Official US Trailer for Indie Drama 'Paris Can Wait' Starring Diane Lane

March 31, 2017
Source: YouTube

Paris Can Wait Trailer

"Let's pretend we don't know where we are going, or even who we are." Sony Pictures Classics is releasing this indie drama in theaters this May, so we're featuring the trailer before the summer movie season kicks off. Paris Can Wait is the feature directorial debut of Eleanor Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's wife, now making her debut at the age of 81. Diane Lane stars as a woman married to a Hollywood producer who, after a visit to Cannes, takes a long road trip through France with one of her husband's business partners. Alec Baldwin stars as her producer husband, and Arnaud Viard plays the man she goes on the road trip with. Along the way, she finds happiness and a love for life again in everything from the food to the sights and the conversations. This looks like a light, charming film to remind you how great it is to see the world.

Here's the official US trailer (+ poster) for Eleanor Coppola's Paris Can Wait, direct from YouTube:

Paris Can Wait Poster

Eleanor Coppola's feature film directorial and screenwriting debut at the age of 81 stars Academy Award nominee Diane Lane as a Hollywood producer's wife who unexpectedly takes a trip through France, which reawakens her sense of self and her joie de vivre. Anne (Lane) is at a crossroads in her life. Long married to a successfully driven but inattentive movie producer (Baldwin), she finds herself taking a car trip from Cannes to Paris with a business associate of her husband (Viard). What should be a seven-hour drive turns into a journey of discovery involving fine food and wine, humor, wisdom, and picturesque sights. Paris Can Wait is written and directed by Eleanor Coppola, who's also Francis Ford Coppola's wife, making her feature directorial debut. This first premiered at the Toronto and Mill Valley Film Festivals last fall. It also played at this year's SXSW. Sony Classics will open Paris Can Wait in select theaters starting on May 12th.

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  • kitano0
    Damn, I'm hungry...
  • Sounds like Eat, Eat and Eat. French people are obsessed with food.
  • shiboleth
    Looks enjoyable ...
    • Bo
      What a surprise...I knew Mrs. Coppola, Ellie, back in the day and here she is with her first movie. This movie looks delightful and I wish it and her well. She's such a wonderful person and if she has succeeded in bringing that lovely essence of hers to this movie it'll be worth a viewing. I've also loved Diane Lane and her work from when she first burst upon the scene. Terrific actress and very beautiful to boot. What a pleasant surprise from Ellie...and she's 81. Wow!
      • Each time I see Diane Lane, the "hall" scene from unfaithful comes to my mind and overwhelms my reason.
        • Bo
          Funny, I don't remember what scene you are referring to. I like the shots of her on the train after she's just had sex with the young french guy and is thrilled, giggling, feeling the remnants of the sexual encounter, etc. She was just terrific in that sequence. Hard to pull off as an actor being the only person in the shot with a crew and camera and you've got to pull off the requirements for the shot. Just excellent...and I'm not too sure I even like the sure liked her in it though. All the Gere killing the guy, dumping the body, etc. was a bit lame for me. Later gator.
          • You don't remember this scene? This is all I can remember of this movie. ;D It was borderline hardcore porn. Truly.
          • Bo
            I actually don't remember this scene...which is strange. Hmmmm. I am experiencing being under the 'approved' thing by this site both here and in the Churchill thread and I think it's for using the name of the German dictator you referenced Ganz playing. The name is getting me rejected. That's pretty crazy, especially since you used the name in your post declaring, rightfully so how good both Cox and Ganz are. I agree on both points but was responding my inability to suspend by disbelief even when two great actors like this portray historical figures. I enjoy their performances, but remain a bit on the outside observing a performance by an actor rather than being able to be fully engrossed. Now, will this reply make it thru the Orwellian process? I hate that about this kind of Big Brother surveillance especially if you can't even use a name no matter how horrible that person might have been. Hmmmmmm.....wish me luck as I hit the post button now.
          • ;D This is weird. Especially when it hits someone reasonable and sensible like you. Maybe you've used some word that is blacklisted on Disqus filter. Go figure. Hopefully it's just a temporary bug.
          • Bo
            Yea, and thanks for the compliment...but I went over and over them and the only word is the bad man's name. I rewrote them and you got them so it has to be 'the name'. But you used it along with the title of the movie Ganz did. I just can't get my head around this and have tried to reach Alex for an explanation as it keeps coming up that the 'name' is the trigger. Very weird. Thanks again for both the recognition of who I am stating it, tarek. I appreciate that. Peace.
          • shiboleth
            I pretty much agree what you said about that film. But, as for this 'Orwellian process'. You don't have to agree with the following, but it needs to be said. Well, it does happen to me sometimes here (that Orwellian thing), not often, but it does. Nothing I can do about it. Just being some East European guy, what can I do; right? I guess, talking about films shouldn't allow abandoning some liberal dogma that there's nothing historical, political or ideological about the film. But there is and it should be discussed. Especially when it comes to, for example, American films which a lot of Europeans consider as an ideology of American way of thinking (which is very often wrong). And not only when one mentions some dictator in history. Mr. Billington obviously is also that guy here, he can't but believe that films are only neutral domain of culture. They are not, they are business and politics. At least. And in so many ways very much involved in people's ideas and beliefs, historical and political and not only aesthetic or creative. As for the age of Nazism, it should be said that film in Nazi Germany was considered as a primary tool of manipulation. Ministry of propaganda clearly stated that. In many ways, films are also that today but fueled with better ideas and creative (sometimes more and sometimes less) concepts . But luckily, some of us are mostly looking for art and something more progressive in it ... Cheers.
          • Bo
            Well, it's his site and he can do what he wants...even not respond to my asking for an explanation as I'm just curious as there was nothing negative, political or anything about tarek and my conversations. Only about the actors playing historical figures with tarek mentioning Ganz playing, and he named the German dictator and didn't get deleted, this famous guy and that's why he liked the film...weird...but Alex isn't offering any explanations and I'm bored with it now as it becomes more and more Orwellian...I hang at a few other very good film sites where there isn't this type of strange hovering and deleting weird thing going on. More intelligent and better articles about film too. So there's that. Take care, man.
      • shiboleth
        You obviously know more about her (the director) than I do, but you also described all that I imagined in this film. It is still interesting, for me, how it plays with those cultural American-European differences (in some converging sense). Yeah, it could be very good ...
        • Bo
          I hope so for being her first directorial effort and at the age of 81...and she's such a nice human being.
    There is something magically special about seeing legacy actors do a one for them movie.
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