Must Watch: Final Trailer for James Mangold's 'Logan' Wolvie Movie

January 19, 2017
Source: YouTube

Logan Movie Trailer

"She's like you. Very much like you." 20th Century Fox has unveiled a final, incredible full-length trailer for James Mangold's Logan, the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman as the mutant superhero. Logan is set in 2024 on the Mexican border, following an aging Wolverine and Professor X, played again by Patrick Stewart, as they struggle with mental issues. Also starring Boyd Holbrook, Doris Morgado, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Stephen Merchant and Eriq La Salle, along with Dafne Keen as the young mutant known as X-23. This is Jackman's 9th time playing Wolverine, commonly known as Logan though his original name is James Howlett. This looks seriously badass and gritty and awesome and emotional. I'm excited to catch the film at its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival next month. Until then, fire this up.

Here's the final official trailer (+ poster) for James Mangold's Logan, direct from Fox's YouTube:

And here's an alternate red band version of the same final trailer for Logan, also found on YouTube:

Logan Movie Poster

You can still watch the first teaser trailer for Mangold's Logan here, for even more footage from this.

Set in the future of 2024, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier must cope with the loss of the X-Men when a corporation lead by Nathaniel Essex is destroying the world leaving it to destruction, with Logan's healing abilities slowly fading away and Xavier's Alzheimer's forcing him to forget. Logan must defeat Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine. Logan is once again directed by American filmmaker James Mangold (on Twitter @mang0ld), of the last Wolvie movie The Wolverine, as well as Girl, Interrupted, Kate & Leopold, Identity, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma and Knight and Day previously. The screenplay is written by Michael Green & David James Kelly. 20th Century Fox will release Mangold's Logan in theaters everywhere March 3rd coming up. Going to see this opening night?

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  • Oriyan J. Ovadia
    Kinda bummed, was expecting a Wolverine movie, seems it splits the screen time with a kid. I hope it wont turn out as Furious Furiousa (Mad Max). But the trailer does seem like fun.
      Almost will certainly be a Logan centric movie. The kid will probably used for comedic effect and shock'n'awe.
  • Efterklang
    Looks ok, the girl is the most interesting part.
  • kitano0
    I think this looks great... well, "badass, gritty, awesome, and emotional" sums it up nicely...
  • MAWG
    Professor X has a potty mouth! I'm liking this but not looking forward to explaining to my son why it might not be suitable for him! 😉
    • Mr. Nice Guy
      Its just an F bomb! I really think you can bring your kid to see this! The violence will probably be like The Matrix tops!
      • Steven Lewis
        Depends what age. Though I know a friend who lets a 5 year old watch the Walking Dead, so opinions vary and also on the kid.
        • DAVIDPD
          My parents always just explained it as "for adults" when it came to language or content.
          • Steven Lewis
            I recall being told don't use it unless you know its meaning, and then having to say what I thought it meant. Easier today with a quick google
      • Ricardo_PT
        You can clearly see that there's blood everytime Logan attacks, probably not suitable for children under 14 at least
      • Mark
        We know our children. My boy is 11, and he completely understands what words he can use, and which he cannot. He knows the meaning of a lot of things his peers don't, and he's mature about it. As a result I'm always confident when a movie is or isn't appropriate for him. This one looks just perfect for us to see.
        • Mr. Nice Guy
          Nice! Bring him to Alien: Covenant too! We need to support Rated R blockbusters.
  • grimjob
    Lookin' damn good. I love that last shot of them in the car.
  • Trey
    sad they didnt start Xmen origins this way...
    Blood! Finally blood!!
  • Isaac J Rosenthal
    One "fuck" difference requires two trailers, posted right next to each other. What an idiotic world we live in. Great trailer though!, The one with the "fuck" that is.
  • shiboleth
    That's not fair. It looks like they will make a good one this time ...
  • Бабак
  • El_MUERkO
  • Alpivan
    when i saw the first traier i was off. off like a light bulb... but this.... Now this is close to reality. looks like something worthwhile watching. 15 percent CGI. 85% Story... i hope it will pan out . All so... good soundtrack, instead of the mill-hyster shit. Whom ever edited this trailer. got my money for the movie screening.
  • I'm pretty sure Deadpool opened the door for R Rated Marvel flicks. I'm happy :_D
  • RAW_D
    This trailer grabbed me far better than the first two did. I'm down! Just bummed this is Jackman's final spin as Wolverine...Who's worthy to take his place?
  • McWetty
    What song is this? Shazam struggles with the match because of the dialogue.
    • SkylerB619
      Way Down We Go by Kaleo
  • Mark Brackney
    Yep. The art-house "X-Men" film everybody wants to see.
  • Mark
    Thank you, Deadpool. Thank you so damn much.
  • Cyberdine
    F**K Disney! This is how Marvel comic movies should look like.
  • SacLA
    I'll see it for nothing else than to see and hear Prof. X drop the F-bomb. Hell yeah.




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