New US Trailer + Poster for James Gray's Adventure 'The Lost City of Z'

February 2, 2017
Source: YouTube

The Lost City of Z Trailer

"What you seek is far greater than you ever imagined…" Amazon Studios has revealed another new official US trailer for James Gray's Amazonian adventure thriller The Lost City of Z, along with a gorgeous new poster to top it off. Starring Charlie Hunnam as legendary British explorer Col. Percy Fawcett, along with Tom Holland as Jack Fawcett and Sienna Miller as Nina Fawcett. The cast includes Robert Pattinson, Angus Macfadyen, Daniel Huttlestone, Edward Ashley and Johann Myers. The film tells a thrilling adventure story of explorers who travel into the Amazon to find a mysterious lost civilization. It will be playing at the Berlin Film Festival in a few weeks, after first premiering at the New York Film Festival last year. This new trailer is a bit different than the official UK trailer from a few weeks ago, and original teaser trailer, and it definitely looks like one hell of a gritty, exhausting adventure film. I'm looking forward to this.

Here's the newest US trailer (+ poster) for James Gray's The Lost City of Z, direct from YouTube:

The Lost City of Z Poster

In 1925, Fawcett ventured into the Amazon to find an ancient civilization, hoping to make one of the most important discoveries in history. For centuries Europeans believed the world's largest jungle concealed the glittering kingdom of El Dorado. Thousands had died looking for it, leaving many scientists convinced that the Amazon was truly inimical to humans. But Fawcett, whose daring expeditions inspired Conan Doyle's The Lost World, had spent years building his scientific case. Captivating the imagination of millions round the globe, Fawcett embarked with his son, determined to prove that this ancient civilization existed. Then his expedition vanished. The Lost City of Z is both written and directed by British filmmaker James Gray, of Little Odessa, We Own the Night, Two Lovers and The Immigrant previously. Adapted from David Grann's book. It first premiered at the 2016 New York Film Festival. Amazon Studios + Bleecker Street opens The Lost City of Z in select theaters starting April 14th this spring, wide release April 21st.

