tried to be joking with you while communicating but your insecurity and immaturity is too much on the level of a 5th grader on the playground for me to continue. Grow up, bud!
    • Charles Knowlton
      Some people would love to see more films other than the standard usual superhero remake, the standard, usual CGI "blockbuster", the standard, usual teen sex comedy, the standard, usual gross-out comedy.... I could go on and on about the junk Hollywood churns out every week. So it's frustrating when something JUST A BIT different gets panned right away by bloggers. Have an open mind for a damned second. "gimmick" Jesus. This is why so many films suck Bo.
      • Bo
        I agree with you, Charles. Totally. However, just because something isn't the usual junk and is just a bit difference doesn't mean one has to fall over grateful and praise it. I thought I made myself pretty clear in a mature and intelligent manner regarding the gimmick of this film to present it in a badly done manner trying to look like Van Gogh's work. I didn't respond to the gimmick and still don't. I hardly think we need to praise and fall for gimmick stuff just because it's not the ordinary junk fare. Please, stop with this immature suggesting to have an open mind. One might suggest to you to equally not be so easily fooled by gimmick nonsense and lose your critical faculties. I stand by my post and suggestion of watching the two Van Gogh movies that are actually very good films and not fall for this silly and childish gimmick of emulating Van Gogh's work with sub-par animation. Come on, man.
    • Butchy Butch
      IT IS a gimmick. I was tired of it by the end of the trailer. Executing this idea during the entire movie is just pointless, waste of time and effort.
      • Bo
        Thank you, Sir!! you can see I'm taking a bit of heat for expressing what you and I easily were able to ascertain about this gimmicky movie from the fanboys below. My god, the immaturity of being unable to hear and think about differing opinions stated regarding films is staggering...and embarrassing. It seems to me to be the obvious uncritical acceptance typical of the herd mentality in all its raging glory... and where ignorance and the insistence of remaining ignorant flourishes wishing that acceptance without criticism. Cheers and thanks again for your response. It's much appreciated as an intelligent counter to herd thinking.
    MOST MOST excited for Clint's score.
  • Bo
    So am I, especially when I read silly posts like this. There's a lot of fanboy immaturity here that simply cannot handle an intelligent opinion on films. I think you and others who are whining about my correct assessment of this silly movie are being a bit disingenuous with this 'all movies have gimmicks' argument. This whole cheap and badly done animation looking like Van Gogh's work is a cheap money making gimmick. If you can't see that and are angered by that assessment then you need to grow up. This protection of your herd mentality opinion and designation of this site as being of that is embarrassing. Grow up and learn something from differing opinions instead of shutting down with immature defensive retaliation protecting your ego.
  • Brian Preble
    I cannot speak to the merits or flaws in a film that has not yet been released. But I will say this -- anyone who dismissed it out of hand for being "just a gimmick" is just as guilty as those ignorant villagers who murdered Van Gogh with their actions. (Driving someone to suicide is murder.)
    • Bo
      That's ridiculous. It's a gimmick and if one can't see that than what more is there to say? You have your reaction of respect for something that my reaction thinks is silly and light weight and just a dumb gimmick. You have a problem with that is a problem you need to address. I've no problem with your reaction to this kind of stuff. And just as guilty as villagers who murdered Van Gogh? Really?'s a bit over the top and so stupid as it totally wipes any credibility you might have ever had it you ever had any. Grow up, Brian. People disagree with you and aren't murderers because they've got to show this to some of my fellow filmmakers and critics and actors and writers. Your post is
      • Brian Preble
        Bo, you appear to be confused. I never claimed that people who don't agree with me are murderers. I said the population of the town Van Gogh lived in were. They drove him to commit suicide. That is murder, and has been upheld by the courts as such. As to it being a gimmick? Perhaps, but no more than any other form of animation, or color and sound for that matter. Original movies were silent and black & white. Should color TV, stereo speakers, HD, etc. never have been invented just because they were "gimmicks"?
  • "You want to know so much about his death...but what do you know about his life?" UGH. While the art (literally) being applied to each frame is pretty interesting in itself, this does not a good movie make. But I respect the originality of doing something like this, I'm just concerned that the time and effort might've been more concentrated in that rather than script, story and execution.




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