On Twitter: What Are Your Favorite Theatrical Moviegoing Experiences?

May 29, 2017
Source: Twitter

Theatrical Moviegoing Experience

This is what movies are all about. This is why movie theaters will be around forever. There is nothing that can compare to the theatrical experience, especially when everyone is in sync and completely caught up in the movie on the screen. With all the discussion about the death of movie theaters, and the decline of film, it's refreshing to have a very nice discussion about the truly memorable, exhilarating times we've spent in cinemas. Over the past weekend, a Twitter user named Antoine Linguine asked about everyone's favorite theater-going movie experience, and he has been getting answers non-stop ever since. We've collected a few of the best responses below, in hopes of reminding everyone that there can be positive experiences at the movies, and these are some of the most unforgettable moments. So what is your favorite movie experience?

There's a fascinating mix of answers: funny occurrences, having the theater to oneself, crazy (over)reactions, and big crowds together excited for midnight premieres or special events. The recurring mentions seem to be Grindhouse, Scream, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Get Out. But of course, there's a mix of everything and every single person has their own favorite memory in a theater, no matter what it is.

Here's the original tweet from @aklingus that started it all. Thanks for starting a great discussion, Antoine:

Here are some of my favorite replies from moviegoers all over talking about their unforgettable experiences:

If you want to see all the replies, you can search on Twitter or click here. There's more being added every few minutes, as people continue to see other mentions and post their own experiences. Keep them coming.

We've also been supporters of the theatrical experience here at FirstShowing for the entire 11 years we've been around. There's nothing like it. Even though it seems to be getting worse (with cell phones, talking, and other disturbances) there are still those moments and movies where it all works in harmony. Midnight premieres are usually when the best experiences happen. This reminds me of an article in the NY Times a few years ago, where the writer talked about his love for the unique midnight experience. "When the lights go down, the energy that seizes that crowd on the precipice of fulfillment is like a roller coaster cresting its highest point, just before it plunges." And who doesn't love roller coasters? So let's all do our best to keep supporting these kind of experiences. Remind people to turn off their phones and focus on the movie. Let's keep the cinema a sacred and special place where movies of all sizes can take us on unforgettable journeys.