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  • Anyone else get a big 'Aguirre, the Wrath of God' vibe from both the trailer and even the poster? I'm fully in!
    • shiboleth
      Werner Herzog and crazy Klaus Kinski. Seriously? You think this could be match to those mad men and geniuses at the same time? I have my doubts ...
      • Olive
        Actually better. It wouldn't be getting an almost perfect score on RottenTomatoes if it wasn't outstanding. "When Werner Herzog traveled into the Amazon rainforest, he found chaos and madness. But when James Gray ventured into it for his film The Lost City of Z, he found poetry and purpose." -- Youngfolks review
        • shiboleth
          Ok, you definitely like that film from J. Gray, I give you that. You shouldn't feel blamed for that, definitely. But I love all that craziness around that Herzog and Kinski film and all their mess that came with it. More honest, more searching than finding a purpose, more open to the world and sense of it all. Yeah, that's what I really prefer, not found purpose, but search for more than a purpose. And that's more than poetic for me ...
  • shiboleth
    I love classic films. But honestly, I prefer some good Captain America or BvS over this. There, I at least know where I stand with the idea of story. Here, it's cheap idea of using some known narrative and nothing else. Of course, I haven't seen the film, but I have a lot of doubts in this ...
    • Olive
      Cheap idea? You really do know nothing about this film at all. James Gray doesn't do cheap ideas. It's based on history, Fawcett was a real man and this film is much better than some cheap comic book movie. The film screened at the NYFF last October to rave reviews. It's already on some "Best of 2017" lists. The Variety critic, Guy Lodge, loves it, as does Tim Robey at the Telegraph, Robbie Collin, all the top critics and the audiences loved it, too. The festival had to add 7 screenings because the demand for tickets was greater than for any other film they were showing. It already has Oscar buzz, and has been compared to “Apocalypse Now.” "Perilous and potentially foolhardy, the quest is heart of darkness journey down the rabbit hole of jungle of claustrophobia. Shot by Darius Khondji, the epic-sounding ‘Lost City Of Z’ said to be influenced by David Lean and Francis Ford Coppola, is easily Gray’s biggest film to dates and widest in scope ever."
      • shiboleth
        You know, I'll take this as your advice and will see it for myself at some point. But believe me, there's no room for big excitement about this film, and I have very big reserves about this. And all the buzz you're mentioning, whether from critics or audience, does not mean much, really. Since, particular films are made for particular audience these days and your post is proving this. In that respect, I really hope that, at least, you have the chance to enjoy it. So, I may not know enough about this film to say conclusively enough, but, so far, it doesn't promise much either. Yes, I know, it's a true story. So what? There's nothing special in that since it looks like digging an antique story without truly contemporary meaning. But ok, I'll try to see it and get back with my afterthoughts about it ... And yes, I liked Little Odessa and Yards from this director. But then again, so what? In that respect, I think, which does not need to be everybody's opinion, that this one was not some good choice to direct...
        • Bo
          I'm kinda with you on this one, shiboleth, if for no other reason than who he cast in the lead role. Hunnam is not for me. I've not cared for any of this director's films...except... The Immigrants. That film really surprised me as to how impressed I was with it and how much I liked it. So now I'm willing to give his further work at least a look and see. I also like the story of this film and the location(s). I laughed at your comment of preferring Captain America or I mean...really? pulling you leg a little here, shiboleth...comic book movies???
          • Olive
            Hunnam has received the best reviews of his life for this film. It may be the role he was born to play. Even critics who have never liked him in anything said, "All if forgiven," after the NY screening. Sometimes it takes the right director to bring out the best in an actor. I've only seen Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak, and thought Hunnam was OK in those, but he didn't really impress me. He's much better in this, don't let his casting put you off. The role was originally Brad Pitt's, but he aged out of it before they could make it.
          • Bo
            Fair enough. Thanks for your reply and I agree that it's always best to keep an open mind in matters such as this. However...I really am repelled by the I must say this...I'm also not a fan of Jeremy Renner, but in this director's The Immigrants he was very good and I took note of how well the director used him in that film. So perhaps you're on the money regarding Hunnam in this film. I'll keep an open mind. Thanks again.
          • shiboleth
            Hey Bo, I agree with you, this thing with Captain America or BvS is definitely overstretched. But I wanted to prove some other point and not to defend those films. Maybe I didn't do it in the best way possible, but at least I tried. I mean, it's a whole industry, the film and all that corporate business around it, so I don't see a lot of art happening around. What I see is an honest and brutal rip off of escapism (without some interesting sf ideas or anything close to it) and some kind of producing different kinds of films for different kind of tastes for corporate purposes. So I see it as a part of dynamics of today's business and not as some real difference between period drama or pointless superhero escapism. They are both parts of the same game for me and, in fact, not so different. If you understand what I mean ... As for The Immigrants. Really, it's good? With Marion Cotillard, right? I was thinking on watching it. So, I might give a try. Thanks ...
          • Bo
