Teaser Trailer for Doc 'Whose Streets?' About the Ferguson Uprising

April 28, 2017
Source: YouTube

Whose Streets? Trailer

"We have nothing to lose but our turf!" Magnolia Pictures ("from the company that brought you I Am Not Your Negro") has debuted a teaser trailer for a new racism documentary titled Whose Streets?, examining the Ferguson uprising from the inside. The film originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this January to mostly rave reviews. Using footage from actual citizens in St. Louis, Missouri, and Ferguson, the film takes an "unflinching look" at the uprising, the protests, and the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement. This seems very powerful, and very important for the times. And it also seems like it can be the kind of doc that will still be referenced 50 years from now. I also really love seeing docs that are made with footage from real people, who lived through this historic experience. Looking forward to seeing this myself.

Here's the teaser trailer (+ poster) for Folayan & Davis' documentary Whose Streets?, from YouTube:

Whose Streets? Poster

Told by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this movement for justice, Whose Streets? is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising. When unarmed teenager Michael Brown is killed by police and left lying in the street for hours, it marks a breaking point for the residents of St. Louis, Missouri. Grief, long-standing racial tensions and renewed anger bring residents together to hold vigil and protest this latest tragedy. Empowered parents, artists, and teachers from around the country come together as freedom fighters. As the national guard descends on Ferguson with military grade weaponry, these young community members become the torchbearers of a new resistance. Filmmakers Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis know this story because they are the story. Whose Streets? is a powerful battle cry from a generation fighting, not for their civil rights, but for the right to live. Whose Streets? is co-directed by Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Magnolia will release Whose Streets? in theaters starting August 11th later this summer. Who's interested?

