Run, Pray, Hide: Three New TV Spots for Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'

April 3, 2017
Source: YouTube

Alien: Covenant TV Spots

"All of this, to start our new life." Yes! Only one month to go. 20th Century Fox has released three new TV spots for Ridley Scott's return to the Alien universe (following Prometheus), with Alien: Covenant. These spots are titled "Run", "Pray", and "Hide", which is the perfect way to tease this movie - the same taglines they've used on the teaser posters as well. The huge ensemble cast of this sci-fi thriller includes: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo, Callie Hernandez, Demián Bichir, Jussie Smollett, Uli Latukefu, Benjamin Rigby, and Amy Seimetz. These are short, but sweet TV spots, with just the right amount of footage and scares and thrills. The marketing for this movie has been pitch perfect so far, I just hope the movie lives up to the hype.

Here's the new "Run" TV spot from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, found on Fox's YouTube:

Here's the new "Pray" TV spot from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, found on Fox's YouTube:

Here's the new "Hide" TV spot from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, found on Fox's YouTube:

And here's one more "Take Me Home Tonight" TV spot from Alien: Covenant, also on YouTube:

Alien: Covenant

You can still watch the first red band trailer for Alien: Covenant here, as well as second official trailer here.

The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Alien: Covenant is once again directed by veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott, of the original Alien from 1979 and Prometheus from 2012, as well as the films The Martian, Gladiator, Robin Hood, American Gangster, The Counselor, Matchstick Men, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven and Legend previously. The screenplay is by Michael Green and Jack Paglen, with a rewrite by John Logan. Fox will release Alien: Covenant in 3D in theaters starting May 19th, 2017 this summer. Who's ready for this?