            Yea, The Immigrants...really!! I liked it very much on all levels. The story, the actors, the production design, the photography. I'd actually go so far as to say, for me, it's a great film! I don't get the chance to say that often these days, but I've no hesitation with regards to The Immigrants. I was fortunate to be able to see it on the big screen. Also...take note that I didn't say it was a 'masterpiece' hasn't been one of those as far as film goes for much longer than I can remember. Cheers.
          • shiboleth
            Cool, thanks ...
        • Olive
          I hear you, but you suffer from what a lot of people do, and that's prejudging a film based on your opinion of other historical films that brought nothing new to the table. This film is kind of revolutionary in how different it is from older films and of course you have no way of knowing that by just looking at the poster or watching the trailer. "This is an amazing film from top to bottom. It's a glorious return to classical style filmmaking but not classical story telling. It manages to be a wonderful mix of old school adventure and new era thoughtfulness. It is unlike any that's come out of Hollywood for decades and we are so much better for it. Highly ecommended." -- UnseenFilms review You won't have seen anything like this before. It has the scope and epic feel of movies like Acopalypse Now, but with a much more sensitive and compelling view of history. I hope you see it with an open mind, I think you might appreciate it after all.
          • RAW_D
            "The English Patient" also received rave reviews and that movie was garbage. You can quote all the positive buzz you want, but ultimately it's the viewer who decides whether or not the film is a success (to them). I'm just saying it's MIGHTY subjective. Olive you seem VERY passionate about this movie. Are you involved/invested with it?
          • Olive
            I'm a fan of the director and I read the book when it came out. I followed the filming and am very impressed with Gray's attention to detail and how he's a stickler for authenticity. For the WW1 scenes for example, all the equipment, artillery, costumes, etc. are all vintage. The rafts on the Amazon are all real, there's almost no CGI, the actors were in crocodile-infested waters, they hiked to get to locations, endured a flood--this was epic filmmaking. A film like this hasn't been made in a long time and probably won't be made again like this any time soon. Of course it's the viewer who decides a films' success, but audiences loved this movie when it closed out the NYFF. I didn't like The English Patient either, lol. I think that was a case of hype over substance. This is the opposite, it's not a studio film and there's almost no hype, it's all substance.
          • RAW_D
            Pretty impressive. With a background like that I'll give it a fair shake.
          • shiboleth
            Let's really see it at some point, ok? But then again, not quite sure if that's gonna work for me. However, I leave to others to work for them. As for prejudging. Well, I think the films have lost that privilege for a long time now. There's too many bad or narrow minded films that didn't deserve to get a chance and film industry is counting on our honesty to give a chance and not prejudge films. Of course, we have to risk and watch some of the films we are not sure if they are any good, but, not always. Or, at least, I have no intention to see a film that I have to pay for and then all I get, so many times, is just another ordinary product I was not interested in. So, at least, I get a bit harsh about them since they are harsh with my money, my time and my sensibility ...
    • ari
      "I love classic films. But honestly, I prefer some good Captain America or BvS over this. There, I at least know where I stand with the idea of story. Here, it's cheap idea of using some known narrative and nothing else. Of course, I haven't seen the film, but I have a lot of doubts in this ..." I really never try to say much about other peoples opinions but this statement made me cringe. If your 12 and seen a handful of movies then you are forgiven. "The idea of the story"???why does everything that comes out these days need to have a past origin and fanbase to be a good story. Here's a great fan base and story with origin....Anything with something that connects to people--yea super powers would be cool but its not real theres only so much of that you can eat up. Hey I might complain that this has become an accepted thing but at least I won't be un original. And cheap idea? I want you or anyone else who agrees with Shilboleths statement to know that you are the reason that bad films that take 250 million to make are becoming the norm to kids and people who don't know better, instead of films rooted with sone kind of depth and human emotion are becoming more rare. Ok, Anyways pumped for this, love Charlie in almost everything he's done except for the one with Olivia wilde and eric Bana. Green street was classic, hope he gets some recognition in nominations for this.
      • shiboleth
        Of course, nobody needs to like what I say. But to be blunt right at the start I have to say that all those films about super heroes are just plain escapism stuffed with some very doubtful drama and, in fact, pointless films in film history. If I really had to love them, then I choose new Superman films over those with Captain America since the first ones are, at least, being honest in their pretentiousness. Which doesn't mean I do love them. And that's how the Lost City of Z is bad since I see it worse, after the trailer, than these I just described. Because, films about the superheroes is obvious product of film industry and films like The Lost City of Z is false idea of art. And no, I don't care about those fan bases or any other nonsense like that but I care even less about the cheap idea of art which how this film looks like. What is good about that super hero rubbish is the fact they don't lie what they are and films like this one from the trailer does. It's false depth from the Lost City of Z against the true and hones depthlessness super hero films. Not that I like any of those really, but I prefer honesty over false pretentiousness which is even worse ...
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