First Trailer for Race Documentary 'Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992'

March 27, 2017
Source: YouTube

Let It Fall Documentary Trailer

"You just disrespect us like this? Like our lives don't matter?" ABC has unveiled an official trailer for the documentary titled Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992, examining the events and the era before the infamous Los Angeles Riots in 1992. Directed by Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (of 12 Years a Slave), the film features brand-new interviews with the people who were a part of the civil unrest in Los Angeles; as well as archival news footage with the participation of ABC News. This powerful, incisive documentary looks like another strong entry alongside other important documentaries about race including Ava DuVernay's 13th and Raoul Peck's I Am Not Your Negro. From the incredible footage, to the music, to the poignant quotes, to the minimal title card, this is a stellar trailer that will make you want to see this doc.

Here's the official trailer for John Ridley's documentary Let It Fall: L.A. 1982-1992, from YouTube:

Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 Documentary

John Ridley's Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 is the feature documentary that looks at the years and events leading up to the April 1992 riots after the Rodney King verdict, featuring exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses and people directly involved in the events from diverse neighborhoods across the city, including black, white, Hispanic, Korean, and Japanese Americans. Let It Fall: L.A. 1982-1992 is directed by writer/storyteller John Ridley, who won an Oscar for writing the 12 Years a Slave screenplay, and also wrote the scripts for Red Tails, Jimi: All Is by My Side, and Ben-Hur; he also created the series "American Crime". ABC will release Let It Fall: L.A. 1982-1992 in select theaters starting April 21st, before airing on TV (on ABC) on Friday, April 28th, marking the 25th anniversary of the historic event. Anyone interested?

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  • shiboleth
    Yeah, this kind of America doesn't look good. I've been criticized for this, but I still think there's something very wrong about law enforcement people. Definitely in US, but not only there ...
    • Bo
      You're right, shiboleth. I've posted my own thoughts above. Peace.
      • shiboleth
        And it's a good post. We here, in Eastern Europe, have our own mess, too. Unfortunately, human condition can be a very sad business indeed. Yes, peace...
        • Bo
  • America is a mess. But I think it's fine with it.
    • Bo
      I agree and posted my thoughts above. Peace.
  • Bo
    Yea, this is pretty sickening stuff and reveals the madness of the human condition. I was sickened by the footage of the Rodney King beating and then sickened again that those cops got off. I was equally sickened by all the riots and deeply disturbed by the footage of the black guy throwing that brick into the head of the innocent white truck driver who was working and happened to drive right into the riot as it started. He had nothing to do with the Rodney King debacle or the general oppression of the black race by the white race. Many innocents, Koreans especially, suffered greatly at the hands of the black rioters and that too is sickening. Human beings are just bat poop crazy. The blacks rioted and destroyed their own neighborhoods and stupid is that? If I was black I'd of went into the rich white communities and did my thing there. But in my own back yard? Insane. The white race, especially here in America, has a lot to answer for in it's treatment of the black race and the Native American. Ugly stuff what the white man has done through-out history. Now white cops killing black men on camera and suffering no consequences? How'd we ever get to this point?
    • I think once a riot starts it becomes uncontrollable and has no plan, that's why often the areas worst affected are the ones where the rioters live. Remember watching a documentary about Dave Choe, talking about how his family lost their business and their home above the business during the riots, which left them homeless. In recent years watching what is going on in the US, I never wish to go there ever again. Got married there, had some mad times there, but really going and supporting a country so broken, just seems silly now. Maybe I wouldn't even get in now anyway. Long after we're all dead, I imagine very little will change there either. There seems to be very few people looking to change the policies that create the situations featured in the film. Which is a shame.
      • Bo
        Yea, for sure riots and rioters are of no mind and totally enveloped in sheer madness and insanity in their behavior and destruction. I believe you might have shared with me before Carpola where you live, but I can't for the life of me remember. At least you've been here and experienced the country first hand. There's a lot wrong with it and especially these days with such a toxic mess occupying the presidency now. However, there are many more really good and aware people here than not. I've traveled the world and if there was a better place to live that suits my wants and needs, believe me I'd be there. Alas, I've not ever discovered such a place and with awareness and high consciousness I continue to live here of my own free will...and manage to avoid all the sickness and violence and madness while I'm at it. It's not that difficult if one pays attention. Of course, bad things can happen to good people anywhere at anytime, but welcome to the horror of the human condition. Peace.
    Interesting. Very interesting.




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