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  • When i was 16 i watch Ben Hur in cinemascope, it was life changing...
    • Never say never ( With James Bond voice)
      • There always be superb movies in the making, but being 16 is not possible for me anymore. The chariot ride in cinemascope is for a young boy fuckin amazing! Ps evil dead also made a big impression on me as a young boy, i was terrified at that time...
  • Xerxexx
    Probably seeing The Phantom Menace, Inglorious Basterds, or the Return of the King.
    • grimjob
      Every Tarantino film is an amazing theater experience for me.
    Theater experiences that transcended the movie itself, without too much thought, AVATAR, GLADIATOR, and THE DARK KNIGHT.
  • Bo
    I get nothing from watching a movie in a crowded theatre with people talking, munching on popcorn and now messing with their cell phones. Also, because I usually do not like what the 'crowd' likes and do not need their opinions to match my own. I prefer going to a theatre during the week and in the middle of the day when there are few people seated around me. Now, with my huge flat panel Samsung smart tv I watch everything in the peaceful and quiet environment of my crib. I enjoy that experience much more, just like when I read a good book by myself...alone with my own experience and my own thoughts and my own perceptions. I wouldn't trade it if I were to get free tickets for the rest of my life to attend a movie in public. And I stopped going to industry screenings a long, long time ago. Ugh!
    • grimjob
      I hate crowds, and normally wait about 3-4 weeks to see a movie. That is, if it's a movie that's worth seeing at a theater. Otherwise, hello Redbox. Very rarely do I see a movie on or near its opening.
      • Bo
        Believe me, I understand. Cheers!
    • Charles Knowlton
      You took the words right out of my mouth. The best thing I ever bought was a projector and a 12' screen. Movie heaven for me. There's only a few people I absolutely hate in this world. It's not the popcorn munchers or the cell phone users, although they are bad, the people I really, REALLY despise are the ones who need to get a reaction from the crowd to THEIR reaction in a theatre. Possibly the only people worse than that guy are ones who react back. Who give the attention starved loser the attention they need. I haven't felt the need to off any movie goer like that for over 20 years now and have never enjoyed movies more.
      • Bo'm still, really, quite literally laughing out loud while I'm replying to your very funny reply to me. Which I thank you for doing in such an amusing manner. I get exactly what you mean. I was being a bit more 'restrained' (?) or...dare I say, 'spiritual'?? in my distaste to this so-called 'wonderful experience watching a movie with a crowd'....what nonsense and it really is typical of the herd mentality as they have to do everything 'with the herd'. Poor sods! whatever gods that be that you nor myself are a part of that unfortunate need. Thanks again for the wonderful Cheers!
        • Charles Knowlton
          Ha! Glad you enjoyed it. I meant every word, but I tell you, it wasn't always like that. I seriously don't know what happened but it happened a long time ago and it's sad. Next to records and CDs, damn near every dollar I spent during my college years was at a repertory theatre. I probably spend hundreds and hundreds of my school loan dollars there. I discovered SO many great directors new and old that I would never have heard of anywhere else. I clearly remember the smell of that room like it was yesterday. I have so many joyful memories not only of the films I saw, but the things I did associated with my trips there with girlfriends and college buddies. Probably some of the best times of my life. But as the years went by, something just changed. One thing, I grew older and less tolerant for sure, but the crowds really changed. First it was taking. then cell phones. Then eating and people bringing children to movies THEY SHOULD NOT BE SEEING! People don't go there to see a movie anymore. They go for many other reasons, but movies just aren't any of them. I really miss those days in college, but that was a long time ago. When my children were at the age of going to see movies I reluctantly went to EVERY damn one they (and my wife) wanted to see. I have to tell you, those films somehow attract a slightly better crowd then adult groups of moviegoers. You expect children to act like children and it doesn't bother me as much. When my kids became old enough to go to the movies with their friends I was back in a good place. My basement. Where I can watch an entire 5 hour Bergman TV show and not hear one cough, fart or inappropriate laugh at the wrong place and if that makes me a snob, I wear that badge with pride! thanks for letting me unload AND reminisce.
          • Bo
            As to your last sentence, you are very welcome. I enjoyed your 'unloading' because I'm in total agreement with you and our experience from long ago are very similar. Look, today 99.99% of the movie going public don't even know who Bergman was, let alone have seen all his great movies. I remember, when I first started taking this whole film thing seriously and was going to make a career of it I was at ASU studying photography because I had dreams of being a film director and wanted to learn how to look thru the lens and capture an amazing image. In Tempe, where the University is located there was a little 'art house' theatre and one of the first films I saw was Bergman's The Seventh Seal...and I was off and too miss those days, but there's no way I would go to a public movie today. The ticket prices are obscene especially since the product is equally so in their lack of depth, meaning, feeling and aesthetics. I'm not in a basement, but I'm in my bedroom with my 55" samsung flat panel smart tv and watch films every evening and night and am happier than a pig is shit! Take care and we've bonded over this current madness of watching a movie with the 'public/
  • grimjob
    What immediately comes to mind when asked this question is Freddy vs Jason. Hot damn that was so much fun. I hate crowded theaters, but that was practically a party. Place was filled with horror fans, and you could tell the Jason fans from the Freddy fans by all the shouting after one of them murdered somebody. Especially when they actually fight each other. So fun. (While I absolutely adore Robert Englund, between the two I've always leaned more towards Voorhees. Michael Meyers is in fact my favorite film slasher)
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  • Wes
    The Dark Knight was always memorable for me, but mainly because it was during the interrogation scene and the theater had to stop playing the movie because someone was having a health crisis. Luckily the person ended up being ok but its always something my friends and I talk about. Oh, and Inception at midnight was pretty dang amazing as well. Or lining up to see Harry Potter midnight releases with other fans who were just as excited to see Harry kick some ass.




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