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  • BigJohnson
    Looks awesome
  • I'm ready. Sir Ridley + Sci-Fi = a must watch for me.
    • Bo
      Yea, I understand...even though I can't really say I thought his Prometheus was up to par. I liked a lot of hit, but hated the rolling donut space ship killing Theron at the end. All she had to do was step aside instead of continuing to run in its path. I couldn't and still can't believe that Scott actually shot it like that. Oh well...
      • I can understand that. But the performance of Noomi Rapace makes everything looks secondary. Is Prometheus a perfect movie? Of course not. Can we compare it to the masterpiece Alien? No way. But he is great in the way it tried to explore the mythology from a fresh and compelling perspective.
        • Bo
          I agree. I love Noomi Rapace as I believe I've made very clear in past posts...loved her...and Tom Hardy..in The Drop as well as loved the movie...also like Mathias Schoenaerts in it too. I'm a huge fan of Scott's movies. I think I'm the only person around who really dug Kingdom of Heaven. I've come to the conclusion that it didn't do well in this country because of the politics and that Scott humanize perfectly the Arab leader who took the much fought over city at the end of the picture. Really liked that movie. Later gator.
          • You would be surprised by the huge fan base Kingdom of Heaven has harvested. I have the director's cut edition on Blu-ray. I suggest you to watch it if you have the opportunity, because lot of footage was left on the floor for the theatrical release. And the making of are simply delicious as always with Sir Ridley's Blu-ray.
          • Steven Lewis
            Kingdom of Heaven is one of my favourite films, very much underrated.
          • Bo
            Yea, it's one of my favorite films also and very much not only underrated...but misunderstood. Peace.
          • Bo
            Didn't I already reply to this post of yours, tarek? Yet it'snot here...hmmmmm...not again!...lol...anyway, yea I would be surprised, pleasantly, by a huge fan base for Kingdom. I'll never get the chance to watch it on Blu-ray or see the making of...pity as I like seeing making of shorts. Oh well, I still will watch the film any time it comes around on cable.
          • Youtube is your friend. I watch lot of making of of movies I didn't purchase on Blu-ray.
          • Bo
            Ah...interesting suggestion or bit of good info regarding youtube...I never watch movies or stuff like that on my computer. Although I do watch trailers here so maybe I might youtube the making of Kingdom and see what develops. Thanks, man.
          • watch Tom hardy in Taboo, it's fantastic. By the way :great tv show...
          • Bo
            Thanks for the reply, ari...I'm glad you liked Taboo. I did watch Hardy in Taboo...of course...I would never have allowed myself to have missed that...and I loved it. How different...how unique it was...a really great show done with greatness on all levels. Production design, locations, costumes, the script, the direction, the editing, the casting, the actors and their wonderful authentic performances...by all of them from the principals to the day players...just a very well done show from conception to the actual doing it to the finished product. Again, glad you liked it. We won't see much on TV of this caliber, I'll tell you that. And Hardy...there hasn't been anyone like him that's come down the pike in a very long time...if ever. I've never, ever, seen a false or unbelievable moment out of this actor in anything I've watched him in and I've seen most of his work. Great, great talent and actor. I loved that he and his father and the guy who wrote this piece and directed him in that 'car' movie...lol..created this from scratch. So Hardy is not only a great actor, his creativity seems to know no bounds. I enjoy watching his work immensely. Thanks again.
          • Don't thank me bo, thank Tom hardy. Taboo is a marvel of a tv show like West world and true detective season one. It's so detailed and gorgeous, and every single dialog is perfectly timed.
          • Bo
            Yea, I agree...regarding Hardy and Taboo. Sorry I can't stay with you regarding WestWorld...I lost interest after a couple of episodes...just not my cup of tea. As far as the 1st season of True Detective...well...I've very strong feelings about that show...but out of respect for you and you no doubt liking it I shall refrain from sharing my thoughts and opinions on it. Suffice it to say I am not a fan of Matthew Mc...and I shall leave it at that...lol... I'll stick with Tom Hardy. Peace, ari.
          • Taboo looks like a must see series. Production design and cast is top notch. As for Westworld, we share the same opinion on this dud. ;D PS: I wasn't thrilled by True Detective either. I really tried to like it. Hannibal is another series highly rated that I forced myself to like, but failed miserably. ;D
          • Bo
            Great reply/post, tarek, as it further indicates how alike we think...along with shiboleth here...and that's a very, very unusual experience for me. Yes, to me Westworld was a real dud and I simply stopped watching it. Same with the (in)famous first season of True Detective...although I watched it all the way through and thought it was over-baked, sophomoric philosophical nonsense with a cheap, feel good, all is okay vapid and hollow ending. I watched Hannibal once, maybe twice because I really like Mads, but was so severely disappointed I quit before it soiled me on his being involved in such crap. So I take it from your first sentence that you have yet to watch Taboo? It's quite good and it took me a bit to relax with it and go with how unique and off centered it actually is. It's very, very impressionistic... which is so unusual in films, let alone films created for cable TV. I simply loved the damn thing and my admiration for the talent(s) of Tom Hardy only grew from watching his work in this mini-series. A real treat in these days of vapid mediocrity, I'll tell you that. Cheers!
