Second Trailer for Alex Kurtzman's 'The Mummy' Starring Tom Cruise

April 2, 2017
Source: YouTube

The Mummy Trailer

"This isn't a tomb. It's a prison." Universal has unwrapped the second official trailer for the new take on the Universal monster known as The Mummy. This action-packed new version of The Mummy stars Tom Cruise, with Sofia Boutella playing the new "bad guy". Cruise plays Nick Morton, one of the characters who decides to dig up the new "mummy", a priestess named Ahmanet who ushers in "a new world of gods and monsters". The full cast includes Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance and Javier Botet. This trailer has some very cool action sequences, and I'm curious more than I expected to be. But I'm still not sure how good this is going to turn out, even with Cruise. Take a look below.

Here's the second official trailer (+ poster) for Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, direct from Uni's YouTube:

The Mummy Poster

You can also watch the first official trailer for Kurtzman's The Mummy here, plus the making of featurette.

Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension. The Mummy is directed by writer-filmmaker Alex Kurtzman, who made his directorial debut with People Like Us in 2012, after co-writing scripts for Star Trek, Transformers, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The script is written by Jon Spaihts and Christopher McQuarrie. This is another updated take on the original Universal Mummy movie from 1932. Universal will release Kurtzman's The Mummy in theaters everywhere starting June 9th this summer. So who's into this?