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  • Clay Mark
    Weird that it didn't show any of the burning of the buildings or rocks and moltov cocktails being thrown at police.
    • Weird that a 90 second teaser trailer didn't have more footage in it? Right...
      • Mark Brackney
        You're staying remarkably calm about this, Alex.
        • txJM
          ...But not remotely objective.
      • LeoForPrez
        gee...i guess we know who has bought into the narrative
  • Rick Dawson
    Having lived in STL for 8 years this movie is nothing close to what I experienced there.
    • You've seen this movie already? This trailer doesn't show much... it's just a tease.
  • txJM
    "Uprising"? You're off your rocker, Alex. That was a riot, pure and simple. Nobody won, and everyone would have lost, had order not been restored (i.e. looters and vandals decided not to come out in the rain).
  • The Dude
    Nobody got shot with their hands up. This is a lie that's been proven forensically but hey, lets not let that stand in the way our virtue signalling.
  • America is so incredibly broken, in so many ways, social and mental care, with education, with wages and a whole other bundle of fun things. Just no-one seems to recognise or care that without a week educated mentally sharp population it falls apart. People see thing like Ferguson and say 'it's not my problem', it's 'theirs', without wanting to even try to understand how things get to boiling point. Maybe these problems are just too much for the minds of Americans or possibly it's because in all of the chaos, there is still some money to be made.
    • txJM
      It's class warfare, and it's funded very generously by the Open Society organization.
    • shiboleth
      Yes, that's close to what I feel about US. Broken society in so many respects. Not that other societies, especially in the West are perfect, but they are not insane as much as US seems to be ...
      • Xerxexx
        "Seems to be" is key. On whole it's not as bad as mainstream media makes it out to be.
      • LeoForPrez
        so you're ignorant about what the US is actually like...
    • LeoForPrez
      not really
      • Not really what?
        • LeoForPrez
          • What do you mean by not really?
          • LeoForPrez
            America is not "incredibly broken". You sound pretty ignorant of the problems numerous countries are facing.
          • ff
            No it's pretty freaking broken. Your callousness lends credibility to his argument.
          • LeoForPrez
          • I've visited America numerous times, what increased each time I visited was elderly people working jobs usually done by teenagers, mentally ill people on the street, and homelessness in general, that is a sick society. I love America, but blindly saying there are no problems there is pointless, because you will have to deal with the fall out from these problems. Lots of thinking at the moment is very short term.
          • LeoForPrez
          • Exactly.
          • LeoForPrez
            So you agree with me that you sound comically ignorant...glad we could laugh together at your nonsense
          • I'm comically ignorant? How is speaking with American citizens who tell me what is going on in their country and actually going there and seeing things with my own eyes, ignorance?
          • LeoForPrez
            Because that doesn't describe America in its entirety Einstein.
          • It has the worst healthcare system in the developed world, I think that covers the whole of the US.
          • LeoForPrez
            HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHH then why do the wealthy from other countries come here for medical treatment? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA You just exposed yourself as being comically ignorant
          • The wealthy come to PAY for expensive treatments. The way that the wealthy can. A wealthy person can go wherever they like, the average American can't.
          • LeoForPrez
            That's the US insurance system and not the healthcare system. In terms of doctors and hospitals the US has always been at the forefront. Hence why the wealthy come get the best treatment
          • Then it is a bad healthcare system.
  • Bo
    This article is pretty disingenuous by not relating the real facts about this 'unarmed teenage' killed by white police. This kind of one sided rendering of what occurred is pretty unforgivable. Just wiki Michael Brown to get the full story. 10 mins before his confrontation with the cop he was caught shop lifting and when the store clerk confronted him at the front door of the shop Brown physically abuses the clerk. All this is very clearly seen on the store video. He leaves the store and the cop called about the robbery discovers Brown and his friend boldly and stupidly walking down the middle of the street. He confronts them and Brown attacks the cop thru the police vehicle window trying to get the cop's gun. He and his friend then run away, with the cop in pursuit. Brown stops and turns around and ignores the cop's direction to get down and keeps coming towards the cop until the cop is forced to shoot him less he get into another physical entanglement with Brown like he did before. Now, that's the truth and all this maudlin and sentimental renderings of an innocent kid shot down for no reason is nonsense and pure fabrication. It's a pity as real abuses like the Rodney King beating occur and need to be addressed, but when everyone gets into an uproar ignoring Brown's responsibility in his own death and his thuggish behavior in the store and with the cop it's just pure insanity. All this rioting without anyone addressing the 'unarmed teenager's ' arrogant and thuggish behavior is the real injustice being done here. This ridiculous doc film is a load of rubbish!!
    • backwardsprogress
      Agree... when the movement lumps the justified killing of a criminal with the murder of an innocent, you lose the respect of your audience. I'd rather spend time talking about the Tamir Rice case and what could be learned from that incident than Michael Brown.
      • Bo
        Thanks for you reply. ...'when the movement lumps the justified killing of a criminal with the murder of an innocent' is just an excellent and concise statement with the problems with these riots and mobs acting out. Very, very well said. I totally agree with you regarding Tamir Rice being shot down like he was....a kid with a toy gun...that incident reveals the problem in all it's entirety with regards to the police and their fear of the black male. Thanks for bringing that back to my attention as regretfully I've forgotten the outcome of that debacle. It's very depressing to face one's powerlessness in these matters of the darkness of the human condition. It would take a massive collective rise in consciousness for this kind of senseless violence and killings to end I'm afraid, which is a long, long way from happening...if ever. Thanks again and I also liked your other posts on this thread. There's comfort in reading someone posting with your intelligence and humanity. I appreciate it. Peace.
