Third Official Trailer for Jenkins' 'Wonder Woman' Starring Gal Gadot

March 12, 2017
Source: YouTube

Wonder Woman Movie Trailer

"You will train her harder than any Amazon before her. Until she is better than even you." Warner Bros has debuted the third official trailer for DC's Wonder Woman movie, showing even more amazing footage from this very promising superhero movie. This solo spin-off movie in the DC Universe is set during World War I stars Gal Gadot (from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) as the Amazonian princess-warrior Diana who becomes Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins directs this action movie, also starring Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston, Ewen Bremner, Samantha Jo and Saïd Taghmaoui. The trailers for this movie are getting better and better, and I'm more and more hopeful that this might actually be a great movie. Only time will tell. Don't miss this.

Here's the third official trailer for (+ new poster) Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, from WB's YouTube:

Wonder Woman Poster

You can still watch the first Comic-Con trailer for DC's Wonder Woman here, plus the second trailer here.

The Amazonian princess-warrior Diana left her lush tropical island to dwell in our urban cityscapes of glass and steel. Tutored in the ways of the Greek warriors, and outfitted with incredible gifts the Goddess bestowed upon her people, she becomes Paradise Island's emissary to civilization. DC's Wonder Woman movie is directed by American filmmaker Patty Jenkins, of the film Monster previously, as well as a few episodes of "Entourage" and "The Killing". The screenplay is by Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg, from a story by Allan Heinberg and Zack Snyder. The character is created by William M. Marston. Warner Bros will release Wonder Woman in theaters everywhere starting June 2nd this summer. Excited to see this movie?

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    Damn, she has really filled out this role. The only other woman I could have seen as Wonder Woman was a younger Jennifer Connelly.
    • Enola
      Gina Carano would have been the perfect Wonder Woman, her acting ain't great, but Gal Gadot ain't no oscar contender either 😛 She does like good in the movie, I'll give her that :-)
      • kitano0
        I agree with Gina Carano...although in a perfect world, Catherine Zeta-Jones would be my choice. CZJ should be in the movie in some role, anyway.
        • Enola
          Could have played her mother, but has she even been in a movie the last 10+ years...
          • kitano0
            Currently featured in the series "Feud" on FX... was in "Red 2" in '13. Yeah, she could have played her mother, that would have been great!
      • DAVIDPD
        Sorry man...Carano is too short and comparing her acting skill to Gadot's is not even close. Gina's body type is more realistic, but she would have been such a bad actor it would have killed the whole film.
        • Enola
          I've yet to see Gal be more than okay in a movie. Same with Gina, but saying that Gal is a better actress would be a stretch. She reads lines straight of the script and is so wooden, just watch Keeping up with the Joneses. The height difference is 5cm, and that should be no problem. The Hobbits in Lotr looked good 😛 Anyways, Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman, and I hope she gets it right and that the dceu might get a good movie.
  • Super down for this.
  • the_situasian
    I could absolutely be reading too much into this, but I was struck by them using "Witness the Future/Of Justice" as the trailer tagline. Almost feels like they're trying to shrug off BvS/Suicide Squad and get a fresh start with this movie.
    • SillySock
      rumors are that this movie has been a production disaster
    • DanShaw
      that doesn't make any sense though clearly WB is changing the tone of future movies, as evidenced by last summer's Justice League tease and all of Dwayne Johnson's comments on the matter
    • bumboclot
      I think they mean, you will see a "future Justice League member" in action, but the timeline is a century before the Justice League exists.
  • DanShaw
    I'm sick of every DC trailer looking good and thinking "maybe THIS will be the first one that doesn't suck ass" then lo and behold... still optimistic for this one though, and the news that later movies (Justice League onward) are taking a much more fun and less brooding tone is really encouraging if nothing else the cinematography in this one looks to be incredible!
    • SillySock
      Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises All had great trailers
      • Christopher Dean
        I think you know darn well he meant trailers for the DC Cinematic Universe movies.
        • SillySock
          He said DC
    • shiboleth
      I like 'brooding tone' and BvS. It's more realistic for me if gets a bit dark. Although, I do understand that a lot of people is not ok with that. Which is also cool ...
      • bumboclot
        But we already went to that "realistic" place with the Dark Knight movies. I loved the realism at the beginning of BvS, how these people on street level suffered even as Superman was saving the world, but you could also depict some lighter moments. I'm not saying break the fourth wall like Deadpool, but there can be some humor that allows the movie to feel a bit less self-important, and more likeable.
        • shiboleth
          All said is also quite acceptable with me. But, now and then, I see no reason why some films wouldn't or shouldn't be, even if those are based on comics, sometimes serious and dark or even hopeless. I like good diverting from the main course. And why medium like film shouldn't take that direction from time to time? While watching BvS I was mostly enjoying the tone and the story was pretty good in following that although I could find some holes in the plot. But still, I find it to be a very good film. As for Dark Knight, I watched it again few months ago and I have to say, that is, occasionally, one boring film. But the tone is right, no matter how serious it gets. And then again, having said all this, I also have to agree with you and will enjoy in that respect all the fun while watching, let's say, The Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Let's have it all, huh? Cheers and thanks for your comment ...
  • shiboleth
    I read somewhere that reason why women are stronger than men is in primal shape of human which is feminine. This like an affirmation in that direction. Plus some cinematic pleasure, of course ...
    • Humm... Not convinced by this theory. They are stronger because of their strong instict of survival. Men are more suicidal creatures.
      • SillySock
        BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH It's like watching 2 mentally challenged kids talk TRUMPKIN!!! TRUMPKIN!!! TRUMPKIN!!!
      • shiboleth
        Neither am I but it does sound interesting to be entertained with. I think it's a world of gender and sex diversity where nobody wins and, especially, nobody wins over anyone. And I like strong women, which is something that a lot of them is trying too hard to be ...
        • I like stong women as well, as long as they don't knock out a 300 pounds guy with her tiny arms. Ellen Ripley is the kind of strong women I like to see in movies; strong character but still fragile and vulnerable.
          • shiboleth
            Won't argue with that. But I also meant emotionally and psychologically strong women and not only physically. But that's probably another subject. And it takes at least one women to participate in such an argument, huh?
          • SillySock
            It's funny watching 2 virgins talk about women
  • Sure.
    • grooviegoo
      Are you?
      • About 73.187%, but only if it's a Friday. Any other day I'm 18.56% sure.
  • Cinematography is inconsistent. First part looks like a SyFy production.
    • It must be hard to be you everyday, isn't it bob? I feel you.
      • SillySock
        You feel me? Are you gay? Does Trump know?
    • You stupid troll, nothing he says has anything to do with Trump. These comment sections are exactly for that, comments, critic, moaning and bitching about the one thing we love here. Movies. So either play along or fuck off, fuck muppet.
      • SillySock
        your music sucks
    • SillySock
  • RAW_D
    I'm so conflicted about this...I want to...but I don't...but I want to...but then I don't. I'm friggin gunshy....FOOL ME ONCE!....
  • bumboclot
    Looks really good. I hope the audience gives this a shot if only to thank DC for finally rewarding us with a NON-Zack Snyder movie! Yeah Snyder can pull off really good action scenes but his character/dialogue scenes are George-Lucas-awful. I don't care about DC vs Marvel thank god. Just give me some great comic book movies from any source and I'm all in.




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