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  • Transmillion
    It looks like Tom Cruise's character dies more times in this movie that in Edge of Tomorrow
  • Jon Odishaw
    I mean it doesn't look bad.
  • Neuromancer
    I'll be irrationally upset if the functionality of her double pupils isn't explained and ends up simply a design choice. Not that this movie seems that interesting to me... May eventually watch it for Jake Johnson, though.
    • You would fool yourself if you expect a transcendental explanation of that double iris. It's made this way because it's cool and because why not.
    • Outis
      Double pupil was historically a sign of the "evil eye", tracking back from the greek authors writings on Egypt. It was also one of the way to identify some powerful witches in legends. In ancient China is was on the contrary a sign of power and great insight. Nothing new, but fitting for an evil egyptian witch.
      • Neuromancer
        Interesting, didn't know that. Cheers! :)
  • waynegrow
    I'll always give a new cruise flick a shot...I thought it was an odd choice by him when it was first announced but I hope it works
  • Mad Tambo going all out again. Don't really fancy this.
    • Bo
      Good for you, tambo...that's pretty're a smart man indeed!
  • shiboleth
    I like bad girls and only for that shallow reason I am interested in this. Other than that, it's another cliche among many others. And please, change the music ...
    • Bo
      Yea, and I like this bad girl, actress whom I first saw in The Kingsman. Pity she's in a Cruise movie. I've always scratched my head at people's fascination with this guy...he's just so weird and the whole Scientology thing is close to being evil...if not totally evil. Then again, look at who just became president in the good ole U.S. of A. Out of just my own personal moral principle I never ever go see a Tom Cruise movie. Besides the horror of his involvement in the cult I find his work shallow and mediocre and the same in all his running around saving the world junk. But hey, that's just
      • Let's give him one thing Bo: he's a commited actor.
        • Bo
          Jeez, tarek...I don't think I can even give him sorry...but committed to what? Simplistic, run Tom run, shallow, mass appeal nonsense? See what I mean? Just can't stand the is pretty committed to Scientology though...does that commitment count?
          • RAW_D
            I understand your reasoning Bo. I'm not a fan of the man, but I like his acting. He's had some gems, and while I don't agree with his personal decisions, he's got some acting chops.
          • Steven Lewis
            Everyone jumps on the wagon that he's got no depth as an actor, forgetting Born on the 4th of July. Bo's just don't like his personal beliefs and that clouds his judgement.
          • Bo
            I'm way to intelligent and self aware to let my personal beliefs 'cloud' my judgments. In fact, that's what I think you and the rest of the people who choose to defend a clown like Tom Cruise. I wouldn't say as such, but since you decided to make such a lame accusation I might as well speak the truth. I really continues to amaze me how Cruise fans get so upset and defensive when someone differs from their love of the phony clown. I hated Born on the 4th of July and thought his performance was embarrassing. I was in the Army during those times. Cruise didn't have a clue and Oliver Stone should be ashamed for falling for the big money box office draw. He has Pacino, who dropped out because the script and movie was junk. Williem Defoe blasted Cruise off the screen in their scenes together. I have no problem with my digits with Tom Cruise and his Scientology influenced manipulation of the common man and member(s) of the mass audience. That's what's going on here and the defensiveness indicates a weakness and simple mind that can't handle the truth. Pun intended. I though Cruise was a shallow, vapid, mediocre actor from the silly and simpleton minded Risky Business on...well before his Scientology involvement became well known. So come up with another tactic of defending your false idol hero other than my personal feelings because you simply are wrong. Which it pains me to say is common for people who defend the likes of an evil, deluded, manipulative and deluded moron like Tom Cruise. All of you who allow yourself to be manipulated and conned by this guy out of your need to be entertained should be ashamed of yourselves.
          • Bo
            I'm cool with that, Raw, but I just disagree with you. I simply cannot suspend disbelief watching this deluded clown to take him seriously. His movies are idiotic. I've spent myself below responding to an incorrect assessment of my opinions re: Cruise due to my personal beliefs. That is idiotic because all of us judge due to our beliefs and experiences. I don't because I've awaken, if you will, and am very self aware and conscious of my thoughts and perspectives...which most people are not. My thoughts of Cruise and his acting and cult involvement will never change. The world is crazy to me when a man like him can be so popular. Cheers, Raw.
          • ;D No. He's committed to his craft. He does his own stunts without a double. and actors/actresses who worked with him respect the man for his hard work and commitment. Now, when it comes to your "subjective" assessment on his acting skills, I can get it. Few actors make me grind my teeth for the same "subjective" reasons. cheers.
          • Bo