          • Thanks for confirming that Taboo is a great show. I didn't watch it yet indeed, but from the trailer, I spotted its intrinsic quality and potential greatness. There's also a show I want to draw your attention on it: The Last Kingdom. If you like Viking and middle ages movies but wasn't satisfied by the so-so series Vikings, this movie will be a good deal. History buffs like shiboleth will probably have their say on the accuracy of some historical events used as a narrative, but I myself find the whole experience very satisfying. It's like watching the offspring of Game of Thrones with a smaller scale.
          • Bo
            Well, you're welcome and I can only say that you are in for a real treat! I do like Viking and middle ages movies and I have watched all of Vikings so far. I liked it...probably for many reasons having to do with the subject matter and Vikings and all that...locations, etc. I won't argue with your assessment that it was so-so...probably, but at least for me watchable where so many others are not. I just researched The Last Kingdom and never heard of it or saw it being on my cable channels...which is interesting. I reckon I'd have to do the Netflix thing on it, but I'm doubting I'll pull the trigger on Netflix...at least not yet... I also watch Game of Thrones and still don't know who is who or could recognize names of characters and all the places...it amuses me week by week but I could care less about what's happened to whom and what's going to happen to whom and where it's going to happen...lol...a peculiar way to view something, I know, but I'm weirdly okay with that...lol...
          • Fair enough ;D If you liked Vikings, then the Last Kingdom will blow you away. I love the lead actor and his natural acting.
          • Oh! And before I forget, you can use Netflix for free for 1 month to see if it suits you. You can take advantage of this free month to watch dozens of great movies or series and cancel your subscription 24h before the end of the month. I did it twice before I decided to keep my subscription. No fishy tricks or bad surprises.
          • Bo
            Well, thanks, tarek. Anything free can't be a bad deal even if only for a limited period of time. Doesn't one have to have some kind of wire/cable whatever connected to both you TV and your computer? Again, I'm totally incompetent on how all this netflix works so have just avoided it. Also, can't really afford 9 bucks more per month. That'd stretch my social security retirement budget past the sustaining point.
          • I can understand that. The good deal will netflix is you can stop your subscription any time you want. You can subscribe for 1 month, stop the subscription and resume it few months later. As for the setting, it's easy as a smile. On your computer go on netflix dot com, clic on free month trial. You create an account. ( username and password) and you are ready to go. Just launch the netflix from your tv and login with your username and password and that's it. Enjoy dazillion of series and movies.
          • Bo
            Well that sounds easy enough. I understand the computer part of it, except how do you 'launch on' Netflix from your TV and then log on and enter your username and password. I'm sure it's simple but I can't even visualize being able to do that. With what? Your remote? Weird...never done anything close to this lanching from a tv and login from it too. Sorry, you got a real dummy here with regards to this kind of stuff.
          • Tom Hardy is the only guy who can make you watch a movie featuring a man driving a car and talking to his cellphone for 90mn or so.
          • Bo
            So I've heard. Much to my chagrin that's one of Hardy's movies that slipped by me. I haven't seen it and it's never come around on my cable. I somehow have to live with that great misfortune...lol...take care, tarek.
          • On what cable network are you? Have you tried Netflix or you're anti- streaming ? what do you think of the movie Bronson? I couldn't enjoy it quite frankly. too weird for my taste.
          • Bo
            I'm with what is now Spectrum and no I don't do Netflix. Not sure it's worth it and not sure how that streaming stuff works. My 55" Samsung flat panel is a smart TV so I guess that means I could do Netflix, but the whole streaming/hooking up with a computer eludes my capabilities of understanding...lol... Yea, sure I've seen Bronson. I actually went to a movie theatre here in L.A. to see it because I was, and still am, a huge fan of Refn's work. The film knocked me for a loop. Hard to say I 'liked' it, but it was the first time I'd seen or even heard of Tom Hardy and I liked his performance so much I'd have to say that I did like the movie. It's really a heavy duty heavy movie and can understand why one might not have liked it. Liking a movie like that is perhaps a difficult way to express one's appreciation of it. Righto cheerio?
          • You don't need to hook your tv to any computer. Just create an account on their website and then launch the application from your tv and enter your username and password to connect. (just once). That's all folks. ;D Many great series on Netflix. ( British and Danish) and documentaries. It's really really worth it. I'm watching now the documentary “Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War " telling the stories of five great directors ( Capra, Huston, Ford, Wyler and Stevens) and their contribution during the WWII.