        • backwardsprogress
          "a kid with a toy gun...that incident reveals the problem in all it's entirety with regards to the police and their fear of the black male. " Not a toy gun, but a BB gun which has no markers to indicate the gun is a toy or not real. First problem. I also don't think it was the fear of the black male that led to that result. Police officers in that region who walk those beats deal with black males all the time. There is no fear. However, what might happen over time is an insensitivity or disinterest or empathy for a people as a whole because of the actions of a few. In the Tamir Rice case, I wish the cops had approached the situation far more slowly. Assessed on their approach. I couldn't believe they would approach an "armed person" that closely with their squad car. A more realistic expectation would been to pull up the car a short distance away and issue commands with guns drawn so as to judge the situation better. I believe in that case, the officers showed extremely bad judgement in the handling of that situation. Which brings up my point of insensitivity. When you work zones, and you build negative bias based on past experience, you tend to show more aggressiveness when you enter those zones. Whether you work in a white trash area or black trash area, after you've been treated like crap, you tend to assign a negative hostility towards everyone in that area. Call is survival or just callousness. There is no easy way to measure people on their best days and their worst.
      Angry people do angry things. Finding the reasons for the anger are what we need to do.
      • Bo
        True enough, David. It's pretty known around the greats who've studied and written about the human condition that fear is the underlying monster that controls human behavior. I've learned that anger is a secondary emotion that covers fear. It seems no one, certainly not human beings, enjoy feeling or admitting fear. So anger is the go to emotion to hide one's fear. Even those spiritually enlightened beings realize and share that when one is confronted with anger there is fear beneath it. As to your intelligent suggestions of finding the reasons for the anger when one realizes it covers fear then one can then address the primary emotion and either just feel the fear and carry on...or realize that many, many of our fears are false evidence appearing real. F...E...A...R...clever, eh? Cheers..and Peace.
  • shiboleth
    That looks confusing... Sometimes, seeing things like that, I wish not to come and see America. Ever. Although, I know I am overreacting ...
    • LeoForPrez
      lol there's nothing funnier than a foreigner who thinks that America can be summed up by 1 story. 50 states...350 million people....amazing how small minded people are.
  • Duane
    Somehow...I get the feeling that if this doc was about Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castille, Anthony Baez, Alton Sterling, or any other person of color that people can just "wiki"..... people would still take issue with it. Michael Brown is accused of being a the story if his community should just buried, right? Let's just ignore the history of blatant racism that even Fox News admitted on the O Reilly factor and corruption that existed in Ferguson before the 'thug' was killed. Instead of judging the doc because of an individual... I myself will watch the doc for it's perspective. BTW... I read 'Nobody' by Marc Lamont Hill ... and it talks about the historical influence of systematic racism that influences communities very much like Ferguson.
    • backwardsprogress
      I've said it once and I'll say it again. There is no better than way to delegitimatize your argument than presenting false facts. It is even more so when you introduce feelings as your main argument. No one really cares how you feel. Or at least I don't. I'm sure there are a ton of SJW's who spend 95% of their time creating safe spaces, followed by segregating those safe spaces from those of the same mindset who might care about your feelings. However, those of us who like to based on lives on facts and truth, would argue that against your opinion. With that said, the documentary can at best present what happens when false information combined with simple minded or uneducated people come together to form a mob. Doesn't matter if the destruction is to their own homes or their own town, all that matters is the outrage.
      • Duane
        I appreciate you not caring how I feel enough to reply on the comment. Thanks. And as far as facts go.... there is plenty of information out there for people to peruse regarding the well documented systematic racism that plagued communities just like Ferguson. You are welcome to not agree with me. Not asking you to. And since this post is in regard to a specific film.... I will base my opinions on what is presented in the doc....and not... one can's specific feelings.
        • There is a systemic racial profiling in the USA (and elsewhere). Denying it is a futile escape backwards.
          • Duane
            Ever forward fam. Dialogue is key. Bless up.
    • LeoForPrez
      Oh STFU with this passive aggressive manipulation
      • Duane
        Ok bud. Didnt realize expressing an opinion would trigger such a somewhat juvenile response. You are welcome to express yourself however you like...but if you were expecting some sort of "no YOU STFU" response from me...keep waiting. Because you are free to anonymously show your ass as much as you'd like to sir. Is that passive aggressive enough for ya? Be blessed.
        • LeoForPrez
          hahhah...STFU. You need a new response when someone calls you out for your brain dead race baiting. If you thought that was going to work you're even dumber than I thought.
          • Duane
            Aw. You went thru my profile to look for my other responses on other films. Thats so sweet. Actually put a smile on my face. Its hysterical whenever a person of color responds to anything having to do with identity politics....its race baiting. Im just here for the movies my dude. But you go on with your bad self. And be blessed!
          • LeoForPrez
            It's race baiting when it's race baiting. It isn't rocket science. But some people need an intellectual crutch and I guess that's yours. Not every person of color plays it BTW. But lucky for you I don't assume they all do...just idiots like you.
  • Payne by name
    What sensationalist race baiting nonsense. Michael Brown was a nasty piece of work and got what he deserved. Then a bunch of opportunists decided to riot for a little fun with no idea what they were protesting at. Was it the black chief of police, the black mayor or even the black president? One kinda loses faith in a movement when at it's very core it decides to champion a brutal lawless thug as some kind of innocent martyr.
    You want the world? Fine. Heavy lies the crown.




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