            Well, the risk of harming our friendly discussion I shall proceed cautiously. I responded below to a Steven Lewis who attempted to psychoanalyze my opinions which is absurd. I know what I'm doing and am too aware to let a belief 'cloud' my perceptions. First, I have no beliefs. I don't believe Cruise is an evil, deluded, power hungry unintelligent phony idiot...I know he is...based on watching his interviews, especially the debacle several years ago with Matt Lauer and my investigations and experiences with Scientology. I've had a very dear friend get lost in the cult and an ex wife too, who eventually saw the craziness and evil insanity of the cult and quickly left it. That has nothing to do with my assessment that he's a vapid, mediocre actor who's demeanor and presentation of himself in front of the camera fools most people because they 'like' that kind of crap. far as he never uses a stunt double while that is true for what you see it is not true with how the stunts are set up before the camera rolls. That means that probably several guys, stunt guys, do the same stunt over and over to insure that the silly actor can do it without any risk or harm occurring. Please, tarek, it's all phony and false. He's fooling you all with all the tricks of the trade and the help of many people behind the scene. If I have any admiration it would be for the first stunt guy who allowed himself to be strapped against that airplane and did the stunt first not knowing if it was safe enough. Believe me, I know from experience how these stunts, gags we called them, are set up. Many, many trial runs are done over and over to make sure it's going to be ok and long before this little deluded midget (sorry, I can't help does the thing for the camera. He's strapped in against that plane so securely you or I could do it safely...hell...our grandmothers could do it...and that's the truth, tarek. Sorry to burst your bubble...but I think you know it. I just can't stand that specific defensive stance of Tom Cruise knowing full well what's really going on. It looks good, but it's fake, man. It's fake. Damn!!, I'm having a good time here. Read my rant at Steven Lewis below. I've disliked Cruise long before his Scientology involvement became so well known so that part of him doesn't 'cloud' my judgment...I've disliked and thought him idiotic since he danced in his underwear and slid across the floor in his socks in Risky Business. Him and Stallone both are the same empty and hollow mediocre me and that ain't gonna change. I do find it of interest...human people...mass audiences and their needs to be numbed and mesmerized by loud noises and obvious fake tricks get really defensive if that way of living is questioned and presented with an alternative way to look at it all. The need for heroes is a great need of the herd mentality to soothe their fears of their lives and the knowledge of their impending deaths to such a degree that in modern times they create fake and phony heroes to serve the purpose. Long ago in history the heroes actually were warriors who performed many actual heroic deeds and faced death and survived and became heroes to their fellow tribe members. That has been replace today with phony, fake, vapid make believe heroes and therein lies the rub for me. They mean nothing to me and do nothing for me. I've seen Cruise around...he's a midget and so phony because he represents the face of Scientology who treat him like a god and he actually believes he is a god and always has to put on a smiling face which is phony, but he represents the cult and they teach their members to do that. I know this for a fact. The TV actress who left and wrote the book and has a TV show is revealing all this stuff which I've known for years. He's a bad guy who cons people who he thinks are beneath him and treats them that way when you and the rest of the public aren't around. It's ugly stuff, tarek. Even so...I've never liked him as an actor and that started long before he became an alien conquering the earth and all it's infested for the rant...I just couldn't sorry...I like you tarek and hope I've not offended you in anyway, but I've just stated the truth as I see it. Peace.
          • Bo...that was...a hell of a rant! One of the best I've had to read since a while. ;D
          • Bo
   the gods for you, tarek, and guys like you... which are few and far between, I'll tell you. I'm still catching my breath and have tucked my old soap box away deep into my hallway care, my friend...and thanks for reading the damn thing and not taking personal
      • eris
        If you can't get beyond what someone does outside of the movies you must not be able to watch a lot of them. Woody Allen, John Ford, Mel Gibson and a million others must be people you can not watch movies from. Also you are missing out just on some good movie that Tom Cruise has made, including: Magnolia, Collateral, The Last Samurai, Rain Man and Minority Report just to name a few. So I hope if you don't watch his movies for moral reasons you at least do it for others.
        • Bo
          Thanks for reply and I can only respond with we all watch movies for very different t reasons and from very different perspectives and I'm quite fine with the way I view films. I'll only add that I found Magnolia absurd and his performance embarrassing. I didn't much care for Collateral and hated the American saving the Samurai tradition etc. and it was just another light weight Ed Zwick shallow bunch of nonsense and thought Minority Report was stupid and boring. So if you've a problem with my not liking movies you think are good then go see a, I'm just raw hiding you a little. I don't like Cruise, man. His acting, his personality, and certainly not his involvement in a very shaky and very weird organization that takes advantage of people. Live with it. I've no problem with you thinking these movies good movies, even though there're should you have problems with me not liking them? Good question, eh? I also think I have superb tastes in films, have worked on some very big and successful films, have studied film and know a lot about film history and how too make films so I'll stick to my likes and dislikes which tend to be not those American films with the likes of Cruise and his slick always the same kind of performances. Same for Julia Roberts. I'll take a good European film over the ones you mentioned any day of the week.'s hoping you like the upcoming The Mummy and the latest Mission Impossible what 6, 7, 8 or 18th? which will be if Cruise is alive to do'll not partake and will maintain my opinions about this guy. Cheers...I enjoyed myself responding to you. Hope you weren't too offended or opinions are no more important then anyone else's including yours, but then I know that and hope you do or will too. Peace.
          • eris
            I have no problem with you not liking his movies. I was saying if you don't like him because of his life outside of acting, then I hope you hold others to that same standard.
          • Bo
