Official Trailer for 'I Am Heath Ledger' Documentary About the Actor

April 4, 2017
Source: YouTube

I Am Heath Ledger Doc Trailer

"He was always a director, acting was just a way to get there." Spike has premiered a trailer for their new feature-length documentary titled I Am Heath Ledger, examining the short, tragic, yet still triumphant, joyous life of Australian actor Heath Ledger. Today (April 4th) is also Ledger's birthday, he would've been 38; he died from accidental intoxication of drugs in early 2008. Despite his tragic death, Ledger's legacy still remains strong and all of his cinematic work will live on to prove his talent. This looks like an intimate and heartfelt inside look at his life, with tons of home video footage and interviews with friends and the people he worked with. Even folks who aren't the biggest fans of Ledger may find something meaningful in this doc.

Here's the official trailer for Derik Murray's documentary I Am Heath Ledger, from Spike's YouTube:

I Am Heath Ledger Documentary

A born director. A fearless actor. An unforgettable artist. Spike original documentary series "I Am" is an inside look at the lives of extraordinary individuals as told by their inner-circles. Info from "The film explores Ledger's Hollywood rise with roles in 10 Things I Hate About You, The Patriot, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight, Monster's Ball, and more. Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, director Ang Lee, and Ledger's family and friends are some of the interviewed subjects." I Am Heath Ledger is directed by documentarian Derik Murray, of the docs I Am Evel Knievel, I Am Chris Farley, Johnny Cash: American Rebel, and I Am JFK Jr. previously. This will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival first. I Am Heath Ledger then opens in select theaters starting May 3rd before airing on Spike TV in the US. Planning to watch this?

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  • "he died from an overdose of drugs" You sure about that? His father wouldn't agree.
    • Fine, I'll change it to what Wikipedia says (officially): "Ledger died on 22 January 2008 from an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs." News reports described it as an "accidental overdose", so technically I am correct.
      • I prefer that. ;D
      • Bo
        Indeed you are. He took too many of too many different kinds of drugs and self destructed because of it. He was in a lot of pain, obviously. Stardom didn't help. It's such a pity.
  • shiboleth
    He just didn't have luck, I guess. He could definitely make more good films ...
    • Bo
      Not sure it was bad luck, shiboleth. He was an unhappy guy who got what he wanted and discovered it didn't fix him and he didn't want it anymore. So he took prescription drugs to fix himself and blew it by taking too many and self destructed. He was okay as an actor, but I'm more interested in the fascination our culture has with actors and their attempts at immortalizing them. Attempting to make them more than suffering and pain filled and confused people who self destruct because becoming an icon or star doesn't fill the emptiness inside that fueled the need to be a star in the first place hoping that stardom would fill that emptiness. We see it time and time again and yet the culture never stops in it's attempt to give them a maudlin false face and immortalize them into something they were not. I find that particular bit of behavior by human beings fascinating. These kinds of documentary films I do not. But hey, that's just Perhaps someone will make a documentary film about that peculiar need of the human condition. I would, but I'm too old and it'd be too much work and nobody would care. They need stars to idolize and be mesmerized by and to live vicariously through. Righto cheerio?
      • It's hard to get happy in Hellywood...Fame, glitters and artifice are your loyal fellowship in your journey to the depression. That being said, few artists were smart enough not to fall in this Sarlacc pitt.
        • Bo
          What in god's name is a Sarlacc pitt?...there you go again, tarek...flying something over my head...whoosh!!
          • You have to be a Star Wars fan to know such thing. ;D A Sarlacc is a famous beast living in a desert pitt on Tatooine. And don't dare to ask me what's Tatooine... ;D
          • Bo
            No, no, don't worry...I won't ask you'll only say I am NOT a Star Wars fan or Sir!! Glad you like least enough to know all these what?...character's names and these different places? Wow,
          • I love the Star Wars universe. The first one will always be my favorite. If you like the space opera genre, then you have to watch it. If you aren't into this thing then of course it won't pull any of your strings. Star wars IV ( which is the 1st actually) is to the sci-Fi genre what Citizen Kane is to the modern filmmaking. Did I hear someone saying "Blasphemy"? ;D
          • Bo
  'm glad you do because I don't. Never have. I remember seeing the previews of the first one before any of us even knew about internet, etc. in those days, you see...anyway, I told my friends after the trailer ran that whatever that was was going to make a 100 million dollars...but even then knew it wasn't my cup of tea. And it wasn't, to say the least. However...glad that you like them even though I can't imagine why you
          • I can't explain it. It was a hero journey in Space. I love hero journeys and I love Space. Best of both worlds. Ah and thanks to the Genius of John Williams whom score was what introduced me to the film music universe. Without John Williams score, Star Wars would have been just a good B-movie with great vfx.
          • Bo
   thought that was all it was
      • shiboleth
        I like when you say 'the fascination our culture has with actors and their attempts at immortalizing them'. Again, you Bo probably know more about this actor then I do. I agree with you, he was ok actor. And I agree with all that comes after in your post. But I don't believe that people from the world of film can resolve what they created: an empty need that feeds the beast of film industry. So, the idea of documentary which will explain 'that peculiar need of the human condition' is not gonna happen, I am afraid. There's much more chance that people like you and me are just another unimportant obstacle for film business. Even worse, everything rational about it is a good way of using that rationality against itself. Masses like that and film industry is hardly against it. Cheers ...
        • Bo
          No, the idea of that kind of documentary is not gonna happen and I was being a bit sardonic and even sarcastic in suggesting back.
  • Justin R
    I don't typically watch documentaries, but this was is very intriguing.
    When he was directed well, he was as good as they come.
    • TAH
      Totally agree. What an amazing actor. To think of the amazing work he could be doing now is so sad. A great loss.
  • For me he played the best character in film history ever recorded. I watched darkknight maybe ten times now, but it stays fascinating to watch how plays the joker..
    • Yep. His interpretation of the Joker will stay with us for ever. He reinvented the character.
  • RAW_D
    It's hard for me to watch stuff like this with knowing the tragic outcome. I'm sure he was a nice guy and his final performance was worthy of admiration, but let his work speak for itself. I'm always suspect of documentaries postmortem and their intent...
  • Trey
    Now I want to go watch the dark knight
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