          • Bo
            I'll check it out, tarek. Your suggestions are worth that as I already mentioned to you on the Bay thread I youtube'd Kingdom of Heaven and watched the making of. I liked it and the subsequent footage cut from Scott's original cut. Thanks for that...again...hope you like the doc film you're currently viewing. I've read different reviews, etc. on that one. Might catch it myself.
        • true, the mythology was spot on!
          • Alas Prometheus haters sent a strong message to the producers. Thus back to the same old thing: Claustrophobic paint by numbers horror movie, to please the crowd.
          • OK lets beat the dead horse one last time. Haters? The movie was IMO a narrative failure. Once the story fell apart with some terrible casting choices, it just didn't work. And not because most people wanted more ALIEN as in horror. You know, when you have a Geologist who spends two years in cryo sleep say that hes in only for the money and have drunk archaeologist hanging around with a bottle of Jack after not finding his engineers alive, you know the narrative went out the window. Top that with some terrible acting and shitty subplot w/ Weyland not even the awesome visuals could save it.
          • ;D We all are dead horse beaters before the Lord. You may be right on many points, even though they didn't bother me that much. And I'm not an easy man to please. But you know how Studios think: Deadpool worked great, let's make every damn movie R-Rated. This is why they are getting back to the old formula. So I'm afraid you share a part of the responsibility Sascha...;D Kidding.
  • Бабак
    Great! Thank you Sir Scott.
  • eurogibbon
    The more I see, the worse it gets. I'll still be handing my money over though. Sigh. At least the hype and marketing is fun to obsess over.
    ALIEN version still probably EAT PRAY LIVE...
    Mosdef would have preferred if they held off showing the Alien until the actual movie was released, but this still looks great.
  • RAW_D
    I gotta be honest...there's a LOT of imagery we've seen before here...and...I'm kind of disappointed. Even to the point of having a "Ripley" character! I'm gonna call this now as, "Okay, but not as good as the original(s)." Plus, there's no mystery here, they're showing EVERYTHING in the trailers. I feel as if I've already seen the movie....
    • But the cinematography is gorgeous. ;D
  • Butchy Butch
    .. and not a single new idea. Just more of the same. And I mean: THE SAME...
    • TAH
      Too true.
  • TAH
    The first trailer looked amazing. I'm so put off though now by the amount of footage that's been released that this film will be terrible. I'm a huge Aliens fan but I don't rate Prometheus highly and this looks like a classic 'we've made a shit film, offload it on trailers' affair.
  • Bo
    Sounds good...especially the 'be patient' part...lol...I'll give it some thought. Just googled a movie list for Netflix as my daughter has told me it might not be worth it for me as she's pretty sure I've seen all the movies they offer. She was right...lol...I also went next door to the young guy living there who has his own business setting up home theaters for people. He set up my 55" Flat Panel (Smart TV) Samsung. He came over and started doing the whole deal...said he had to update the TV...I told him not to do anything as all my settings were exact and could not be messed with...the contrast...color, etc. He said the updating would probably reset the TV to it factory default and I've have to do it all again...I declined as it's perfect now...lol...I reckon I'm just an old dog you can't teach new tricks to...lol...He said to give some thought and he'd set it up for me whenever...so I'll give it some thought, but looking at that list there's not really anything there for me to see and nothing that's not offered on all my cable movie channels. So....still...there were maybe a half dozen films I could watch on Netflix..some I'd seen already...the free month sounds good, but eventually I'd have to pay up so for me...right now...settings, etc. it ain't worth it. But hey, thanks tarek...I might get a burr up my butt and spontaneously just do it...these days I do nothing planned anyway and it's all day to day, moment to moment, spontaneous living for me...and I like that very much...lol...take care and thanks for taking the trouble, man. We'll see what develops. As for now I might pay the pay OnDemand and watch Scorsese's Silence tonight or tomorrow. I hate to pay for movies and not like them. I pay enough for my monthly every movie channel as it is...later gator...
    • I understand Bo. You must do what you feel is right ( with Sir Alec Guinness voice). Another quote that will fly over your head. ;D
      • Bo
        • ;D Oh! One last thing on Netflix I forgot to tell you: you need to have an unlimited high speed internet service. Or else the internet bill will go nuclear. Take care.
          • Bo
            Thanks, good info to know.
          • Thanks for the heads up. I will probably watch it this next week. I love period and historical movies. ;D I'll give you a feedback.
          • Bo
            Great! I look forward to your thoughts on the film. Beware, or fyi, I'm going to delete the post above revealing my wi-fi set up...lol...enjoy Silence.
          • Nothing compromising in your post. You should have edited it instead of deleting it.
          • Bo
            Nah...deleting it and replacing it with one simple sentence was the way for me to go. I did want you to know my wi-fi situation, but rethought that I'm sharing more than I want most to know. It's cool and all is well now...lol...
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