            Okay, but why should you hope I do anything, let alone what you would like for me to do? I might add that I don't buy into much of the negative press and it's opinions about many of these celebrities, or much of anything for that matter, especially the ones you mentioned. I'm an educated and thoughtful man and I make up my own mind about these people after much conscious and in depth research and investigation before I come to any conclusions about them. If I've any suggestion for you I would suggest you do the same, but I wouldn't be so arrogant to hope and think you should do so. I stand by my assessments of Cruise and his evil cult because I am well versed on him and it and have been for years. In other words, I know of what I speak on the matter. Thanks for you reply and respectful manner in which you presented it to me. Consistency is a good thing, but not for it's own sake and only after the proper investigation and research has been done. If it falls into consistency so be it, but these matters and with different individuals that's hardly going to be the case. Peace.
      • dan
        are you suggesting Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice for president? if so, you don't understand the definition of "evil".
        • Dan...Hum...You flagged yourself as a Trump fan. All Trump fan use this very deflecting rhetoric when someone talks bad about their guru.
          • Bo
            Hey, tarek...yea, I'm not even going to dignify dan's post and reply to me with a response. I'm not a fan of Ms. Clinton, but I certainly do not embrace the insane demonization of her that so many of the herd mentality have been propagandized and programmed into believing like dan here. So, once again, well said and articulated with this reply/response, tarek. Glad you're here and posting intelligent opinions and observations. Peace.
          • dan
            not a "trump fan". nor am i using rhetoric - I'm not sure you even know what the word means. i asked you a question - would you care to answer or will you just keep showing your poor reading comprehension skills?
          • Of course I love chocolate! What was the question?
      • shiboleth
        Well, I'm not much of his fan either, believe me. So, no worries. And I especially agree about Scientology. That cult has its influence here, too. In fact, I lost friend over that craziness (he took his life once he realized what kind of sickness it is). I couldn't convince him to give up on it, but after he saw Scientology for what it is, a sick hoax, he gave up everything. It happened in our hometown. He just invested too many years and generally too much before he realized why it doesn't help him. I guess, he couldn't admit to himself and to others that Scientology is a bad choice. I can never stop feeling sorry about all that, because I couldn't recognize the moment of his crisis to react and help him. So, if I need to say something against the Scientology, I can do it all day. And Tom Cruise in that respect is someone disgusting to me. I watch films with him only occasionally, no reason to follow his, huh, career. That guy is just using his opportunities and has no shame in what he does.And I don't care much about it. As for the choice of music, you've said it good enough. Cheers ...
        • Bo
          Well, as always shiboleth, very well said. What a sad thing regarding your friend and another typical example of the evilness of Scientology...and Cruise is the number 2 guy in the whole thing and he's treated like a god and he thinks he's a god. They are so good at pulling the wool over the eyes of the public and putting on a good, happy face at all all times...especially him as he's the face of the cult. It's really tragic how the members of the mass audience have no clue regarding him. Every dollar they spend that goes into his pocket enables him and his cult to continue with their really crazy ways abusing people and taking advantage of them and their fears. And you are right...he is disgusting and a phony of the highest order. He's so deluded it's scary. One only has to watch the interview with Matt Lauer several years ago to see how nutty and deluded and outright crazy Cruise is. Yet, the herd flocks to see him MI movies. Their need to be entertained and mesmerized into slumber to armor them against their fears and horror of the human condition far, far outweighs their moral integrity. It is interesting how films that are put out into our culture for mostly money making on huge levels can generate discussions like you and I and tarek are having here. That I find very interesting. Thanks again, shiboleth. Peace.
  • RAW_D
    I'm not fond of the idea of Tom Cruises character being on equal ground as The Mummy. You know it will predictably end in a showdown. Also, is this Cruises secret for staying youthful?
    • Steven Lewis
      He looking younger in this than the last Jack Reacher film.....
  • Oh dear.
  • This doesn't look so bad at all. Still a strange idea to see Tom Cruise in a mummy movie...
    Wait should she have cuneiform on her face instead of hieroglyphics??? Probably better things to worry about.
    • Because probably this Mummy was some Babylonian evil spirit.
      • Steven Lewis
        With the pyramids?
        • Demons can travel long distance.
          • Steven Lewis
          • I'm not crazy. If I were I would know it... Hum?... ;D She is probably LilÄ«tu.
          • Steven Lewis
            Can't see it myself to be honest. Other than the use of an exotic name with very loose ties.
          • Ok. Let's try a new approach: She is some kind of Alien. ( I don't like this idea. Reminds me of the awful X-Men Apocalypse).
          • Steven Lewis
            Ancient Aliens!!! I can see that actually being spun - lol
          • I'm afraid we are on to something... ;D
  • serke
    I'm not that excited that this is what they decided to do for the Mummy reboot. But, if they are planning on doing a mash-up film with the other Universal monsters then I'm calling this now - at the end Cruise becomes the Mummy.
  • Payne by name
    I love Cruise but Kurtzman, what a talentless tool he is. He can't write for shit so I can't imagine his directing will be any better.
  • TAH
    Looks pants.




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